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Steak 'n Shake Enterprisesnight manager

As a parent I have discussed a situation with a manager about one of their managers who works at night. This is my son's first job as a minor. My son has come home a few times about the manager using profanity, getting in his personal space and releasing him early from his shift before it ends without any explanation! Apparently this situation has not been handled and the night who's name is Noah Ferry is continuing to use his authority in an improper manner as a so called team leader! My son was promised to work some long hours and he was looking forward to the challenge. Noah Ferry (night manager ) continues his ways to show who's in charge instead of mentoring his staff! Remember a team is not a group who works together! It's a group who trusts each other! I can understand why young men and women decide to quit when they cannot trust their leaders. I hope someone reads this and explains to Noah Ferry what is to be a leader not a dictator! Thanks

Steak 'n Shake Enterprisesservice

My wife and I along with our kids went into Steak N Shake for a meal. When we arrived we were greeted and placed behind the manager that was interviewing a potential employee. We moved ourselves one seat up not to be in there conversation. We waited 10 mins. No one came over to take our order nor give us drinks. I notice 4 people standing around doing something close to nothing. The manager finished the interview and she too said nothing to no one. We got the message and decided to leave...