Long John Silver's Complaints & Reviews

Long John Silver's / service, and cold food and water down soda

Sep 26, 2019

On September 26th 2019 at 7pm I visited this store. We ordered thru the drive thru. We waited 10 minutes to get to the speaker to order. After ordering we waited another 25 minutes to get to the window to get our food. When handed our drinks the ice had melted and i asked the girl at the...

Long John Silver's / drive thru service

Sep 21, 2019

I ordered an 8 piece shrimp dinner plus 2 pieces of fish.The meal was fine, but the service was sorely lacking.I asked for ketchup, tarter sauce & malt vinegar.The employee repeated it back to me.When I got home there was no malt vinegar, no utensils .I realize this alone is not a big...

Long John Silver's / 8 piece family order

Sep 16, 2019

Last night we purchased an 8 piece family dinner from Armando P, the cashier. All Fish . I do not eat chicken. He asked 2 times if we wanted half fish and half chicken. We got our order and moved out of the pickup lane to check our order. Instead of 8 pieces of fish, we got 3 pieces of...

Long John Silver's / service

Sep 11, 2019

I went there on September 10, 2019 around 4pm. Only one person was working. Waited approximately 8 minutes for service. The register was down and was give my receipt written in pen on a slip of paper. Order 2 piece chicken and fry meal. The soda machine was out of ice. The ketchup...

Long John Silver's / food order

Sep 01, 2019

I can't believe we were the only other people in there and still took over 1/2 hr to come out n when it did it was well overdone..won't go back there. I was very very disappointed. I usually love long John's but now I am rethinking it. It was a totally terrible experience especially...

Long John Silver's / over cooked chicken, tough, grease soaked, coleslaw bitter,

Aug 25, 2019

My Order was horrible, the Chicken was dark orange from either sitting all day or being over fried, It was so tough, and had a bad greasy taste to it. it was impossible to even bit off a piece of it, the hushpuppies were so tiny and the Coleslaw was bitter and tough, overall, It was a...

Long John Silver's / to go order

Aug 24, 2019

We ordered 12pc Chicken and 2 piece fish with husppies to and got home and order was incorrect and missing hushpuppies . We went back to store which is 9 miles and the manager was rude and not accomadating. Several other customers were complaining also due to raw chicken. This is not...

Long John Silver's / overcooked, grease soaked fish

Aug 20, 2019

The cashier at the window assured me the reason for the long wait for my order was due to the freshness of the fish and grilled shrimp. He assured me the food was fresh. Because of this statement I did not check my order prior to driving off. When I arrived home I discovered a piece of...

Long John Silver's / coupon for buy one get one. 8/14/19 - 8/16/19

Aug 16, 2019

Ordered fish/chicken/shrimp platter, $9.49 and clam meal, $7.99. Showed girl the coupon before I ordered. After I ordered the $9.49 platter, she told me the coupon is not good for the platter and I wound up paying full price. Coupon does not state what meals are accepted. A meal is a meal, especially for $9.49. I feel there should be some compensation

Long John Silver's / company policy

Aug 14, 2019

Long John silver has pulled their advertising from Tucker Carlson on Fox News for exposing the "white supremacy" hoax of the Jewstream media to demonize and attack white people in this nation. I am not a big Fox News fan, in fact all mainstreams media is run by lying Zionist Jews but by...

Long John Silver's / food quality

Aug 12, 2019

Long John Silver'sMonday, 8-12-19 @ 630 pm. Went thru drive through out of French fries. I live 15 minutes away. Got home with food. Worst food ever. So bad could not eat it. Fish burnt and greasy. Hushpuppies appeared to be soaked in grease. I dont think that I will ever eat at Long John Silver again...

Long John Silver's / food and building

Aug 11, 2019

building is in need of repairs inside, flor has cracks that are holding dirt and grease, walls has torned paper all over sitting area, tables and chairs are worn out with cracks and tears, the codiment and drink area is dirty. disc player music is out of wa soo greasy could not...

Long John Silver's / service took over 20 min. then finished meal before I got my freeze drink. said something to the csr. who then gave me a snotty come back.

Aug 04, 2019

Long John Silver'sService took over 20 min. Then finished meal before I got my freeze drink. Said something to the csr. Who then gave me a snotty come back. Finished entire meal before finally brings half the cup to me!!! The chicken was the good thing about the whole exp.i will not bring friends and family here. The service was more then terrible. Plus it was filthy-

Long John Silver's / employees/ management

Jul 30, 2019

When my girlfriend went in to order food from LJS there were 2 guys who sexually harassed my girlfriend while she was waiting for her order. The 2 guys were hanging out with the cashier who took my girlfriends order and laughed while my girlfriend was being sexually harassed. The cashier...

Long John Silvers / food/service

Jul 30, 2019

Long John SilversEverything in the order was not completed. 2 of the plates were missing chicken, fries & hushpuppies. The service was very poor, I didnt even know where to get my food when they called my #. The shrimp were not cleaned properly. I attempted to talk to the guy whom prepared my order & he...

Long John Silver's / crab cakes

Jul 30, 2019

I purchased a 6 piece crab cake box on Fri July 12 . I got home and ate two of them, saving the rest till later, and spent the next 3days with food poisoning. I was violently ill Fri and Sat and very shaky on Sunday . I know it was from the crab cake because I hadn't eaten anything else...

Long John Silver's / store # 31548

Jul 29, 2019

My wife and I ate at this location tonight. This was out second visit. We like LJS and have enjoyed many other locations over the years. HOWEVER, this location gives your chain a bad name. The floor was slick with oil (greease) and obviously had not even been swept in a while as there wa...

Long John Silver's / food

Jul 29, 2019

1. very salty 2. very greasy I got the chicken my husband got the fish. Has change please put it back we have been going for a long time there. we havent been in a while. the lady waiting on us i believe she was a manager, did not like.nicolas w is says on reciet.left there 5-10 min later...

Long John Silver's / staff behavior

Jul 27, 2019

Saturday, July 27, 2019 5:51 pm Order: 253203 Cashier: Tatayania While waiting, which felt like quite a while (over 10 minutes) to place my order, the cashier was assisting two African american young ladies who had Taco Bell t-shirts on, place their order. The cashier laughed and talked...

Long John Silver's / food

Jul 18, 2019

I visited your the location in La vista NE (drive through window)and was very disappointed in the food quality and the service. I actually said to my husband that I thought the server was nice but seemed high, or extremely distracted, maybe untrained. I ordered the fish and chicken dinner and...

Long John Silver's / unethical behavior

Jul 11, 2019

Long John Silver'sToday 7-11-19 while shopping in Grand Rapids, my boyfriend and I decided to go to LJS, my favorite place to go while in G.R.. We ordered our usual Fish and Shrimp, and after about 20 min. we noticed that another table of customers wasn't sure about their order, yet one of them had started...

Long John Silver's / management

Jul 09, 2019

I am writing to someone in regards to how my child was treated by a so called manager working there. My child loved her job, was working there for almost 3 months. Need i mind you my child is only 16! She chose to work there for her first job and i supported her in her decision she wa...

Long John Silver's / the manager hung up on me

Jul 08, 2019

We went there last week and we noticed all the lights inside and the drive thru were off. I called the nest day and the manager sad they posted a note on the door and the drive thru that they had equipment trouble. I saidI'm sorry did't see the note and we love there food. She...

Long John Silver's / 2 piece chicken dinner

Jul 06, 2019

Hi my name is crystal Ufie I'm writing to you because I had a very bad visit today at one of your locations in Plano Texas, the adress is 1100 east Parker road, Plano Texas 75074, first off I ordered a 2 piece chicken meal with hush puppies fries and a pineapple cream cheese pie. On July...

Long John Silver's / fish

Jul 04, 2019

We bought an 8 piece fish dinner tonight with hush puppies and fries. Well the 8 pieces of fish were so over cooked you couldn't eat them. We didn't bother checking it till we got home and opened the box up. And the fish we really small also must have been laying there for some time. I am...

Long John Silver's / restaurant complaint

Jul 01, 2019

This is in reference to the Long John Silver's Restaurant at 3810 Stateline Texarkana, Texas. I've seen many complaints (online) in the past year or so in regards to the service at this establishment and the building itself is in dire need of renovations. I am not typically a complainer...

Long John Silver's / service at drive thru

Jun 23, 2019

Whoever owns this franchise should not be in the restaurant business. It is evident to me that they have no concept of what CLEAN 'fast food' is designed to be. At a bare minimum they should be required to go through a stringent retraining process and corporate monitoring. The...

Long John Silver's / coleslaw

Jun 14, 2019

I just wanted to say... I always loved eating at any of your franchises... And I love love loved you cole slaw... Until the last year of so... You changed your coleslaw... It's chunks instead of shredded.. And it tastes like it's molded... It's rotten... I have been tempted...

Long John Silver's / food was hard and dry and two people was messing with each other

Jun 12, 2019

I and my family came threw Long John Silver weeks ago and order a family fish meal and it was dry and old. The location is Griffin Ga. We were coming from Jackson, Ga. We wanted Fish and more, so we decided stopped there. There were a white lady and a black with dreads that day. I and my...

Long John Silvers / 428 e michigan st orlando, fl

May 28, 2019

I went thru drive thru after ordering 1 fish and 8 shrimp. I was at the window and they gave me 3 fish and no shrimp. I asked for what I ordered and the cashier had my order on her screen, so she made the error. They wanted the 3 fish back to throw in the trash and I said no, that I would...

Long John Silver's / food

May 18, 2019

store G135201 the fish was so nasty and greasy we ended up throwing it in the trash, the hush puppies were as brown on the inside as they were on the outside, we drove about 35 miles from our home in Thomasville NC to Winston Salem NC we spent like 37 dollars for 4 of us, I have had...

Long John Silver's / coupons not accepted, specials not offered

May 13, 2019

I get emails and mailings with coupons and special offerings such as $1 fish tacos and crab cakes on a regular basis. The store I frequent is #29273 in Salem, NH, a combination LJS and Taco Bell. They never have the specials saying they are a franchise. I have used some coupons there in...

Long John Silver's / terrible drive through and in store service

May 07, 2019

I just spent more than 30 minutes in line at the drive thru (no apology for the wait) then got down the road and realized that half of my order was not in the bag. So I turned around and went back and went inside the restaurant and explained about the wait and half the order being missing...

Long John Silver's / I ask for fish instead of chicken

Apr 22, 2019

I came into LJS on a Monday afternoon around 3:08 pm to try a sampler platter . I came inside for a reason, reason being going through the drive thru is almost suicide when you want something special done. Anyway I ordered my platter and mentioned I want to trade the chicken for a piece of...

Long John Silver's / broken ice machine

Apr 22, 2019

Me and my wife went to Long John Silver's on Cache Road in Lawton Oklahoma for lunch today [protected]. When order our food the lady at the counter told us that there was no ice would it be ok that we did not have ice for our drinks. Not knowing the situation we told her that was fine, the...

Long John Silver's / my food was cold and kids were unhappy with it

Apr 18, 2019

I just recently visited the Newport Kentucky location and had a bad experience with my family. My kids were unhappy with the food and mine was cold. I just wanted to make you aware of situation and see if anything you can do to make it right. Thanks in advance. Richie hagenhoff 645 Clemmer Ave Cincinnati Ohio 45219 r.[protected]

Long John Silver's / 3318 se military dr. san antonio tx.

Apr 17, 2019

My sister and I ordered a fish plate, my sister asked Ruben (csr) she wanted coleslaw instead of the fries n he said he couldn't change the order because he had already summited her order with fries...very bad customer service, then 25 minutes had gone by and we still hadn't gotten our...

Long John Silvers / missing fish

Apr 12, 2019

I visited your restaurant on 03/30/19 at which time I ordered the 2 fish 3 chicken platter. After returning home and opening my food I found that my order did not have my 2 pieces of fish in it. Returning to the location was not an option due to the fact that I was visiting from another...

Long John Silver's / product and service

Apr 11, 2019

Ordered 2 fish and shrimp platters totalling 20.11 thru drive thru on 4/11/19. Got home opened food and saw that hush puppies and fries were omitted. Husband tastes fish and it was chewy and dried out. I tastes shrimp and it was ok. Still went back with food because of omission and bad...

Long John Silver's / service complaint

Mar 15, 2019

On February 27, 2019, at 8:17 p.m. I placed an order at the drive-thru. I was told to drive up to the window. There was a mini-van in front of me, also waiting. After 12 minutes with no movement, I decided to leave. However, at that point another car pulled up behind me. Since the...