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Lowe's - Delivery of a new maytag washer

We bought a new maytag washer from your lowes store in mentor ohio, this was about march of this year. We had the washer delivered, and got it the next day, three men came to deliver the washer, the...

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Lowe's - Store 1064 garner ferry rd. 29209

On July 30, 2021 I purchased a LG Clothes Dryer from Lowes on Garner Ferry Road in Columbia. When I called in the morning I was told they had none in stock regarding the one I had chosen. My husband...

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Lowe's - Deliery with third party

Lowe's with a monologue on the market in some locations. Lowe's expresses through their customer service in-store and their two-plus hours wait on their phone line how much they don't appreciate their customers. The third-party, their deliveries service with a confirmed date that's not met but give you a call two days later saying hay your delivery is delayed but not our problem we have your money. We might deliver on this day, or not confirmation is undeliverable. Lowe's in Sylva, NC and the general corporation have no integrity or respect for their customers. It's regrettable, considering they profited off of Covid look at their sales margins.
You can look me up in your database. I'm commenting for thirty days with my opinion of Lowe's on every open media platform that will allow me to speak as an RN in an ER setting and my husband in the military for twenty plus years. I feel like our voice should be heard. I know what customer service is in an high-value setting. Lowe's does care. Why should they?

Desired outcome: Training on customer service

Lowe's - On 7/12/21 I purchased a dishwasher from Lowe's

Within a week the dispenser for the soap & rinse agent weren't working so called manufacture, they set up an appointment to have someone service it 8/15/21 so in the meantime I went to Lowe's to complain about how upset I was about the problem I was having and was told that I had 30 days to bring it back for an exchange. Can you just imagine an "80 year old women" unhooking and bring back a dishwasher to get an exchange. Get Real Lowe's

Lowe's - Strick plates not installed. Windows leaking

Strike plates on my French doors not been installed for months. The doors are not closing correctly now. Rain and lightning storm on July 31st 2021. Front 2 bedroom windows had rain and wind pouring through the frames. No caulking on top beeholes sides frame. During the storm tarped outside windows to prevent further damage. Sunday morning bought 6 caulking tubes for all windows. Found many other beeholes in other windows caulking

Desired outcome: Instalation finished /Discount on original bill

Lowe's - No product. Customer service is the problem

Lowe's in summerlin Nevada 89135 is the store that I'm writing in about. Dana is a customer service agent at the summerlin location. She is rude and overall nasty person. I was not returning an item, nor did I need or ask for her help in any way. I was shopping minding my own business when I Experienced her crazy behavior. I did ask to speak to the manager but he was about as helpful as she was nice. Perhaps Lowe's should consider hiring folks that make the shopping experience nice. Again, I wasn't returning an item, nor needing help. Just witnessing the insanity this morning.

Lowe's - Customer Service

It appears that customer service at Lowes no longer exists. I have had terrible experiences with multiple departments at the Aiken location over the past few weeks. First I had to cancel a sizable flooring order which had been paid for several weeks in advance. After confirming the material was in stock the week prior to delivery I was told on the day of scheduled delivery that the material I had paid for in advance was placed back out on the floor and sold. After 2 additional dates being promised delivery I was informed that they could not cone up with the material. I gladly paid about 20% more at a competitor to get the material the same say. Next I had a counter top install scheduled. The week prior I was contacted by the installer stating that the material was on backorder from Lowes. When I contacted the store where purchased they stated that yes, the material that I had paid for was on back order and they had no idea when it may be available. I have since been attempting to get someone to help with canceling and refunding this order so that I may purchase elsewhere. I understand issues with materials, however what can not understand is the complete lack of knowledge of what is and is not available by team members and complete and utter lack of customer service and inability to get in touch with a manager at this store.

Thank you for your feedback Mr/Mrs Habbick.

Glad to hear you gladly found a good alternative for your flooring difficulties.

You may contact Aiken store at [protected], they will gladly assist you. Some orders may not be fully refundable.

It is true that, at times, special material is order for a customer that is not refundable.

Most importantly, is there a written guarantee that your counter top would be in stock on a given date? Most retailers are unable to make such a guarantee because of the limits CoVid-19 has placed upon the entire market.

If you've used a credit card for a payment on the counter top material, be aware you may need the same credit card to get any portion of the transaction back.

Is there anything other than that you're been told when making the call?

I wish it were that easy, it should be that easy. However, I have spent countless time on the phone with them. Told multiple times I would get a call back and never do. I have made several requests to speak to a manager, but have been unsuccessful.

Lowe's - Home delivery

On 7/29/21 Lowes was supposed to deliver refrigerator after several weeks of waiting. On this date, my wife took off work. The delivery driver never came to delivery, yet claimed nobody was home. Cameras are setup at all entrances of the home and none of them were triggered. When calling to figure out how to resolve, the company said we had to call Lowes (3rd party). Lowes kept picking up the phone and hanging up (over 10 times over a several hour time period). Still no refrigerator of phone call.

Desired outcome: Refrigerator Delivered with Refund on cost and time

Hi Thomas.

I'm sorry to hear of your frustrations.

All attempts are made to deliver products but there are instances when problems do exist.

Contact the Lowes store where the purchase was initially made. They will gladly get you rescheduled.

Lowe's - NO customer service…

Can't get help at ANY store in the Spartanburg, SC market. Ignored…consistently. Two recent trips to two stores resulted in no help and thus NO sale. The employees were too busy with conversations and phones to offer help.
AND your personnel are incapable of processing a transaction with a Veteran's Discount. I have provided bona fide documentation to your corporate, yet when the key card is scanned it does not show "veteran" in my profile. I was told to contact corporate, and when I did, I was told the discount could be done at the local store. The circular policy of your company is illogical.
By the way, the closest Home Depot where we live is across the street from the closest Lowe's…

Desired outcome: Fix your company

Lowe's - No customer service

I made an appointment for Sean Arthurs to measure my doors, front and back as well as 2 storm doors. The appt. was set for July 26th. He did not show. When I called the Morgantown, WV Lowes store...

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Lowe's - Flooring Installation

Started this fiasco around the end of March. First scheduled installation date was 4/23/21. Installer came out and looked at supplies and areas to be tiled; stated there wasn't enough tile to do the job and left. Had the measurements retaken by an independent third party who also checked the numbers against the actual blueprints. No reason there should not have been enough materials. Second installer came out 5/12/21 but didn't want to take up the linoleum before putting the tile down. Came back the next day with a "tool" to get the old flooring up; declared it was too hard and again wanted to put the tile down over the linoleum. Third installer arrived 5/14/21, got the linoleum and started putting down the tile. Wasn't using spacers. Asked about that and was told he didn't have a lot of time to spend on this job and never used spacers. Tried to contact the installation office but didn't get a response. He returned on 5/17/21 and began laying more tile - very uneven because of not using spacers. Also tried to lay tile without taking up the aluminum threshold. Morning of 5/18/21 before he arrived went to the store to see a manager and showed them pictures of the sloppy job. She agreed the job was unacceptable. Ended up having to choose a different tile and now it is the end of July and the job is still not done. In fact, nothing has been done since 5/17/21. Store personnel are mostly unresponsive. Last associate I talked to said "it will get taken care of eventually". Completely unacceptable attitude and in no way can they claim any form of customer service. I need my kitchen and bathroom back in working order now not "eventually" - whatever that means to them.

Desired outcome: They need to take up the improperly laid tile and do a proper job of laying the tile. Sooner rather than later.

Lowe's - Delivery fees not being reimbursed on missing items

I ordered a Kobalt (Lowe's exclusive) lawnmower blade from Lowes. The package (according to FedEx) is lost in Hammond, WI where it was last seen 11 days ago. It was never delivered to me. I reordered the Kobalt lawnmower blade using the the exact product number a Lowe's employee (Butler, NJ) gave me. This time, the blade arrived but didn't fit as the holes didn't line up. I returned this blade to the butler, NJ store. I was refunded TWICE for the lawnmower blade, but NEVER for the shipping fee ($5.99 x 2 = $11.98). I cannot get through to ANYONE at Lowe's Customer Care Center. I have documented every phone call, ever text message, every email regarding this crappy situation..

Desired outcome: Refund the delivery fees and change your policy

Lowe's - Poor installation service

I ordered a storm door for the front of our home. They came out and measured the door. I went back to the store to pay for the door, the door rep. told me it had to be a custom size. He told me it would be 5 weeks. I waited the 5 weeks, no word. I finally called the installation number on the contract. They told me the door was in and they would contact the installer. I waited 2 and a half more weeks for the install. When I arrived home after the installation, there was an almost one inch gap left at the bottom of the door. My son who was here at the time told me the installer said there was a part missing from the door, and it would have to be ordered. I called install service number. They said they would contact the installer to find out if the part was ordered. I called several days in a row to tell the installation services I had this gap in the door and could the part be ordered and perhaps sent FedEx to the store. They said they would. I received a call from the head installation person and she told me there was not going to be an overnight part sent, it would take several days. She said the install customer service were lying about that.
During the time we had the gap in the door, we had several insects, a small lizard, and finally, a snake come through the gap. We could not open our big door until the part came in.
When the part came in, the install customer service told me the installer was at the beach. When I insisted this job get done, they had another company come out the next day.
The door is still not right. In the corner at the top, there is a small space you can see to the outside. The installation is still not correct. The door and install was almost $800.00. This has been a nightmare. It took us a day to find the snake in the house.
I intend on calling back the install customer service, as they still need to fix this door.
Do not go to Lowes if you're going to need installation services.

Desired outcome: I want Lowes to come out and make sure the parts of the frame that aren't flush fixed. h, and are causing this small opening at the top of the door asap

Lowe's - Need approximate delivery time of prepaid cut lumber order.

I need at least a ballpark figure concerning the scheduled delivery time of my prepaid cut lumber order, for Friday, July 23 2021. First time I called, I was transferred to lumber department...

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Lowe's - Husqvarna Leaf Blower

I purchased a Husqvarna leaf blower and had to leave on a business trip that evening and when i returned from the trip did my yard work and then opened the blower and tried tom use it. The blower states on the box 170 MPH blowing force and my wifes hair blower is stronger than this leaf blower so i went and attempted to return the unit with receipt and was very rudely told that I would need to return the unit to Husqvarna even though Lowes was paid the money.I have spent thousands of dollars at Lowes just in the last year so I told the manager that I would Not shop at Lowes anymore if they refused to stand by their products and he replied GOOD. The manager was very rude and ignorant in not realizing that CUSTOMERS make his paycheck.

Desired outcome: REFUND

How long was it between the purchase and attempted return?

I appreciate you stating Home Depot's return policy, but what would that have to do with something purchased at Lowes?

Lowes appears to allow returns within 30/90 days but requires the item to be unopened and unused. I think the issue here is that the item was opened and, therefore, needs to be directed through the manufacturer - frustrating as that may seem.

Try going to this link and get it to an authorized service center... https://locations.husqvarna.com/us/

37 Days between purchase date and return attempt . I unexpectedly had to leave on a business trip the day of purchase and my wife received the shipment and placed in garage so it was not on my mind when I returned from the trip until the day I needed it. I just documented a Home Depot Ad in my inbox Leaf Blowers, String Trimmers ect. are Outdoor Powertools and have a 90 day return policy.. No where in the store is it stated this unit has a 30 day return window.

Lowe's - Ceramic tile backsplash

Grout on my cabinets, very sloppy putting the grout on the tile. The grout between the granite counter top and the tile has a crack starting over a week ago is getting longer each day. Rick did not use the latex caulk, he said he never uses it, so now I have a crack starting in the grout. I have Bullnose edging and in some places the grout is even with the edge others it is almost a 1/4 above the edging.

Desired outcome: Get the grout off my cabinets and fix the edging. Rick came by after I talked to Breanna Miller-salesperson and told me my kitchen was beautiful. I do not want Rick back.

Lowe's - Cabinetry order complaint / lack of customer service

Ordered Cabinets and having to chase the order because the Lowe's staff at 3250 Cobb Pkwy, Kennesaw, GA 30144 fail to answer the phone, respond to emails pr return calls from messages left for them...

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Lowe's - Lack of service

This refers to the Lowes on Capitol Circle NE, Tallahassee Fl: As I was getting ready to self check out. I witness an older woman customer ask a female employee of Lowes who is standing around...

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Lowe's - Exterior door sales and Installation

On May 11, 2021 we paid out nearly 6k for some exterior doors, storm doors and doorwall with installation. Heard NOTYHING until July when I was informed that my order would not be in until July 26th...

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Lowe's - Maytag washer that has a warranty

I have been waiting for weeks to be compensated for a Maytag Washer I bought with them which I also bought the extended 3 year warrenty. A gentleman from their service department came to my home was told part was not available. Spoke to someone who said that yes I had the warrenty and would be sent a card to buy another washer waited and waited when it never came call again was told I could get a check I said ok never got it called back told it was not coming but that someone would call me until now I have not been contacted. do I need to contact my lawyer?

I completely understand your frustration. I am in the same situation. I bought a Maytag washer on April 20, 2021 and broke on June 22, 2021. It's been a headache to get the parts which they said I have to wait for another 2 weeks before escalating the issue. So, at this point, I been without a washer for more then 3 weeks and I am supposed to wait longer to get some answers. They refused to replace a brand new defected product and don't know who else to complain to get some answers. You will be in luck if you get the card to buy a new one. You may contact Consumer Business Bureau and file a complain or contact your lawyers and try to find some direction to get your issue resolve.

Good Luck!

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