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Lowe's - CRT training

I loved this store and was a loyal customer for years. Just learned that reverse racism is being taught via critical race theory. I drove to the Turner Rd branch in Salem OR. I asked an employee to confirm or deny the report I had read, and was told "yes, the training is held online". I will be unable to support this racist act. Sadly, I will not be able to shop for products at Lowe's as I realize the money I spend there will eventually work against my white skin. Truly as sad day and a real bummer. This may be a popular fad right now, but I will remember and encourage everyone I know to shop at any Lowe's competitor.

Desired outcome: Reversal of training policy and publicly announced apology.

Lowe's - Your company

I will not longer ship at Lowe's again. I spent thousand las of dollars here over the last few years. NO MORE! Why. You might ask? This👇


Bank of America, Lowe's sponsored CRT training urging Whites to 'cede power to people of color'


Desired outcome: Change Your Ways and Apologize to America

I'm right behind you. I'm done with Lowe's.

Lowe's - Customer Inquiry

I read in the news that your company supports crt training. I understand sometimes the press gets it wrong . Does Lowes do crt training? And Does lowes support the idea that crt training is necessary? If I get no response I'll assume the answer is yes to both. If it in fact your training your associates in this liberal bs Home Depot is closer anyway.

Desired outcome: Answer withen a couple of weeks

Lowe's - Item Never Delivered

In July 2021 our company ordered a all in one washer/dryer unit. We received a message/email that our order would be delivered on August 3, 2021. On August 3 we received an email that our order would be delayed. I tried tracking the order for a week, and the next week contacted the shipper (Estes) that Lowes contracted with - I've been given the run around daily all this week that the order was on the dock but now they can't locate it (so basically they have lost it). Contacted Lowes Customer Service (which is horrible) and they refuse to assist since they contracted with the shipper - yet we paid Lowes $1, 500 for a product we have never received!!!

Desired outcome: REFUND!!!

Lowe's - Paid for installation that has not occurred

On August 3, 2021, I purchased a garage door opener [GDO] from Lowe's in South Lakeland, FL. I also paid for installation of same. Was told I would be contacted in 24-48 hours to schedule install...

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Lowe's - Carpet installation

I had over 1000 ft.² of carpet installed by Lowe's. The seams were not done correctly and I had a large seam appear across my entire master bedroom eight months after the installation. The installation was under warranty for a year. After six months of trying to get assistance and at least four visits to my house by different inspectors, Lowes now says there's nothing they can do despite the fact that we have areas that are missing padding, padding is bunched up in doorways, and a large seam is visible in the master bedroom and all hall doorways, Would recommend strongly against using Lowe's flooring installation. I had many installations with Lowe's previously in other areas such as doors and blinds, never had a problem like this before. And they will not fix it.

Desired outcome: Fix my carpet to where the padding is laid correctly and seams aren’t visible.

Lowe's - Delivery service and quality of product

Order #[protected]
Placed 8/13/2021 set up for first time 8/14/2021, then they changed it to monday 8/16/2021. Never showed up, we called and got run around at first, finally some young guy answered and said "oh wow I guess it missed the truck". Hmm how does an order with 14- 2x6x16ft, 7 sheets osb and 12- 4x4x16, and 16 clear roofing panels just "miss" the truck? Then when we were moving them we noticed almost everyone was twisted. Not only that but one is cracked lengthwise almost 3 feet, totally useless for what we needed.
The sheet that was on the load was discolored and stated it was picked the day before and sat in the rain. When we called to ask about when it would be there? The guy said we can have it on the first truck so at 7am. As the guys get in at 6. It showed up at 9:30. Then the guys unloading it were stuffing their faces. Bad quality - bad customer service - bad product!!! Wont use them again. Second time we have had issues with lowes.

Desired outcome: AT least partial refund! We got lousy wood that we wont be able to use!

Lowe's - Service and treatment

I bought a trailer 4 x6 ft flatbed from Lowe's on 05/28/21. After I paid the cashier called someone to take me to get the trailer. Someone said no, she has to fill out papers do I was directed to the...

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Lowe's - There was never a good outcome since then

August 8th 2021 is the date of incident and the client number is [protected] Hello my name is Carmen Ocasio and what happened on the 8th of August 2021 they Lowe's delivery came by to deliver my...

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Lowe's - Washer delivery

I have purchased many appliances from Lowes in the past. Always great delivery service. Purchase a washer on August 8, 2021. Asked for delivery between 8AM and Noon. Earliest delivery was Friday August 13. Called us on Thursday night at 7:00 PM telling us delivery was from 3 Pm to 7 Pm Friday. Tried to call back and reschedule. Could not get a Manager. Elected to take a chance on the delivery. Waited until 6 Pm and my wife started calling to cancel because we are senior citizens and go to be early. Found out that it was a third party coming from New Orleans and truck broke down and it would be later than 7:00Pm. We canceled the order.

If we knew this is the way Lowes is now handling there deliveries we would not have purchased the washer. We will not purchase any appliances in the future with Lowes until they quit using third party delivery. These people do care.
My name is Fulton Charles Hebert, 2908 S Curtis dr, New Iberia, la 70560. I am now a disappointed customer. These are the items I purchased in the past. Refrigerator, 2 freezers, dryer, micro wave, dish washer and countless small items.

Desired outcome: Return to in house delivery. Third parties do not care and will tarnish your reputation

I get frustration, had a new floor installed Aug. 9th, 2021. Purchased new GE Set with pedestals. They arrived during window on August 12th, 2021. They where putting the pedestals on and my husband said you need feet on those pedestals. The one that spoke English said no GE does not come with feet. Brought in and push into area and scratched the new floor. My 4 day old floor that took me 20 years to convince my husband to let me have. Now called Lowes said not their problem its the third party delivery company. They were to come back on Saturday the 14th remove the set and correct the install. Never showed up and when I call Lowes gave me the delivery services number. After 20 mins on hold they said we were not home. So wrong I called them on it we have cameras all around they never came down the road or at our door. Still Lowes says not their problem. I spent $2500 on this set. I've said take them. I sell second hand appliances I could have brought used ones home. I'm still thinking about. This is Monday and no call from Lowes or delivery company. They have lost us as a customer and I will not refer anyone to them for new appliances. C. Pringle McMinnville, OR 97128

I placed an order on May 23rd for a dishwasher and turned right around and it was cancelled. I got no other word from Lowe's. Then just before the 4th of July late in the afternoon around 5:00pm on a weekend, a Lowe's delivery truck shows up to deliver a dishwasher. I told them the order was cancelled. So they immediately left. However Lowe's still expects me to pay $744.00 for their dishwasher I do not have nor did i ever get any notice regarding delivery. i have contacted them and they say its up to my credit card company they refuse to credit me for the charge of a dishwasher i don't have! This is my 1st and last experience with Lowe's!

Lowe's - Unethical behavior

Order #[protected] Ordered washer and dryer w/ warranties and delivery. Charged full amount $2, 500 +. On the delivery date they tried charging another $2, 500 but was only able to get half payment. When I called customer service they explained to me that it was an authorization when I originally placed my order and when it goes out for delivery they actually run the charge through. Well they had over $3, 500 held on my card. Only the washer was delivered because they couldn't get any more off my card. They cancelled the order for my dryer, which was coming from a different store. The person I spoke to at the hickory NC store was very rude and did not fix the problem. I called Lowes and told them to come and pick up the washer because id rather spend my money with an establishment who doesn't over authorize peoples card and cares about there customers. THEY HAVE NOT PICKED UP THE WASHER OR REFUNDED MY MONEY, I WAS TOLD SOMEONE WOULD CALL ME.

This needs to be handled immediately. I've been a customer of Lowes for many years and you just lost a customer. charging double the price for items is unethical and waiting weeks for a refund is unacceptable. Please fix this ASAP. I will take this further if not resolved in a timely manner.

Desired outcome: Refund

Lowe's - Customer service

I brought a faucet back to exchange and the customer service people were both rude! I didn't have my receipt, which I know the deal because I work in customer service myself. Because I asked for...

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Lowe's - Pella windows

February 2021 we had Mr. Towns out to our home to discuss placing new windows to our house. Order was placed and paid for (20k) in February. Delivery of the windows occurred on Memorial Day. Lowe'...

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Lowe's - Countertops Lowes, Watertown, NY, August 5 'purchase' date

We are using Lowes credit card and their 6-month no interest plan for solid surface countertops. The installation will be delayed for two months, says the sales girl!! It's a seasonal home and we're...

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Lowe's - Online ordering, customer service and in store issues

I ordered a dishwasher online on 8/6/2021 (order # [protected]). They informed me the dishwasher will be delivered 8/9/2021. I called the installation 877 number (4 times) and spent one hour on the phone scheduling the installation. The customer service rep transferred me to the store to issue payment and they said the payment platform was down. I called back and hour later and had to go through the same procedure and I submitted my electronic signature on the contract. Again problems with payment. I called the store to issue payment and they informed me I need to come 40 miles roundtrip to pay in person. I drove to the store, they could not locate the signed agreement and started all over again. I was expecting delivery today and the delivery guy only delivered the assemble kit. I called the store and they stated the model I ordered is on back order. I now have spent 5 hours over the phone ordering and cancelling the products and service, 2 hours in the car, and now have to drive back to the store to return the assembly kit. When I spoke with customer service the only thing they could do for me was apologize. Unacceptable! #1 I should have been able to pay for installation online, you made me drive to the store during COVID and put myself in harms way. #2 Why didn't the online system inform me the dishwasher was on back order? I never would have selected that product. It was clearly labeled on other products (not in stock). #3 customer service needs to be more solution based and at least say they would look into it. Not sorry, nothing I can do.

Desired outcome: Fix your policies and customer service

Lowe's - Built-in ge/whirlpool microwave replacement

My built in GE microwave of 4 years went out and I called Lowes Customer Service to order a replacement. I was given a model number to order (online) which took 6 weeks to be delivered. The delivery was initially for 2 weeks, delayed another 2 weeks, then another for a total of 6 weeks before arriving. I called after the second post rescheduled delivery date and Lowe's Customer Service told me it was due to Covid-19 issues since the microwave was coming from the manufacturer (which ALL my appliances have come directly from the manufacturer that I've ordered in the store or on line from Lowes). Ends up the model was not a replacement for the one I originally purchased. I called GE directly and was told there was no replacement model for the original. I called Lowes with this information and was told the microwave order was longer than 30 days and I could not return it. I explained it was not my fault it took 6 weeks to return and initiated a return online to return the microwave to a local store. Once getting to the store, I ran into the same issue, but the cashier called a manager and showed him my paper work that clearly showed when I order the microwave in April 2021 that wasn't delivered until June 2021, the manager apologized for the erroneous information relative to the replacement model information from Lowes Customer Service and for the delay in shipping, then he authorized an override for the return. In the mean time I had ordered online a Whirlpool brand microwave and different kit which populated an 8 week shipping date of August. I received the appliance this past Saturday. The box was somewhat beat up, and once opened, the microwave was dented in 3 places ( both rear sides and the top right side), and the control panel is scratched! Mind you, I have been without a microwave in my kitchen for 4 months and decided to plug this one in to see if it worked. The appliance seemed to operate fine, so I decided I would rather not return it and have to wait another 2 months for a replacement, if I can receive a discount for damage. I called Lowes Customer Service first thing this morning and was told by a rep that I could only get 10% for a damaged product. I was surprised considering the damage is visually extensive! I asked to speak with a supervisor and the customer service rep told me, "Okay, but I'm telling you, YOU WILL NOT GET MORE THAN 10%!" I found his tone offensive, and requested again to speak with a supervisor. After being placed on hold for a few minutes, the rep came back and stated, "Maam, I've complete a request for someone to come out and pick up the microwave and would issue a refund". I told him, that is not the option I chose, I stated I wanted to keep the microwave and wanted a discount for the extensive damage. The rep continued to talk over me, I listened until he was done. I stated that he would speak over me and do what he wanted, I asked to speak with a supervisor and he had yet to honor that request. I was placed on hold again for awhile, then a supervisor came on the line. She too told me she had parameters that only allowed her to give me 10% for the damage (without requesting pictures, asking what the damage was, etc.). By this time, I was very upset and told her as a loyal Lowes customer who has purchased thousands of dollars in appliances, this was unacceptable. She too told me that there was ticket created for someone to pick up the microwave and a refund would be issued. I told her I was not asking for a refund, I was asking for a discount and I was tired of her and the rep railroading me into a refund! She then told me that my 10% discount would have to be on a e-gift certificate because my order was old! I asked how was my order old when I just received the product/appliance 2 days ago? She said it was placed 2 months ago. I asked was it my fault that Lowes had not delivered it for 8 weeks? She said no, but that's how it works! I find this ridiculous and very unfair to Lowes customers to be treated like this. Lowes systems, policies, parameters, and exceptions should be altered for things (i.e., pandemics, shipping delays, shipping damage, etc.) that are beyond and/or not the fault of your customers. This is not the first time I have had a 2 month delay in shipping of appliances. I custom built my house and purchased my range, fridge, dishwasher, microwave, two washers, and two dryers from Lowes, spending approximately $10K. Shipping of the range was delayed for 2 months and was not installed until 3 weeks after I had moved into the house. Though my family and I were disappointed (at Christmas holiday time), I lived with it and didn't file a complaint. Deja vu, and Lowes is treating me as if I've done something wrong. Again, for a loyal Lowes customer or any customer, this is unacceptable!

Desired outcome: A Better discount. Better customer service.

Lowe's - Lumber department

I shop at this particular Lowes because it's close to home. But I check on line first before I go because going to the store and on line have different versions of what they have at the store. Well this day I wanted to purchase 4x6x14 foot treated lumber. I wanted to have it cut in half for my project but they didn't have a 14 foot board. So I wanted to purchase 2- 4x6x8 treated boards to no avail because they only had 1 good board out of 7 that was on the rack. So I figured I look through the 4x6x16 foot boards and found one I wanted, so I'll have it cut in half. NOPE... The saw was OUT OF ORDER so I couldn't even get that done. I don't no why I bother. The store started out great when they first opened but now I say their a flop.

Lowe's - Tring to put up a railing in my back patio

went into lowe's to get the stuff we need to have someone put up a railing on mydeck. we told the clerk that we needed everything to due the project. He proceeded to get all the materials we needed to do the project. When the contractor started the project we were missing several pieces and had to make our first trip back. Then we found something did not fit right so we went back in to lowes. Today the contractor had to run into lowes again because something else was wrong. some of things are expensive and it is running our cost up every time we go in to lowes. usually when we go back we our on are own.

Desired outcome: remursement of extra cost

Lowe's - Rebate declined

Rebate offer 15606
Confirmation #60eb2a9cfe08b46c04150784
Declined due to ineligible store

I don't understand why this isn't eligible.
It showed the rebate option while I was ordering online, and the store I picked it up at was one of the stores listed on the rebate submission form.
It did not say anywhere while I was buying/submitting rebate that it would not qualify

Desired outcome: rebate given

Lowe's - Bathroom granite counter

I had a counter, sinks and faucets installed in August, 2020. In November 2 stains appeared on granite surface. I first called salesman who sold me top and told him problem. He replied that he had never heard of problem and would get back to me. He never did. I have been calling your store multiple times and your people have come to house to take pictures and try to remove stain which was unsuccessful. I have been told I was to blame, I lied, and various other insults. This has upset me so much I am now ill from stress. I am tired of being told someone will get back to me only to have to make repeated calls again. If I do not hear anything within the next few days the only option for me would be to call and attorney as well as post my problem with Lowes on as many community web sites as possible. I have always used Lowes and can't tell you how disappointed I am with your service

Desired outcome: I want my counter repaired

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