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U-Haul International, Inc.

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Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 468 4285(Customer Service) 15 19
+1 800 528 0355(Roadside Assistance) 2 4
+1 866 277 6855(Moving Supplies / Online Store) 0 1
+1 800 528 0361(Propane) 1 2
+1 866 963 0286(Sustainability) 1 1
+1 866 323 4591(U-Haul Car Share) 1 1
+1 800 528 6042(Corporate Sales) 0 1
+1 800 223 6218(Supply And Purchasing) 0 2
+1 888 886 0782(Payments) 0 4
Founded in 1945, U-Haul is the industry leader in do-it-yourself moving and self-storage with more than 21,000 locations across the U.S. and Canada.

U-Haul International Complaints & Reviews

U-Haul International / movers damage

Oct 18, 2019

I had a false sense of security because of the affiliation with Uhaul, a company that I no longer have any respect for. Adding to the false sense of security is the claims section of the website, which is a farce, and the fact that usually there is since protection that comes with using a...

U-Haul International / storage unit

Oct 11, 2019

Hi my name is Tatyana Hedges I have a storage Unit in the address listed above. & every week I make a partial payment. Whether it's over the phone or in Person. For the last week I've been having a issue with this exact address about my unit. I was told as long as they see me making...

U-Haul / truck rental

Sep 27, 2019

On [protected] I rented a U-Haul truck for moving. On 9-1-2019 I returned the truck to a location in New Weaverly Texas. 6 days later I receive a phone call asking if I want to extend the rental because it was not returned. I explained to the lady the date, time and location of where the...

U-Haul International / customer service

Sep 02, 2019

I went in because I had already express ordered my u-haul so I ask how it works. The lady at the front desk was extremely rude and ignorant and then tried to say she couldn't take a license with a slight crack though we called u-haul and you can so there's no reason. She was so rude I will...

U-Haul International / crappy manager - craig russell

Jul 27, 2019

I sent my monthly payment for my unit through my bank as a webpay function, and I have done this for about a 1.5 years. Last month my payment was sent in and not posted/cashed by U-Haul until the next day. Now I am being charged late fees. Last weekend I went into the U-Haul office (3995...

U-Haul International / truck rental harassment

Jun 21, 2019

There is a representative by the name Justin whom is atheist and called me ignorant for believing in Jesus Christ. He has been trying to put me on the no rent list twice now. The regional manager Troy is in cahoots with him and threatened me that he owns uhaul and he will not take the E...

U-Haul International / u box storage

May 24, 2019

Too many issues to list here. The last straw was when your ubox driver picked up my boxes prior to me being notified (on the date we agreed upon) and took 3 containers back to the facility in Tempe. This is the second time within the same move that they were picked up and moved to that...

U-Haul International / issue with owner after renting a uhaul trailer

May 08, 2019

May 6-7th I do not have a client number as no paperwork was received. I rented a trailer from your company in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada at 3:30 on Monday May 6th. Everything went well. The gentleman assisting me was excellent as always. (This is at least my 3rd rental from this location in...

U-Haul International / truck rentals: certain professions aren't allowed to use these trucks: daniel guilmette lies

Apr 10, 2019

U-Haul InternationalMy complaint to the Better Business Bureau resulted in Uhaul immediately offering to cover my final bill (with expenses padded by staff at the instruction of management shown in the photo below). As much as this might seem like a fair and equitable gesture, it's not. Mr. Guilmette was told...

U-Haul International / picking up a reserved truck

Dec 16, 2018

I reserved a truck 24 hours in advance for Uhaul in Millington, TN. I scheduled to oick it up at 1 pm. I was informed that they had me picking up at 9 am and I would have to come back the next day. 2-3 hours later, they call back and said they found my reservation. I also called customer...

U-Haul International / u-box

Nov 30, 2018

On 10/18/20180 i contracted to recieve and ship 5 u-boxes from phoenix, az. To orlando fl. The boxes arrived on time and were picked up as agreed. Delivery was promised by 11/08/2018. The boxes arrived in orlando on 11/05/2018, but we were not called untill 11/08/2018. Delivery was scheduled...

Uhaul / truck rental

Oct 24, 2018

Absolutely the WORST service. They were not supposed to charge the card I used, just put a hold because it was not my card, and do a promissory note for future payment. Not only did they charge the card but they added extra fees and are refusing to refund the money after it put the account...

U-Haul International / horrible customer service/ failed to deliver as promised/ saw mill location yonkers ny

Oct 12, 2018

I had brought my move to u haul on sep 4 to have it send to Hollywood fl, my box was sent to Los Angeles California as an error of the own, I had provided the correct address and zip code but they still got it wrong, I had to wait 4 weeks to receive my box, I reach out the manager at the...

U-Haul International / excessive charges and late fees for a broken truck

Oct 08, 2018

Our nightmare started off when Uhaul customer service, unaware and uninformed about different locations on the same street, reserved our truck at the wrong location even though we verified the location three times. This lead to trying to beat the clock in rush hour to pick up our truck...

U-Haul International / overcharged

Oct 02, 2018

We rented a van this past Saturday. We understood there would be a pre-authorization on our card for the estimated rental. We were told it would be reversed when the van was returned and the actual amount was charged to our account. Two days later the pre-authorization AND the actual...

U-Haul International / tried to have trailer hitch installed

Sep 26, 2018

On September 26 2018 I talked to a uhaul representive. Little did i know this person works on commission for every customer they can hook. A appointment was made to have a trailet hitch installed on my jeep. Was told hitch was in stock, Price was told for parts and labor $190.45, place...

U-Haul International / free storage with a one way rental

Sep 05, 2018

U-Haul InternationalMy mother and I had called to get a truck and a storage unit. The lady we spoke with first told us if we get a truck one way, pick up and drop off and to separate locations, we can get a storage unit free for the first month. After the process was done my mother paid for the truck the lady...

U-Haul International / trcuk and storage rental

Sep 04, 2018

02/09/2018 Contract number : [protected] Complaint is about drop-off location and Storage spot. I have travelled a one way trip from London Ontario to Ottawa ON. the dorp off location was Uhaul 383 Coventry road, Ottawa ON. Despite me booking my storage in advance and having confirmation of such...

Uhaul / reservations

Aug 31, 2018

I reserved a 26' truck for 6 days to be picked up at hands on carwash 3rd ave Prince George. On the pick up date I took a taxi to pick up the truck. The truck wasn't even in prince george. It was 130km away in quesnel. The reservation Booker emailed me a couple hours before pickup of the...

U-Haul International / credit card.

Aug 30, 2018

A couple of months ago, I went on line to rent a cargo van. It was so easy and everything worked out smoothly. This past Tuesday, I went back to the same location (without a reservation) to see if they had availability, which they did and he would not accept my Visa Debit card, which i...

U-Haul International / changing / not honoring reservation

Aug 28, 2018

We booked a truck for 3 days over a month in advance to move our daughter. Since there was a gap between when she had to move out and into a new place. To make it less stressful, we booked the extra days so we can load truck and leave it for a day then unload. They have no issue until the...

Uhaul / duplicate credit card charge

Aug 08, 2018

I rented a Uhaul van on 8/4/18 and was given a quote $ 167.00. I completed the rental and returned the van without any remarkable incident. When I checked the card i used i noticed that I was charge twice by UHaul 8/7/18 for 167.66 and 8/8/16 for 152.18. It is impossible to wait for...

U-Haul International / Rental truck

Aug 03, 2018

So I rented a Uhaul on 7/6/18 and after returning the truck with the same amount of gas I got charged an extra 30 bux that same day and the clerk never told me I was going to after he printed out my receipt and everything and then a whole month later they are still continuing to charge me...

U-Haul International / uhaul truck

Jul 23, 2018

I rented a 20' truck on 7/18/18. I had a blow out on I 95 on 7/19 and then on 7/20/18 the truck broke down while I was driving. Fortunatly, I was not on I 95 when that happened or I probably would have been seriously hurt or killed at the high rate of speed myself and other vehicles would...

U-Haul International / customer service

Jul 06, 2018

We waited over an hour for our change because they had none on hand. I missed a appointment, there were no apologies or compensation I am very disappointed and promise to not return and let my friends no to never visit this location. They actually went to the bank for change with an office...

Uhaul / rental truck

Jul 05, 2018

I received two large bogus charges from uhaul. When I spoke to them, I was told that I was being charged for mileage of 140 miles and the other was a $205.00 hold fee. I used 51 miles, staying in town, took one load from my old home to my new home, an of course the pick-up/return of the...

U-Haul International / truck rental rip off

Jun 27, 2018

I rented a truck the first week of june 2018. I told the reservationist about what all I had to move. She suggested the size of truck that I would need (I know nothing about sizes). When I went to pick it up on 06/09/2018 the truck was clearly too small. I told the manager, kevin, that it...

U-Haul International / refund check after returning u-haul truck

Jun 21, 2018

My husband rented a U-haul truck in May (under Phone number [protected]) at MPG Equipment in Eufaula, Alabama 36027. Returned the truck May 14, 2018 to MPG Equipment in Eufaula, Ala 36027. Should have received a refund check from U-haul for $165.07. On June 12, 2018 we have still not received...

U-Haul International / trailer rental

Jun 04, 2018

I talked to a customer service rep to set up a pick up for a trailer rental. They sent me 50 miles away from my home. I called to cancel and reschedule and they told me I couldn't reschedule until the next day. They called me back the next day and told me to pick up the trailer in...

U Haul / self storage / customer service over phone

May 23, 2018

I had recently been in the hospita, and when I got out remembered that I had to pay my storage bill. I haven't been receiving my mail from u haul (as it was being with held), so I called to find out the balance and pay it off. The woman I spoke with on wednesday may 23, 2018 at around...

U-Haul International / customer service at 12804 50th st. edmonton alberta canada

Apr 28, 2018

Reserved a small panel van 2 days in advance. Arrived on time to pick up van & had to wait an hour and a half in line because the U haul store is very under staffed. Very poor customer service!!! Will be reporting this to the Better Business of Alberta. Also calling CBC go Public to have...

U-haul Truck Rental / unauthorized credit card charges/scam/ripoff/

Apr 05, 2018

When i turned in the truck it was to a key box. With a phone # to call had to take a photo of the truck mileage and fuel gauge., forward it to the b text message. I rented the truck on the 29th of March turned it in on the 31 of m March. April the 5th i noticed there was a charge for $60.89 on...

U-Haul International / faulty wiring in tow hitch

Mar 30, 2018

Hello, U-HAUL U-Haul Contract [protected] We recently added a hitch to our vehicle provided by UHAUL on 12/19/17 in Lawrence, KS, this week (3/26/18-3/30/18) we are experiencing problems with our brake lights and turn signals not working. After changing the bulbs, my brake lights and bulb...

U-Haul International / my name is lou ann vlahovic 3150 birch circle whitehall pa 18052

Mar 19, 2018

ATTN: Mr. Taylor: I have been a customer for over 10 years. I have my 2 rentals at 3001 MC Arthur Road Whitehall PA . Bradley Moharter is the Manager. I have been threatened by Brad for Delinquent charges and late payments. I pay 2546.04 at the end of each month. I am constantly charged with...

U-Haul International / bad battery

Feb 05, 2018

I ordered a uhaul on Friday February 2nd to be picked up today, February 5th, went to pick it up and it was dead and would not start. Was told by the man who we paid that it happens because it's cold (and snowing as we arrived). So we got it jumped and he said to leave it running for...

Uhaul / follow up to previous complaint

Jan 20, 2018

On the 16th, I posted a complaint about what I consider to be poor customer relations by Uhaul. On the 17th, I went to my local Uhaul retailer to discuss, in person, my issues with Uhaul. The lady was very helpful and offered some ideas to solve my truck availability problem. One of her...

U-Haul / terrible way to do business

Jan 16, 2018

Wanted to rent a truck and had to go online to arrange reservation. According to the site, I would have to drive an hour away from my home to pick up a 15ft truck. Why? There is a uhaul rental place 1.5 miles from my home. I initiated a chat and my request was answered by someone named...

U-Haul / rented truck without me present, signature, knowledge

Jan 09, 2018

Hi I am a mother of three children this past Christmas our family moved into our new home. We called U-Haul and I reserved a truck for later that day. I had hired two gentlemen to move our belongings into the house. As I drove towards the U-Haul location to meet the movers and sign the...

US Gas Mart/Uhaul / pennsylvania state lottery

Dec 04, 2017

I cashed in 6 winning scratch off tickets totaling $120.00 at 360 n 3rd st [309] US gas and mart/Uhaul this morning Dec 4 @approximately 10:30am (est). I asked the clerk for 12 $10.00 crossword scratch offs but I failed to notice for a couple hours that he only gave me 8. I went back to...

U-Haul / cargo truck

Nov 30, 2017

I reserved a cargo van to be picked up at 8:30pm from the commercial drive Raleigh nc location using the self service feature uhaul offers for after store hrs. Going through the process I was denied pick up of van because my photo they make you take didn't look like my drivers license...