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Whirlpool Complaints & Reviews

Whirlpool / whirlpool refrigerator

Christine14 on Oct 10, 2017
We purchased a whirlpool refrigerator last November (2016) that retails for $3, 500. The refrigerator hasn't worked properly sine August 2017 and currently does not work at all. We have had at least 10 service calls and have had multiple parts, none of which have repaired the refrigerator...

Whirlpool / gas stove model wfg320mobso /ve649422574

Diana Basinger on Oct 6, 2017
Called about gas smell. After numerous transfers & much runaround with no concern about my family's saftey it was suggested after much bs I call gas company due to no one would be out until Tues-5 days later. Dominion gas arrived within the hour and confirmed the appliance was causing a...

Whirlpool / 30 in wall mount canopy range hood..

Charles Farris on Oct 6, 2017
We ordered a whirlpool 30 inch wall mount canopy range hood vent from home depot and had it delivered since they don't carry them in the store. It is missing the hardware and screws .. I called whirlpool and was told that they would send them to me ... after a week I found out they can't send...

Whirlpool / refrigerator model wrs325

mRo33 on Oct 3, 2017
We bought the refrigerator 11 months ago and have had 3 service calls to address vibrating noise. The service techs have bent coils and inserted foam padding in their attempts to address the problem. With the 1-year warranty period ending this month, we sent Whirlpool a request for an...

Whirlpool / refrigerate/customer service

Fausta on Sep 27, 2017
I have only had my fridge for 6 months and have had nothing but problems. I have a bottom freezer fridge and it has been leaking. I have had 3 service companies out and still have the same problem. Not to mention all the calls to whirlpool. I will NEVER buy another whirlpool product again...

Whirlpool / whirlpool fridge broken again

Worstfridgeever on Sep 25, 2017
I bought a house with all new appliances, including Whirlpool fridge model WRS571CIDM01. Fridge purchased in May, closed on August 14, and it had not been used in that time. It was empty and working in July, but on August 15 it was not cooling at all. First appointment diagnosed broken...

Whirlpool / cleaning problems with my dishwasher

Val1Bel on Sep 20, 2017
I have a Prowash W10751716A tall tub with a 3rd rack. My dishwasher is not cleaning dishes properly, particularly in the top rack and 3rd rack. It doesn't seem to matter what cycle I use, whether I use a rinse agent or not, or how few dishes I load. I've followed the manual in terms of how...

Whirlpool / stainless steel fridge

JfsM on Sep 19, 2017
Doors are developing lots of streaks of rust, no one has seen or heard of this happening before, Whirlpool blames it on the fact that I live 1 mile from the Fraser River (which they say has salt water in it) and this has caused my doors to rust!!! What kind of an excuse is this??? The...

Whirlpool / whirlpool washer model wtw4900aw

Angry*** on Sep 19, 2017
Purchased 4/23/14 for $497.00 . The water suddenly did not drain complete;y and finish the spin cycle. The repairman said it was the gear that had to be replaced and total cost for parts and labor would be $525. How can your products fail after 3 1/2 years? We are a two person family with...

Whirlpool / refrigerator, stove, and microwave

William Clause on Sep 19, 2017
Some years ago I updated my kitchen. I install Whirlpool products new. I am very dis-satisfied with the products. The stove is suppose to be energy savings. It takes 4 hrs. to clean. The shelves in the refrigerator all cracked at the outer edges shortly after purchase. The door on the...

Whirlpool / electrical fire

Rangs on Sep 18, 2017
Whirlpool gas range drop in MOD # SCS3017RB00, SER # XS4112936. We purchased our home, from JTS new in 2005, only lived there part time until February 2016 and full time since, hence the unit only has 5 yrs use. Last night I hear tic, tic, tic, I look around then I head a couple of tick...

Whirlpool / appliance quality issue

chrisjenj on Sep 16, 2017
We bought a refrigerator and microwave from Home Depot and at the time of delivery, Sept. 12, 2017, we found a large dent in the side of the refrigerator and denied delivery. The microwave appeared fine, but when we were installing, noticed some metal was bent. Not enough of an issue to...

Whirlpool / refrigerator model#wrx735sdbm00, stove, dishwasher

Lynn Ellis on Sep 15, 2017
I filled my kitchen with your appliances and am soooo unhappy with everyone of them. I have a 35 year old Whirlpool refrigerator at my other house and have never had a problem, that's why I bought a room full of your product. The ice maker quit and actually never gave enough ice. Then it...

Whirlpool / whirlpool washer model wfw8640bw2

Unhappy6789 on Sep 14, 2017
The washer door locks, the 45 minute time button is lit up; the washer will not start. This is my 89-year-old mother's washer--which she used only yesterday--and now (September 14, 2017) it doesn't work. I need a tech person to walk me through the steps of getting it started because I am...

Whirlpool / washing machine

Josie Di Nicola on Sep 13, 2017
We purchased the new washing machine in May 2017abd was delivered on May 13th, 2017. Since the day we got it we have had issues with it leaving a dark residue all over our clothes. They come out looking dirtier then when going in. We called and had a service tech come out. He did nothing...

Whirlpool / service for hot water heater parts

Jeff Hiday on Sep 13, 2017
On Sept. 7th I spoke with one of your service reps to diagnose a hot water heater problem under warranty. They suggested I replace the Thermopile assembly. I paid the extra money for shipment . Didn't fix the problem. Called again on Sept 8th. This time the gas valve was suggested. So...

Whirlpool / whirlpool dryer

Michray1234 on Sep 11, 2017
It keeps leaving sticky tar substance on my clothes. I have had to take 4 days off work to accommodate people from your company to look at it but I keep having the same problem. I am extremely disappointed that it's a brand new dryer and you won't just replace it. It's ruining all mine and...

Whirlpool / maytag stainless steel dishwasher

4685 on Sep 6, 2017
Expensive American Made Junk Caution, a whirlpool product started the deadly June 14, 2017 London block inferno, at least 79 people perished in the flames! Purchased this Whirlpool made Maytag Stainless Steel dishwasher Feb 2013. By Jan 2017 the washer was no longer operational. Due to poor...

Whirlpool / mini fridge

Oslyn Fausett on Sep 6, 2017
I bought a Whirlpool office fridge September 10, 2016 at Target . I did not purchase the extended warranty.For the last few months I have been trying to have it fixed or replaced. Now its about three days before the factory warranty up, they promised to send someone to repair it. Keep in...

Whirlpool / washer model wfw94hexr2 ser c14550095

SBS from Ottawa on Sep 5, 2017
Five years after purchase board needs replacing and the board is no longer available. Cannot even buy a red front load washer to match base and dryer. We paid a lot for these. I have phoned customer support three times, each time with over a 45 minute wait whiles listening to messages on...

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