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bad service

As a professional driver, I run on a tight schedule. To maintain it, I have to be on the move. I came to this Steak 'n Shake to try and get something to eat. I ordered at the counter and had to cancel the order 30 minutes later. 15 minutes or so after ordering, I was asked if my "food was given to me already?". 5 minutes after, I get up to ask and cashier looked to the grill and said "it's coming up now". 10 minutes later, I get up to ask about my order and they all looked confused. One employee said the cashier "his food was probably the one on the counter with no name on it. I was asking about it. Someone must've given his bag to somebody else". I was so mad that I just asked for a refund. The manager/supervisor tried to save the sale by asking me if I "wanted them to make it now?", but I just wanted my money back so I can leave. Too much giggling and playing around at this location. A lack of professionalism makes the service suffer, could be because the staff is young or not enough seriousness to perform their duties. This experience taught me one thing, and that is to not return to this location.

the service the food the quality

First off it took forty minutes to get food! I order two separate orders. I was horrible the chilli is not...


While my son and I were waiting for someone to order our lunch, the manager and his employees were arguing in the main floor. Manager was not being respectful to his employees. Manger and a female employee were yelling back and forth making it uncomfortable to my son, the customers and myself.. please have a talk to the person in charge during this fiasco.. Does not look or felt like a well established restaurant. This took place at 12:45pm 1/6/2018... touhy and Manhein in desplains Illinois...

food - found screw

My son was eating at the Pleasant Hill Steak N Shake location in Duluth Ga. He was finishing up his burger and bit down on something hard. When he pulled the object out of his mouth, he found a SCREW. The manager was concerned and comped his meal. I am beyond thankful that he didn't swallow it! This is appalling and inexcusable! Many waiting for their food to be prepared walked out! Customers should NEVER have a complaint about something like this! It could've been just horrible had he swallowed it! SNS needs to take this very seriously! The outcome could have had life threatening complications!

food - found screw
food - found screw
food - found screw


We waited for 15-20 minutes for a waitress. We waited another 15 for food, and it came out wrong. They mixed my order up with my boyfriends and so I sent mine back, and then I had to send his back, and they messed up again. The people in the kitchen were on their phones and had no gloves or hair nets. Even the manager spent her time talking rather than helping serve food because they only had ONE waitress. My waitress was trykng her best, but the kitchen staff were not helpful, did not read the order ticket, were slow, and unsanitary. The whole place looks gross. I sat in a booth filled with crumbs. The reviews for 4320 W Main St, Belleville, IL 62226 are just as negative as the one im leaving here. If you google this store and read the reviews, they are awful. I know many people who will not be visiting this store again because of how aful the service was, and how unsanitary the place looked. Please inspect this store, and hire people who care about service, not talking with friends. Thank you.

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the service the food the whole experience

On 12 / 29/2017 at 9:35 pm my we went to drive up at steak n shake on Emporian drive in Jackson Tn .Got home the order was completely wrong.Took order back spoke to manager on duty brought the food back home was still wrong.If the employees are incompetent to do their job the proper way then why do they still have a job.There is a lot of work that needs to be done in this place .Steak n Shake has always been one of my favorite places to go and I've been eating at them for 40 years Plus but something has to be done here if they are going to stay in business.The lettuce on the sandwiches was garbage it was terrible. The employees should take pride in having a koo and wanting to put out the best they can.I hope we will be able to enjoy steak n shake again. Thank You


My husband and I was at your Steak and Shake in Kokomo Indiana and I found a hair in my fries, and when the manager came over she was mouthly and refused to replace and or take my meal off of our bill, plus our waitress was sick and she was handling food to all the customers including us. Now I am sick cause of her!!! We will never ever go back to Steak and Shake in Kokomo, Indiana ever again!!! Plus I have notified BBB also, and the health department too. I don't play games!!! This is very serious!!! None of the workers were wearing hair nets either, nor were they wearing gloves, and our waitress didn't wash her hands from coming out of the restroom.

customer service at 9560 regency sq. blvd. n. jacksonville fl

To WHom it May Concern (If anyone at this point),

Yesterday evening 1/2/17 around 11:30 in the evening my family and I had been out at a show and decided to get a late night meal after the show. We've been to this Steak and Shake, located at 9560 REGENCY SQ. BLVD. N. Jacksonville Fl, on several occasions. We all agreed that this was the best place to get the food we wanted to sate that late night craving, but every time we go there to order the food it takes easily 30 minutes to come out. Since it was a work night, we wanted to have our food and be on our way. I decided to see if we could order online before we even left the venue, and sure enough that appeared to be an option. I took everyone's order and placed it into the online ordering portal via this link-
After filing out the registration information, with credit card, I tried to submit the information, but I received an error message. I tried several more times, but no luck.

At this time we were still 15-20 minutes away from the location, so I decided to call. I explained to the person that answered the phone that I had tried to place the order online and she stated that she "didn't know about any online orders" and suggested that I come in to place the order. I asked what the wait time on an order was and she stated they were busy (AS USUAL) and it would be 30 minutes (AS USUAL). I explained that we were still on the road, and I was trying to place the order ahead of time to avoid the wait time. She said she would get a manager for me. She did not put the phone on hold. I heard her call out and ask two different people to come to the phone to assist, and then I heard them tell her to hang up on me... Hang up. This is unacceptable! No one offered to take our order, no one came to the phone to assist, no one even asked for my name and phone number for a possible call back... Not only rude but it sends a VERY clear message as to how this store feels about it's customers. There were 6 people in my car and this was a relatively large order of decent money amount...

I do not know who you have running this store but they clearly need a lesson in how to deal with staff and orders under pressure. Several things could have made me, the customer, happy and left the situation resolved but instead I got "hang up". Also - 30 minutes wait time to even get our food every time we go there is too long - and that could be fore just myself and my husband or for all 6 of us it doesn't seem to matter the size of the order...

Yesterday evening when I called I wasn't really even upset, a little frustrated because the website wasn't working, but I expected to at least be able to place the order over the phone. Now I don't know that I will ever visit this Steak and Shake again, I WILL tell other people about it, and I am not sure how to tell you to resolve it.

shake mix

Your shakes are awful. I remember when they were actually great, back when there was ice cream in them. I keep forgetting about the horrible stuff you use now (maybe because you keep advertising them as "hand dipped", which is bs), and find myself going back to get what used to be one of the best shakes around. Someone else said it perfectly: milk sorbet. It's crystalized and flavorless. Never getting another one.

incomplete order & possible food poisoning

December 30, 2017, my granddaughter & I stopped at the Steak & Shake at the Pittsburgh Mills (Pennsylvania). I ordered the kids mini-corndog meal. Her drink was not received with the order.
She & I both ordered the Oreo milkshakes - the only "in common" item ordered. Within 24 hours we were both sick. Could just be coincidence, but I'm not sure. Wonder if anyone else reported any issues.

  • SubSquirrel Jan 02, 2018
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    Verified customer

    What else had you eaten that day? Salmonella poisoning usually appears quicker. If you only ate mini corn dogs and drank Oreo milkshakes? Healthy food for kids. Did the shakes taste sour? Bad milk would hit your guts within two hours.

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unethical behavior

I am a current employee at Steak n shake and the mangers: Bryan Fiorentino and Scott are very rude. They refuse to give 30 minute breaks because they don't want to. They do not keep the food fresh. Meat will go bad and they will still use it. They do not refrigerate the cold candy for the milk shakes and are extremely incompetent. They run out of product for instance milk. The owner failed to do stock and they ran out of milk so they put the milk in an old sauce jug and used a pump to pump it but the milk went hot because it was unrefrigerated. it went hot and people got sick. also they refuse to cook the hamburgers to training. After the wings trainers left they said that they are gonna run it their way because they cant stand it being done any other way. They also do not schedule many hard working employees. instead they say call and ask us if you can come in. not hey you need to come in on such day. its call and ask if you can work. so many people have been quiting. also on drive through they were using two liter bottles to pour peoples drinks becaue they ran out of coke syrup. And on more than one occaision scott will take $400+ out of a drawer write a note on it and drop it int he safe but the manager at the end of the night wont know he did that so the drawers will be short. on top of that the managers are unqualified for the job. Scott doesn't know how to run and of the machines I.e. the fryer and the fountain. and the manager bryan will be in the back the whole time and not know whats going on up front and get mad and cuss out the employees. Also scott does not have good cleanliness skills. he chooses what days to close the fryer and what days to wash the fountain dishes. insead of doing it everyday. He leaves without warning and doesn't fill in the next managers of the previous work items. They are running the business in the ground and many more people will complain.

  • Updated by colbygladson · Jan 02, 2018

    This happened in Dayton, TN not Dayton, Iowa

kids menu

I wanted to inform you that your location in Oviedo Florida is not an allergy friendly location. I spoke to our waitress Kayla and explained to her that my daughter has milk allergies and all the locations we have been to have given her a grilled piece of chicken In place of chicken tenders for the kids meal because the tenders have milk in them. She explained to me that she spoke to Debbie the store manager and they will not honor this because it is not on the kids menu and they are going to charge us for a grilled chicken sandwich. I wanted to make you aware that maybe all the stores should accommodate for children with allergies. We have also been to this location before and they have accomadated the grilled chicken as a kids meal but now Debbie does not want to honor that for an allergy child.


This is the worst Steak ‘n Shake if you go in over night you have to wait 15 mins just to get your order taken. The lady that I usually see overnight is always rude and rushes you to get your order done it's just bad all together. It also seems like they get the order wrong and than blame it on you. They need to get a better overnight staff that can actually work

cold food/long wait/filthy

I do not normally reach out like this, however while we were vacationing in Orlando, FL we were excited to find a Steak and Shake and could not wait to take our family who had never had the experience of your burgers and shakes. We had finally made in on Friday night 12/29/17 and it literally took 45 minutes to get our food and the food was absolutely cold and dry and you could tell it had sat for some time before it got to us. Nothing worse than cold fries and a cold burger. The shakes were the same way you cold tell they had sat for a while before we got them, very soft and almost liquid.

The bad experience started with the unhappy hostess and there was never a manager present as we watched multiple tables of families get up and walk out. The drive through seemed to be the priority as they moved through [pretty quickly.

I was terribly disappointed in the cleanliness and have no doubt this is not how the Stake and Shake brand would expect their brand to be represented. This location is in an ideal place with lots of traffic and I assumed this was just our bad experience, however after reading the yelp reviews this has been going on for sometime.

12163 South Apopka Vineland rd, orlando fl 32836

unethical behavior by manager

Date of incident was 12/26/2017 @ 6:56PM
Went through the drive through to order 3 regular shakes. Once I got to the window the young lady handed me 3 half filled cups. When I questioned her she went to get get the manager. I repeated by complaint about the cup not being full. The manager proceeded to tell me they were out of whip topping that generally fills the cup. I disagreed with her and she slammed the window shut and walked off. She was very unprofessional about the entire situation. I've purchased from Steak and Shake numerous times and never been treated this way. I will not be returning to that location. I paid $11.20 for 3 of the worst milk shakes ever.

unethical behavior by manager


I was sitting at Steak 'n Shake and of course it took forever to get sat and then to get a drink order. We were ready to order everything by the time we were acnolaged by a server. We got our drinks like 5 minutes later. While we're sitting at our table I'm watching this greasy lady making food with her hair down and no hair net. Everyone at the merritt island Steak 'n Shake looks nasty and like they shouldn't be serving food. Our food also took way too long so we got it to go. Not likely to be back.


every aspect of the experience

I went to the steak and shake in turkey Creek located in Knoxville, TN on 12/28/17. The experience was awful from the beginning. There were a total of three cars in line including me, two being in front of me. It took almost ten minutes just to get up to take my order. Which is hardly acceptable in a sit down restaurant, much less something that is considered fast food. Finally, it is my turn and I am eager to order, only to have the rude girl on the microphone tell me to hold for a sec. As another five minutes go by, I finally get to order. Even the order process was a painful expierence. I place my order and start to proceed expecting to see a busy drive thru and to my surprise not a single car was in front of me. Almost as if they had to completely serve one car at a time, from placing the order to driving off. I ordered the western BBQ burger, which I normally love, and a large parmesan fries. The girl who was working hardly said a word but to utter the total cost. I gave her the money and received my change. During the process half of my coin was dropped on the ground between my car and the window and not even an "I'm sorry". I finally get my food and again not a word, not a thank you, come again or anything. She might as well just thrown the food into the car at this point. The total process took at least 20 min. I am frustrated by this point and wanted to call the number on my receipt to explain my frustrations. Apparently everyone in the country was calling at the same time. I was on hold for 25 minutes before I decided to hang up, long enough to make it through the crowded shopping strip mall and all the way home. Finally, I am home and get to enjoy what I waited all this time for. WRONG, and so was my order. I ordered a triple and got a double. Also, the western BBQ is supposed to come with little crispy onion strings, but instead in place is diced onions. I would have rather had no onion. I normally enjoy steak n shake, in fact, I used to work at the one in Powell, TN on Emory Rd. My manager would have been furious if even one of these occurred. Needless to say, I will not be returning to that location.


Yesterday, my fiancé and I went to Steak ‘n Shake for dinner just like we do every other Tuesday/Wednesday...

service wait time

I have been at the Melbourne Fl New Haven location now 2 times. Both times have had excessive amounts of wait times and terrible service when the amount of people there was few. Today (Dec 28) I have been waiting for almost an hour and still have no food, it took us about 30 minutes just to get our drinks. There are only about 15 tables in total with people and there is plenty of staff. The waitresses have been standing around doing nothing, one of them dropping the condiment stand on the ground and left everything there then preceded to walk away and not come back. The manager is the one taking care of the shakes because the kitchen is apparently so behind. The drive through has a short line as well so there is no reason for an hour delay to get our food.

chicken tenders

I was dining at Steak ‘n Shake a few weeks ago with my 5 year old daughter. We ordered the chicken tender...