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CB Vehicle Rental and Leasing Avis Good luck trying to get a human or someone to actually read your emails!

Avis review: Good luck trying to get a human or someone to actually read your emails!

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DAY 3 of trying to sort:

I am a mature woman that is expected to try and navigate and do my own bookings online. Which I severely buggered up 2 days ago and have spent since trying to get a human over there to help me fix the mess I made or actually reply to one of my many many emails to different AVIS addresses?

I did after hours on day 1 eventually end up with a really nice guy that I thought or still hope he fixed my mess? I am second guessing as I cannot see my credits in my bank nor can I see the new payment come out of my bank account and I have yet got email with the new correct booking, so I do not know if this has been done?

Booking 43755673NZ3 – (wrong dates booked and your system would not let me changed this) was cancelled and a full credit with no penalty was to be done (it has been cancelled but I have not got anything that states I get the full refund with no penalty)?

Booking 43753370AU3 – (your site asked for my name which I entered – I am not the driver so when it asked for Drivers license it would not accept it, as is a different person (my son) – Again your system would not let me change to correct – your system needs to ask for drivers details, not whoever is doing the booking) Again, the person I got yesterday cancelled this as also said I will get full refund which I have not received yet nor any confirmation of this?

Booking 43755924NZ2 – this booking I did not stuff up and is all good

Booking ? The gentleman that I got which seemed extremely helpful rebooked for my son and took my Visa details for payment, he then said he has to go back to his superiors with this booking. As the condition not to be penalised financially for the two above cancellations is if I book now and pay, which I totally understood and most definitely appreciated.

So in short – can I have written confirmation of the new booking that was made by your staff member 3 days ago please? Can I also have written confirmation of my two credits with no penalty fees?

I really do hope someone replies to this as I cannot handle another day of stress trying to get a human again. I am self employed and have a lot more important things to do than spend my days trying to get this sorted. Being boarderline in tears each day with frustration is not how I wish to be

Desired outcome: Full refund on 2 bookings as agreed by the one human I actually got. And confirmation of new booking made for me.I have around 30 emails I can forward upon request and an entire phone history of attempts tryng to get a human when calling.

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