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Tim Hortons reviews & complaints

Tim Hortons complaints 2541

Tim Hortons - Its a breakfast order

It was Jan 19 at 1:52 pm when me and my room mates order a breakfast from Tim horton through the Tim horton app in the total of $40.25 on my debit card from Tim horton on 25511 gratiot ave in Roseville Mi and 20 minutes later we got the order and the whole order was messed up the coffee was very sweet and does not have any flavor even through i added to it some hazelnut and espresso shot and paid 0.25¢ for each shot by i didn't get it the grilled cheese sandwich was burned, the hash browns and the croissant was missing, the bagel breakfast sandwiches was over cooked so you cant bite on them so i called the store right away and asked to talked to the manager to fix my order she was very rude to me and she said she cannot replace the missing items till next morning and i need somebody to go pick it up she would not send it me after all it was a very bad experience with Tim Horton and am asking for a full refund because i work very hard for my money i didn't find them on the street for tim horton to robb like that

It was really a bad experience , i hope that some body look my complain and give me my money back that's a lot of money

Tim Hortons - Management at 9288

I've worked here for almost a year and the two managers: Brittany and Kyle are SO unprofessional and just straight up rude. They talk bad about employees to other employees, cuss, make inappropriate jokes, and just make the whole work environment awful. If you put in a complaint to the General Manager, she defends them and nothing is done. They both do not know how to run a store without screaming and yelling all the time. They talk bad about each other to employees and are just generally not nice people.

Tim Hortons - Reward program

I went through the drive-through today in Belle River and when I paid they charged me for the full price because I checked my rewards history and the price should've been $9.58 but they charged me $11.15 on my credit card this is not the first time this is happened. Also I paid for double cream cheese and there was barely any cream cheese on my bagel. I know it sounds petty but it happens so many times and I'm really getting tired of it. I work hard for my money I don't want to waste it

Desired outcome: Refund my money


Tim Hortons - Tim Hortons App

Absolutely horrible app I ever used. On multiple occasions, will activate an offer then the full price is still deducted. Multiple attempts to reach customer service. Will receive an apology but no adjustments or reimbursements to the account. One time they even stated they knew this was happening. However, there was no notifications sent about this.

Now all my accrued points (800) have disappeared for no reason. Very disappointed in the app and customer service.

Jan 16, 2022

Tim Hortons - Unethical behaviour and no customer service at all rude customer services

First of all I'm not one to complain about anything go with the "flow" 99.9 percent of the time. This time I have to say something because it reflexes your company's image. I ordered 2 large tea...

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Tim Hortons - Debit card rarely works at drive through

This complaint has to do with the Tim's location at 510 Admiral Dr. London, Ont. N5V 5H2 [protected]. 1/13/22 App. 3:30 pm. I placed my order and when I went to pay the bill with my debit card, a...

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Tim Hortons - Rewards program

Went to find store on pinewood in Riverview had enough points for a free tea when we got to window worker scanned my rewards card and said I owed him 2.30 cents I said was that not free, he looked at the cash register and said oh yea it was free. What I am saying is if I did not know I had enough points then I would have paid and not got one free and my points would start all over. And buddy could have put the money in his pocket. This happened January 12, at 430.

Tim Hortons - Rewards app

I go to Timmy's drive through sometimes 2 to 3 times a day. I never had a problem with using the reward's card but they wanted me to get the ap on my phone so I did. I have had nothing but problem...

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Tim Hortons - Hockey cards

I went through drive thru to order food and hockey cards for my son, today is the day he has been waiting for, lady at drive thru at 615 am said sorry but we have not got around to opening package...

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Tim Hortons - Service

Went through the drive through at the tim hortons in Vermilion Alberta. Ordered coffee and a dozen doughnuts. Ask If I could get the doughnuts with my points card was told yes. Got to the window and was told I had to activate it on my app. My phone was doing an update. My son was driving and the guy at the window was very rude to my son. Proceeded to tell him rudely he had to lay for the doughnuts and my son said please void the doughnuts we do not want them the guy rudely said we had to pay for them he could not void the doughnuts and my son said well we cannot afford them that is why we asked to use our points card at the drive through speaker. He slammed his points scanner down on the counter and voided the doughnuts and practically through the coffee at us. This was the most unprofessional experience I have ever had. My son was very upset and this is unacceptable service. I am really thinking about boycotting tim hortons and taking my friends and family with me and I have a lot friends and a big family

Desired outcome: The guy fired and a free tim card of significant value this is not the first time they have been rude but this is the worst I have ever seen.

Tim Hortons - Service in the drive through

I have been going to Tim's for over 15 years or maybe longer. I was one of your 1st customers in Pickerington, Oh and then Pataskala, OH 43062. The 3 months or so the service is absolutely...

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Dec 24, 2021

Tim Hortons - Complete misbehaviour of Tim Hortons Staff

Date of incidence: 23rd December 2021 Time of incidence: around 2:40pm Location: 1445 Wilton Grove Rd, London, ON N6N 1M3 To briefly state, there was a Tim Hortons staff who badly misbehaved with me...

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Tim Hortons - Staff

With the display case full of the freshly made timbits and donuts, the woman behind the till gives me coffee that was cold, and my timbits were the day old ones from the rack they were taking out. The fresh ones were too fresh maybe, they needed time to set...? I was polite, cleanly dressed, and I paid cash, I didn't bother with a receipt, I didn't expect to need it.
Friday, December 24th, approx. 00:45-1:00h
Total order was under $10.00 (xl coffee + 20 timbits)

Desired outcome: Some "public relations for service-industry staff" maybe?

Tim Hortons - numerous items served in chester store

On the 4th December 2021 Myself, my wife my daughter and two grandchildren went into your Chester Retail park store on Seals Road .
We ordered meals and drinks for the whole family. We all specified how we would like the food, ie my meal without any relish or pickle as one example.
When the food arrived most of the meals were prepared incorrectly so I returned to the service area with two of the meals and tried to explain to the assistant the problem. I informed her I would like the fries replacing on the order also because when the meals were prepared again the rest off the order would be cold. This I tried twice to explain and in the end another assistant came over and said she would replace the whole order. This was done however when it was served again it was more incorrect than the first time .
My wife and daughter were prepared to give up and go and the grandkids ate what they could. I however wanted the food I had ordered replacing correctly so I returned to the counter again with my bacon double cheese burger which for a second time had relish and pickle on . This time a young guy said he would replace the item and to my amazement he brought a classic burger to our table. I now gave up and we left your restaurant having spent nearly an hour there and not eaten.Order no 950, TH#808784

Desired outcome: Refund of my payment

Tim Hortons - Food and service

I placed an ordered at the Stenhousemuir branch of Tim Horton's. When the food was delivered it was cold, half of it was missing and the rest of the order had the wrong items.

I have called on a number of occasions to tell them but the mail box is full. I've tried to complete the feedback form but I don't have a number on the bottom of my receipt so it won't let me log the compliant. I tried my order number but it won't accept it either. I've also emailed your office. I want a refund and I won't stop writing reviews until I get my £40 back. Regards Phil Stoker, [protected]@outlok.com

Desired outcome: Refund

Tim Hortons - service at Michigan st Bflo NY store

Between myself and my co-workers we have been to this location 6 to 8 times. They have yet to ever get the order correct. This morning was no different, however because I was made aware of the problems with getting the order correct, I checked the order before leaving. Instead of the tea that was ordered coffee was given. When I brought this to their attention, they argued with me that the product in the cup was tea. It absolutely was not tea with 4 sugar and 2 cream. It was black coffee.

Dec 16, 2021

Tim Hortons - Customer service from Tim Hortons

I have not been able to Log in to my account, apparently I don't exist. My previous email was hacked some time ago so I had to change to [protected]@gmail.com. I did update to the new email (with...

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Dec 15, 2021

Tim Hortons - Coffee and service

Hi, my name is Andre Vezina and I work at Novozymes Canada located at 300 Hunt-Club Road east in Ottawa Ontario, I frequently go to the Tim Horton next door for either lunch or just a coffee on the way home, I've been hearing from some of the staff at the plant that the service was not so good in ways that orders were always being messed up or missing items, I did not think too much of it until my experience today and decided to file a complaint. The past month coming thru the drive thru I've requested a medium dark roast and was given original blend, I know this is a small mistake which I assumed and made nothing of it. Today I going at the drive thru I asked the individual and even said Please to make it a dark roast explaining quickly the last few time I was given original blend, the employee di not even say Yes or sorry ( not that I was looking for an apology)but maybe just acknowledgement that he understood, all he replied with was" Is there anything else?" I replied no thank you in cases he took me has a complaint, anyhow I asked at the widow if it was dark roast and he replied yes with a nod, I paid for my coffee and always leave a $1.30 tip and drove away. I was a mile down Hunt-Club and opened my coffee to find I had an Original roast and was disappointed, I turned around and drove back a different young lad gave me a other coffee and I tried it in case my taste buds were Off which were not because that was a dark roast black. The young lad told me not to get upset when I explained that I wanted a dark roast which was not given to me in the first place. At any time did I raise my voice or swear, I've worked in the retail industry in my younger days and know how some people behave. The individual at the window finaly looked at me when I was about to leave and said "what, it was a dark roast" which I replied it was not. The individual was probably in is early twenties and had a beard, I normally do not speak ill will of anyone but if this individual does not like his employment he should not be there. Well enough venting, I do plan on still getting my coffees and sandwiches from a Timmy's just not that one. Hoping that things get better at this location especially when we work next door.


Tim Hortons - espresso latte

Today, December 15th atabout 1135 A.M. Iwent to drive tru Tim Hortons at Leslie and Coldwater in North Yort, Ontario. I have ordered 2 small espresso latte just to be told that do not have that product. I have told them that it has been advertised on TV every day, that it is fairly new product together with rspresso capuccino and espresso americano and that I have been buying it on other locations. They ( 3 of the employees) have told me that they do jot offer such a product).

Desired outcome: I would like to be informed by a return email that I will be able to purchase that product on that particular location.

Tim Hortons - bacon

I ordered a cheese croissant from one of your Tim's here in Fergus and asked for crispy bacon and this is what I opened when I got home. And you wonder why I've complained so much about getting raw bacon so I started to order crispy and this is what I got. I can't believe they served me this. I've shown this to other people and they couldn't believe that Tim's actually expected me to eat this not to mention that once again the croissant was plain not cheese like I always ask for. Never again. I'm done with Tim's for sure now after getting this.

Desired outcome: You want to really know my disired outcome? It's to stop wasting my damn hard earned money and serve food the way it should be cooked. Not like road kill.

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