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Avis - Avis DFW airport and Katy, Texas car condition and Mexico based customer service

Reserved a car to drive from airport in Dallas to be returned to airport in Houston.

Pick up: rejected first car. Mitsubishi old with many dents and scratches. Second car CX-5 seemed ok. During drive it started raining and we realized tires were worn out. The car was unsafe. Avis literally put our lives in danger.

Called customer service. Operator could not help and suggested we drive unsafe car to another location or call a tow truck from some roadside assistance Place. Asked for manager. They confirmed they were in Mexico. Manager started banging on pots and pans until I hung up. Accent was overly strong and could only be on purpose. FYI I have an office in Mexico and speak to them often. The language barrier seemed like it could only be on purpose. I called back still no solution asked for another manager. He had no solution I asked for CEO or VP contact info. They said they did not even know that persons name. Waited out rain at a hotel.

Went to Avis in Katy, Tx no cars available. Went to second location in Katy, Texas. Only cars available were a pick up truck (wife has MS and can not climb into a truck) or a ford escape. Escape had strong smell of Marijuana. Eve /Agent confirmed they had charged last renter for smoking pot in car. So they knew and decided to rent it to us anyway. Then refused to let us have keys back for first car as they confirmed it was unsafe. We drove to San Antonio airport with Windows open to reduce smell. Went to San Antonio airport to trade cars. The young lady who greeted us was awesome and helpful. She was at car returns lining cars up. We explained wife does not walk well. She had us park next to booth. Guy in booth also Awesome and gave us a new car. First girl came back to see if we needed help transferring luggage. Returned car at Houston at end of trip. Good preference in Houston except there was no wheelchair help to get from car drop off to where airport shuttle to terminal is. Not sure what we would have done if my wife could not walk at all. I helped her but it was not easy for her. Guy at shuttle was helpfull and came over to get her on the bus and seated. He must have seen the cain or her trying to walk. Really impressed with him. Overall we lost almost a day of our trip, spent a extra day in hotel, had to put up with pot smell on car and then on us, had near crash due to unsafe car and fully realized that Avis Dallas Airport knowingly put our lives at risk in a effort to dump their junk cars on Houston Avis (knowing we were turning it in in Houston) for all of this we had the pleasure of paying them USD800.00. My advice is use some other car company or don’t tell them that you plan to turn the car in at a different location. Shame on you Avis for risking peoples lives, knowing renting unsafe and unacceptable vehicles, the worst possible customer service via phone in the world, having no accessible plans at your drop off locations having a severe car shortage (excuse used at two of the 5 locations we had to go to) and last but not least for your management being so invisible that your employees do not even know your names all the way to the VP over customer services level. I am embarrassed for you because your team members (except San Antonio and Houston) do not know enough to be embarrassed for themselves.

Claimed loss: $800

Desired outcome: Pay me back what you charged and accept responsibility for putting our lives at risk. Plus for knowingly renting vehicles that are unsafe and unacceptable.

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