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Complaints & Reviews

Double charging

I pre-paid for a budget rental car through my online account. I arrived at the kansas city airport budget and gave them the information. I returned the car and flew back home. A few weeks later, I received a charge for $208.71 from budget kci. I contacted budget and explained that I had pre-paid on their sight $191.60 but that kci had charged me again for $208.00. They then went into an excuse mode, letting me know that the budget at kci was a franchise and that they are not on the same system... Let me make one point... I don't care that they are a franchise on another system, that is your problem. I provided all the documents showing the double billing, and they said I would hear something in a few days. I did, and all the perforated letter showed was that I was late one hour, so the charges were valid. I asked, so being one hour late is $208 and some change charge? I again contacted budget customer service on sunday, april 26th and went through everything for the 3rd time, and I was asked to go back through all my documents and send them over in an email... Just a note, this took time because the original charges were in february. I did and sent it over with the case number [protected].

This time I received a response much quicker but with the same formatted email about me being a little late and that the charges were valid. They again did not address the fact that my information showed that I was double billed. I don't give a crap about the one hour late charge, the fact that I was charged over $400 for a three-day rental of a car for work. Budget and the incompetence of your staff to address a mistake that I have fully documented are crazy. You have taken so much of my time and effort to correct something that should be so simple is unbelievable. Let me repeat what I said above that I have been told all 4 times I have contacted your customer service, I don't care that the kansas city airport budget is a franchise not on your system. They carry your budget name and I am making sure that everyone in our company and anyone who will listen knows about the tone-deafness of your organization. You may be a little cheaper, but you have taken so much of my time you are the most expensive rental car company.

Scam charges after a nine hour flight

Auto Europe uk voucher No.UK4916495-1. Budget DA res No.12345670GB1 We were totally misled by your counter...

customer service

After many travel delays and cancellations I had to change my rental car and airport to travel to Chicago. I arrived at the Budget Midway counter around 11:30 (pm). The price of a Budget rental car was double what Enterprise cars are. They "convinced" me I needed an upgrade because of road conditions which turned out to be false so additional money paid for NO REASON. I asked for gas to be put in by them for convenience instead they did not put this in the contract and my oversight did not notice as I was exhausted so now they want to charge me $109 for a TANK OF GAS. This company oversells their product and takes advantage of the consumer. I am a military mother trying to get to her sons Naval Graduation and have had to pay exuberant fees to make this happen - can someone help to get some of my money recouped. CS with Budget has no compassion or care and I will NEVER rent a car from them again.

car rental service

I returned a car to ft myers international airport, on january 31 st, and had to deal with this impossible...

[Resolved] car rental

I picked up a rental at this location on 11/19/19 because my own car was having problems. When I went online...

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voucher not accepted by budget attendant

Having sent a reimbursement request through the online customers service link below and not receiving any...

car rental

Priceline Trip # [protected]. The above Budget Car rental for October 16-22, 2019 was cancelled on August...

fraudulent transaction

Budget, On October 11, 2019, I learned that my Master Card was fraudulently used by your company in the...

fraud, deceptive practices and unethical behaviour

September 6, 2019
Rental # [protected]

after contacting Budget three (3) times prior to paying for the rental, we were told my son - who is Active Duty Military - would not have to pay the Under-Age Drive Fee. Once he turned in the car, he was charged the fee anyway. My son and I called, spoke to a manager, who told my son to take a picture of his Military ID, send it to the email address the manager provided and that it would be resolved.

It never got credited and now they claim they aren't going to credit it and that we were never told it would be credited. Budget customer service agents are lying to customers which seems customary with Budget. Deceptive practices and unethical behavior are definitely part of their daily program. I just want my $174.00 back. I'm reporting them to the BBB, sending a copy to my Lawyer and reporting them to whatever government agency oversees rental car companies. They are deceitful liars and they seem to be pretty proud of it when you talk to them on the phone.

overcharging of budget rental

Horrible experience with Budget Rent a car! We booked and prepaid the 7-day rental amounting to $253 after tax. Upon arrival at Budget's office at John Wayne airprort, they asked us to give two credit cards and my return ticket since i am a tourist just for identity validation. I clearly asked their staff if the cards will not be charged and he said YES. We declined all insurance or extras but 2 weeks after i saw my credit card statement and it reflected a $338.25 worth of insurance!!! We called customer service and even went back to the airport and they all said the same thing, that they can refund/cant do anything about it. I just find it unfair since the guy didnt even take the time to review or explain the whole agreement to us and just made us sign. We specifically asked them not to add any insurance and made sure they wont charge my credit card!!! Also, their customer service agent hung up on me while we were on the phone!!! How do we resolve this. I cant pay this $338.25 since i didnt even ask for it, wasnt even made aware of it. BUDGET RENT A CAR!!!

lack of vehicles, too many issues to name

I have rented from this location (WB2) many times, for some reason. I guess I like the abuse. Typically, they...

roadside assistance

To Nora Henry and all,

Rental date: 07/25/2019
Rental#: U255150486
VCR#: VCR2850041
Case#: 2955508

Why should I have to pay $253.70 (total expense for services & repairs) for your mistake in giving a rental car (VW Jetta) that has defective tires and no spare tire.
You all have not reported it to the federal agency as this is a safety issue and could cause injury to other people.
We were given a 2nd car in Orlando airport with same issue until after a 3hr ordeal they gave us a different car. I have all the pics even from the towing company.
It is not my fault and you all need void this bill in full.

Manavi Sallick

additional driver

I recently traveled to the Outerbanks for a family vacation, I rented a car with Budget through AARP with the...

cleaning fee

I rented a car at the Knoxville airport 7/8/19 -7/11/19. I informed them in advance that I would have a...

employee named antonio at the agency

I want to complain about your employee Antonio. He is rude, irresponsible and totally unprofessional. I had booked a compact car. The rental location did not have compact cars. So he said they only can give me pick up truck which I said I am not comfortable driving it because I had never driven a truck. I told him I don't mind if they give me a nano car, a sedan or a compact sized SUV. I don't need an upgrade necessarily i am fine with downgrade too. Just that I am not comfortable driving the truck. Then that guy's attitude was "what can i do? I have the truck if you want. Nothing else. If you want an SUV you need to pay more". No apologies that the cars are not available and no professionalism when I said I cannot drive a truck. After that he started asking us personal questions like where are we driving and when I told him I have an important appointment and I need the car that I can drive he asked me what appointment I have? Does your employees ask their customers personal questions? Are they always so rude ? And then when I was angry on him for asking personal questions he started talking to us and said if I want a car I need to be very calm because I am the customer otherwise he will simply cancel the reservation and its a warning. The problem does not end here. He finally gave us an 8 seater SUV which I accepted but was not very comfortable yet. I called the person who checks the condition of the car to help me with the big SUV and that's when I informed him that's the reason I am asking for a small car. He said "THEY DO HAVE SMALL CAR". So from what I infer is that guy -Antonio deliberately abused us and harassed us although he had small cars available. Is this how this company values their customers?

did nor receive my aarp discount, did nor have car I requested. never received any help with my luggage getting in shuttle bus.

I requested a Ford Fusion or similar. I was given a KIA suv which was a free upgrade. But the took my ARRP...

fast break counter processing-reservation number: [protected]-us-0

• June 6, 2019 @ DTW Budget Counter

Let me start by saying all the Budget personal were very friendly!
• However it took 20 minutes for the Budget shuttle to arrive at the terminal.
During the time I along with 6 other Budget customers waited; Avis had 3 shuttles and National had 2 shuttles which come through.
• I arrived at the Budget Rental office at approximately midnight. Once at the Budget counter, unfortunately there was a long line of customers waiting for service. I was the eighth customer.
• I inquired as to where Fast Break was, the representative stated "it closed at 11:00 PM".
• The representative was the only one taking care of customers. She was working at the end station and had to constantly run back to the center station where the intercom was to get the number for the next customer's car then run back to her station.
• Each customer took 10 to 15 minutes to process.
• At 1:17 AM I was finally seen. (Totally unacceptable)
• During the time I and the others waited, 8 potential customers came and left. I presume going to another rental car provider.
• When I went out to my car, I was surprised that the ‘Full Tank' of gas was only at a ‘Quarter'.
I walked back to the office and the representative apologized, and directed me to drive over to the pumps to top off.
After driving over, waiting for the ground support staff to top off my gas tank I was finally on the road.
In all my years with Budget Rental car this was the worst service (time wise) I have ever encountered. I can't understand while Budget's Fast Break service was not available after 11 PM or why it could not be extended as other rental car agencies, allowing you to simply pick your envelope, identify your car and be off.
All total there were probably 20 plus customers serviced during the time I was there or still in line after I left. Surly there was enough revenue generated or could have been generated by the potential customers that left that could have paid for another counter service agent?
Bad Scheduling??
Bad Management?
Also from the customer side of the counter the counter is both dirty with old hanging clips etc. attached.

Requesting some Client future car rental credit
Fast break #RL740P also Business account member

car rental

Budget overcharged me $830.85 for a one day rental. This was a complete error on their part and I filed a claim #[protected].

I prepaid $67.88 for the rental of a Toyota pickup truck at the Budget agency at the Oakland International Airport for June 7th 2019 and return on June 8th, 2019.

This rental was done online via the Fastbreak system. When I arrived the clerk had knowledge of this rental and asked for my Fastbreak number. She then spent several minutes on the computer and located the transaction. Finally she handed me the contract in an envelope marked for space #M11. When I went out to M11 the was a Toyota Prius in that slot. I thought they had just switched vehicles due to a shortage because I originally asked for a full size car and they told me that only a pickup was available.

I proceeded to the exit gate with the Prius but when they saw my contract they said I had the wrong vehicle and that they would try to located the pickup truck. I was directed to return the Prius to M11 and I did. Short after they directed me to the pickup truck in another slot. I then went to the gate and checked out.

Then next morning when I returned the vehicle they said they couldn't process the return and sent me to the Fastbreak office. The clerk took my contract and spent several minutes on the computer trying to figure out the problem. Later she said she found out what happened and printed out a new contract and handed it to me. I stuck it in my pocket and headed for the airport bus to the terminal.

Afterward I realized I the overcharge and attempted to contact Budget Customer Service. They were closed for the day so I called again on June 9th and filed a claim for the overcharged. Apparently they assigned the mileage from the Prius to my contract and didn't correct it when they gave me the pickup truck.

This resulted in an additional mileage charge for 1382 miles. This was a complete mess by by Budget. The Customer Service Representative took my complaint on the 9th and the $830.88 debit was still pending on my account. Yet on the 10th my account was debited anyway.

So I called again today and wanted to know why you have no problem wrongly taking the money in a day or two but you can't seem to be able to put it back in without a lengthly bureaucratic process. Please return the money now!

John Stiglich
rental #[protected]

renting a car from budget

We rented a car a mini van from Budget on 05/30/19 to 06/05/19. Reservation # 09029922u56. The office is located in Convington GA . I was charged extra fees that was not authorized nor would they explain to me what the charges were for. When I ask for further assistance. They gave me a guy Name Ricky Lindsey he was extremely rude to me and hang up on me this place has the worst customer service and are very dishonest people. Please dont rent from these people.

car rental pick up

I am registering my complaint over my car rental pick up disaster. I made a booking for a 12 Passenger Van on May 7, 2019 and prepaid same IN FULL. The reservation number is 07573381US4, under the name of Chido Kwande. The pick up location was Budget Sears Town East Mall Mesquite on June 4th 2019 at 7 AM in the morning, this is almost a FULL MONTH after my reservation was confirmed and paid for. I get to the location and they do not have the car ready for pick-up, In fact the Lady who attended to me then proceeds to call Distribution and she informs me that the van will only reach their offices around 9 in the morning and she is not sure in which condition it will be in such that she might have to clean it and ensure it is ready for us and that is more time and further inconvenience to me. The van, she advised, was coming from DFW!!!

To say I was livid is an understatement. There is a reason why I specifically chose to pick up that car at 7 AM because I HAD PLANS, which were then ruined by your poor planning and distribution. This is unacceptable and I need some recourse for such a huge inconvenience to me and my family. I am appalled by such very poor customer service which left a bad taste in my mouth. For such a company of great repute you have disappointed me immensely. I shall be taking any of my future business elsewhere. When I received a text message on June 3, 2019 at 8:37 am reminding me of my reservation I thought all was in order, only to be met with a great disaster on the day of pick up.

Very disappointed Customer

Chido Kwande

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