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Budget Rent A Car Customer Service

Budget Rent-A-Car Inc.

P.O. 699000
United States - 74169

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 331 1212(United States)
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+44 844 444 0002(United Kingdom)
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+43 160 1870(Austria)
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0 0
+420 235 325 713(Czech Republic)
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0 0
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+361 214 0420(Hungary)
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+354 562 6060(Iceland)
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+31 736 242 640(Netherlands)
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+41 448 091 818(Switzerland)
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+966 26 927 070(Saudi Arabia)
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+27 113 980 000(South Africa)
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Budget Rent A Car Complaints & Reviews

Budget Rent A Car / rental process confirmation #44459493us1

E Castillo on Nov 13, 2018

Wanted to express and make you aware that we were not happy with the rental process this past weekend with Budget Car Rental. We arrived at the airport after midnight and after a long exhausting day all we wanted was to get the car and go to our hotel room, that did not happen. Upon...

Budget Rent A Car / fattura e addebito automatico car rental malta airport

Jutta Kraemer on Sep 12, 2018

Contratto noleggio nr 517920653 Egregi signori, Scrivo in merito al noleggio in oggetto per il quale ho prepagato al momento della prenotazione in data 26/3/2018 eur 62, 75. Con la presente contesto, con documentazione a supporto, il vostro addebito sulla mia carta di credito di eur 76...

Budget Rent A Car / misrepresentation

bujang13 on Aug 23, 2018

Costco Travel # C349356410 Budget Conf # 40054762US6 Aug, 4 - My family and I arrived in Washington DC after a red-eye flight from Los Angeles. We headed to Budget to pick up the car we reserved. At the counter, everything was going smooth up until the Insurance part. We initially declined the...

Budget Car Rental / car availability

Mary Reed on Aug 15, 2018

confirmation #38718343US6 Agreement #179684046c Car reserved July 27, 2018 car pick up Aug 03, 2018 at 8a.m. Grand Rapids, GR4 2740 28th street Grand Rapids, Mi 49512 I arrived at 8a.m. to pick up economy car. Was told no cars available. If I wanted to stay one maybe would arrive around...

Budget Truck Rental / incompetence-confirmed rental. no truck available

Kent Tom on May 1, 2018

Reserved truck on 4-11-18 for pick up 4-26-18. Confirmed with Budget 3 times and Skyview Service Inc. 370 Middletown Road, Nanuet, NY 10954 (place of pick-up) on 4-24-18. Four confirmations. Received phone call from Skyview on 4-25-18, 2:00 pm, day before pick up that a truck wa...

Budget Car Rental / scamming customer

george hc t on Apr 6, 2018

Budget Car Rental in USA (may be world wide) is a scam that herds clients to their high end partner like Avis and Hertz. Clients will be skinned and they actually enjoyed skimming them. My story: 1) the reserved hybrid prius vehicle was not available in Newark ( and it becomes Budget'...

Budget Rent A Car / mini van car reserved in jan 2018 for march was not honored

Mike from Dallas on Mar 20, 2018

I reserved a Mini Van from Budget in Jan 2018 for the family spring break vacation (in March). When I showed up early Saturday morning (8 AM) to pickup the Mini Van I was told that they have been out of minivan since Thursday, and that they only have 5 seat car available to rent. They also...

Budget Rent A Car / made car reservation for dec 23 on november 27 didn't happen

Michael Radice on Jan 10, 2018

My family christmas party was December 23rd I made a reservation on November 27th so i could attend this yearly event. the reservation was for 10am about a week or so before i asked if i came at 9 30 would it be ok the manager said yes. I arrived at 9 30 the manager said 4 cars were coming...

Budget Car Rentals / unethical behaviour

Andrew Rona on Nov 1, 2017

We picked up the car at 1.00 AM (4 hrs. airline delay which we called in) and it was the last car in the category although we reserved it 3 weeks in advance. We found it muddy outside and at the exit we showed it to the officer which he logged on a receipt. We received a copy. Next morning...

Budget Car Rental at FLL Airport / picked up a dirty car.

Andres Rona on Oct 14, 2017

Dear Sirs/Madam 1 - Reserved a car 3 weeks in advance. 2 - Picked it up at 2 AM for delayed flight. 3 - Allegedly it was the last car they had on the lot. 4 - We had to walk to the lot good 2 blocks to find the assigned car dirty with mud. Is it usual not to clean a car after it has been...

Budget Truck Rental / truck rental

George Beisler on Oct 12, 2017

I rented a Budget Truck in Leesburg, Florida on 10/06/17 Vehicle # 336764. Ref # 1098600024786. I needed a small truck to move boxes and other small possessions from Florida to Pennsylvania. I reserved a 12 foot truck but what I got was a 16 foot truck. When I got it loaded and got on the...

Budget Truck Rental / truck van rental

John L Pena on Jul 17, 2017

I, John L Pena, rented a 22 foot Truck #1808220877587 of 071517 from Budget of Sandau for a 3 day rental to Abilene, Texas. The trip to Abilene is normally about a 4.5 hour trip but instead the trip took over 7 hours as the truck lost acceleration on every hill down to about 40 miles per...

Budget Car Rental / services I receive

Furnando Powell on Jul 17, 2017

On the 1st of July I went to Budget Car Rental I had previously made car reservations and was told a vehicle would be delivered from the airport to the memorial location in Oklahoma City when I' I arrived I was told no vehicle had been delivered and no vehicle would be delivered and that...

Budget Car Rental / unauthorized cancellation of reservation night before pickup

Kell Arellano on Jun 14, 2017

My reservation was canceled by the Customer Rep at the Call Center the night before pick-up, after being hung up on 3 times, in 2 days (06.13.17 & 07.14.17) because they "couldn't hear me"... on my BRAND NEW iphone that works fine, I had no problem hearing them, no one other than this call...

Budget Car Rental / previous damage charge

DebK13 on May 19, 2017

May 10, 2016 rented from the Orlando Airport. Car had damage in 3 spots. Completed a damage report before leaving. Upon returning the car on May 18, 2016, the man checking me in noticed the damage. I showed him the pink copy of the damage report. He recommended taking a picture of the form...

Budget Rent A Car / sunpass

Joyce01 on May 14, 2017

Budget rent a car is no better. When I went to pick up my car and asked for sunpass, first he had no reply. So I explained how I usually pd $40 on sunpass with other rental companies, the man at the counter told me they dont have that. I further explained how I was traveling up/down...

Budget Car Rental / lack of response

Nirvanasutra on Apr 5, 2017

Last July we rented a car for pickup in Flint Michigan. Due to Southwest Airlines computer issues we ere three days late. I called at every delay to 1. let them know we will be late and 2. to ensure the car will be waiting for us. I have written them twice and have not received anything...

Budget Car Rental / reservations

Cary Stiles on Dec 15, 2016

I reserved a car at Budget ahead of time so that my wife, who doesn't travel much, would not have any problems when she landed. When she got there (Louisville, Ky Airport) was a line of over 15 people because other people with some "FastBreak" program were cutting in front of everyone and...

Budget Car Rental / overcharged

ksagrillo on Oct 31, 2016

Rented a car at denver international airport and they "upgraded" our car for free. When we asked if there was going to be an up-charge the agent said, "no." however, when we returned the vehicle they charged us an extra $30 a day on top of our original quote!! If we had been told the truth...

Budget Car Rental / additional charges on card that were not communicated

Lance Wright on Oct 27, 2016

In Oct 2016 I booked a Group B Budget rent-a-car online for a 3-day period. I was quoted $35/day "due at rental counter", which included an upgrade. When I picked up the car, the counter clerk took 40 mins to process my transaction (due to some card issue). At the end of this very protracted...