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On October 6, 2023 I went to Avis rent a car at the New Bedford MA regional airport to extend my rental contract, but was advised that I had until October 10, 2023 to extend the rental. On October 10, 2023 at approximately 4:35PM I went to the Avis office at Pelham Rd, Methen MA to extend the rental agreement, because I was renting acommodations in New Hampshire. The employee did not know what he was doing I am convinced. Employee did not renew my contract and took the keys to the car. Consequently, I was required to rent hotel acommodations in Methuen and make a bus connection the following day to go to Gorham New Hampshire where my hotel acommodations were located. Required to book at a Methuen hotel, because there was no bus service to Gorham New Hampshire.

Employee called the Methuen police after I banged on the door, because I was "high and dry." Police found a local hotel Passport Hotel. Have been without any transportation since October 10, 2023. Do I need this as an eighty three year old Attorney at Law planning to retire to Normandie France? France allows dual citizenship.

Desired outcome: Take appropriate action against the employee in Avis Methuen MA and compensate me for the additional expense.

Update by Robert B Stynes
Oct 12, 2023 5:04 pm EDT

I contacted the Board twice within the past hour. Forgot to say that Avis did not reply to my complaing and that I do not have a car rental at present. Only only reply do not rent. with no explanation. I have excellent credit and have not had any previous complaint.

Update by Robert B Stynes
Oct 12, 2023 4:57 pm EDT

I complained about Avis rent a car minutes ago.