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Atlanta, Texas
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New Zealand
Texas Chicken, PO Box 67076, Mt Eden, Auckland, NZ 1349 


1171 St Clair Ave., W, Toronto, ON M6E 1B5

7700 Hurontario St., Unit 502, Brampton
3563 Lawrence Ave., E Unit № B, Scarborough, ON M1H 1B2

Complaints & Reviews

Chicken& management — Tonya Dupree needs to be gone she is making you'll comp look bad

Tonya Dupree and her assist is awful gave me dried out spicy chicken then got smart she smelt like weed manager now im gonna protest to get them out of there and store smells offer she never have gloves on and showed her a red piece of hair on my chicken she got smart i will not be back there should have keep the other manager who always were cleaning awful experience

I order 2 boxes garlic shrimp and tender

well i was on my lunch break today.. I get to back to work and my order wasnt right .. one box had one tender and 4 shrimp... and one box only had two tender and no shrimp.. Oh...

Customer service | bad hygiene

Church's chicken in Slidell, Louisiana at 195 Gause Blvd. Both drive thru & walk ins are extremely rude. The young girl taking orders inside was picking in her teeth so I...

old hard dry chicken

Store# 626 Check # 20063 2/16/2020 3:19pm I went inside to order dinner 12PCDK/3LGD/6BSC cost-paid $21.55. Dropped 4pieces off to son 4 door from churches then drove home another...

no heat in church's chicken

On February 13, 2020 my granddaughter and I went into Church's to eat, ordered our food, on the way to the restroom I ask them if they could turn the heat up, it was so cold...

closed dining area at 7 pm and was told to go through drive through... and then told we could only place 2 orders

Me and 2 other my colleague's went to this location and attempted to go in this establishment to order our orders at 7 pm... once we got to the door we realized the door wa...

fried chicken

Hello, This evening, I purchased a 8 piece chicken for $5.99 and 1 chicken wing for 2.79. I went home and prepared the meal for myself and my spouse. My husband stated that the...

church employees/staff

I was eating my purchased food at the Church Covington Hwy and Panola Rd on Monday, November 4, 2019 around 2pm. While dining two of Church employees began to have altercation...

case # v9rdv and case no. vz2r5

I called Church's Chicken complained about service and food product. Corporate and Executive Team has yet to contact me about these matters. Date of incident is 10/09/201, at...


I came through the drive thru paid for my food looked my box my chicken was very greasy I asked the cashier or manager bobbi if I could get some or chicken she acted as if she...

the slowest fast food chain around here.

This has got to be the slowest Church's Chicken I've ever been too. There were 4 cars in line, I was the 4th car. I was in that drive they line at least 45 minutes. The...

product and service

Ordered some chicken to go and paid extra for white meat. I got home and realized that there was only one piece of white meat and the rest was chicken drums. I called and spoke to...

Church's Chicken #0303 — the service I received there and how rude the cashier are.

on 09-19-19 i had gone into the store and purchased 12 mix 3 sides if a karge mashed pototoe, corn, 8 large bomers, 6 biscuits and 4 apple pies. i got home and there were no pie...


This is been several times. Opening is 10 on Sunday. I got there at 10:25 and the door was locked; one person in there state "we're closed" then went back to the phone. Was my mom...

customer service

Waited on chicken for 30 minutes did notT tellL me thisS at the drive thru intercom.The lady that waited on me was rude and impatience. She had earrings inall over her face. She...

bourbon black pepper chicken

I Purchased this item on 07-20-19. When I got home and started eating my chicken it was very hard it appeared to be over cooked. I immediately called the number on my receipt...

gm is letting her workers steal out the cash register

She doesn't know a lick of what she is doing I watched her count a draw that was less then 100 bucks five times she lets Joey steal out the cash registers and pay it back to her the store stinks nobody cleans up they don't even mop they floors nobody stocks at night time bathroom always nasty there oven is broken there biscuits is always hard because they leave them out under the warmer she be to busy in her cooks face to make them drop all there fried foods so it makes the job hard so you have to drop your sides yourself she is always rude to customers talking [censored] under her breath I watched her tell a customer what they was gonna eat she didn't even ask them

locking customers inside store during business hours

The mod was locking customers inside the store during operating hours stating there were to many patrons and the store was short handed this took place at 6:07pm during dinner...


13295 Ticket number 5 place order with Sheriquota Goins for two of the Wednesday 5.99 special as usual no spicy chicken told it would be 17 minutes waited 25 minutes later still waiting...

customer service/my order incorrect

I placed an order at approximately around 9:15 for 2 wings combo wth bombers and drink. I paid and thn was asked to pull around for my order. I waited until around 9:30 whn...

customer service

This evening we went to that location at 8:55pm. The sign in front clearly says they close at 9:30pm. A male worker looked right at us and went on to lock the doors. He did not...

smokehouse chicken and 3 piece tender

While visiting la, I got a craving for the new item, smoke house chicken, you guys have and found a location near my hotel room. I usually don't eat chicken often but have tried...

service and food

13295 Their service was terrible! I asked for 20.00 family meal. With mashed potatoes, Cole slaw, and mac & cheese. 1 corn and 2 apple pies. When I finally got my meal, I checked it, on...


The black guy with glasses and brades was takening my order and in the middle of taking the order walked away to do drive thru then came back to finish my order i paid for my meal...


Houston tx..aldienewestfield..77373..the worst service ever..on 3 different occasions I received stale or old chicken and under cooked the chicken strip...the lady at the counter has a filthy attitude and seems to be slow...I will put this location on every site I possibly can..this service is not right and others have expressed similar discrepancies

poor service and undercooked food

Today, 6/26/2019, I went to Church's Chicken on 302 S. Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville, SC [protected] around 1:00pm at the drive-thru and had a horrible, unprofessional and disrespectful, unnecessary experience with Carol. First she tells me I need to pull around when I tell her I can't combine a separate order. "Well you'll have to pull around, that's all I can..." Once I pull up to the window she just stares at me saying nothing. No customer service, no apology for the inconvenience, no "good afternoon may I take your order now"...nothing. So I cock my head a little and all she says is that she didn't get any of my order (why would she when she told me to pull around???). I clearly tell her my orders and she gets them wrong because she was too busy serving me a nasty attitude instead of even decent customer service! So then she has to admit that she got both orders wrong once I checked it. Yes, I told the manager it'd be easier if she gets someone that really wants to work and needs their job! The manager was kind enough but instead of giving me the difference in the total of my orders she should've given me a refund!!! On top of dealing with her nasty attitude and wrong order, the food was horrible and undercooked!!! All she had to do was indicate if she were new or ask the manager to show her how to ring up separate orders instead of getting nasty with a customer! I am now feeling sick to my stomach!!! I expect a full refund on both orders!!! and I do not plan on returning to any of your restaurants ever again! I have copies of both receipts (as well as this correspondence) but could not attach them per their format; however, the ticket (transaction) numbers are: 102946 and 102947.
I can be reached at [protected] or [protected] any time!


Store 690 7451 Indian School Rd [protected]. June 23rd @19:56. Went to this church's and ordered 2 wings 1 breast, and 1 drumstick, after continually repeating my order and BTW it was face to face, she finally got it right paid for it and when I got home I had 1 breast, 1 wing and 2 short thighs, I was to far away to take it back, I'm extremely ticked off at this point.


employee attitude

I dont remeber her name but she had the red hair with curls she was rude she didnt let me finish my order and she gave me the wrong sauce which i paid for she was rushing me and...

the manager treatment location holt in pa

The manager who manages the churches chicken does not have a clue on how to provided customer service, It's mostly her lack of concern to satisfy the customer, at most of he churches chicken location I eat at, most if not all will give you sauces with your meal, the manger at the Holt location in Pomona charges you for everything, there are many other franchise chicken location who can see the bigger picture that if the customer purchased chicken often at your location this is the very person funding your check. because without that customer your establishment will close and you will no longer have a job.. so how important is small container of sauce, I could see pleasure in her eyes to deny me, also I asked the manager to give me the number so I could complain on her nasty attitude, she kept saying the number was on the back of the receipt but l looked and clearly no number was given, then she abruptly disconnected the call, I will not go back to that location, I wanted you to know this lady is not customer friendly and I not giving my money to any business who don't have common courtesy toward their customer, there are too many chicken business who has enough common sense to treat as a customer not a robot.. thanks

poor customer service/satisfaction

I went to the drive through of Church's Chicken on 1500 S. AW Grimes BLVD Round Rock, TX Store #10738. I drive up to the drive thru and ordered a 10piece chicken special. The guy said it will be a 15min wait and that they just drop the chicken in the grease. I told him that fine il wait. I don't even care for chicken like that but the person I was buying it for did. When i pulled up to pay. The Spanish guy asked me to pull up in a parking spot. So I pulled In an waited. Now the clocks starts, bc when your waiting for food you dnt want to wait long. So 15min went by an no chicken, so i start looking in my mirror for ever customer that walks in an leaves. Mind you i was one of the first customers that parked and waited. I seen many customers waiting an leaving. It was almost 30min I've waited, I walked in an informed the Spanish guy that told me 15min wait that it's been almost 30 min an how long does it take. The Spanish guy an Spanish girl lookn at each other dumb founded. So I asked how much longer for my order. The Spanish girl told me 7min. Went back to my car an waited some more an 15 more minutes pass by as I'm as I'm waiting I look in my mirror an see them slowly fill up the chicken trays. An also watch while others wait, I've been waiting longer then all these cars coming an going an waiting also. I noticed there were two cars that parked inside of me waiting now it's a few minutes before an hour. An I watch In my mirror as the Spanish guy comes out with a couple of bags of thinking clearly one of these bags are mines one car leaves, then he pulls around to this other car parked right nxt to mines hands him a bag of chicken then after he start talking and chatting with him, so I'm waiting till their conversations ends an the employee walks back in an wait til the car inside of me leaves to confirm that they were careless enough to give my chicken to. Someone else. I WAITED AN HOUR I SHOUD HAVE BEEN FIRST PRIORITY!!! now all the cars are gone that have been waiting, the parking lot is practically clear. So I walk In I'm furious now. As I'm walking In i informed that that they better know that i will be going to corporate. I waited a whole hour for 10pieces of chicken. Watching all these ppl pull up and wait after me an leave before me. The Spanish girl an Spanish guy back an forth with each other about how they had my chicken I'm thinking apparently not if I'm walking up in here empty handed. The black girl was up in the front sushing them an apologetic I appreciate the apology but this is now beyond a simply sorry. Sorry is not gone fix the time I lost while my kids an i waited in a car. I almost told them to give me my money back and that i didnt want the chicken but I had to remember it wasnt for me. But the black girl rushed an tossed the chicken in the box saying you messed up this bad sorry isn't gone fix the problem. Dont be sorry be fixable to the problem. An that they didnt do, so I will never go to that place again, it's sad that you get treated with better customer service on the "rougher" sidenof town even when they mess up they immediately fix the problem an not jus say sorry but also assure the customer that it will not happen again. They couldn't fix the problem then they need someone whose more knowledgeable an with more experience to handle the job. IM SOO DISAPPOINTED!!

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bad customer service

Order of 4 pc tenders missing gravy. The worse is that you travel to pick up at drive through and they don't even check order. You get home and missing gravy. Then, I travel back to place the manager didn't even say sorry, provided my with a small gravy that was fill half way. Wow! Super bad customer service in Laredo Texas on Highway 83, phone number [protected], order number 10202, at 17:56, May 28, 2019, RolandoCSHR. By the time I got home with half of gravy, other meal for me and my family cold, everyone upset. Bad, bad service

2 employees

I had to come home and have a drink to calm my nerves today because I wanted to slap the skin off this girl employees face. I'm disrespected everytime these 2 certain...

chicken tenders

On Wednesday, May 22, 2019, I purchased 3 orders of Chicken Tenders from your Church's store located at 1546 E. Roosevelt, Phx. AZ. I am very disappointed that twice, I have been sold raw chicken tenders. Don't your employees know that chicken must be cooked thoroughly? It is dangerous to eat raw chicken, especially if it is a pregnant woman. I have complained to the staff before regarding the raw chicken. I see that nothing has been done. I will no longer go to this establishment. You need to do something about the problem before you have a lawsuit on your hands.

  • Updated by Aida Crespo · May 22, 2019

    Your Church’s at 1546 E. Roosevelt in Phx. Is selling raw Chicken Tenders, you need to take care of this problem before someone gets sick. Not the first time they do this.

product unavailability

This is literally very disappointing that we have to wait for chicken. The only chicken available was spicy and regular. Why do you guys promote lemon pepper chicken when it is not available with u guys. Being a regular customer it is not at all acceptable. This is a feedback. I love your lemon pepper chicken. I appreciate if you let it available when it is required

store closed early for ridiculous reason.

On May 12th, I was in the drive through line at 7.55pm at Church's Louette Rd in Spring TX. After keeping me and others behind me waiting for 5 mins, the lights went out on the board. As soon as the lights went out, the voice informed me that they had nothing left and were closed. When I reminded them that closing time was 10pm, her response was 'Yeah, but it's Mother's Day'!! I kid you not! Since when is Mother's Day a recognized holiday? I had driven 5 miles to go to that store. I have never heard of anything more ridiculous in my life!

I am complaining about services

On May 7, 2019 at 14:48 went to the drive through at Churchs #5734 at 24440 A-Alessandro Blvd
Moreno Valley Ca. [protected] I ordered a 7 piece mixed meal spicy the employee told me it would be 15 minutes for it I paid at window now she says 20 minutes to wait to employee #0171 Betty . She said park in front ill bring it out. I waited 30 minutes in my car nobody came out with my chicken, I went through drive thru, now a guy says it will be 5 more minutes. I was now pissed off . Not one employee said thank you for waiting or acknowledged nobody came out with my order. I love churchs chicken, but the service is really bad. Order #0212 . Liz Risica [protected] thanks

raw chicken and they want give me my money back.

I went in to churches chicken in sumter sc. I order # 5 and they said they were out do I substitute and got tenders. I bite into the chicken and it was raw. I ask for my money back and the girl wouldn't give it back. The girl was fussing at the cook cause he took the chicken out to fast and it was raw. I don't know what happen to the old workers. They were better and not rude. I will not be going back. And I'm putting it on social media. And I want my money back. May 4, 2019

customer service

The incident happened on today, May 3, 2019. My friend and I went through the drive-thru of store #1482 located @ 6000 S Gessner Houston, TX 77036. The lady who served us was rude and proceeded to rush us with our order. There were no other cars in the drive-thru, so I was confused as to why she was rushing us. When we got to the window, we asked for honey and she said we don't have honey. She said it very rudely. She rushed us off with our food and we realized that she didn't give us the biscuit that came with one of the orders. Nor did she give us straws for our drinks and only gave us 3 packets of ketchup. We could not go back to get these items due to us being on our lunch break.

  • Bu
    buildere May 03, 2019

    Oh grow up. If they don't have honey, they don't have honey. You seem to be mistaking not getting honey as her "speaking rudely"

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On monday april 22nd I went to churches chicken in my north memphis neighborhood. I and another customer ordered 10 pc mixed chicken only. We were told there would be a 15min...

quality of food

I ordered the 10 piece Chicken meal (Mixed meat) to go. As I arrived home I noticed All was dark meat except 2 pieces. The mashed potatoes and gravy had so much salt we couldn't even eat any, the chicken wasn't even warm and the biscuts were hard as rocks. The quality of food for the price I paid needs some serve work. I ordered at Church's Chicken #955 2080 US Hwy 60 Phone number [protected]. I was charged a total of $27.26 ticket #198. This is totally unexceptable as far as I am concerned. Poor Poor Quality and also the inside of the kitchen area was filthy with napkins and etc all over the floor..

Joyce Padilla

  • Updated by Joyce Gilmore Padilla · Apr 22, 2019

    Please remove my phone number, I didn't realize it would be posted for all to see.