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American Standard Complaints & Reviews

American Standard / toilets

Jun 22, 2019

We have always purchased American Standard toilets, yet every few years we have to get a new one in our master bathroom. It either isn't painted on the back, didn't flush correctly, etc., etc., ETC. We should receive a gift card for all the trouble every few years. We have to call and go on...

American Standard / toilet 6.0lpf/1.6gpf

Dec 06, 2018

American Standard The top two toilet seat pads have crumbled; the bottom right pad appears to be compromised. Please send me replacement pads at no cost to me. Otherwise, the toilet has functioned well for over two years. I believe the toilet seat design should have long ago included bump pads; the plastic...

Americast / kitchen sink

Sep 18, 2018

AmericastLifetime Warranty on purchased sink. Sink started flaking, chipping within a couple years. Tried talking with someone at American Standard but never got a call back. Within the last year, the sink is basically falling apart. I could have purchased a much cheaper sink and most likely been...

American Standard / 4215a toilet

Jul 09, 2018

Sure wish I'd have read the reviews prior to purchasing. Home Depot 's claim for this is that it will flush a bucket of golf balls. We don't flush golf balls and the volume of water flushed is not adequate to flush or even wash the sides of the bowl. We've had two plugs in the first few...

American Standard / liberation repair

Jun 18, 2018

I was promised that someone would come out and repair my Liberation two weeks ago and was promised I would have to wait no longer than today. I cancelled all my appointments and waited all day and STILL nobody came. I paid a lot of money for it and it is absolutely no use to me. Once you...

American Standard / 4215a toilet tank

Mar 12, 2018

Hi - The toilet doesn't flush properly because only half the water in the tank is used to flush. Very poor design. Also, the gasket gets bubbles in it and causes the toilet to re-fill with water periodically. So the gasket has to be replaced at least once per year. Anyway, my big...

American Standard / toilet

Mar 09, 2018

I purchased an American Standard toilet about 8 months ago at Lowe's and had I known I would soon have a problem, I would have kept the receipt. The problem is the toilet bowl. It seems as if the porcelain application was so thin that it has deteriorated. The surface of the bowl is rough...

American Standard / toilet leak

Oct 10, 2016

I bought a toilet of American Standard Champion 4 in 2012. It started a slow leak in 2014: the water refill sound came out about every half hour. I replaced the whole valve at a cost of $41.02 that year. The valve replaced started to leak again two weeks ago: the water refill sound came...

American Standard / americast sink

Apr 25, 2016

I purchased an Americast Sink 38"x22" which had lifetime warranty. After awhile the outer right corner started rusting and several other little spots around the sink. I contacted them and sent pictures and they said it was discontinued and offered to give me the purchase price back. They...

American Standard / americast double kitchen sink

Jan 12, 2016

In Feb. 2008 we did a complete kitchen remodel. Of course we installed granite counter tops. We decided to purchase a Americast composite sink model 1745. Within a year or so it was chipped and stained badly. We tried everything short of comet (we knew we were not supposed to use abrasive...

American Standard / kitchen faucet rusted

Nov 13, 2015

American Standard In the process of installing a new sink [protected])and can't remove our American Standard Stainless Steel faucet from the old one. The faucet itself is a replacement for an earlier American Standard faucet that failed (white coating chipped off). This faucet (Blake 9174.101 appears to be...

American Standard / double kitchen sink

Sep 12, 2015

Kitchen double sink Purchased sink from Lowes. Within a year it started chipping . When called they offered to send me matching paint for a price of approximately $16.00. I told them I did not chip it, that is was flaking at top between bowls, but they insisted I had dropped a pan or...

American Standard / leaking kitchen faucet with lifetime warranty

Apr 10, 2015

American Standard In January 2010 I bought an American Standard Hamilton 4040SF Kitchen Faucet on clearance ($98 reduced to $74) and it was installed shortly thereafter. Came with a Lifetime Warranty. In December 2014, I had water leaking out of the stem every time I turned on faucet and water leaked in...

American Standard / americast kitchen sink

Dec 30, 2014

American Standard Purchased an Americast sink in white for our total kitchen renovation project. Hated trying to clean it. Called them, they suggested Bob Ami. Wonderful. It removed the metal scraps that were always a problem but not the yellow discoloration from ordinary use. The Americast finish i...

American Standard / rude customer service

Dec 26, 2014

while trying to organize a warranty replacement part for a lifetime guaranteed faucet, a rude customer service representitive refused to allow me to speak with a supervisor and hung up on me. the issue was the kind of documentation that was necessary for a warranty claim

American Standards Silhouette 29" Kitchen Sink With Small Bowl For Garbage Disposal / surface discoloration, scratches, and loss of enamel

Nov 05, 2013

I purchased an American Standards sink from local Kitchen supply company who also installed granite counter tops. Within 5 months, the sink's surface wore off, leaving the sink discolored, yellow, and scratched. My cleansers were non abrasive. But I was unable to clean it with...

American Standard / Americast Sink / defective sink


We installed an Americast Sink in our kitchen remodel in 2006. A few months later we noticed some scratches, and rough spots in the bottom of the sink, even though I used only the cleaners suggested and had a rubber mat in the bottom of the sink to protect it from scratches. American...

American Standard / scam


This company is a scam the properties listed are not properties in foreclosure or listed as available. When I called back the party I spoke to whose name was Greg Morgan and said I can call his cell phone at [protected] for help at any time did not respond to me when I called. I immediately...

American Standard / american standard housing


I called and a Peter answered he stated they were called ASL n then explained they worked directly with the bank and even would walk me tru process for 199.00, he stated they give info on homes avail in area and could transfer title n my name once qulified with no credit check. When I...

American Standard / refund


When i contacted this company they told me this hole story how i can rent to own with bad credit and if i was not satify i can get my money back now that i want my money back they give me this hold story on how i am suppose to write 5 denial letters when i never received anything from the...

American Standard / air conditioner


Purchased an A/C from Air Around the Clock in July 2004. Unknown to me it turns out they gave me an air conditioner that was 2 to 3 years old. I thought I was getting a brand new one. Evaporator coil leaking 6 1/2 years after installation. Was told by their serviceman that the unit was 9...

American Standard Homes / deceptive practices


I found American standars homes online through craiglist i was told if i didnt find a home in 90days i could get a full refund tht did not happen and when i called customer services they respond very disrespectfulmalmost threatening. I dont have 200 dollars to donate im a single mother...

American Standard / rent to own


Dont get taken for this fraud. Luckily I was smart enough to tell him I would get back to him. I just wanted to hear what the name of the company was and look them up. The saying goes "if it sounds to good to be is" The only way to buy a home is with credit!!! A homeowner i...

Americast / American Standard / finish coming off


Americast / American Standard We built our home 16 years ago. About 5 years ago, I wrote and sent a photo of our double Americast American Standard kitchen sink ( white porcelain). The sink had rusted all around the top. You sent me a replacement sink which was fine for a while. The replacement sink on the left now ha...

American Standard / defective americast tub


Purchased an Americast "Princeton" bathtub. After installation, found the tub to be defective, warped causing water to pond against the corners / wall. Replacement tub was sent by American Standard but I had to pay out of my own pocket for rework costs to reinstall replacement tub. Waited...

Homes American Standard / fraud


I am a skeptic about EVERYTHING! I called about a craigslist posting. Some ghetto guy answered, and was trying to run my credit card. I told him I was going to have to check on some things to verify information about the company. He got really rude (probably because he knew I wouldn't...

American Standard / home mortgage take over payments


Found this company on Craigslist they claim that you can take over mortgage payments. They told me to print off a form and send it in to the houses they have listed on their websight. Most of the houses did not exist and others were for sale by mortgage companies. They told me to send in...

American Standard / warranty


Have an extended warranty on heat pump, they have seiral numbers in system, yet refuse to, honor warranty because, installer put our billing address on invoice, and nothing about new construction, (we were waiting for the county to asign us an 911 address ) Pretty damm cold TOday without heat!

American Standard / split toilet tank


Upon arriving at our home we found that during our absence the toilet tank had spontaneously split open releasing a continuous flow of water as the tank tried to refill itself. This resulted in approximately $9, 000 damages to our property and the posiibility of damages to two units on...

American Standard / Americast Sink / rusting, flaking off, porous, stains easily


Material is porous and spots easily. Very hard to clean stains. started rusting at point of contacts with AS protective rack. not even two years in vet light service. material is flaking neardrain. Definitely NOT ready for prime time. Total waste of money.

Americast / sink rusted out after five years


Bought this sink 9 years ago and it started rusting after five years. It has now rusted completely out around the edges and is started to rust on the double sink tub part now. Totally disgusted. Had a licensed plumber install the sink, so it was not done by a fly by night contractor.

American Standard / defected toilet

Hello, I purchased an American Standard Champion Toilet about a year ago at Lowe's - Huntington Mall, Barboursville, WV. We noticed shortly after putting the toilet in, we would hear it filling up again. Several months passed & high water bills caused us to try a new Flush valve...

American Standard / americast products!


I purchased the 38" Sillouette 5 years ago. I liked that it was the large sink design. I undermounted it under a beautiful Silestone countertop. I immediately bought the web protector and sink rack for the large side. At the time the sink rack for the small side was unavailable. The sink...

American Standard / bad parts, bad quality!


We have bought 2 American Standard toilet seats, in addition to the seat that was supposed to come with the toilet from American Standard, and have had very very bad experiences. No Parts, or not the right ones. I'm pulling my stock in American Standard as it seems to be a company who...

American Standard / sink staining and chipping in 3 years


My American Standard Silhouette Double Bowl Kitchen Sink (undermount) is less than 4 years has two chips and the porcelain is badly stained. The 30 yr old sink I replaced was in better condition. American Standard has offered a full refund of the sink but will provide nothing to have the...

American Standard / Americast Sink / do not buy american standard sinks!


I purchased an American Standard Americast sink 95 days ago and last week the enamel started flaking off near the drain. I called them, sent pictures and receipts and they called back to tell me it was due to "wear". After 3 months? I don't think so. When I refused that, they said...

American Standard / no replacement, no refund!


American standard sinks, had to "special order" at home depot, waited a week, hired a contractor to install, new faucets etc., it seems my sink is level on the top but both drains keep excessive water that will not drain, the sink is ref # s0101, sku 375-498, duel...