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SmashBurger / service

Apr 16, 2019

I've been to the smashburger in Ridgefield Washington in the casino several of times and each time I go it just feels completely unwelcome I try and order a root beer float by a root beer separate from the ice cream and I've had nothing but issues from a ladies that were here from not...

SmashBurger / I was never paid for my time working here

Apr 8, 2019

I worked here for a little over a month in October and I was never payed at all. I have gone in multiple times and they look around and say they cant find my check and then say they will email payroll and to contact them again in 2 weeks. It has been 6 mounts and I have come in so many...

SmashBurger / make your own burger, make your own chicken sandwich and quality of food in general

Mar 1, 2019

We ordered from doordash for my birthday dinner. Over 70.00. The two chicken sandwiches came without the bacon & cheddar cheese on completely dry buns, ice cold. My burger with an egg, bacon and (supposed to be) smash sauce came with bbq sauce. Ice cold. All sides ice cold. This place wa...

SmashBurger / manager attitude complaint

Feb 18, 2019

I was working @ said store and at 245 fifteen minutes prior to the end of my shift I stepped out the kitchen for a restroom break. I returned at 252 to my station to the asst. Manager complaining and yelling, telling me, "You will not leave my kitchen without my permission. You will tell...

SmashBurger / hours of service

Jan 24, 2019

Smashburger website clearly states the Brooklyn NY locations opens at 10am. I went there at 10am last month. The employee tells me the grills are not working and to come back at 11am. No problem. Fast forward tthis morning... I am standing here since 10am. The manager is telling me maybe...

SmashBurger / how the shift leader/asst manager and cooks treats coworkers

Dec 30, 2018

I was in the store one night with my daughter and her friend was working that night, Dani, maddi, breanna, Celina are all very sweet girls and was very helpful made sure the customers were taken care of but by the end of the night a couple of her coworkers disrespected her and humiliated...

SmashBurger / online ordering; wrong order

Dec 29, 2018

I found a buy one get one free offer online. I was given a promo code to use during checkout. I signed up for Smash Club and then proceeded to order, thinking I would be able to enter the promo code, and receive what was advertised, a free burger. However, no where during the online...

SmashBurger / order 95420421 and 634526056373

Dec 17, 2018

We had ordered online somehow or order got mixed with my home address instead of my work address I showed up at a different Smashburger trying to figure out how to cancel the order 95420421 in Denver off 16th st because store 1009 said I had to call them to see how to get my money back. So...

SmashBurger / customer service b

Dec 16, 2018

Don't go to the smashburger in gateway mall during the holidays, your food will be sloppy, dirtylooks and attitude if you complain. She had to redo my milkshake and slammed the new order on my table, cheese on my baja jalepeno was fresh nowhere being melted, and refuse to melt it because...

SmashBurger / managers behavior

Dec 13, 2018

I was at the 5500 sunrise blvd smashburger store today around 3 pm when an altercation happened between an employee and manager. I was greatly appalled by the managers behavior, and her choice of words against the employee she called her a ghetto black girl and as a black woman that wa...

Smash Burger / manager was cursing at employee and saying racial slurs

Dec 13, 2018

During my lunch at smash burger I was standing in line and an employee was being yelled at but her supervisor. She tried to walk away and the manager proceeded to follow her as she called her a bitch the employee said please get out my face and the manager tried to snatch her phone while...

SmashBurger / cobb salad

Dec 11, 2018

I purchased a Cobb salad this past Sunday and ended up with severe diarerre and severe stomach cramps. These symptoms are related to ecoli which I believe is from the lettuce used in the salad as it has been all over the news about ecoli in romaine lettuce. My purchase was at the Johnston...

SmashBurger / cashier/server

Nov 14, 2018

I ordered a milkshake as I always do. Usually I get the glass and the rest of the milkshake in the mixing cup. The milkshake was delivered in the glass. As I went to pick up the rest of my milkshake the cashier was just getting ready to put it in her mouth (unbelievable). When I said I'd...

SmashBurger / food preparation and timely delivery

Nov 14, 2018

Sunday, 11/11 we stopped at SMASHBURGER #1276 St. George, Utah for a quick meal on the way to ZION NAT'L PARK. We work long and hard for a deserved day off and were on a limited amount of time to enjoy the park and hoped for a quick delicious lunch before hitting the trails. We were very...

SmashBurger / extremely greasy and undercooked fries and pickles/poor excuse for "chicken strips"

Oct 27, 2018

Location: Store 1225 6645 South Fry Rd #600, Katy TX 77494 Order #19-Oct 27, 2018 6:55 pm Placed our to go order and when we received it, the Large Fries were not cooked at all, but extremely greasy. The "fried" pickles and small fries soaked through the bag with grease before we even got to...

SmashBurger / clarifying coupon used

Oct 9, 2018

I ordered from Smashburger #1484, Host: Margarita. Receipt 10027 @1:47PM on 10/9/18. I redeemed a coupon valued at $8.00 which stated the following: Get a Burger, Side, & Drink for $8.00. Receive a regular beef or turkey burger, regular side, and regular drink for $8.00. Valid on regular beef...

SmashBurger / the location on lebanon and dallas north tollway

Oct 5, 2018

The location on Lebanon and the Dallas North Tollway has terrible everything. The service is terrible and so is the kitchen. We waited for an hour and so has everybody else in here. This is the second time this has happened coming here this is so disappointing because we liked this place...

SmashBurger / insurance reimbursement

Oct 4, 2018

Hi my name is Marcus Robinson I worked with the smashburger at the radnor location the issue that I have is due to no Reimbursements was made due to I was not able to use my insurance after I received it through the company I was being given the run around about me receiving that back I...

SmashBurger / employee

Sep 26, 2018

I am currently being forced to continue my employment with Smashburger. I am still currently on the company payroll but am not receiving paychecks nor working for any amount of hours. I have been repeatedly misled about my employment status by my manager. My manager will not terminate my...

SmashBurger / lack of cleanliness

Sep 23, 2018

I arrived at Smashburger, Roseville this morning at 11:30. The cashier was friendly and helpful. Order arrived in a timely fashion and was delicious. However, the store, inside and out was filthy. Every outdoor table was dirty and napkins, food and straws littered the eating area. We...

SmashBurger / service

Sep 21, 2018

The absolute worst customer service! My fiancé and both ordered a combo.Our host Ashley brought out food sat it down and started to walk away. My burger was missing. I Told her and she asked for our receipt. I told her we threw it away. She acted like I was lying. I told her I would dig through...

SmashBurger / employees

Sep 20, 2018

Do you even know what is going on with your stores in the state of New Jersey? Or even other states? You have to visit your stores once a while because your employees are hurting because of their general managers and other managers that taking advantage of their power. If I were you I...

SmashBurger / redeeming coupons

Sep 7, 2018

Let me just start off saying how much we LOVE Smashburger. We don't get to eat at Smashburger very often, and we really don't have very much money, so these coupons we get in our email come in handy. But yesterday when I went to go eat, I was able to scan the 20% off entire order coupon...

SmashBurger / received wrong order.

Sep 3, 2018

Today at smash burger we ordered a large smash fry and two cheeseburgers. We even told the cook past the cashier that we wanted a large fry. We received a medium fry and neither of our cheeseburgers had cheese on them. When we called the store we were Told that we could go back and fix the...

SmashBurger / service

Aug 29, 2018

I hate this store . You would think because it's in a nice area you'll have better service. I normally come around my lunch time 12:30-1:30 and I feel like I'm waiting all day on my food . Lack of the bathroom being clean . Lack of workers . after Monday when I came with my daughter and...

SmashBurger / customer service

Aug 29, 2018

Paid for our food and while waiting for our coke the employee began playing with the cup of coke. The employee pressed for coke and then spilt some coke out, he then pressed for coke again and poured some out. He did this about 6 times before we made a face at him. During the time he wa...

SmashBurger / staff

Aug 28, 2018

Today I approximately 2pm, I and my 15 year old son ate at the Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567 Smashburger. Upon leaving, the son who happens to have Asperger's (very high functioning Autism) asked for the location of the garbage can. I lovely young female employee directed him to one and as I...

SmashBurger / staff

Aug 26, 2018

rude and ..'cold' is a good word.. SO..anyways I paid with a credit card..and walked away ..not thinking.I just had seen a was a family night out ...Good times.. well about 40-45 minutes we all left the restaurant ..left Tempe Marketplace .. ...Well ...1/2 through errands ...

SmashBurger / melinda was very rude put don’t make on receipt sat there for almost an hour

Aug 26, 2018

My hole experience was bad went in for a burger got treated like it was unseficent amount as a result on receipt I sat there waiting for a burger when everyone else inside was leaving when I asked about my burger i was told it's coming waited a total of 40 min I got my burger to go...

SmashBurger / customer service

Aug 24, 2018

Good Afternoon, I am writing to voice my concern about on-line order accuracy. I have used Smashburger several times and I usually order on-line. The first time I had a issue with the wrong item. I ordered chicken and they gave me a burger, second time the order was not ready when promised...

SmashBurger / slow service, cold food, untrained staff

Aug 18, 2018

On August 18, 2018 at 8 pm we went to your 579 Coleman Ave location (Store #1273) and the cashier did not greet us and we were ignored for longer than seemed necessary for a slow evening. After taking our order we waited 45 minutes for our food to come out. We saw the food in the window...

SmashBurger / cleanliness of restaurant greasy fried pickles

Aug 18, 2018

My fiancé and I can to eat at Smashburger around 1:45 today. The staff was friendly and helpful but the seating area restaurant was filthy. There was not one single table that was cleaned off so we could sit. There was food baskets, drinks, and napkins on every table. We had been the only one...

SmashBurger / gm at springfield pa store

Aug 16, 2018

On Sunday August 5th my schedule went up i instantly took a picture of it like i always do two to three days later my gm changed my schedule without asking me or letting me know he did so i was originally scheduled Friday August10. 9-2 August7 my schedule was changed to 12-9 i showed up to...

SmashBurger / burgers not being fully cooked

Aug 7, 2018

I have been going to Smash burger in Fort Mill SC at least twice a week since they opened bc its walking distance from my job. About 2 months ago I went and my burger was not done. I called and the Manager (Tim) did not believe me so I walked the burger back over there and gave it to him... / the burger size is not what I ordered

Aug 5, 2018

I ordered a large burger and got a regular. When I brought it back up I asked, What size is this they said regular. I said I ordered a large. Ive eaten here before and know what the large looks like. They said well its the right size patty on a small bun. I dont want a overlapping patty on...

SmashBurger / Coupon

Aug 3, 2018

I brought in a coupon I received in the newspaper for buy one entree get one free. I came in and ordered the Pub triple double and was told the coupon did not include that burger, the triple double, or the bacon triple double. No where does it state on the coupon that certain burgers are...

SmashBurger / customer service

Aug 2, 2018

My family and I decided to eat at your restaurant located in Destin FL at Destin Commons yesterday August 1 2018. We entered your store just before 3pm and waited our turn to order. My family ordered in front of me and my daughter in law, thinking everyone had ordered payed the bill. She...

SmashBurger / customer service and discrimination

Jul 29, 2018

July 24, 2018 Local BBB Office 3801 E. Florida Avenue Suite 350 Denver, Colorado 80210 Dear Customer Service Specialist: On July 13, 2018 I visited SmashBurger Store#1347 located at 975 Route 1 South in North Brunswick, NJ. The hostess Lauren was pleasant and professional; however, the...

SmashBurger / customer service was horrible after receiving a very wrong order

Jul 26, 2018

Good afternoon, My boyfriend and I went to smash Burger today on RT. 37 in toms River, NJ. My boyfriend ordered a order of fries, a burger, and onion straws. I ordered a BBQ ranch salad without bacon and a black bean burger added because I'm vegetarian. The food came out great but I noticed a...

SmashBurger / quality

Jul 25, 2018

Hello, Today, I bought a meal from Smashburger for my boyfriend and I. I ordered online and took it to go, as I was on my lunch break. Normally if I were to get it to go, it tastes just the same as if I were to dine in. Today the quality of our meal was poor, fries did not taste good and...