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Avis Car Rental 14 Lower Harrison St location

Rented a vehicle on October 13, 2023, drop off Hyannis, MA

Waited in line 40 mins, 1 overworked employee responsible for cleaning vehicles and checking guests in and out.

The KIA I rented was dirty and as I drove away I saw a hazard light on the display. The windshield was filthy and when I tried to clean there was no windshield wiper fluid. I drove back to the Avis to try to get some assistance, but the line was even longer and I had to pick someone up and could not wait another 40 mins or more. The light was indicating low tire pressure, so I drove the following day very concerned and worried about the tires. This has happened so many times in the past 3 years that I have rented vehicles from Avis. In July, I rented a vehicle from Hyannis to DC and it was the exact same scenario. The cars have high mileage are never inspected and are dangerous to drive. I filled out a survey to alert Avis about the condition of the car and I received a scripted response, we value your business and hope that you will return and give us a chance to earn your trust... Instead of a response like: we are deeply concerned for your safety and we will send out a field agent to investigate the conditions of this Avis branch and thank you for bringing these unacceptable conditions to our attention...

Wake up, do better, I do not want a refund or compensation. I want cars that are clean and safe to drive.

Desired outcome: More employees to assist customers. No one should have to wait 40 mins after a long flight or long boat ride. It is inexcusable that you have 1 employee at every location, who is responsible for doing everything. Provide clean vehicles