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Long John Silver's complaints

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Long John Silver's complaints 422

Long John Silver's - Food was good as always however the girl serving was lacking a lot.

I stopped to grab a bite to eat at 7pm Nove 15th at the Jasper Long John Silvers eatery. The young girl at the order desk took my order without saying a word. I ordered the #1 and asked what came with it. She just pointed to a pad on the counter. It was dirty and hard to read. I ordered french fries. Later I found out one other side came with it. When I got my order I asked for tarter sauce. She threw two packs at me. I went to get my drink and the counter was dirty and no napkins in the large napkin holder. I asked for more tarter sauce and some napkins, she gave me two more sauces and put a bundle of napkins on the counter. She dropped several sauce packets on the floor and put them back in the cardboard box. All this without saying a word. I could tell by her expression she was not happy with me. She walked by the napkin holder two times without offering to refill it. There were two older employees in the back talking and did not offer any help either. The food was cooked well anyway. Maby the young girl could not talk??

Desired outcome: Food was good even though I was shorted a second side. Just need to get better help if you can.

Long John Silver's - Drive thru took way too long!

Hi I went to store 70055 @ 10270 North Freeway Houston, Texas was at the drive thru speaker at 9:08 pm 6 minutes of silence someone finally takes my order pull-up there's another car at the window...

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Long John Silver's - Product and service

I took my 84-year-old mother to her 'once-favorite place to eat', Long John Silver's. We stood in line while two employees discussed how they couldn't wait to get off work. When we finally got to...

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Long John Silver's - Service

They forgot about us we were the only customers at the Conway Arkansas location forgot to bring our drinks to us and then I waited for my food over 30 minutes went to the counter to find out what was going on my food was just sitting on treasy in the counter getting cold after paying 25.00 for 2 simply shrimp platters and barely got any sides with it smallest portions I have ever seen. Will not go back

Desired outcome: Improvements in service and food

Long John Silver's - The customer service and lack of respect and professionalism. I was just at the Long John's on the Golden strip in Williamsport Pa.

The cashier at the drive thru was very disrespectful and rude. I placed my order and when she read it back to me it was wrong so I reordered my order and was given the total. It was way to much for what I had ordered for which she gave me something I hadn't ordered again. I talked to the manager and was informed the outside menu board was set up wrong therefore I wasnt ordering What I had thought. The cashier wasnt appologetic at all. She has no buisness working in the public with the attitude she had with me. I am 64 years old and was quite upset by the whole ordeal. I am a patron of the establishment she acted as if she could care less if I was there or not. It is crew members like her that cause you loss in buisness. I will never go there again. This happened at 5:30 0r so onJune 30th 2021.during a down pouring rain.

Desired outcome: I think this girl needs some training on how to act with paying customers Or she needs fired. with people like her working for you , you will surely lose buisness.

Long John Silver's - Product and customer service

I have been going to Long John Silvers for years and absolutely love your fish with malt vinegar. Until yesterday and the time before this.
Yesterday my wife and I went through the drive through a the Georgesville Square, Columbus Ohio. We each ordered the L1, 2 pieces of fish, hushpuppies, fries, and a drink. We also ordered one extra piece of fish each.
(The last time we ordered from LJS was over a month ago and had a similar experience) There was no sense of urgency from the employees to get our order out quickly. When we got home with our order the fish was extremely over cooked and tough, not like the past where it was fresh and very good. The hushpuppies were over cooked and hard as rock. I gave mine to [censored] our black lab, she made a loud crunching sound eating them. The fries were cold and soggy. Last nights experience told me this is the way it is now and we will never go back to that restaurant. One more Item, highlights of eating there in the past they would give lots of crunchy extra batter bits which is awesome. There was none with our meal. This meal was terrible!!!

Desired outcome: I am just letting you know this store is very disappointing and I will never go back

Long John Silver's - serving old food

The date was May the 22 at 2:35 pm, I give my order and receiving my order in the drive through and notice the fish was refried from earlier in day and the cold slaw not fresh. I try to contact the store by phone about issue and was give the run around. This is second time this has happen during the pandemic. After receiving my food the young lady. She step away from the window with my card and later came back used the register in front of me to purchase my food after this I notice a purchase from Amazon was on credit card that I never made.

Desired outcome: refund

Long John Silver's - Terrible customer service

Suppose to open at 11 drive thru nothing I walked in at 1105 they all ignored me for about 2 minutes didnt even look at me. Every time I go here the employees suck. I love ljs only one in my area...

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Long John Silver's - pricing

I went several miles out of my way to go to a long johns silver restaurant for a fish sandwich at 11:15 am est. store # tl36160. They said the fish sandwiches weren't ready yet. So ! ordered an item that's advertised online for $5.99 that is fish and shrimp combo. She said it was $10.99. So I order something I didn't want called a fish meal. Why do they advertise one price and sell at another?

Long John Silver's - Staff at store location #[protected] E. Broadway St., Pearland, TX 77581

Decided to stop at this location for lunch around 11:30 AM on 3/8/21, never had LJS before. I had felt a little uneasy, as soon as I walked in the door, due to the black lady whom appeared to be...

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Long John Silver's - Service

About 2 1/2 weeks ago, I was at the Long John Silver drive through window. They asked me pull from the drive through and park out front to wait for my order. There was a truck behind me and it also...

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Long John Silver's - My gm at store 7180 is bad.

Hi there I've (Shanna Simon) been with the long John silvers company in Massillon store #7180 for about three months now. My gm recently is causing me much stress and personal harassment albeit in...

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Long John Silver's - Poor customer service

On Monday, December 14, 2020 at 4:14 pm, planned to dine in the Long John Silvers/Taco Bell in Farmville, Virginia. I stood at the counter to order with no in line while employee after employee...

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Long John Silver's - Picked up food on the way to work. Go to work to earn it and the fish was not done.

IMy fish was not done. It was still solid made me sick. I have eaten there for 30+ years so I feel I deserve to get reimburse would appreciate a refund. I got the #1 with fries and a large...

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Long John Silver's - Food

Fort Myers Florida location - we drove an hour and this location and they refused to serve chicken planks at 10:00 in the morning. Also, on a different day at 5:30 at night on Sunday, June 7, 2020...

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Long John Silver's - Management / employees

The management do not care how there employees talk and and treat there customers. We saw a boy handle the cups with his fingers around the rim of the cup and I told him please would you not do that...

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Long John Silver's - Our order was wrong and they refuse to answer the phone

We went to Long John Silver's on March 9th, 2020 at 6:32 PM. Ticket number 2109. We had ordered a number 10 that comes with two fish and six shrimp with rice and hushpuppies and fries, along with a...

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Long John Silver's - awful service and manager was so RUDE to me!

I ordered the family meal on 3/01/20 and asked the girl to make sure it came with hushpuppies and she assured me that it did. I ordered the 16 piece and asked for 12 chicken and 4 fish. When I got...

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Long John Silver's - combo

I ordered two combos. Fish and chicken, at the drive thru window. Cashier threw the bags and me and was very rude. Seems was very rushed. I did not check food till I got home. Neither meal had a hush...

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Long John Silver's - drive thru service. 1/26/2020. 5:30 pm

I went through your drive thru service ordered two orders of your fish and sides. There was only two cars ahead of me. I sat in your drive thru at least 20 minutes before getting up to the window to...

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