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Avis rent a car – Edinburgh Airport

Through, I reserved a vehicle with Avis, prepaid for pick up at Edinburgh airport on the 1st August 2023. On arrival on the morning of the scheduled pick up, I presented my UK driving license. I was asked if my address was as shown on my driver's license. I explained that I had very recently moved from Salin in Fife to Edinburgh, but had not yet updated my license as I had been overseas. My booking was made from overseas. I was asked if I was a UK resident and presented my UK Passport and, I explained that, like many engineers in the petroleum industry, I was currently working overseas but my home was in the UK.

The agent again asked if I am a UK resident to which I again advised yes but temporarily employed in Australia.

The car rental agent said I could not rent a vehicle if I could prove I was resident in the UK. I again explained my circumstances, but he insisted that I would need to demonstrate my UK residency. I explained that I was due to drive to Kirkwall in Orkney to attend a school reunion and that I was booked on a car ferry the following morning. He insisted without any apparent sympathy, his demand that I prove my UK residency (one would have thought my Scottish accent would suffice).

I enquired if I presented my Australian driving license (which I had not brought with me in that I had a UK license) if that would be accepted. He agreed that would not be a problem and a vehicle would be made available. Like any normal person I found this paradox difficult to comprehend, however I agreed to go to my home in Edinburgh and obtain documents demonstrating my residence in the UK. I returned to my home in Edinburgh (a nearly 3 hours round trip via public transport).

On my return I presented current original utility and rate bills to a lady agent who was adjacent to the original agent and who was privy to our earlier discussion (with the agent who refused to give his name, but appeared to be from the Indian south continent). She inspected the documents but noted they were addressed to my wife (Mrs. A Brass) and not Mr. N.A. Brass. I explained that was for convenience as I was mostly overseas due to the nature of my employment, but the documents clearly demonstrated my home was in Edinburgh. Following some discussion she maintained her colleagues line and would not agree and stated that I could not receive my (prepaid) vehicle as I could not demonstrate my UK residence.

I noted that this could result in me missing my prebooked ferry to Orkney the following morning. She was not in the slightest sympathetic to my circumstance and was truly intent in supporting her colleague’s incorrect position despite clear evidence to the contrary.

This disqualification and lack of sympathy after my exhaustive demonstration and explanation of my circumstances left me speechless.

I have mostly rented from Avis over my many years of travel in the petroleum industry, but have never before come across such incompliant and unsympathetic behavior in the past. Needless to say, I will not be renting through Avis again and have declared to my staff and sub-contractors that they ought not do either.

I am also embarking on a campaign to advise the public at large the performance of Avis to those who might find themselves in similar circumstances (i.e. if you wish compassion and logic don’t go to Avis).


Norman A Brass

Claimed loss: Missed ferry connection requiring overnight accommodation costing $400.00.

Desired outcome: sort out the reception individual at Edinburgh airport and advise me of the outcome!

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