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Tim Hortons — Mobile ordering and service complaint

Feb 24th, 2020.

This location doesn't appear to have the proper training regarding mobile orders. About 70 percent of the time my order isn't ready and the staff is clueless on what happened.

Usually when this happens, I just provide my online receipt and they make it for me. Today was especially frustrating as my order wasn't ready (ordered it 30 mins in advance) and when I provided my receipt the supervisor (Gurpreet) wouldn't make my order (2 sausage biscuits) and had me wait another 10 mins until she finished everyone else's order.

I am a very patient person so I asked what the issue was today and she responded by lying about making my order first and with no apology. It totally ruined my experience and I am a loyal customer and go to Tim's twice a day (check my online profile).

I order on mobile to make things easier for both Tim hortons and myself. Today I wasted over 20 mins waiting for a coffee and two biscuits. I am very disappointed with the ongoing service at this location and will not be going to Tim's unless I receive an apology and a substantial refund for my time.

Hoping for quick resolution. I will check my messages at a later date to see if this issue has been addressed.

Tim Hortons — customer service making change

I've gone through the drive thru the last 2 nights and ordered a small coffee $ 1.60. I handed the girl a toonie and a dime expecting 2 quarters in change.The first night I got...

1 comments Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 23, 2020

Tim Hortons — Tim Card and Rewards Card

I hear that you are struggling with the market place and "roll up the rim" type stuff. I hear that you will be concentrating more on the app to improve your situation. My...

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Tim Hortons — coffee

It's very dissappointing to order multiple coffees and when you open them up see that they are filled less than an inch from the top. I know there is a line on the outside of...

Tonawanda Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 21, 2020

Tim Hortons — Bad customer service

The manager(Jorge) of this store does need proper training. I go to this location everyday since last year. From the last few months the customer service is getting worst. Had worst experience in this morning. The manager of this store took my order and had to wait long time for just small cup of coffee in my busiest morning . The guy took my order and went back inside the back room. This is not happened a single time. Sometime, he forget to give my donuts. And sometime, he takes my order wrong. I am very disappointed from his service. The manager does not know the things. What would you expect from the team? Even the team is much better than him. Apart from this, he does not know how to talk to the customers. Hopefully, the things will get better soon and you guys find the solution. people do not need to wait.

  • Om
    omitesre Feb 21, 2020

    Maybe if you learned proper English you would not have so many issues with messed up orders.

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Tim Hortons — Store Cleanliness

I am a born raised Canadian, weened on Tim Horton's. I have been living in the US for the last 50 years but frequent my hometown of Brantford Ont. on a fairly regular basis. On my last visit in Jan of 2020, I stopped at a Tim Horton on West Street in Brantford Ont. I went to use the restroom and was totally appalled. There was toilet paper all over the place, with feces, etc. In the corner or the restroom a pair of filthy underwear was laying there. The bathroom was a disgusting mess.
I am retired police and not a person to complain or make judgement, but It made me wonder 'if the restroom is like this, what are the people working here and the cleanliness of the restaurant like'.

I'm not sure I'm a fan anymore of your establishments.

Just thought you'd like to know.
Allan Marlett, Virginia, USA

  • Om
    omitesre Feb 21, 2020

    So who do you think leaves the feces all over the seat, the employees. No it is customers. You seem to think that someone else should clean up the feces of another human being. Maybe you should apply for the job then. You are disgusting. Obviously your hometown is full of pigs it they cannot use the washrooms properly. It is not the people working there, it is the people in your town that are disgusting pigs . They are the ones that leave feces and underwear on the floor. What a silly an foolish old man you are.

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  • La
    Lambert Westera Feb 22, 2020

    @omitesre Of course, the employees should clean up the mess and routinely monitor the bathrooms. I suspect that you are of the entitled generation. When you have a job the work is beneath you and you expect to just serve doughnuts, coffee, look nice and keep your hands clean.

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  • Om
    omitesre Feb 22, 2020

    @Lambert Westera No the person making the mess should clean up. Not someone else. Maybe you should apply for the job if you think that another human has to clean up the feces of someone else. No human being should have to clean up the feces of a pig. I am not entitled. It is pigs like you who leave messes for others to clean up who are entitled.

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  • Hilarity Ensues Feb 23, 2020

    @Lambert Westera You sound like the esp generation. And an idiot.

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  • Hilarity Ensues Feb 22, 2020

    What makes you think the workers even knew about that? You as a police officer should know that normal pigs don't admit to making a deliberate mess.

    This could have been a couple of things... 1: someone had an unfortunate explosive accident and missed the toilet or decided not to even attempt the toilet because cleaning the floor is easier than cleaning the toilet with all the nooks and crannies. They left the underwear because they had messed them and had no plastic bag to put them in.
    2: there were some sick aholes in there.

    In any event, did you notify the workers? No? Just decided to passive aggressive yourself in the anonymous message board??? K.

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  • Om
    omitesre Feb 22, 2020

    @Hilarity Ensues They should be forced to clean the mess. This officer sounds to me like the type that would beat up a suspect for "threatening their life" just because they do not like them. The kind to smash someone's taillight an give a ticket for it.The type to plant cocaine on an innocent person just because they got inn the checkout line first.

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Tim Hortons — cards

Ok I am not sure who is upstairs in your company but they are pretty dumb It was a good idea to get credit for a coffee you buy however if I wish to buy 2 or 3 as I do many a...

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Tim Hortons — tim card support is terrible!

I'm done with you guys. I have a Tim Card with $20 on it. I want you to refund that money to my Visa card that you have on my account which is under email addre...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 18, 2020

Tim Hortons — reward program

I buy medium Americano double double, and this is how I get my Tim rewards after buying 7 Americano and completed my reward requirements I ask for my free one as. Was told that I couldn't get Americano only regular coffee and that don't work for me as I only drink Americano so the Tim rewards does not work for people like me. Which I don't think it's fair as I have no problem at McDonald's with the same reward platform. email [protected] [protected]

  • Om
    omitesre Feb 18, 2020

    I am sure that the rewards program is posted on your rewards card. If you knew how to read you would see that you only get a regular coffee for free not a Americano.

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Tim Hortons — cleanliness

We went to the 20 Huron St, Woodstock ON location on Sun Feb 16/20. This was the dirtiest restaurant/coffee shop I've ever seen. We sat down with our muffins and coffee before we looked around. Everything was filthy, from the windows, floors, counters, to the the stainless steel lids covering the sandwich ingredients. You could hardly see through the glass of the donut case. The washrooms were disgusting, both men's and women's. Will never return here and am surprised that the board of health hasn't shut it down.

  • Om
    omitesre Feb 18, 2020

    I think that people who complain about disgusting washrooms are the ones that are disgusting. Why should another human being have to clean up the urine and feces of someone else. Maybe if you think this way you should do the job.

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Tim Hortons — food service staff not washing their hands.

2/12/20 I stopped at the Tim Hortons on Seneca and Bailey to use the washroom and pick up a sandwich for dinner on the way home from work. It was the first time I had been inside as I usually go through the drive- through in the morning on my way to work. I realized there is only one coed washroom as it is a very small building and was standing waiting when an employee came out and used the hand sanitizer on the wall and went into the food service area. Upon inspection the sink in the washroom was not wet, I had not heard the Air dryer and there was no paper towel dispenser. This is against Department of Health regulations. A food service worker must use soap and water after the toilet, hand sanitizer does not cut it. When I asked to speak to the manager I was told there was not one on duty. I was given attitude by the girl behind the counter, and eventually a young man came over and I told him what I had observed. He was rude and stated, "what were you in there with her" I find this disgusting and I don't think I will be going to anymore Tim Hortons if this is the safety training they are getting. In this day and age of Flu and Corona Virus outbreaks we need to be super vigilant about handwashing and this is not acceptable. I plan to file a complaint to the NYS Dept of Health.

Tim Hortons — order placed at drive thru

My husband and I went through the drive thru this morning and ordered a small coffee, bottle of water, plain bagel toasted with cream cheese, 1 hash brown, and a sausage, egg, and cheese on a biscuit. Our drinks were correct however the food we received was not ours. We received a plain bagel with butter, a biscuit with just egg, and a wrap with sausage and egg. This order was a little over $11 and we never receive a receipt at this location. I am highly upset as this continues to happen at this location. Last year I found a hair in my order and nothing was down about it. My name is Amanda Smith and my phone number is +[protected]. I go to Tim Hortons everyday day and sometimes multiple times per day.

order placed at drive thru
order placed at drive thru
order placed at drive thru

Tim Hortons — lack of products

I'm a nurse working night shift,
Went to Tim's by my work at 123 am,
To purchase a coffee and bagel.
I was told at the drive Thur..
"Well it's 130 am and we don't have bagels, no donuts, no soup, no sandwiches"!!!
Not only was staff rude, there was nothing to offer customers but coffee???
I thought Tim Hortons was 24 hrs??

Tim Horton — site

I love Tim Horton product but find most of them dirty and unfriendly workers. I visited this particular Tim Horton recently and was appalled on how dirty the drive in window was inside and out. The workers were visiting with each other. Not a thank you or a smile. I threw away the wrap because I was disgusted with the unsanitary conditions. I visited this Tim Horton when it was first opened and went there numerous times because it was clean and the workers were clean and polite. Wouldn't it make sense to pay more and hire workers who care.
Managers need to make sure the workers are clean with short nails not filthy. Customers with issues will not come back. I won't

Tim Hortons — store has a heating problem

I come into this store daily and on cold days the heat does not work efficiently. I hear complaints from customers and staff. This has been a problem for many months. There are two furnaces and one does not work properly, so to compensate they turn the other furnace up higher. But it does not keep up to warm the area near the door. This would certainly denture people from coming in and purchase coffee or a meal.

Tim Hortons — customer service

Hello I have a complaint with the customer service at the tim Hortons at the gas station near York Mills and Leslie. There is an employee there in the drive thru that was rudely...

Tim Hortons — coffee

I am complaining about the new coffee lids. I have tried and tried but will have to stop buying your coffee. I have not had a lid yet that does not leak. When handed my coffee...

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Tim Hortons — general comprehension

Farmers Wrap, with bacon, double egg, no sauce. What part of that means drop off the hash brown? I'm the idiot tho, because after a couple of years of scamming myself in...

Maidstone Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 11, 2020

Tim Hortons — ordering omelette bites

I was at the Tim Hortons listed above in the drive through. It was late at night around 9:35 pm.
I ordered a Western Omelette bite. To my surprise they informed me they don't serve the bites after 12 noon!
This surprised and angered me because I thought Tim's had an order breakfast anytime policy. Could you please provide with an explanation of this policy and bring me up to date as this has happened a few times over the last 2 months.
Very confusing based on your advertising regarding ordering your offerings.

Frustrated and confused
Robb Smith

Tim Hortons — commercial

I am 76 years old and was brought up with manners and NOT to Slurp so when I watch the commercial with the guy slurping and sampling the coffee I have to leave the TV station, I...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 11, 2020

Tim Hortons — dozen doughnuts

Very disappointed to see you do not sell a dozen doughnuts anymore (your original business). Store now sells doughnuts at 99 cents times 12. As a long time customer I now refuse to go.

Glyn MacDonnell

  • Updated by Glyn MacDonnell · Feb 10, 2020

    Refuse to pay 12 dollars for a dozen doughnuts. Your price was $5.50 10 years ago.

Tim Hortons — app

I have on four occasions had seven purchases. When I tried to redeem on the eighth purchase I was told I only have one purchase. The person behind the counter could not help me a...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 10, 2020

Tim Hortons — health and safety concerns

I visited an En Route on Highway 401 at Cambridge. Ordered beverages, a breakfast meals and baked goods. The person who was on the cash register was wearing gloves as he accepted...

Cambridge Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 10, 2020

Tim Hortons — Bad service

On Saturday, February1st, my wife and I stopped at the Tim Horton's in Sioux Lookout, On. We stood in line, inside, for 12 min waiting for an attendant to take out order. There was by then a line up behind us. A fellow behind said it was no use to complain as they the just ignore you. There was a lineup beside us. A customer said it was the "app line". He said he phoned in and had been waiting 20 minutes for his order. I asked for the manager. Finally a person, who stated he was the manager asked me if I had a problem. I told him how long we had been waiting. He told me he had all employees working. However, none servicing the inside customers.
We travel annually from Fort Frances to Vancouver Island. We go Tim Hortons to Tim Hortons all the way out and back. We have never run into a Tim's that have as bad service as the store in Sioux Lookout. The app service obviously does not work either.
Someone needs to teach the management of your Sioux Lookout store the value of good service and well trained employees.

Fred Laverdure

Tim Hortons — manager's disrespectful behaviour and racial profiling

On february 10, 2020 at approximately 5:00am myself and four other coworkers went into tim hortons at 1094 Bloor St W, Toronto. We ordered 4 teas and 2 bagels etc upon opening the...

Tim Hortons — tea biscuits and wifi and huge pothole in drive thru

I have asked at this Tim Hortons for years about not making any cheese tea buscuits and raisin tea biscuits (it used to be they didn't let anyone do more than one order...

Waterloo Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 10, 2020

Tim Hortons — got the wrong drink and there were coffee grounds in my iced coffee!

44866 Hi, Our order: 1 med coffee 1 med tea 1 small iced Capp 1 small iced coffee 6 muffins Complaint: 1-Received a coffee instead of the tea 2-iced coffee had coffee grounds in the...

Tim Hortons — simply sausage sandwich

Ordered a sausage sandwich and I recieved a sausage egg and cheese sandwich. I asked for a refund and a new sausage sandwich. I was told by attendant that it was my fault for not...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 09, 2020

Tim Hortons — the product I received

44866 On February 7, 2020 I ordered the french toast breakfast sandwich and when I arrived home to look at my food both sandwiches were completely burned. I wasn't able to return...

Tim Hortons — assistant manager

I just walked out of the Devron and commissioners Tim hortons in London Ontario and the assistant manager, Dani, was very rude. I had a coupon to get a breakfast sandwich for 1.99...

Tim Hortons — taste

the store at the walmart on centenial parkway are makeing there coffee into themous and it is very strong on bottem and gets weeker as it is given to customers. second cup wa...

Hamilton Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 07, 2020

Tim Hortons — coffee

There have been several times that I enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the late even, night, and every time it taste light Hot Water with cream, No favor of coffee, and because...

Tim Hortons — coffee and my bagel

Hello I was there at Hill Crest Mall today and had order my food but I notice no one is wearing a hair net and im just looking even the girl which she was wearing a different...

Tim Hortons — belittling customer service and filthy location

I had heard such great things about the lasagna soup in Toronto that I thought it buying a few for my family to enjoy as a meal together. When I tried to order it at this Brampton...

Brampton Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 04, 2020

Tim Hortons — lack of basic necessities in the restroom

I have yet to receive any response to my complaint of incident that occurred on Jan 15, 2020. Tim Hortons used to be a Canadian Company to be proud of. Now I feel that this is a...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 03, 2020

Tim Hortons — poor service and dirty facility

I waited for 10 minutes (while employees chatted behind the counter) before someone took my order. There were 10 empty tables, none of them had been wiped off. My Mother sat at a...

Tim Hortons — 20 pack of timbits

44866 Hi, this is the second time this has happened to me. The first time I decided not to complain. I ordered a package of 20 Timbits and specifically asked if they had a good variety...

Tim Hortons — customer service

44866 I am a diabetic and I can't have sugar in my coffee. I asked for dark roast coffee with two milk only! But she made it double double!!! On february 2 at about 9:30 pm I...

Thornhill Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 03, 2020

Tim Hortons — product

My complaint is directed at this franchise location of yours in which i have been going along with my wife literally 3 times a day since you guys have opened its doors.Let me say...

Calgary Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 02, 2020

Tim Hortons — unable to use online coupon

44866 I was at a Tim Horton inside Esso gas station on Kennedy & Finch yesterday Feb 1, 2020. I was using the coupon in my Tim reward app, and upon scanning my card and which show...