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Complaints & Reviews

jcgb700dej4ww gas range

I purchased a GE gas range at Home Depot with a Non Stick Griddle on it. The Griddle is NOT Non-Stick. I have tried to explain this to C/S people that I have contacted over the phone and email but they just send the manual that explains that the Griddle must me washed with warm soapy water & dried. That's it. No, the washing of the Griddle does not help make it Non-Stick. They replaced it once because the coating / paint chipped off - I thought the Griddle was defective so I did not say anything at that time. When I got the new Griddle, food stuck to it just like the original Griddle.
All I want is a Non Stick Griddle that works for the range.

GE Refrigerator

I made a purchase of a GE appliance via Home Depot in NJ, GE had numerous failed deliveries. I made a complaint, and was promised compensation. I spoke to GE on the 12th of February, and they advised that the check will take 7-10 business days to be delivered to me. I called on the 25th of Feb with was the 9th business day. Only for them to tell me that I was misinformed, and that it takes 10-14 business days, another ready to even be livid. I was told if I don't receive it by 3/3/2020 with will make the 14th business day to call back. I called again today 3/2/2020 to track the status and ensure it's on track. Only for me to be told by a rude supervisor called Christopher, that they can't guarantee me receiving it on the 14th business day. How ridiculous and appalling?? She had no regard whatsoever nor apologetic in anyway. I'm tired of being taken for a fool, and being passed from pillar to post. I'm looking to take this to the highest level possible. How do you run a business and treat your customers this way? Without us, they wouldn't exist. I want this looked into by the higher up and treated as a matter of urgency. I'm completely not having this, I spent my hard earned money and wouldn't be treated like a piece of trash. This complaint is about the breach of agreement, as well as the treatment by the so called Christopher the supervisor.

  • Mr
    Mr. Helpful Mar 03, 2020

    I appreciated reading your concerns. With the utmost respect, however, the issue lies with the retailer you're purchasing the unit through -- not the manufacture. If Home Depot is having a difficult time getting this fridge, might I suggest checking with a different retailer.

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Part# WD19X25278 in my dishwasher failed because the rubber hose deteriorated and leaked all over. I posted a review and you took it down because you said it didn't meet your guidelines which is untrue, you just didnt want the negative review about your product! Many other people are all having the same issue Im having so it seems this is a part that should be recalled but instead GE is charging $90 to replace their bad part which is insane! This thing cant cost more than $5 to make! The fact that you replaced this part with something else means it was a bad part so why should I have to pay $90 for it? All my appliances and newer GE as well as my washer/dryer. I am very dissatisfied with GE and the way Im being treated unless this issue is resolved with a reasonable price I will not be buying GE products anymore. I have been a loyal customer for years but Im ready to walk away. I will not buy this part, I would rather scrap the dishwasher and buy a different brand before you get another dime! How do I get this resolved? I have emailed, posted on Facebook, gave a review on your site and many others. Also filed a complaint with the BBB because nobody will respond.


  • Mr
    Mr. Helpful Feb 25, 2020

    Hi Mr. Braun.

    All G.E. branded products are sold with at least a one year-limited warranty, which will not just cover the cost of the part but the labor to replace said part. To utilize this warranty, simply contact 1-800-GECARES.

    Thank you so much for your input.

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[Resolved] defective stove

Bought a stove on 11/11/19 and then on 1/25/2020 stove broke down. repair guy came on 1/28/20 and said will...

ge appliance repair service

Mid-November I contacted GE service to repair my 2+ year old double wall oven (neither upper or lower oven were working). December 2, a tech came to my home, dignosed the issue, ordered parts and scheduled another appiontment to return with the parts and repair the oven. On the day he was supposed to come back and repair the oven, the technician called and told me he only had 3 of the 4 parts needed and that one of the parts had been backordered and would be sent to my home, and I was to reschedule the service call after I recieved the part. The part arrived and I scheduled the service call (2 weeks out). Today (Dec 31), 2 service techs arrived to repair the oven, but they didn't have parts to make the repair, the orginal service tech had the 3 parts on his truck. Rather than try to get the parts from the orginal tech and return same day to repair the oven, (his calls were within 10 miles of my home... I even offered to go get the parts) they merely scheduled another service call... another 2 weeks out (Jan 14). GE Service is a disorganized mess that obvious doesn't care about customer satisfaction that I will never use again. Nor will I be purchasing anymore of their products/appliances.

ge itwinkle g35 lights

Hello! In 2012 I paid $69.99 (at Costco) for the General Electric "GE Color Effects 50 CT" LED Christmas lights. They worked for less than 2 years. In 2015, I again paid $69.99, for the same Christmas lights (called "GE ITwinkle G35 Lights") and they too stopped working after 3 years (no connectivity to the lights wifi).

I've paid out $139.98 dollars for 2 sets of Christmas lights, that did not last long at all. I'd like my money back, or, a couple of replacement sets of Christmas lights.

I still have the bills, if you require proof of purchase. My email ID is jp.[protected], if you'd like the proofs of purchase.

My name is Jean-Paul Beaurivage, 506 Murray Avenue E, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, S4N 1K2. I can

Please do the right thing, and send me either my money back, or a replacement.


ge range - with glass/ceramic top

We had a pot of cranberries boil over and carbonize under the cooking pot. In an attempt to clean, I used authorized cleaning agents and finally resorted to the razor blade to get the material off. The surface still felt a bit rough where the carbonized material had been, and upon closer, magnified, inspection found small chips in the glass/ceramic surface. Of interest is the fact that most of the chips were associated with either the small white/gray dots on the surface, or the white/gray circular lines that mark the burner locations and sizes. It appears to me that there is differential expansion between the black glass and the white dots/lines which has caused the chipping, or there is a differential chemical reaction between the glass and white/gray dots or lines and the carbonized material which has caused the pitting. I would appreciate any thoughts you might have based on the above analysis of the chipping.


Wally Gwynn PhD.


General Electric

We have had our new Washer/Dryer for less than a year and 1/2. It developed a squeak. We called a repair person today (10/22/19). He said the washer transformer was leaking oil and repair would be $300.00 +

Seems to me that this problem developed way too early.

We would appreciate your help.

Bill Munger
7823 Bombay Lane
Indianapolis, IN 46239

  • Ge
    GE fan Oct 25, 2019

    Im sorry but most GE appliances have a 1 year warranty. You wouldn't buy a car with a 50, 000 mile warranty and expect the car dealership to repair your car at 60, 000 miles? GE has to draw the line somewhere and im sure you would agree.

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customer service

Very irresponsible people, very disappointed for the awful customer service experience; We asked a very specific question about whether or not the service call will be covered by the warranty, and had only scheduled the service after we were given a positive answer, by a GE service department representative over the phone; The technicians showed up, looked at the fridge and told us they won't be able to perform any repairs and left; Fine, a month later received a bill for $285, for what? A promised repair under warranty which did not happen, and overcharging us for the trip? Called in to seek for reasonable solution and was threatened the bill will go to collection if remain unpaid. Seriously? Very shameful experience and extremely shady business practice.

ge refrigerator service parts division refrigerator model gne25jskbfss

We purchased the above refrigerator a few years ago. The plastic piece that connects the handle to the freezer has broken 3 times due to its poor design. I need two little plastic parts to fix it but I cannot buy the plastic parts without purchasing the 3 handles for the refrigerator at $187 a whack. I now have 9 handles and the plastic pieces that connect the handle to the freezer door is broken again. We are in our 70s and have no children in our house. We bought the warranty but guess what. Handles are not covered. This is ridiculous. I have always had good luck with GE appliances over the years. My whole kitchen is GE. I did notice your new refrigerators have a totally different designed handle. Big surprise.

ge cafe series refrigerator

I purchased CYE22USHSS GE CAFE Series Refrigerator for $2, 789.99 plus the $249.99 extended Warranty. I have had the refrigerator repaired several times without a resolve in the issue. The refrigerator DOES NOT regulate the temperature and freezes the contents of the refrigerator portion. The moisture inside is excessive causing the silver lining on all the shelves to bubble and peel. The constant freezing temperature inside the refrigerator made the plastic brittle and it cracks and chips. The rubber on the doors and drawer of the freezer is now damaged from the excessive constant refreezing temperatures and separating. I have thrown away more groceries at this point than the cost of the refrigerator. I want a replacement because clearly this refrigerator is defective. Everything has been replaced by the services company and I have had to pay for the replacement of the cracked & brittle interior shelving as it was deemed COSMETIC. I want money for the groceries at this point and a new refrigerator. WORST REFRIGERATOR WE HAVE EVER OWNED

ge bottom freezer refrigerator

I bought this refrigerator In late 2017, after about eight months, I had to call for service because it sounded like an airplane taking off. They sent a man out ( not very friendly, acted like it was a bother) he said it had ice caught in it from it defrosting a bit. He said someone must have left the door open. I wasn't sure if that happened but It might have. He removed some ice and it sounded better for a while, but it didn't last. I had to call services again and this time I know it didn't get left open we made sure of that! The same guy came out and still said it was ice. He said that I might have to clean it out and shut it down till it totally defrosts. I didn't have to do that because we lost our electric for a couple of days during a storm and it defrosted. It ran after that not totally quiet but it was a bit better. Then in July of this year (2019) it totally shut down. I woke up to the food in the freezer defrosting. We tried to restart it but it wouldn't restart. I had to put my frig. food in coolers with ice and take the freezer food to my sisters. When the same guy came out ( I had to wait almost a whole week for him to come) He said the computer says the frig. is working and that I didn't wait long enough for it to restart. So I asked why my food was thawing he said he didn't know and that he couldn't wait around all day to see if it would freeze or not. He said he would call me in the morning to find out how it's working, he never did! So it stayed running but I had to turn the temp. to the lowest setting to keep it freezing. Now again it's back to sounding like a airplane taking off it's so loud I have to turn my TV up over the noise and never wants to shut off . They said if I call services again that I'd have to pay for it. As far as I'm concern this refrigerator is a lemon and I shouldn't have to pay for having it fixed. I'm am ready to contact the BBB and any other social media that I can. Resolution; I want it fixed!

12,000 btu ac unit

Called the week of 09/16/2019 to get a technician to come out and look at our AC unit due to the HORRIFIC noise and SMELL it was making.

Technician came on 09/25/2019 and stayed for 4 minutes, yes, he diagnosed our issue in 4 minutes and stated nothing was wrong with it.

This AC starts off sounding like a small engine plane about to take off then after the compressor kicks in this nasty smell comes out and sounds like a fighter jet flying over our house. Then it will kick off and start back up in 3-5 minutes. Please convince me that this is normal. We have had this unit for 3 months and is still under manufacture warranty. Then the GE Consumer lady I spoke to said we can send you out a different technician but just to let you know if they have the same findings then we will be charging you a Consumer Education Fee. Oh and the only time we are available in your area is on Wednesday's. I travel for my job and are available ONLY on Friday's which means I have to take PTO to make this appointment YET AGAIN.

There is NO way that there isn't something wrong with this AC. Please have someone call me with some intelligence contact me.

bad customer service ge cafe appliances

The freezer drawer on my refrigerator is misaligned. We measured it to confirm and there was a quarter of a inch difference. I didn't understand the directions in the manual on fixing freezer door gaps. I called GE to ask if this was serviceable. They said yes and sent a technician. The technician was extremely rude from the beginning for some unknown reason. Despite this I was as polite as possible. I showed him the issue and he immediately barked this is not his job, and I should have called the store where I purchased the item to fix this. Since he was in a bad mood I didn't want to engage so I said nothing. But in hindsight I had called Customer Service and they were the ones who told me they would send a technician. He turns the allen key twice on the right door and says I'm done. I said, well the issue is more the freezer drawer. The left side is lower than the right. He didn't bend to check and just said you are seeing an optical illusion, its fine. You are seeing things. I said, sir no I'm not I would not call a technician to waste my time. I have measurements. He lied to me and said you cant do anything the bottom freezers are sealed from inside so you cannot align them. So the manual GE supplied has false information? We went back and forth on this and he was getting louder and I would have to get louder cause he wouldn't let me speak. He said, I'm leaving I don't have to be here. I said, well what is your name since you never gave it me because I need to file a complaint. He said, its on my shirt - read it! At that point that was too much. Then I said, you have no reason to be aggressive, rude, and dismissive of me I will be filing a complaint against you. I don't understand what you are mad at, is it my face? He goes well, I'll file one against you. This is on my security camera him threatening me with a complaint. I said, go ahead just go. I call GE not even 10 minutes later to make another appointment and they said the technician has put me on a Do Not Service list because he didn't like the way he was treated. Apparently I can never get in home service from GE again. He was the one aggressive with me and this was just retaliation cause I said I would be filing a complaint against him. The Customer Service Escalation team was useless. This man came into my home and was disrespectful to me yet they are supporting his baseless claims. They said we need to protect our technicians. You need to protect your technicians? I'm 108 pounds. You sent a large, angry man into my home who basically told me he is too good to align doors, that I am wasting his time, I am seeing optical illusions, and you need to protect your technician? I spent $8000 on your appliance suite, I was nothing but nice to this man but he was looking for an argument. Also, when I bought these appliances there is a standard warranty which says GE guarantees under its one full year warranty, 'GE will provide, free of charge, all labor and related service costs...' So, how can they refuse service? Now, I'm being told when I call customer service that they will give me $250 to find my own provider to align the doors. The warranty contract says GE will doesn't say customer is responsible for finding provider. Some incidents will cost way more than $250 especially in the New York area, that fee is unreasonable. Nor does it say in the contract the provided GE Service Technician has a right to terminate/alter the the Standard Warranty. You can't change the terms of the warranty at the whim of a technician who decided he didn't like me, or didn't want to do the work. So if you expected a great customer service by spending slightly more on the GE Cafe Series that is absolutely not true. The service is terrible. Its absolutely insane that I spent that much money and they are trying to renege on the standard warranty. Please everyone be aware they are not upholding their Standard Warranty and the customer is at the whim of their technicians.

ge dishwasher ddt575sgfbb (5 years old bought 5 year extended warranty)

From the first day I wondered if I had gotten a "lemon"? I had a GE Profile dishwasher before that lasted 20 years. Almost out of box had to have gasket replaced. Never have been 100% happy with this dishwasher. It uses Cascade pods but I still must add Finish or Cascade final rinse? Light comes on says empty yet isn't. FYI I have soft water in my home so can't blame hard water.

Discovered that upper rack was rusting through coating in the back. Tines are loose and breaking. Thought ok well out of 5 year ext. warranty (found out rack wouldn't be covered anyway, cosmetic. Huh I think rack is functional part of dishwasher) Point is after speaking to two reps in Consumer Complaint decided to order the upper rack assembly (GE WD35X20453) almost $200.00 part. They discounted and shipped free ? (haha) $168.00 net out of pocket. I waited 7 days and received today at home. Surprise and here is the catch...I went to remove the end cap of my upper rack and well it takes a technician from GE to remove. Seriously they sent me a part for which I now must pay a house call to have a GE tech come out with a special tool to remove. WHAT A RACKET!

I am now waiting for a return authorization to return (GEWD35X20453) back to GE Parts. I will be calling my credit card company to dispute charge as well as contacting 7 on your side. GE is not the great company it used to be. GE in my opinion isn't even "G"-good "E"-enough to sell or maintain its products. Once a loyal customer who has decided to look to other name brands. Sad, very sad day and frustrating!!! GE fails to deliver. ( I am waiting with baited breath as I have a GE refrigerator which is fraught with issues ( ice maker stopped working even after door was replaced), microwave oven and my water heater too is GE. Yikes... so much for loyalty.

ge dishwasher ddt575sgfbb (5 years old bought 5 year extended warranty)
ge dishwasher ddt575sgfbb (5 years old bought 5 year extended warranty)

general electric he washer

I bought this machine 4 months ago I've only been able to do three loads of laundry in which the first load caused the drum to drop they sent out a service technician to repair it and upon my second load the drum dropped again with the machine stopping. I turned it back on to watch the drum bounce off the side walls causing it to chip paint off the machine. also I noticed it walked itself around my bathroom during the second load scratching the new dryer the new washer denting my wall and scratching my floor

2 month old ge washer not working

I reluctantly had to call for service on my GE front loading washer machine of 2 months old. Secondly, I found out that I would now be without a washer for 11 days before the technician can come and inspect why the machine will not work. At that time, I'm sure if parts or whatever are needed it will extend my time of no washer. I also will have them look at the dryer since it seems to be getting noisier and noisier. We have GE appliances throughout the house but I would not buy your products again. I was to get a phone call if "an appointment became available earlier." So far no phone calls. I am a family of 4 and will have to incur the expense of using a laundromat. My husband was laid off so this additional expense is ridiculous.
Cindy [protected] PointPleasant, NJ


We purchased a GE French Door refrigerator in 2012 and have an issue with it not draining properly during defrost. The water fills the area under the utility tray that holds meats and cheese. The water will freeze and we have to break up the ice. We have had a repairman come from Lipscombe appliance (where we purchased) and they said that GE is aware of this issue and the repair kit to fix the problem only corrects it temporarily. They advised us that this refrigerator was not made by GE but Samsung for GE and this model has had a problem since. We were not aware of this since our decision to buy it was that it was an American made appliance and not Korean...we feel we have been duped into buying this refrigerator and that in only 7 years it has begun to breakdown and fall apart. We had been loyal GE appliance consumers and expect better than this from GE. This was a very expensive purchase and cannot just buy refrigerators every 7 years at these prices. We feel that GE is responsible for this and should make it right. We look forward to your reply.

top freezer refrigerator ge

We bought a top freezer refrigerator 3 years ago and within a year it started ACCUMULATING TOO MUCH ICE FORMING ICYCLES in the freezer.Repair was done and now it's back and WORST...LEMON this GE product is a LEMON...We demand FREE REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT. If GE will not do anything about this is not OK but that's how big companies treat their consumers. If GE will make an EFFORT to do something this then they care about their consumers. Anyway it's their PRODUCT.

ge refrigerator *fraud*

I purchased a GE refrigerator in September, of 2018. There is a defect in this refrigerator and GE has dumped the fiscal responsibility for correcting it in my lap. There was no offer of refund, even partially. The original warranty covers "defects". I will NEVER be purchasing a GE appliance EVER again, nor will I ever purchase ANY appliance from Home Depot. They advised me, "Get a friend to fix it." My existing original warranty is in effect until September, of 2019. It is worthless.

The existing warranty covers "defects", and the promise of GE to address it concerning defects. What would resolve this matter is a partial refund and/or correcting the defect which I understand costs an estimated $100.00. GE has lost business because of this matter. Knowing of my bad inexcusable customer "experience", my brother bought a beautiful new refrigerator and it is NOT a GE. I have many, many friends through my professional career and they are aware of my egregious issues involving this GE purchase. There are many other brands and GE is by far, not the only act in town.

I was informed at the time of purchase that if there is a scratch, dent or damage to the appliance, mention it and a partial "refund credit" or replacement is made. There never has been any difficulty in getting any appliance through the doors of my home which involves a 36" width. The delivery people took at least 15 minutes to try and work jockeying the refrigerator through the doorway. The door banged and flopped in the process. Finally, they took my home door off the hinges, and brought the refrigerator in. I have a very large kitchen with an island counter, edged with ceramic tile. I noticed after they left that a noticeable piece of the corner of the tile, nearest and across from the space where the refrigerator was to be placed, had been broken off and was on the floor. This entire matter was a rough-shod deal.

I have purchased many other GE appliances in the past 40-plus years including side-by-side refrigerators, dish washers, stoves, washers and dryers. Because GE did not care or offer any legitimate attentiveness in this matter, not at all being forthcoming covering a defect in the amount of approximately $100.00, it was apparently worth it to them to lose thousands of dollars in customer purchases, than to take care of the issue with my refrigerator. So be it. My friends and associates are very understanding of this problem issue, and the failure of GE to honor its promise and guarantee. They are not about to commit to any GE purchase, for very common sense reasoning. So be it, as well.

I am continuously solicited to take out an "extended warranty" on my mistake-of-a-purchase GE refrigerator and affiliation. I have written to them to STOP their insulting mailings, as I will NEVER be owning another GE appliance, and am not about to get involved in ANY extended warranty. GE has failed to honor their promise in the original guarantee. I'm just not idiot, misfit or imbecile enough to purchase an extended warranty experience when the first one is worthless.

The remedy in this case is my NEVER purchasing a GE appliance EVER again, and GE's stupidity inheriting them losing thousands of dollars in consumer purchases as well. All for the sake of approximately $100. in remedy. It appears when it comes to business fiscal common sense, GE has apparently opted to draw on its "big name", other than honoring the reality of what it prints.