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I want to be a whistle blower for an employee making a blog post online for the public view slamming...

pick up service

I when To Lowes Yesterday to get my Pick up order. Staff member Ashley, got my Order and told me to get my...

unethical behavior, custom cabinet installed incorrectly and broken. incomplete job.

I purchased from the Lowe's in Oak Park heights location in MN two custom cabinets, two sets of pull out...

blinds cutting/service, general sales help

Generally do not shop at Lowes in Waycross or Brunswick or any Lowes due to poor customer service and lousy prices. Many times Ive just left due to lack of help both in getting my lawn tractor and appliances and kitchen cabinets. So Home Depot got those sales. At any rate I figured I could pick up a few Levolor blinds there. First trip which took an hour to get there the whole blinds section was roped off. No one was around. There were some blinds outside the area we found what we needed. Then we needed one cut. The worker who was absent until she finally got paged and went there told us she couldnt get to the cutter. She wasnt allowed in the area. I asked for her manager and the other woman with her claimed to be the mgr. So i left blind uncut. She told me to call ahead to.make sure they could do it. So i did. So another 20 bucks in gas and I take the blinds and the woman stocking the blinds section said she couldnt cut them and she was calling this man over to do it. I waited for about 20 minutes as she talked with her friend, the woman who wouldnt cut my blinds the first time who was off duty. As they socialized i realized i had to get going. I asked was the man coming. She said yes but he is just VERY SLOW HE DOES EVERYTHING VERY SLOW AND WALKS VERY SLOW. I was mad about that. Im disabled and went thru alot the first time and now here i am totally disrespected and waiting. So finally i see a young healthy man walking slowly to me. I explained what i needed and he started arguing that i needed a half inch off each side for brackets. I knew i didnt. I even showed him the package where it said the blind was half inch smaller to fit 31 inches. So finally he cuts the blind and then checks it and it is 5/8 in smaller than my window size. I take it home and have it put up and the valance piece that snaps on front was cut another inch shorter! Not only was this guy slow but he couldnt even cut this right! They need to fire the mgr and all the sales staff. The checkout people are the only ones that work. Anyway now its gonna be another torturous trip to Lowes with another hour of waiting and another 20 in gas. I hope they go out of business. The people working in sales and managing dont deserve jobs. Youd think theyd learn from Sears that customer service is critical to their survival. But the Lowes upper management is just that dumb I guess judging from the thousands of complaints like mine. Oh their plumbing dept sucks too and they put others out of business that have what you need. Im disabled and I struggle to keep up sometimes but I would never behave like that man. He simply does not care. He just thinks hes owed a check for showing up.

  • Updated by Rozy Lenz · Nov 25, 2018

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warranty on a refrigerator

We got a Samsung refrigerator june of 17 got the extended warranty and now it broke down we can even get some...

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laminate flooring installation

November 7, 2018

Daysi Moreno
8303 Girard St
Omaha NE, 68122

To Whom It Make Concern
On August 13, 2018 I visited Lowe's Home Centers located at 7525 Dodge Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68114, to express my interest in hiring their services for two home improvement projects in my home located at 8303 Girard St. Omaha NE, 68122. One of the projects consisted in new flooring installation in the kitchen, living room, dining room, hallway, two entry ways and stairs; the second project consisted of the installation of quartz kitchen countertops, I was attended by Gary and I expressed to him my expectations of a professional installation and my goal of giving my home a "face lift" to make it look modern. I was confident that Lowe's as a solid, well- established home improvement business, would meet my expectations.
Once I explained projects and expectations to Gary, the flooring specialists and I decided to go with the new flooring first and I proceed to paid $35.00 for the measurement. On September 28, 2018 I paid Lowe's for the flooring installation project. On October 11th I was contacted by a company called TNT to schedule the installation, Melisa the person who contacted me told me that the installation would take no longer than two days, and we scheduled the installation for October 29th
On October 29th at about 9:30 AM two people came to install the floor, on that day they removed the old floor and placed the underlayment, The following day October 30th, only one person came to continue with the installation, an employee named Jacob, I saw him struggling with the floor and asked him what was going on, at which time he told me he does not have experience in this type of work and this was his second week working in flooring installation; I called the store to report the issues, a person who identified himself as Bob told me that he would find out what happened and that he would call me back, I never received a call back. October 31st both installer started to work at about 10:00 AM, and next day November 1st. at the end of the day the main installer asked me if he could come back Sunday November 4th at 1:30 PM to finish the upper part of the floor, he also told me that he was running out of materials to finish the lower level. Before he left I showed him several parts of the floor that I considered improperly done, he agreed with my assessment.
On Friday, November 2nd 2018, I went to the store and spoke with Gary to report my dissatisfaction with the quality of the installation, I also reported him the distress this situation is causing me; I was unable to use my kitchen and to cook my meals for four days due to the furniture that the installer had moved and stored in the kitchen, and the amount of trash they were storing inside of the house.
On Sunday November 4th the installer did not come to finish the installation. On Monday, November 5th, I called the store again and asked to speak with Ron the Store Manager, when I started to explain the situation to the manager he rudely transferred the call to Bob, I explained to Bob the imperfections in the installation, I also reported to him that the installer had still not finish the work. He told me again that he would call me back, and, once again I never received a call back. At this point, I decided to call to Lowe's Customer Care to file a complaint about all the unacceptable service and the impact it has had in my life throughout this installation. I also reported the lack of attention and interest in working to resolve these issues (case number 1-[protected]) later that day Gary called to schedule an inspection to the work.
On November 6th at 4:30 PM Gary, Bob and another person that they introduced as the installer (a person different to the ones working on the floor) came to check the floor. In spite of the total mess and poor quality of the installation, they insisted that no bad work had been done. I believe their negative attitude to resolve this situation goes against the promise of "Guaranteed satisfaction from start to finish" that Lowe's offers to their customers.
I remain deeply unsatisfied with the services rendered and my treatment by Lowe's employees throughout this contracted project. I hope other people be aware of my experience so they did not risk as I. I look forward to your prompt solution or the full refund of the money I paid for the project before seeking third party assistance. Please contact me at the above address or by email to [protected]@hotmail.com or by phone to [protected].


Daysi Moreno

flooring installation

Over the last 3 months we've spent $10k on home renovations which we've done ourselves. Everything has been great, until today. We scheduled flooring to be installed 3 weeks ago and they said they would be here between 8-10 this morning. As of 12:35 they still haven't showed. I had to call installer. Said he is 45 mins behind. Which is BS! I reached out to them at 10:30 and he said he'd be there at 11:30. After another call to the company, they said he is now 45 minutes behind which makes it 4-6 hours late. They've managed to ruin an otherwise pleasant experience. No communication at all!

appliances samsung dishwasher

I purchased a major appliance package from Lowe's in April. Aside from the totally aggravating experience once everything was in I was grateful. However my dishwasher has stopped working it needs a new sump pump and a motor and on top of that the doors rusting out. The service company that came out leaves a lot to be desired as they cancelled multiple appointments and then showed up at a time other than was discussed. They with the amount of work that needed to be done on a dishwasher it just needs to be replaced. Lowes however is seeing things differently. They said that they give three opportunities to repair the problem before they would have to give me a new one and that doesn't address the rust on the door. I have no intention of letting list rest at that answer. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

the customer service I received at lowe’s located on shillington road reading, pa.

First let me state I am a Veteran and I spend a lot of money at Lowe's for a very long time!
I have been patiently waiting since July 28 for a back splash to a vanity sink I ordered. Three times the backsplash was delivered to the Store broken: 8/13/2018, 8/30/2018, 10/6/2018. On October 6 the sales rep stated he would order it again. I was given the date of October 23 for the 4th backsplash arrival. Since not hearing anything, I went to the store only to discover the backsplash was never ordered. It clearly stated on the computer screen, order never placed contact customer. When were they going to call me? I asked for the Store Manager and they stated he wasn't in until tomorrow. I called the 1-800-44-LOWES number and got a rep to listen to my complaint. I tell my complaint to a woman who asks me to hold which I do. The next thing I know some man is asking me questions. I again tell my story to this guy who states " I am having a brain fart and don't know what you are talking about". I ask who am I speaking with and he states he is from Lowe's in Exeter, Pa. I wasn't shopping there!!! Now I have to call back and tell my story again to the Customer "Survey" individual. I am totally dissatisfied!!! Paid a plumber to install the sink and change the cabinetry to match the dimensions. Now I don't have a finished master bathroom and the mirror cannot be replaced without the backsplash. I have waited patiently and want my money back! Who is paying for my time and extra grief! Thankfully, my patients don't receive service like Lowe's provides!!!

damaged goods

I picked up a vanity with a hole in the box and partially crushed. I took a picture of the box at the store in front of the associate because of this so they were aware of the box being damaged. Well so is my vanity!! Upon opening it I noticed a dent in it where the box was damaged. I am COMPLETELY DISGUSTED with me whole Lowe's experience from the get go.

I had to borrow a truck to pick it up. I have to borrow it again to return it, then I have to wait 2 weeks to get a new one and borrow a truck to pick it up. Do you know how much of an inconvenience this is? My contractor is coming this weekend to install. What do you suggest I do?

I DEMAND a discounted price because the process of returning and waiting is not going to work for me. I will have to wait months to get my contractor back here:( I paid almost $500 for a vanity with a huge dent in it.

I have a picture of the box and the damaged vanity as proof. I filed a complaint over a week ago about terrible customer service at the same store so this is really pissing me off.

What can you do and where do I go from here? Everyone just seems to brush me off to the next person:/

damaged goods
damaged goods

kitchen countertop

Thank you for this convenient way to reach you.
This is the first time I have even complained about any product. The number on my paper work is: Store 88
Project No. [protected] for Robert Blondke on October 4th 2017
I have all dates of contacting Lowes and the list of people I have talked to. On July 5 I had talked with Tanya Douglas who put me in contact with [protected]@lesmith. (I was out of town for 3 weeks for a family medical emergency). I have all the dates so I won't write all of that.
Anyway. my counter top is falling apart. L G Smith came out to view it and said it was water damage. I agreed. The seam that is angled from 4 inches from the sink to the wall is all warped. I did not abuse this counter top, just regular use. When the top was installed, I even questioned the workers if there was any special care was needed he said no and applied another layer of a sealant on this specific area. By June both seams on the left and right side of the sink were showing separation and again "water damage" . Also during the summer a glass that had sat on the distant corner also caused a bubble in the defective counter; Again water damage. On September 17 Sean from L. E.Smith came out and confirmed that it was not from improper installation. The glue now used in counter tops is NOT water proof and if we decided to sue and go to court they would come out and remove the counter top . He said it was not their fault. I told them we are Christians and would not do that. Sean also said we should have had a "12 x 5 sheet with a loose back splash". Why didn't someone tell me that was an option and glue used now is not waterproof?
My husband and I saved up for 2 years for a new counter top to have it last only a few months? We have a large family with 34 grandchildren, and I teach home economics in my home through a local private school and I have a bacteria festered top that cannot have any moisture near it.
Please help me with my problem. Lowe'a did offer me a $100.00 gift card but that isn't going to solve my problem. I really don't want to hurt any salesmen or small business but ...well you decide.

my phone is 517.523.3642

kitchen countertop
kitchen countertop
kitchen countertop
kitchen countertop

poor customer service and fence install

I opened up a Lowes credit card at store 0740 in saint Petersburg, florida.
Was suppose to have an install 11/30/17. I had horriable time even getting
through to the store for one.

Didnt keep me in contact to know where, when I can get my fence installed.
As, Florida State Fence kept scheduling on their time not, my availability.
This went on for 2 or 3 weeks.

So, I only got part of my fence order 12/21/17...with missing a panel
and my gate and caps that goes on the posts.

So, no compensation for the inconvience for that. Nancy from store 0740
never came over the store until I wasnt getting anywhere from the store.
2 weeks later...Nancy comes over with another associate.

That, young girl apologizes for the poor install. Nancy says oh this
can be fixed. Didnt hear from Nancy .So, I call the store and she
tells me that, her hands are tide because, i went to corperate...
I wasnt get calls returned at that store let alone someone to
answer the phone. Managers (some) want to help. But,
said that corperate tells them not to help me????????

It was purchased at that store so, it should not matter
but, should make them at store level help all the
more because, it wasnt taken care of at the store.

Its been going on since jan2017. ALMOST a year
and Lowes has not corrected a simple thing
as to order 2 -8foot posts and a 6x8 panel.

My God its a small 8x8 patio ….seriously?????
Are you for real!!!

They tell me you can have us take away the fence
and give me your money back or a 200.00 lowes
gift card.

After you treat me like dirt, , , , and dont take care
of my needs...you really think I would spend
another dime at the store...REALLY?????

You haven't corrected my fence...let along
return y calls???

delivery department

I paid a total of 2235.00 for a special order refrigerator at the Laurel, MS Lowe's store. I purchased it on...

fence installation

Went into Lowes in Lodi, CA my husband and I to have an estimate done on placing over 600 feet of fencing...


We bought a Faucet from LOWE'S, and PAID $435. It leaks and motion sensor does not work. I went to LOWE'S, ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS and the customer service told me that LOWE'S CANNOT HELP ME, they sent me to their Kitchen Department, they already knew why I was sent to them and they told me the same WE CANNOT HELP YOU, YOU HAVE TO DEAL YOURSELF WITH MOEN. I have small kids and my kitchen is shout down, we had to turn off water supply because of faucet's leaking, so we also cannot use our dishwasher and refrigerator's water filter. LOWE'S manager told me the same!!! she also told me that MOEN IS CLOSED DURING WEEKENDS SO I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL MONDAY TO CONTACT THEM THAN EVEN LONGER TO SEE IF THEY CAN HELP!!! FEW DAYS OR MAYBE WEEK OR 2 WEEKS WITH 2 KIDS AND NO WATER!!! Are you kidding me, we bought for more than $15, 000 from LOWE'S to renovate our kitchen and now LOWE'S DOES NOT WANT TO HELP ME!!! DO NOT BUY FROM LOWE'S any expensive items because LOWE'S IS NOT ABLE or DOES NOT WANT TO HELP YOU IF YOUR FAUCET DOES NOT WORK EVEN if YOU PAID $435 for one faucet!!! AFTER THIS EXPERIENCE I WILL NOT BUY ANY MORE FROM LOWE'S!!!

Resolved employee's unehtical behavior

It is Oct. 9, 2018 Tuesday. Incident happened between 10am-11am. I went to Lowe's in Burbank, Ca. to place an...

bathroom remodel

My worst experience working with Lowe's and their contractors to remodel a bathroom. Theresa: Lowe'...

plumbing (water heater)

I ordered a Water Heater on the 24th, of September from the Lowes Store in Sterling, Va., and was scheduled...

employees not making enough money

The govt has give big tax breaks to corporations while companies including Lowe's has reaped benefits ! We...

return policy is very "unuser friendly"

I am so unhappy with your customer service. First, your return policy is not "user friendly". When I return...