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Tim Hortons Complaints & Reviews

Tim Hortons / service

Evak1978 on Sep 18, 2018

I was at Tim Hortons drive thru today at around 5:45 pm to order 2 pita chicken / bacon / ranch . I clearly said 1 no sauce please Get to the window The girl that was there was so rude ... no smile no hello nothing . Practically through my bag with the food at me.. I didn't say anything...

Tim Hortons / customer service

Saira123 on Sep 18, 2018

Hello, I am very disappointed by the customer service I revieved today from Timhorten 2044 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1R 2Z3 drive thru, first of all the kady who took our order wasnt pleasent no Hi no thank you .. I worked as a customer service all my life and this was the most...

Tim Hortons / bagel with bad attitude

Rizavi on Sep 17, 2018

Hi, I take my coffe from this location in Cornwall ON. It's located next to a truck fuel station on Glengarry ave, that where I get my diesel. A lady name Crystal works at that Tim Horton, and it's the second time she is not dealing with me like a regular customer. I'm not white but Indian...

Tim Hortons / customer service

Jacqueline Jenelle on Sep 16, 2018

I went though drive thru want I ordered my tea and a pumpkin spice latte. I got to the window and they were talking not acknowledging the fact that I was there, they passed me my tea and the lid was half off and cracked! I was about to have a taste because my order is almost never right...

Tim Hortons / customer service

Tina1980 on Sep 15, 2018

So im doing laundry across the street and decided to get something to eat and to my surprise as im standing at the counter the lady who is working asks me " are you getting something to eat." REALLY! I was waiting for a "how can i help you?" im at a place that sells food, are you kidding...

Tim Hortons / poor service

cynj on Sep 15, 2018

Sept 13, 2018 entered a tim's store in Kingston on Clergy Street, there was fivepeople in front of me and only 1 employee serving customers. Some customers left and in end of waiting for my order which took 15 min. for an iced capp and an bagel. I think this is terrible that Tim's is not...

Tim Hortons Erie St location Stratford ON / poor customer relations response time

Kevin Wickert on Sep 15, 2018

On Sept 4 I am working and ran to Tim Horton's on Erie St in Stratford. I usually would not have went into the store however I was indecisive and wanted to look longer at the menu board without holding up the drive thru. I ended up ordering 2 BELTS and a coffee and got them to go. Once I got...

Tim Hortons / ripoff

mountainmama on Sep 15, 2018

Sept 15, 2018 Today I visited the Tim Hortons Location at 6014 #27 Chilliwack, BC. I ordered a medium French Vanilla, Large Dark Roast and 2 cookies. When I got home and took the French vanilla out of the tray, it felt very light. It was 60% full. I was not happy. Why did I bother paying...

Tim Hortons / terrible, terrible service.

Jeffrey Ferrington on Sep 15, 2018

Five of us walked into an empty Tim Hortons on 23 Mile Road and the Shelby Twp. Parkway at 4:35 AM. We ordered 5 coffees, five sandwiches and 10 Timbits. There was no coffee made, all of the drawers of premade food was empty and the employees were standing around doing nothing. NOTHING. It took us until 5:08 to get our food and coffee. Unacceptable.

Tim Hortons / strawberry filled timbits

C on Sep 14, 2018

I went in to get my favorite tim bits and the ones in the display had literally no powdered sugar on them. The Staff assured me there was nothing they could do about it while looking at me like im speaking a language they had never heard before...Im really disappointed... but I still...

Tim Hortons Sutton / a employee

Ketters on Sep 14, 2018

Hi there. I have gone through my hometown Tim Hortons a lot of Tim at night and this one employee has the worse attitude. Tonight was very rude and I'm done with having to deal with this here. Her name tag showed Michelle..she worked drive thru...friday September 14th at 820pm. There was 3 car...

Tim Hortons / raspberry lemonade

0093572 on Sep 14, 2018

I have ordered the raspberry lemonade before and it was fine but this time it just tasted like slushed water with 10 to many pumps of raspberry flavouring. It was dark red with a sickly sweet flavour. Watering it down did even help. I couldn't taste any lemon or anything else and even if...

Tim Hortons 915 Commissioner Rd London / being accused of being a bum

Denise Darlene on Sep 14, 2018

I am at the Tim Hortons on Commissioners and I was there since 12:30 this afternoon September 14th. I was standing outside with my friend at his van talking and his daughter went inside to order something. His daughter returned to the van and proceeded to tell me that she was asked if I...

Tim Hortons / french vanilla

Anargyros on Sep 14, 2018

Hello, I usually don't make it a priority to complain about anything but recently I purchased a few French vanilla coffees from different locations and I can tell that this is not a French vanilla coffee. It tastes like a water down version of it closer to water than coffee. I tried to...

Tim Hortons 443 The Queensway Keswick / injury in parking lot

Franco J Meli on Sep 13, 2018

Joke of the day! I tripped on a pot hole at Tim's parking lot where I hurt both hands, one more than the other, elbow and knee plus a dirty shirt. Store owner called me and offered me a coffee and a $10 gift card, wow. What a deal, should I take it? Going to the hospital to get report...

Tim Hortons / paycheck

Erinxoxox12 on Sep 13, 2018

i used to work for a tim hortons in ottawa, and i got my employment record from service canada and there a bunch of paychecks missing that i never got. And 6 all my paycheck for december 25 of last year till march when i quite when i put them into my bank account they bounced and i never...

Tim Hortons / customer service

Dean Bechard on Sep 13, 2018

I was at your location this morning just after 7:30 and purchased an extra large double double. When my coffee was handed to me as the lid was not close properly and spilt all over my lap and my truck. The coffee I received was placed in a cup and was all crunched at the top. I could not...

Tim Hortons / burnt bagel and terrible service

Rachel Di Lena on Sep 13, 2018

Hello, I ordered a jalapeƱo bagel with butter double toasted and was served a completely burnt bagel. I have ordered a double toasted bagel many times and never received anything like this before. Not to mention that the customer service there is terrible and was not compensated for their...

Tim Hortons / customer service

Linda Cumby on Sep 13, 2018

I stopped at the Tim Hortons at Napanee and the service was horrible. I stood at the Tim Hortons counter waiting for almost 10 minutes-there were no other customers in line but there were 5 employees behind the counter and nobody offered to help me. There was one customer at the counter...

Tim Hortons / breakfast time issue/needs to be served all day

Warrior 46 on Sep 12, 2018

9-12-2018. Why broadcast 2 for 4 sandwiches during the day when you can't get it until breakfast when most people aren't able to make it to breakfast. Don't you think you should serve breakfast sandwiches all day it would be most helpful and beneficial to the company and customers please...