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Wrongful termination

Lowes fired me because of my health. Also they said that I went beyond the five day per year allotment For...

Resolved that store has lost my business forever

What is wrong with the employees (or lack there of) in this Lowes of rock hill. going in there used to be a good thing, there were helpful people who would wait on you, and treat you right, now going in there, not only can you NOT find anyone who works there, finding someone who KNOWS anything about anything is impossible. When I used to own my own business back in the 70's, the customer always came first, and that should hold up on this day and age, but not at rock hill Lowes, that store has lost my business forever, Home Depot will get it.

  • Cj
    cj Sep 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hey Frost, good luck finding better help at Depot. You'll come back to Lowe's because of the products and prices. See you soon!

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dirty and inefficient help

When new stores open everyone is so helpful and clean but it never lasts. Those dirty rumpled red vests they wear in lowes are disgusting. I know the people working in lumber and such have a reason to be dirty but the rest are awful. Also when you are looking for an someone to help. As soon as someone sees you, they duck down another aisle and disappear as fast as they can.

fraud & scam

Looking for lawyer to sue Lowe's for still selling these things... I haven't had hot water for two weeks... 7-4-08.

Resolved scam and fraud

A few months ago I purchased about 400SF of laminated flooring from Lowe's. I also had Lowe'...

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no service

We bought a washer from Lowes in late Dec 2007. About 3 months ago all of my wash (clothes) were getting twisted and wrinkled in all cycles. Service from A&E came out and said it was the timer and or transmission. No parts on the truck, one part was delivered one week later by UPS. Then you have to call A&E back out and schedule the second trip out. Two weeks later, the serviceman arrives, says the first man mis diagnosed the trouble, stating there is nothing wrong. We explained about the tangles, twisted, intertwined clothes inside the washer, he got mad, through his tools in his bag, said "you pissed me of" and walked out of our garage. We called A& E and Lowes, and they say too bad- there is nothing wrong with the Whirlpool washer. My clothes are ruined. They are being beaten to death in the wash cycles.

Lowes agreed with A & E that there is nothing wrong with the Whirlpool washer. So we are out in the cold!

Unfriendly, unhelpful staff

Once again, I walk into Lowe's, and there is a collective angst against customers. You see Lowe'...

Resolved bad salesman

We went into the Hillsborough NJ Lowes to buy a John Deere tractor.

Their salesman was the worst that we ever encountered.

He couldn't, or wouldn't, answer our questions. I asked him the same question 3 times. Instead of answering my question, he rambled on about their warranty (when I was asking what a repair service charge would be w/o a warranty.) These tractors cost $2, 000 and forget about getting your questions answered.

Another customer asked our salesman whether he could buy a new tractor instead of one off the floor. Unfortunately, our salesman couldn't answer that question either.

We all left without purchasing anything.

  • Je
    Jele Apr 19, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was in this store buying a whole new kitchen. Cabinets, counter tops, sink, and all the things you need for a brand new kitchen. Well some of the cabinets were at the top of the shelves and needed the forklift to get them. The employee in the kitchen dept knew this but just walked away. The forklift was right in the kitchen cabinet dept and let us wait for than 30 minutes while he was putting in light bulbs in the lights in that dept. Finally the employee walked over to us and I asked her what was more important the light bulbs or me the customer buying all new cabinets. Well finally the guy came over there after another 10 minute wait. I can't believe that your employee's are so uncaring to their customers. This store is right around the corner from my home and always want to do business there but it seems the help or non help you get in that store is getting worst. You are looking for something and ask an employee and the only response you get quote" thats not my dept and walks away". Unbelievable the way that store is run.

    Then I called the manager this morning to talk to him about this and the girl was very rude and told he he wasn't there and didn't know when he would be there. I asked for his name and that was not given to me without asking over and over. What is wrong with this store. I have just bought all new stove, ref, and dishwasher about 8 months ago plus now a whole new kitchen and get this type of treatment. Not acceptable to me at all. I'm not sure if this email will help but something has to be done in this store. I was told by one of the employee's awhile ago that this manager David is only out for profit not the customer. That was rewarding to hear. So please take this complaint serious because I won't go to Home Depot but they are looking better every time I go into the Mt Dora Lowes.

    Thank you.

    Lowes Home Improvement 18795 U S Hwy 441, Mt Dora, Florida 32757.

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  • Ky
    Kylee Coty Sep 01, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We have spent about 800+ dollars in the last 2 weeks redoing our bathroom. We bought a full tub shower walls unit. Before we even got home we thought it might be too big to get through the doors. So when we got home we measured and waaalaaa it was too big. We took it back right away. Then the guys that were unloading it were rude saying it was cracked on the top... which then we would have had to bring it back anyways... i am going some where else to finish the bathroom and hope i never have to return to that store.

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  • Valerie Sep 28, 2007

    We purchased high end carpeting from Lowes on August 2nd, 2017. The first time it was delivered, it could not be installed because of a delamination issue on the back. The second time it was delivered and installed. We realized there was two different shades of carpeting on one piece. We were very upset and demanded something be done. Another shipment just arrived this past Saturday, September 22nd. We did not have it installed because it had the same problem. The carpet company is Royalty Mills. I have not received any satisfaction from Lowes or the carpet company on this issue. We are ready to seek legal advice.

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  • Valerie May 16, 2008

    I have lived a nightmare. It all started when my original contractor made a mistake with my shower stall. He installed the shower base and last, he "tried" to install the shower doors, they were too big.

    I lost $400 (could not return the stall, as the base was already installed) so I proceeded to order custom made doors at Lowes (cost $850). Lowes told me I should get them in 2 weeks, never happened.

    When they finally called me after numerous follow up calls, and 21 days later, it took 7 days to schedule with the installer.

    When the installer arrived with the doors, he discovered the hardware was missing, so he left. I was furious, I called Lowes which they sent someone to hand deliver the missing hardware but the installer was long gone.

    When I called the installer myself, he told me he could not come back until the following week...???? The doors are in the bathroom along with the hardware, yet the installer proceeded to put me at the bottom of his list. After begging him to do sooner, he agreed to come back in 2 days. Never happened. Never returned my calls, has not returned Lowes managers calls...now Lowes tells me they will do the best they can with another installer, but can't guarantee me the exact day. I'm at their mercy.

    I called their 1-800 number to complain and guess what? They transferred me back to the store.

    This shower stall has costs me over $1000, and over a month later, I still don't have any doors...I am sick to my stomach with this as I have out of town visitors coming in 2 days, I will never shop at Lowes again or recommend to anyone.

    If they promise you anything, please ask them to put it in writing and sign it.

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  • St
    steve kathcart Oct 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    there customer service sucks! my story is too long to tell trust me home depot is alot better altough not by much!

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  • Bi
    Birinayed Mar 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Lowe's Home Improvement has failed me repeatedly—five times to be exact That's how often I sat in my house looking for their delivery truck to unload a refrigerator and a stove so that my contractor could start on my kitchen.

    Five times they failed to show—three times I had to take off work.

    The problem, in my opinion, is incompetence and an outdated tracking system. When I tried to contact the managers-in-charge (as I was directed to), the kicker is they don't have voice mail, nor do they have direct line.

    Lowe's Corporate seems to allow accountability to slip because no one person is effectively able to track an order and no one person is able to be reached easily. My order (after one month of waiting) was passed from person to person.

    Never deal with Lowe's. It cost me over $1, 000 in lost times and contractor fees.

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  • Al
    Alicia dillon Oct 03, 2012

    Try using Absolute Home solutions inc out of silver spring md. They serve ll over from Virginia to Baltimore. I have a couple rental properties and they have replaced roofs on both rentals and a full package roof, window and siding on my home Their work and service is quality and service is outstanding. Very knowledgable and I trust these folks with all of my properties. Maybe not the cheapest, but professional and experienced
    Here is one of their numbers if it help. 301 879 3340 Www.ahsiroofingandwindows.com

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  • Pa
    patty rowe Jun 11, 2015

    Ordered flooring in may 2017 was told would be installed next week just recieved a call wont be till july now, its already paid for so all i can say is i for one will not buy anything else at any lowes in the future.

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lowe's credit card offers

I applied for a Lowe's Consumer Credit Card and was approved. My husband and I were interested in purchasing a new smooth surface cooktop and wanted to take advantage of the 12 month no interest financing. After I purchased the cooktop on my consumer credit card I received the first statement and they had charged interest to my card. My husband and I were very irritated with this. We had the money to purchase the cooktop out right but wanted to have the card for future improvements to our recently purchased home.

I paid the balance in full within the first month and canceled the card. The credit card rep asked why we would cancel the card so quickly, and after I informed her that I was charged interest incorrectly she made no effort to rectify the situation. I now have a Home Depot card and have used it for MANY home repairs with NO INTEREST.

  • Kaelynsmommy09 Aug 20, 2009

    I am a manager for lowe's... And if you would have brought your statement into the store explaining what had happened they would have called the credit department and fixed it. It only takes about 5-10 mins. Sorry this happened to you.

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  • Kb
    K Bryant Jun 16, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    you are correct they did this to me also.
    Bought a new washer and dryer and was told at the check out it would be interest free because it was over 299.oo
    Now we get a bill for 142.00
    The lowes store in Gainesville, Ga the manager told me there was nothing they could do. SORRY.
    Great customer service i would say.
    At my company we would have waved this to keep a customer happy.
    I see Lowes is a big company that does not care about ther customers.

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  • Ih
    ihavenoname Jun 16, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Lowes credit cards are a joke. I made my payments on time - never late - even paid more then the minimum payment due almost every time.

    When I got into a pinch and couldnt pay they offered me this what I thought was an awsome deal. They explained it would lower my payments for six months and I wouldnt be charged any interest for those six months.

    After those six months I got a notice saying I would have to pay the interest plus the rest of what the minimum payment would of otherwise been for those six months in one lump sum. When I explained I couldnt and that I was told there would be no interest of penalties they didnt seem to care. So I told them I wouldnt pay if they wanted to treat me like that and I havent.

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  • Om
    omt811 Jun 29, 2011

    All promotions offered by any company have a minimum payment required BY LAW. If people would read their statements and the terms of their credit cards they would know this. You are stating that you will not pay because of the way you are being treated? That is illegal. You made a purchase, if you cannot pay for it then you should not have entered into this contract to begin with.
    You were offered 6 months Deferred Interest. If you had paid in full within 6 months you would not have been charged any interest. That is what you agreed to. You did not hold up your end of the deal...how is that Lowe's fault?

    As far as the original poster goes, there could have been a reason your sale was not placed on deferred interest. In most cases it is because the customer took advantage of an offer of 10% off OR deferred interest for 12 months. They do not go together. You most likely took the discount at the register, which automatically disqualifies that sale from the 12 month promo. This is clearly stated on all signs for promotions.

    If you CHOOSE not to pay for what you purchased that is your perrogative, but it is THEFT. You have the appliance or whatever it is in your posession. If you refuse to pay for it just because you don't like how someone talked to you you are a thief.

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  • Na
    Nataliakorrr Jan 03, 2014

    The Lowes credit service is using deceptive practices! Im contacting the better business bureau regarding the fact that they negate to give you a monthly summery on all your purchases . By doing that it leaves the consumer in the dark about what they purchased and also an account of the dollar amounts . By grouping the non interest account with the regular purchase amounts you cant figure out what your individual balances are. Every other credit card company gives you a monthly purchase account. Your unable to screen if your cards been tampered with if you cant see the activity. They are scamming many elderly people and women. Woman are the largest consumer group using Lowes. They need to be accountable to these practices! Please join to sue the company! [email protected]

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feedback contest

No complaint. My wife says she may sue Lowes for alianation of affections. I spend more time at Lowes store...

Resolved cashier was beyond rude

4-20-08 I made a purchase at Lowes. The cashier did not bag instead left my roommate to do it. Also he sat a rake I purchased behind him causing us to leave it behind. We had to return again to get it. I shop there often but this person made me think about not returning to shop there. I am a credit card holder with Lowes. I have never before been treated so badly at your store. I hope never again or I will never shop there again. And will also advise my friends and family. ticket info 0340 terminal:[protected]:20:48 sales #s0340jm1 1075188 store located at 5405 wads worth bypass Arvada co also on ticket invoice #62515.

Resolved return policies

I've just finished rebuilding my home and the house next door after Katrina. Since I was forced to do...

interest added to account paid in full

We too have experienced the GE Money Scam; however, we did not realize it until we received a call from the collection agency and it was already on our credit report. We bought appliances on July 31, 2006 on a one year, no payment, no interest loan. We paid it off in Oct 31, 2006. (That was only 3 months after we bought it). We did not receive any further correspondence on this bill and we knew it was paid for so we did not worry about it.
December of 2007, we received a call from a collection agency stating we owed $490.17 on a Lowe's charge. The collection agency said it was for late fees and interest. To make a long, tiresome story short, we have made numerous calls to Ge Money, have worked with a Lowe's store manager to try to find out what this charge is for. Apparently, we have no rights, not even to find out why a charge is turned over to creditors. The store manager did finally get one Ge rep to tell her the amount that was charged on our bill which was $5217 - the exact amount of the check we have a copy of paying to Ge. So what exactly was the $490 for, Ge will not tell us. We were told we would have to submit a letter in writing to El Paso Texas and request a copy of our statement and it will take 2-3 months to get. I am seriously doubting we will ever get a statement from them. Meanwhile, we went ahead and paid the $490 to try to restore our once perfect credit. However, our credit report now will only say that we paid the bill not that we paid a bill that was a scam! Does anyone have any advice on how to get it off our credit report and how to make Ge tell us what the charges were for? .

Resolved I called to confirm delivery the day before and was lied to

I ordered sod to be delivered on Wednesday. I called the night before and was told it was cut and on the truck and would be delivered ordered sod to be delivered on Wednesday. I called the night before and was told it was cut and on the truck and would be delivered the next day on schedule.

The next day my crew was here until noon when my husband sent them home because it never arrived. I called when I got home and was told that the nursery didn't even have the PO on it.

Now it is being delivered on the day of my husband’s surgery and I will be doing it alone because I can't afford to pay a new crew.

Resolved very bad customer service

The following is the whole nightmare I have to deal with lowes written in a feedback I left for them in their website:

The lowes in Rockledge FL. has very poor customer service. I called a couple of times inquiring if the store accepts 20% off coupons ladies in customer service I talked to said yes a number of times since I was asking the same question every time I called just to make sure but when I got to the store to purchase, manager says they don’t accept it.

Next, we bought these fancy crown moulding with the matching corner pieces that they didn’t have enough of so they told us to drive to another store which is 17 mi or so from where we live because that said store have a couple of pieces in stock .we drove up to that store in Titusville but when we got there they didn’t have any at all!!! So we wasted all this gas, time and the thought that we are finally going to finish our project.

We waited a couple of days and stopped from going to any lowes because I was tired of dealing with the same incompetent bullcrap u have for employees and let some steam off. And decided to do the shopping myself called every Lowes in the area and finally got what we need. as far as I’m concerned with that very bad service I experienced my husband and I are gonna start shopping somewhere else where service might not be perfect but at least not as bad as yours and family members and friends will definitely hear the whole story as well.

Resolved property damage

I am writing this letter as an ex Lowe’s customer, as I had the absolute worst customer experience I have ever experienced and or witnessed; A nightmare that spanned more than nine months, and was brought on by your West Des Moines Iowa store. The experience in my opinion and the opinions of every one I’ve shared my experience with, (including the Better Business Bureau) borders on criminal.

O July 10, 2007, scheduled an estimate on having a special order storm door and back door installed at my home.

A few days later a Lowe’s installer by the name of Brad Thomas came to my home, took measurements, had a quick conversation about how when the old trim was removed, some stucco would come off and need to be patched. He explained that stucco patch would be easy to apply myself, I agreed, and he left.

On July 15, I went to Lowe’s and pre paid $1216.83 for the doors and the work to be completed. I also did some research on stucco patch and learned it should not be applied in cold temperatures. It was a good thing I was having this done in the summer.

In September the installer finally called to tell me the door came in but that it came in damaged and asked if I still wanted him to install it. Of course I told him no. He then informed me that a new one would have to be ordered. I voiced concern over the cooler weather and applying the stucco patch and was told I should contact Kelly if I had any concerns.

Concerns were an understatement, I had spent over $1200 dollars over two months ago on work that had not been started yet, and worried about the condition of my house as I had been advised not to apply the patch until warmer weather. I called Kelly who informed me that all he could do was offer me a $100.00 gift card for my troubles. I explained my concern regarding the application of the stucco patch and the fact that I would have actual holes letting the cold weather into my home all winter. Again he stated he could only offer a $100.00 gift card. When I went to the store I went to the customer service counter as Kelly had instructed me to do, but nobody there knew what I was talking about. I stood there for 30 minutes while the poor girl working the customer service desk tried to find Kelly and figure out what I needed. In the end I was given a $100.00 dollar bill. I left the store puzzled and irritated. In Mid November Brad called and said the door was finally in and that he would be going out of town. We scheduled the install for November 22. The day before Thanksgiving and four months after this process began.

On November 22, Brad Thomas shows up at 9:00 in the morning to get started. A little while later another guy shows up to help. They sat their air compressor and sawhorses on my pave stone patio and did all their work there rather than on the concrete patio. The air compressor plugged into my outdoor electrical outlet vibrated on my pavers stones for eight and a half hours. Mid morning the first snow of the season started falling, and my house became chilly as there was no back door installed and chunks of stucco had been pulled off with the trim.

Brad the installer leaves at 4:00 PM, leaving the other guy to finish the work, load the equipment and clean their mess; needless to say the latter was not done, and we would be unaware until the next day when the snow melted away. The second guy finishes up and leaves at 5:30.

The next day; Thanksgiving, the snow melts away exposing four paver stones that had been vibrated down so far that they were a safety concern, pieces of cut wood and bags of screws.

Monday I am contacted by a lady asking about the install. I explained that the door looks great but there were some patio stones damaged during the install. She said she would call the installer.

A few days later Brad called and says he will come out and look at the damage after the snow melts. This winter was particularly harsh, and I never heard from Brad.

It was March 2008 when the weather began to warm up and the snow had completely melted. Only then was I able to see the damage in its entirety. After a long snow and ice filled winter the four damaged paver stones had caused a number of them to shift. Now my patio was not only an eye sore but a safety concern for myself and my three year old daughter.

I called lowe's install department and I am surprised when it is the same lady I talked to after the install. I was even more surprised when she remembered the damaged patio and the installer. She says she will contact Brad again.

Brad calls a few days later and leaves a message on my answering machine. He says he is out of town, but it down to look at it April 1st.

April 1st he leaves a message saying to call him. I try him several times leaving messages each time.

Finally on April 9, /I get a hold of him. He says he is trying to get Kelly to come out and take a look at it. He then tells me there is no way he could have damaged it. I explained to him that the bricks that were damaged (sunk down) initially are where the air compressor sat. His response was that the air compressor only weighs 25 pounds. I said that is 25 pounds that vibrated on a few paver stones for eight hours straight. His next response was “well it couldn’t have done that because the ground was frozen. I told him that the ground was not frozen, that in fact the day of the install was the first snow of the year and that it was completely melted the next day. He said he would get a hold of Kelly and get back to me.

After not hearing back from him, I called Lowe’s on April 11th. I was transferred to the install department and explained my situation to the gentleman who answered the phone. He said he would have me talk to Kelly. Without putting me on hold, I heard him say, “its Tina Wilkins, she says she is getting nowhere with Brad Thomas about fixing a patio that was damaged during a door install, then I hear Kelly say, “That has nothing to do with me, give it to Jim.” The gentleman who answered the phone then said to Kelly, ” well it does if it was damaged during an install”. Kelly then said, “It wasn’t, the door is here and the patio is here. I was told by the initial gentleman to hang on that he would transfer me to Jim Hyatt the install Manager. During the transfer I was disconnected. I called back and was disconnected again. ( I suggest recording your calls for customer service assurance)

I immediately called back and asked for the store manager. I was informed he was in a meeting. I asked for his name and was told it was Rick Watson.

I called back at 12:30, this time I asked for Jim Hyatt. I was transferred to Dan who said Jim was in a meeting. When I said I would call him back later I was informed that Jim should be back on Monday. (I thought he was in a meeting)

I called back at 2:15 and talked with Rick Watson. I retold the situation, and was told that either he or Kelly would be out Monday to get it taken care of.

On Monday April 14th, nine months after this ordeal started, I left work to meet Rick Watson at my house at noon. His response was “, I don’t think Brad could have done this damage, and called it erosion. I again explained about the air compressor but was quickly cut off by, “we have nobody who does this kind of work, but I can give you a $50.00 gift card and some sand. After looking around my house for more “erosion” which could not be found, he left. So now I am left with 5 bags of sand, a $50.00 gift card and a damaged patio.

After being a loyal lowe’s shopper, it more than upsets me to write this letter, but I feel that I was treated unfairly, and my home and family has suffered for Lowe’s lack of responsibility.

After reading several interesting web sites with stories from ex customers such as myself, I see I am not alone. Rest assured that I will not step foot in another Lowe’s, and will continue to spread my story to everyone I come into contact with both by mouth and web postings.

I considered myself a loyal customer. I always went to Lowe’s over Home Depot or Menards, and would recommend it to friends and co-workers. And for loyalty, I get treated this way.

There is one thing I would like to thank you for however, and that is, I want to thank you for making this huge blunder before I ordered my new front doors and windows to be installed through you or any of your affiliates.

  • Al
    Alicia dillon Oct 03, 2012

    I had a similar experience and was very apprehensive when it came time to replace our windows and repair our roof. In the long run I ended up using Absolute Home Solutions in SIlver Spring. I was very impressed with the professionalism of the owner Steve. He not only gave us a fair price but his work was impeccable! I'm not one to leave comments or complaints, but when you invest your time and hard earned money into your home...you wanna make sure it's quality!

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Resolved consumer complaint

Your store no 1740 has a rude service manager by the name of Joe. He ranks above a man named matt brown. Joe needs an attitude adjustment, however matt should be promoted. I Philip Carlotti had a problem which matt kindly took care off I say thank you to him and humbug to Joe. As a result of matt I will not be going to home depot. Impersonally like Lowes and have frequented your stores in all the former states I have resided.

  • Ih
    I_hate_lowes_esp May 15, 2008

    This horrible store did not deliver my appliances on time like they were supposed to and then charged my card twice for an appliance that i had already purchased. This caused my account to over draft and now I'm stuck starved till the whole thing is corrected. I'm calling the Better Business Breau and making a formal complaint about this horrible company. I will never step foot in another Lowe's after this incident. I'm even changing banks since they approved the second purchase without my signature.

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  • Ge
    George K. McGill Mar 19, 2009

    My credit card number is: 6674 - I purchased/charged a refrigerator, stove and microwave at the same time for over $1800.00. I was told that there would be no finance charges, payments or interest for 12 months. Ever since I purchased the appliances I have been getting finance charges on my bill. I pay all I owe above the $1800.00 each time, so why is there finance charges added? The first time this happened last month I called Lowes and they removed the charges. I then told the lady, "Talk to you next month to get the next months finace charge off". I know this because I went through the same problem the last time I charged items over $299.00. Can't you people get it togther? I bet Home Depot can! You are more than welcome to call me anytime @ 334-703-8124.
    Thanks, George K. McGill

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  • Ma
    Mary me Jun 26, 2009

    I have shopped at the Texarkana store since it has been opened. However, after today I believe I will go to Sear's or Home Depot.
    I took my 81 year old mother in the garden center to get her an outdoor rug. I struggled to get the large rug from it's stand while two YOUNG men with Lowe's vest on talked about how to move some pallets while glancing my way to watch me struggle with this rug. I finally decided that these nitwits needed me to ask for assistance and as I turned to request help, they took off.
    Then we asked the cashier to call someone to help load the heavy thing in our truck and she said wait outside, which we did until sweat was beading all over our faces. I managed to load the thing with no help as employees went back and forth, in and out of the store.
    Today my husband and I went back (why?? Sears and Home Depot honors Lowe's prices) to get a new electric range and vent hood and I also special ordered a sink. The man in the appliances sat at his terminal and talked on the phone for 30 minutes, when he got off the phone he got on the computer. When we asked for help a young girl stopped what she was doing and helped us.
    While we waited for her to finish I went over and asked about the sink. The girl on THAT computer said she wasn't in that department and she called for help.
    That boy finally came and was very rude because I obviously took him away from something in the back.
    When I went up front to pay for my choices I told the cashier I had a vent hood and a range and a special order sink. She said let me make sure and she looked line by line and said yea it's all here.
    We went home and the young man who ordered the sink called and told me we had not paid for the sink. I said I thought we had but I would look at my receipt, no! the cashier did not include it on the receipt. He proceeded to tell me I needed to pay for it. It crossed my mind to tell him to wait right there until I drove from out of town back to that store and paid for it. I bit my tongue and said my husband would go do it.
    My husband went BACK up there to pay for it and that old man was BACK ON THE PHONE!!! This time my husband just stood in front of him until he got off the phone which was a personal call and then turned his back on my husband and told another employee about his phone conversation. My husband interrupted him and asked about the sink. He said he didn't do that and for my husband to go to the service desk. SOOOOOOOO he went up there and four...I said FOUR employees were behind the desk whispering and laughing. He again had to interrupt to ask about the sink. A girl did something in the computer and gave him a printout and told him he could go up front and pay and someone would bring it up!!!It was a SPECIAL ORDER, there was none in the store.
    Oh yes, I called the manager, named Scott...no answer and I was on hold long enough to get bored.
    After this I will NEVER go to Lowe's. I am thinking of putting in the paper under "cheers and jeers" this very report...watch for it.

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  • La
    Lacy Simmons Aug 22, 2012

    I lacy simmons purchase seneca berber carpet from lowe's store in jackson tn. the carpet came unweave less than a month I inform the salesperson : Laura Lineberry she came out to take a look at the carpet and took pictures and said she think the vaccum cleaner beaterbar unweave the carpet the biggist bunch of crap I've ever heard of said the manufactor would only pay me 215.00 dolars of my money which was the cost of the carpet for the store I'm out of about 800.00dollars I spoke with Bryan Trip which was the salesperson boss he told me it was nothing he could do I inform him that I had spent over 5000.00dollars for the last four years straight and I get treated like dog ### so I told him that I promise him that I want spend another dime in Lowe's stores again

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  • Sw
    Swiffer wet pads Aug 28, 2014

    I purchased a Swiffer Mop from Lowe's. It was a longer mop than the regular size. At the time I purchased the mop I also bought the pads that went with the mop, pads that fit appropriately. That is the last time that Lowe's has had this size pads. I have been told that they were on order and that they would receive them in a few days. I returned to the store in a few days, then went back a few weeks later, then a few more weeks later, and they still have not received the large Swiffer wet pads!!! I now think they just told me something to get rid of me. I wish I had never bought anything from Lowe's. I have to use two of the regular size pads to fit my entire mop head and it gets pretty expensive. My phone number is 334-484-3470 and if you can tell me where I can purchase the pads I will be very happy and I will not have to go to Lowe's for anything else...ever!

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I paid a delivery charge to Lowes of $59.00 for them to deliver 16- 8ft 2x6s, 8- 4x8 7/16 osb panels, 9-...

Resolved our bad experience

My husband and I have redone kitchens before but never with Lowe's. This time we decided to give it a try. NEVER again.

First, it took weeks for the designer to finalize our drawings (and we spent HOURS in the store with him trying to get it done but he was inexperienced with the software).

Second, once the cabinets finally came it took over a week for the installers call to schedule an appointment to come verify delivery. (I spoke to the Lowe's people several times a week and they had the delivery date weeks in advance. This delay was Lowe's fault)

Third, the finally came to inspect the cabinets and several were the wrong cabinet! Cabinets had been ordered that the salesperson had liked, not what WE wanted. Now we are asking cabinet maker to rush replacements (more cost!)

Fourth, we were going to get our counter top from them so we asked them to send out the installer to measure. An older man showed up and took measurements I could have given him over the phone, then told me it would be another week for them to come and make a template and THEN another 6 weeks for the counter top to come in. I told them to cancel it and we found a local store that could have it done in 2 weeks.

Fifth, we also ordered appliances from Lowe's and the kitchen cabinet guy had the nerve to "scold" me for ordering through the appliance department instead of directly through him.

And last but not least, we had used a 10% off coupon to make our cabinet purchase and the cashier gave us 10% off the total instead of off of only $10, 000 (which I guess is policy) and so the Lowe's cabinet guy got less commission and he was mad at us!! He actually complained to us about this error!! How unprofessional!

I find that no one knows what anyone else is doing, the cabinet people are over worked and inexperienced, and for the $14, 000 we spent, we are very unhappy with the experience and will NOT be shopping there again.

Flower Mound, TX

  • needTOavoidFRAUD Apr 19, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    same thing here bro! but not to long because i got this number which is ask for help and after 24-48 hours they have refunded my money back to my account. call this number bro 888-740-5065, I'm sure they will help you as much as they had helped me.

    God Speed!

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  • needTOavoidFRAUD Apr 19, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    call the number and you'll know and have the idea that I'm telling a lie nor a scam

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  • needTOavoidFRAUD Apr 19, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    none of those are correct!!! they just asking for the first and last name, email address, descriptor( merchant that billed you), telephone number and lastly amount of charge...your the scam because you do redirect us to a wrong path in fixing our problems.

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  • Wi
    william munoz Aug 17, 2013

    I had bad experiences at Lowe's when returning any items from another Lowe's location and the managers attitude very bad and rude, very unprofessional and humiliating employees at the store located on the north side of the city of Visalia CA 93291, if you don't want to have a bad experience, go to any other store but avoid that store in visalia Ca

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  • Wi
    william munoz Aug 17, 2013

    that's very usual at that store, very unprofessional people ...

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a crap plan!

Lowes extended protection plan "service" is the worst service I have ever received. To date, to repair a simple water dispenser repair for My Refrigerator, they have sent 2 different service companies who have installed 2 different parts and still trying to fix it. It is now 6 months, and Lowes customer service people set up appointment for the repair and didn't show up. It happened to me twice and when I called them, Simple answer is "Sorry".

More over the third party service companies these people choose are inexperience and don't know the ABCD's of the problem. All they try to fix the problem with trail and error method.I am having the bad experience wit Lowes customer service people.

Do not ever buy the plan.

  • Ro
    Ronald Seal Aug 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Appears that the Extended Service Plan is Customer RIP-OFF. After you purchase plan, you won't get a written copy from them. The Lowe's employee's tell you what the plan will cover and if you go online you
    will read what the PLAN will really cover.
    IT's not what you were told at the Lowe's Store!
    "Cloths Washer" 100 % parts and Labor.
    Lowe's will give a credit to purchase a new one at their store and buy a new Extended Service Plan on the new washer. I purchased a Maytag washer on 1-17-06. Filed complaint on 7-24-08 ( transmission failure) Lowes won't repair washer.
    I stll have 41 months left on the Extended Service Plan that purchased at the Lowe's store when the Maytag was purchased. The sevice plan was $ 104.98 for four years extended warranty coverage.
    Lowe's wants $85.00 for a new service plan, if I use the credit to get new washer at their store.
    "Maytag is now made by Whirlpool Corporation"
    There is a big lawsuit against Whirlpool for defective washers.

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  • Ro
    Ronald Seal Sep 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Contacted the Lowe's Extended Protection Plan this morning (N.E.W) @ 1-888-775-6973. I asked why I got a Lowe's gift card for the amount that I paid for the washer. Store credit that can only be used at Lowe's. I asked why my washer is not going to be repaired. I was told by one of their representatives that the repair people charge $60.00 an hour labor to repair and that it was not in companys favor to repair my washer. The Warranty plan that was purchased at the Lowe's store in Williamsburg, Va. when the washer was purchased there. Since their company don't mail the customer a copy of the warranty after the sale of the Extended Protection Plan, you don't really know what is really covered.
    On 8/29/08 I downloaded information on -line for the Lowe's Extended Protecion Plan from their website. " The plan stated that it would pay for all parts and labor for period of four years. The warranty did not state that: If the repars cost was not in their companys favor that they would not repair the washer. Well, I will be contacting the U.S. Federal Trade Commission in reference to the "Magnuson- Moss Warranty Act of 1975."
    All other persons that can not get their appliances repaired by The Lowe's Extended Protection Plan Warranty should also contact the Federal Trade Commission.

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  • Am
    amanda Oct 08, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    These are not warranties first of all, they are contracts, and in the contract it states that when you buy the plan you are agreeing that you know what you are buying. If you read the terms and conditions you would know this. If you didn't ask the store for a copy of the terms and conditions that is your fault, isn't it? I don't have a brochure in front of me, but I know it definately states that they will not repair you washer in the limit of liability section if it becomes to costly to repair. It also states on your reciept that no other documentation will be sent, so of course Lowe's isn't going to send you something, maybe you should read over your info and become an informed consumer instead of complaining about things that are really only your problem. Of course sales people lie to you as well...I'm only 22 and I'm quite aware of that, why is this so shocking to people. That is your fault for believing a sales person, this doesn't just happen at Lowe's, it happens EVERYWHERE, once again you didn't ask questions nor take the time to find out what you were buying. Have fun trying to sue Lowe's or N.E.W because from what you've written you have no case, and its obvious you know nothing of the contract that you agreed to.

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  • Ih
    I_hate_lowes_esp Feb 06, 2010

    I also purhcased their plan. My water heater went out and they said it would be 24 hours while they researched to find someone to fix my problem. Winter with no hot water is no fun by they way. It was Friday morning at 7 a.m. By Monday evening, still no luck with anyone to fix my issue. They then said 3-5 days for them to come up with a resolution to the problem. No return phone calls from them. Two weeks later I got a gift card for a replacement. If they can replace it and I pay for the install, couldn't that installer have fixed the other water heater that is less than two years old? Their plan stinks and their lack of care about the issue made it even worse. Never purchase their extended service plan. Thanks to the manufacturer, I had it fixed in a few days but I didn't let Lowe's know anything about it. I will never shop at Lowe's again. They should have a database of authorized repair centers to have a service person out the same day. The manufacturer had somoene out within three hours of my phone call. They did not have the part needed but overnighted it and had it fixed quickly.

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  • Tw
    Twix2112 Mar 11, 2011

    The Lowe's extended protection plan is an absolute joke. I purchased this plan when i bought all new Samsung kitchen appliances for my home. My dishwasher has broken down twice now and each time Lowe' s sends some off the wall company out to assess the problem. They tell me they will be out between 8am - Noon. I make arrangements to take off of work to be there they never show up. Finally they call and say they will be there between 1pm - 4pm. After numerous calls they finally show up at 7:45pm after it took over a month to get the part in and they still don't know whats wrong with it or how to fix it. So they send out another company to start this joke of a process all over again and when you call customer service all they have to say is I'm sorry. I heard I'm sorry a thousand times yet my dishwasher is still not fixed. For some reason Lowe's thinks no-body works and we're just sitting around the house or we all have jobs that we can just take off from work at the drop of a hat to be at home on numerous occasions because they cant do anything right the first time. Its one thing to get treated like crap from the [censor]s at the customer service center, these people are about as incompetent as they get and the repair companies they send out are no better if it were free, but i had to pay for this type of service. Never shop at Lowe's and by all means don't buy their extended protection plan because it pro tech's nothing and the hassle of it all is not even close to being worth it.

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