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Apple Fritters

Hi please don't take me wrong I love apple fritters but where is the apple lots of sugar lots of cinnamon lots of doe, but where is the apple none to be seen so why call it an apple when there is none, that's my beef I bought 1/2 dozen and not one had an apple in it. Sorry no picture this time but maybe next time the store in Aurora Ont., is where I bought them.

Apple Fritters


Elmsdale N.S. Location ... 3 times in past week I have seen the persons at drive through handling cash and debit machines also pressing plastic lids on coffee.
The most recent time I called them out on it and asked for new coffees to be made. The person agreed with me that they shouldn't have done that. At the same time I seen another employee making my new coffees, with no gloves on. These people must be trained properly to prevent the virus spreading. Under the circumstances I witnessed it is entirely possible that COVID-19 is being spread at this location.

STAFF/NO FOOD — Useless, non english speaking idiots and food shortage

3 times this week, during corona virus lock down, i went to tim's and received the worst and most rude service i have ever seen. I have been going to tim's for 30 years and this is the final straw. The staff at 3 different locations were so rude i had to call the cops on one lady after she spit on my car. She did not understand what i was saying so i got mad and asked for a manager. She freaked out and spit on me. I am going to post this everywhere with the permission of halton police.

i went to mcdonalds and told my experience to the cashier and she gave me a free coffee!!!

Refused Service — Denied Being Served

Hi there. I went out for a long walk in the neighbourhood to get some exercise and fresh air and intended to stop at the Tim Hortons on Upper Wellington and Mahawk Rd. in Hamilton. I am not a regular at this store, but saw that it was Open. I was told the store was Closed and they were only serving through Drive Thru. Keeping a good distance, I asked the attendant from the far side of the lane that I was out for a walk and asked if I could be served. I was wearing leather gloves and intended to pay with a card. I was told NO it was Drive Thru ONLY. I saw several cars pull through while I was there and were just as close as I would have needed to be to get served, but I was refused.

I am very disappointed that the anticipated highlight of my walk was dashed because I chose to walk and not drive. I had no intention of putting any staff at risk and was prepared by wearing gloves and pay by card. The staff provided no explanation and like a robot kept repeating "It's Drive Thru ONLY{".

ALL your stores should have the same policy, as others I'm able to enter by foot and apparently some I am not. This is an unprecedented time for EVERYONE, including your regular customers and having some level of continuity to a daily routine which seems to have been lost.

I will have to seriously consider my loyalty to your brand given my treatment.


covid-19 — health

just wondering why workers are not wearing latex gloves, when their hands are over top of the lids.(Dauphin and Neepawa)

One worker in Neepawa had wool fingerless gloves when serving coffee.
How does she sanitize?

Not saying they are not clean, but it looks bad in the public eye

not wearing gloves... cash,donuts, tea bags everything... — this isn't a time to take this lightly

A lot of people are talking saying they wont do Timmies cause Mc Donalds does.They also offer their coffee for $ .99


I got a coffee an muffin why are clerks not wearing gloves

Roll up the Rim Contest

Awesome contest - Just to let everyone know - When you order and it comes up as "Try Again" (It does this after you scan your rewards card but before you pay) - Just have the cashier void the order and punch it in again - You can do this over and over until you win!!! There is a glitch in their system.

Staff rudeness, errors in our order

Floor staff is very judgemental, unkept, loud and makes a point of loudly disciplining me on my behavior. Counter goodness...after asking for certain two types of Tim Bits, three times we received the wrong kind !!
I will be lucky to post this before my phone dies as the staff shuts down the power when certain clients use the power.
The table beside me are very upset about the way they get treated at this location as well.
Unbelievable. I was relaxed and happy to treat my friend, who I work with, to a sweet and coffee... only to feel upset and disgusted with the work ethic and unprofessionalism of the staff here !!
I am going to demand I am reimbursed for the food and I should be compensated for the mood I am now in . I am a paying customer who is polite, educated and aware of my rights .
I would suggest firing the current staff and starting over with decent people who want to better the company and put a smile on their customers faces .. take some pride in your work and company !! Owners need to act as customers incognito and actually see what your staff is doing.

Drive thru

So today at 3:12 p.m i was going through the tims drive through as i was paying i was putting my wallet back as i was just being shoved drinks out the window with no time to grab it. The girl had the cup by the lid and by time she reach to give it to me it went all over my lap as im sitting there in pain with burning steep tea on my lap the lady told me to be careful next time ... The lady then wasn't going to replace my tea as i was still waiting for my coffee and donut as im in pain from the burns. I then had to pull into the parking lot and step out of my car because i had tea all over my car and my seat and lap.. soaked from the waist down. i was VERY unhappy with the lady telling me to be careful next time as it was NOT my fault. So i am reaching out demanding a response on what will be done. If not i will be going hire up...

Thanks, Austin

i can be reached at [protected] or by phone at [protected]

Drive thru
Drive thru

drive thru / field leadership team

44866 On 2/26/2020, i went to this Tim Hortons drive through and got the worst experience in my life. I ordered and paid for 2 combos totaling around 15$. once i got to the window and...


Late this afternoon I stopped at the above-mentioned store. I noticed a new soup "Cream of Chicken with Rice" and was looking forward to trying it out . I decided to order this for take out. After receiving my order I travelled home (20 minutes), let my dogs out, prepared the dogs food and then sat down to eat my soup. The first spoonful burned my mouth it was so hot. The rice was just a glob of starch. The soup obviously had been boiled for most of the time it was available for serving. I doubt I will try it again after this experience. Also, I would guess that 5 out of 6 times of stopping at any Tims in my area, there is never any Potato soup available.

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    Kaitlyn45963 Mar 14, 2020

    You know, if they don't have the soup you like there is grocery stores they sell canned soup that you can get it there GO TO THE GROCERY STORE

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No hand sanitizer on entering or exiting Tim’s

There are two Tim's in Guelph that don't have any hand sanitizer on in or on the way out. The money they make a day and can't afford a sanitizer, , , that's sad. All Tim's should have them at both doors. Corona viras is here and Tim's only focasing on $$$$$$$. I'm no longer going to Tim's anymore.

Roll up the rim

I was signing up on line for the roll up the rim and it then asked for my credit card number. It also asked for the numbers on the back of the credit card. I am not giving this info and therefore will not be participating in the roll up the rim. Whoever thought about using a credit card on the app is a [censored]. It says they only want that info to know where you live but I think there are other ways to find that info out

bad service

I try not to go to this location anymore because i find the service is very bad. I only went to this location today (03/10/2020), because i didn't have my car to go to the...

Roll up the rim / not informed

I set my reminders in my phone to go today to get your roll up the cup rim reusable and I arrive there at approximately 7 AM and ordered my two items in the drive-through where I drove up to the window and paid for my beverages and then I was told you weren't giving out the cups now I don't mind that you guys are not giving up the cups anymore but it should've been advertised on the screen or the person should've been told before ordering.Also if you're trying to figure out a way to save your business in the face of the coronavirus I would give up the reusable cups but only scan the app and not use the useable cup every time give it out in a take a cup this way your customers are still happy just get them to show the other cup every time thank you for taking the time to listen to my complaints

travel mugs

you have on tv and the internet and facebook that on march tenth free traval mugs but with this new coronavirus your not keeping your werd but if I want to bye a traval mug you...

Service Notre Dame location

On my way to work this morning I ordered a blueberry doughnut and latte. Arrived at work with a coffee with milk and a blueberry muffin. Totally got my order wrong. Couldn't...

Mobile App/No food

Once again I am sending in a complaint. Firstly, this Tim's is inside a hospital and is open 24 hrs. a day. I've had several issues in the past and all I've asked is that they get...

Tim Card App

I downloaded the Tim Card app to my phone. I then loaded my Tim Card pay via my phone with 25 dollars that was debited from my cking account. The balance on my Tim card then indicated I had 33 dollars in the account for purchases .

A few days later I made an online order. When I got to my Tim Hortons they had no record of the order. I reordered the items . I then went to pay electronically and my balance indicated I had no money in the account. I paid cash. My account was set up for my Tims reward which I was able to get . I recieved 3 points for my purchase.

My Tims Card indicated I had balance of 30 reward points on my Tims card prior to that purchase which I thought was strange as I had not used it yet for purchases.

I'm wondering where the rest of my money is. From the app I cannot review purchases to see if money was mistakenly taken from my account.

Customer service

I was in line at your tim hortons at goreway and derry and witnessed your staff giving free food to a customer...I feel this is beyond bad in any way shape or form I witnessed it...

Rewards program

I cannot earn or redeem points seriously pissed off I go to tim hortons daily sometimes 2-3 times a day I have points I cant even use it says I'm not in the region. This app was fine until you guys updated it yet again I spend to much money with your company for this too happen i lost out on 10 points already and have 160 points I cannot even redeem how is this fair please fix it a seriously pissed off customer

Rewards program

Drive Thru Service

44866 I went to the drive thru this morning on my way to work and ordered a large 1/2 cream coffee, when I got to the window she tried to hand me a medium coffee, so i said no i ordered...

ESSO / Tim Hortons — parking of staff in limited parking lot

I have brought this to the attention of the store on a few occasions, with no action. You have approximately 8 spots, for the Tim Horton's and the ESSO, combined. Thi...

Service of midnight worker

The service on midnights is a hit or miss. The girl with red hair is always super nice and gets my order correct every night. The weekend workers do an alright job. But the other...

Cinnamon buns

On Feb 21 i ordered a cinnamon bun to have for lunch and when i got back ton the Office it was hard has a rock and very little icing on the bun, definitely think this was a day old bun or over cooked
then on Feb 24th it happened again hard has a rock but this time was completely out of shape one side was nice and think then it was skinny has heck on the other side, not like the 1st couple days they were introduces they were beautiful and very fresh and tasted great but lately dont know what is going on but they are terrible, and too bad has I am a lover of cinnamon buns but if anyone else is getting them they are obviously giving Tim Horton's a very bad name to have products sold like this

Cinnamon buns
Cinnamon buns

Quebec, Canada

Service Was absolutely brutal, there was three people working and four cars in the drive through. It took them 10 to 12 minutes to serve us. Then when I got to the No they said it...

Lunch combo

Purchased a 8.49 grilled cheese soup and sandwich combo, that cost me over 12.00 Totally disgusted and after going through 3 people to complain got fed up. No accountability and...

Mobile ordering and service complaint

Feb 24th, 2020. This location doesn't appear to have the proper training regarding mobile orders. About 70 percent of the time my order isn't ready and the staff i...

customer service in re making change

I've gone through the drive thru the last 2 nights and ordered a small coffee $ 1.60. I handed the girl a toonie and a dime expecting 2 quarters in change.The first night I...

Tim Card and Rewards Card

I hear that you are struggling with the market place and "roll up the rim" type stuff. I hear that you will be concentrating more on the app to improve your situation. My app will be useless to you. Over the last few years I have had multiple problems with the Tim Card and the Rewards Card which you have never been able to resolve on-line or by phone. You have mostly sent me "form responses". At this point I believe that either your people on the other end don't know what they are doing or just don't give a damn. In either case, don't expect anything to be rosier for you. I suspect many people are in the same boat as I am. I so wanted to support a Canadian company or at least originally Canadian.

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    Lαmbert Westera Feb 23, 2020

    One more thing I would like to mention. This issue caused me so much anger. It one day made me so angry that after argument with my mother I slapped her across the face and broke her jaw. She is not speaking to me. Well I am not speaking to her. She pressed charges against me. Her own son. Her own flesh and blood. I told her that she is dead to me.

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It's very dissappointing to order multiple coffees and when you open them up see that they are filled less than an inch from the top. I know there is a line on the outside of...

Bad customer service

The manager(Jorge) of this store does need proper training. I go to this location everyday since last year. From the last few months the customer service is getting worst. Had...

Store Cleanliness

I am a born raised Canadian, weened on Tim Horton's. I have been living in the US for the last 50 years but frequent my hometown of Brantford Ont. on a fairly regular basi...


Ok I am not sure who is upstairs in your company but they are pretty dumb
It was a good idea to get credit for a coffee you buy however if I wish to buy 2 or 3 as I do many a Sunday mornings with my invalid sisters I have to use 3 card and make 3 transactions in order to get credit for the coffees I buy
Sunday mornings can be busy and I take alot of time doing these transactions while other customes wait behind me. I have been told that its just a money grab and you guys are getting gready. I believe you are I also read your finacially in trouble and I can see why Good Luck

tim card support is terrible!

I'm done with you guys. I have a Tim Card with $20 on it. I want you to refund that money to my Visa card that you have on my account which is under email address [protected] My phone number is [protected]. If you can't refund the money I will need someone to contact me at the phone number given above.

Thank you
Charles Bennett
Saskatoon SK

reward program

I buy medium Americano double double, and this is how I get my Tim rewards after buying 7 Americano and completed my reward requirements I ask for my free one as. Was told that I...


We went to the 20 Huron St, Woodstock ON location on Sun Feb 16/20. This was the dirtiest restaurant/coffee shop I've ever seen. We sat down with our muffins and coffee before we...

food service staff not washing their hands.

2/12/20 I stopped at the Tim Hortons on Seneca and Bailey to use the washroom and pick up a sandwich for dinner on the way home from work. It was the first time I had been inside...

order placed at drive thru

44866 My husband and I went through the drive thru this morning and ordered a small coffee, bottle of water, plain bagel toasted with cream cheese, 1 hash brown, and a sausage, egg, and...