Avis review: Alleged smoke smell

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I have received a letter from AVIS under rental agreement U629232682, which suggests that I returned the car with a smell of smoke. AVIS allege that I and/or my passenger (my wife) smoked whilst renting the vehicle. I can categorically state that I, nor my wife, have ever smoked in our lives, and if necessary, we can obtain medical evidence to support this. In fact, the GMC car was the second car on that agreement, as the first had a puncture. The tyre pressure was just 19psi on the rear right tyre as we left the rental base, but because we had been travelling for 24 hours from Europe, and it was late, we decided not to return and instead sought a filling station with an air facility. However, the puncture remained, and therefore, I had to return the car from our base in Summerlin, Nevada, and collect a different car (the GMC). Nevertheless, I accepted the GMC and drove away and enjoyed our break in Nevada. Yes, the car did smell of smoke, but quite frankly, we would rather live with the smell rather than return again to the rental depot.

So, we did not smoke in the car, and indeed at 64 years of age, I have never ever smoked in my life. I will vehemently dispute the intended cleaning charge of US$450.00 should AVIS consider it necessary to charge such a sum.

Further, I note that the AVIS report suggests that during my rental, I did 4,413 miles. However, I actually covered just 443 miles which suggests that the AVIS report, and their cleaning and inspection process, is fundamentally flawed.

Desired outcome: To drop the ridiculous and indeed fraudulent claim