Steak 'n Shake Enterprisescomplete order screwed up

D Jul 17, 2019

We stopped in At the Antioch Tennessee store on our way out of town and ordered 3 Frisco Burger Combos, Cookies and Cream Shake, a Oreo Mint Shake And a Coke. We get back on the highway to find out we have the wrong order. The thing that was right on the order was the Coke. The drive thru attendant repeated our order back to us to confirm the order. The turn around time set us back an hour and a half. The manager fixed the order. The Drive thru attendant that took our order was rude and acted like she did not want to be there. The Drive thru attendant was named Braja and her people skills need adjusting. My family eats at your Restaurants a lot. I spent $23 dollars on this visit. Will not frequent that location again. A Refund or a Gift card or some type of restitution would be appreciated

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