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Booked via Amadeus

21JAN2024 - 27JAN2024Booking Code: 5FT2UX

Booked for: Ronan Ignacio

AVIS, Nice Côte d'Azur Airport, Nice, France - NCE - >Nice Côte d'Azur Airport, Nice, France - NCE

21 Jan - Nice France - Terminal 1

We approach Avis counter to claim the car that we rented and the on duty staff informed us that Amadeus have a corporate rate of around Eur 59/day that we appreciate her information and thank her for the advice. She told us that she will give us a bigger car at no additional cost. And this impressed us for the good gesture. Other charges mentioned to us is the basic insurance that is acceptable and we are good to go.

27 Jan - Nice France - Terminal 1

I approach the staff on duty on that day between 4-5pm to check if I can get a copy of the billing statement and to my suprised there are other fee charged on me that is not what we are informed. All basic and upgrade fee are included in the fee such as additional 50 EUR/ day for the car upgrade that we did not request and driver insurances and other that according the the staff on duty that are not supposed to be charged is this is already included in the corporate rate of our company AMADEUS. She informed me that she cannot do anything anymore as those extra charges are already charged to my credit card that where total amount is EUR 945.94 for 5 days.

We did not request for the bigger as this is offer to us during the claim at no additional charges of almost 50 EUR/day and what will be the purpose of us availing the corporate rate if at the end we will be charged by this around EUR 50/day and other charges that we no longer know what it is.

Claimed loss: Kindly review the billing and those corporate rate charges should only be billed and other minor charges like the rental of Tire Snow cover that was offered to us.

Desired outcome: Refund of extra charges that should not be included in the billing that is almost amounting to EUR 454.05

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