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Top load washer model # wtw4816fw

Unbalanced and ruined garments within 2 weeks.

I always buy Whirlpool appliances. Less than a month ago I purchased a new washer. The agitator does not sit even to the base of the drum. I can run my fingers around the base of the agitator and in some places I can't fit my fingers underneath, whereas in other places I can fit half the length of my fingers between the bottom of the agitator and the base of the drum. Two of my garments have been ruined. I had washed these garments in my old Whirlpool and never had any issues. Also, while washing 2 small, lightweight bathmats, the washer became unbalanced and thumped, rattled and jumped across the floor, scraping the floor. The sound was so loud and scary, like a helicopter in my basement. Again, I washed these same bathmats in my previous washer and never had any issues. I purchased this washer from Lowes.com and it was professionally installed. I hope someone can help me, but it is almost impossible to get through to anyone at Lowe's. It was a 45 minute wait time when I called and then I was transfered to another department where my call was sent directly to voicemail.

Stove repair

Do not recommend platinum factory services out of bellaire oh. Whirlpool needs to stop contracting with this company. They discriminated against me because im a health care worker & have horrendous reviews from multiple people. This service company refused to come to my house because of where I work. They canceled on me one time and told me that I would need to take 2 weeks off of work prior to them providing service. When I called whirlpool again regarding my faulty stove they set up another service appointment with this company (which I have the confirmation). I took a vacation day from work and called them the day of service and they claimed that they never received the work order. Now they are saying that they refuse to come. Absolutely unacceptable. I would like them to pay me for the vacation day that I burned due to their discriminatory practices & I would like whirlpool to think about who they contract service with as it reflects poorly on them as a company as well.


I have a whirlpool stand up freezer, side by side refrigerator, duet washer/drier set.
I have a maytag dishwasher.
My freezer needed a new gasket, otherwise it works fine. I called the local authorized dealership. Steve's maytag appliance center. They refused to service the freezer because they did not sell it to us. (gee they told us at the time they couldn't get the model we were looking for)

I just bought a new stand up freezer. It is not a whirlpool or maytag. As the other appliances start to fail, they will be replaced by any other company than maytag/whirlpool.

Whirlpool refrigerator

Purchased WP refrigerator in 2012. Ice maker broke shortly after having, then compressor went out, had to be replaced. Since replacement the refrigerator knock constantly when the compressor is running. Bought 5 year extended warranty, Solor Appliance came out at least 5 times, could not fix. Warranty is expired, still have knocking refrigerator. Would not buy again, would not recommend. Will stay away from Whirlpool. This was not a cheap refrigerator, purchased from A-1 Appliance, Covington, LA, no help from them. Try to support local company, bad move. Next appliance will come from Lowe's or Home Depot. they fix/replace no questions asked!

[Resolved] Dishwasher

I bought a whirlpool dishwasher 6 months ago. It has leaked 2 different times. They replaced the same part now twice and the second time they refused to install it. So I don't even know it will leak again or not. It is sitting in my garage now. Hopefully someone will reach out to me from here and resolve the problem. If not I will post again or never buy whirlpool again.

  • Whirlpool's response · Apr 21, 2020

    Hi Chuck Co, we value your time and would like to look into the concerns with your appliance. Please reach out to us directly at 1-800-253-1301, via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/whirlpoolusa or Twitter @WhirlpoolCare. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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Whirlpool fridge model wrx986sihv

Purchased this French door refrigerator on June 28, 2018 and it was delivered in early July 2018. Several months ago (January 2020) the ice maker quit working. The 1 year warranty is over and I'm stuck with a refrigerator that can't make ice. This was an expensive purchase, $2126.79 plus tax for a young couple just starting out and a newborn. I called both Lowes (place of purchase) and whirlpool and neither place was willing to rectify my problem. I would think that the parts used to make ice would last longer than 18 months but in my case something failed. We really like this refrigerator and hope that whirlpool can rectify our problem.

Thank You

Jessica Guild

  • Mr
    Mr. Helpful Apr 10, 2020

    Hi Ms. Guild.

    We appreciated hearing your concerns.

    As with most products, the 900 series of refrigerators are supplied with a 1 year - limited warranty. This is done to offer the refrigerator at the price paid. As with many such products, however, you have the ability to purchase additional warranty coverage through both the manufacturer and the retailer of the product. Yes, this does add to the cost of the product, but can give the consumer piece of mind that such problems will be covered without additional charge. Just because a consumer elects to not purchase this additional coverage, does not mean one is left without the assistance of Whirlpool and their line of qualified service centers. Simply contact the customer service division at 1 (866) 698-2538. An appointment can be made and the difficulty fixed for a very reasonable cost.

    Hopefully this helps.

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[Resolved] 40 gallon tall natural gas hot water tank

Purchased a 40 Gal Tall Natural Gas Tank on March 16, 2016. The Hot Water Tank came with a 6 Yr Tank / Part warranty.
On Saturday March 28th 2020 the Hot Water Tank developed a significant water leak - dripping at the bottom of the unit. After verifying none of the water connection lines were leaking that only left the tank itself as the possible source. I contacted Lowes place of purchase they instructed me to contact Whirlpool direct at the number on the tank...However, was told they didn't expect them to be open during the weekend, especially during this Coronavirus situation...That said, I purchased a new tank and replaced the faulty Whirlpool Hot Water Tank as my family could not go without Hot Water...
I contacted Whirlpool Monday March 30th 2020 regarding the warranty. After verifying the Hot Water Tank was still under warranty I was ask to get in front of the Hot Water Tank to conduct a Leak Test. I explained that I had already removed the Hot Water Tank and then was told unless I was willing to reinstalled it for this check there was nothing that could be done from a warranty perspective...
You would think that Whirlpool include this little detail on the same sticker that they provide the number on...Of course they don't...
That said, my family has been a dedicated Whirlpool customer for as long as I can remember but that tradition ends today...
My father could not believe how this ended given his years of experience with Whirlpool...

  • Whirlpool's response · Mar 30, 2020

    Please contact Whirlpool® Residential Technical Assistance at 1-877-817-6750 or visit their website at www.whirlpoolwaterheaters.com . They will be able to assist you with your Whirlpool water heater needs.

[Resolved] front panel starting to rust

I purchased a whirlpool washer /dryer in 2017 and last summer noticed the washer was starting to rust on the front panel. I had purchased a 5 year additional warranty on the product but neither Lowes nor Whirlpool say that the rust is covered by the extended warranty. Now I'm told that I have to pay someone to come look at the rust and pay to have it repaired. Considering the product was 2yrs after purchase when the rust started I find it hard to believe that is acceptable for any indoor appliance.

I think that Whirlpool should either pay to repair the appliance or provide a replacement part for installation.

front panel starting to rust

  • Whirlpool's response · Mar 18, 2020

    We are constantly working to improve our appliances and our service, and it is only through feedback from customers like you that we are able to do so. We have documented all of the concerns you have mentioned, for review by our managers and engineers. Our managers and engineers do regularly review our files, to look for areas in which we can improve our products. We know that can be disheartening; especially when you have just purchased a new and you have high expectations for it. We’re sorry that we are not meeting/delivering these expectations.

  • Updated by Andy Gans · Apr 17, 2020

    so in other words, buy someone else's washer if you think it will be better. Very disheartening to read this and watch the rust deteriorate my washer as well as watch the extra money spent on an extended warranty go down the drain. Please let your engineers as well as PPG know that you cannot have rusting appliances in a home being used as it is an extremely visit advertisement for the quality of your product. I know my neighbors have mentioned it to me!

[Resolved] Whirlpool microwave model #WMH32517AT-0

The door of our microwave is cracked in two places, one crack goes all the way through the plastic. The microwave is an over the range microwave. I worry that pieces will fall off and damage the range below. Also, the door is biscuit colored and difficult to find. We had this same problem with our last whirlpool microwave, and replaced it; hoping that the company had corrected this design flaw; but this diir is more damaged than our old one.

Whirlpool microwave model #WMH32517AT-0

  • Whirlpool's response · Mar 18, 2020

    We value your time and would like to look into the concerns with your appliance. Please reach out to us directly at 1-800-253-1301, via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/whirlpoolusa or Twitter @WhirlpoolCare. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

[Resolved] Refrigerator is a lemon

We purchased a five drawer whirlpool refrigerator for over $3000 from Lowe's 2016 and bought an extended warranty . It has flooded our house more than once and has been repaired more times than I can count. I have contacted whirlpool numerous times and I have contacted AIG the warranty company numerous times and still I have this piece of junk our house. At what point in time do you consider this Refridgerator a lemon? They all say I'm sorry but do nothing but repair, repair, repair I was told they would do nothing about our house being flooded from this leaking refrigerator... call your own insurance 😡. Our kitchen floors, walls were soaked, our basement walls, floor and ceiling were soaked... can you say MOLD!!! I have tried to talk with the CEO and was told he is too busy to talk with a consumer... really? I work for HCA and the CEO of this worldwide corporation is more than happy to talk with the " little people" as we are the consumers of his product! Whirlpool is terrible!!!

  • Whirlpool's response · Mar 18, 2020

    We are very sorry for the continued frustrations with your appliance, . Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with any additional support. Any further concerns would need to be addressed through your Extended Service Plan Provider.

[Resolved] Side by side Refrigerator 21 cu ft. SXS WRS321SDH

Purchased 3 appliances at Lowe's 3/3/20
Received refrigerator #1 on 3/5/20. Noticeable were dented door and side of refrigerator.
Received refrigerator #2 on 3/7/20 Noticeable were 2 dents on the door plus this refrigerator does not work. Has been running for 24 hours and the inside both the freezer and refrigerator are room temperature. Awaiting refrigerator #3 to be delivered 3/11/20.

We fear more trouble and are sorry we picked Whirlpool as our choice for appliances. We currently sit without refrigeration for 4 because your appliances arrive dented or inoperable. Not to mention the inconvenience of constant loading and unloading our food in an attempt to keep it from spoiling.

  • Whirlpool's response · Mar 30, 2020

    Hey William, we value your time and would like to look into the concerns with your appliance. Please reach out to us directly at 1-800-253-1301, via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/whirlpoolusa or Twitter @WhirlpoolCare. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

gas range Model weg745h0fs0 series R81575131

I purchased this range approx. 2 years ago and have only been using it moderately for 1.5 years, household of one person.

The appliance flashed message F2E1, stuck/shorted key. I had the local appliance repair send someone out and he told me the entire electronic panel needs to be replaced and the part is priced at more than $450. My reaction was shock and dismay. I bought an American made appliance and this happens.

I am wondering if this is a common problem with this model and what you can do to assist me in this situation. I can supply the receipt.

I appreciate your assistance.

Mary C. Burnett

  • Mr
    Mr. Helpful Mar 03, 2020

    Hi Ms. Burnett.

    It's not a common problem but, as with anything, it can happen.

    As with most appliances, Whirlpool supplies a one year-limited warranty on their products. However, if you'll start by contacting the retailer you purchased the unit though, many offer extended warranty programs that will cover such a problem.

    Please let us know what happens when you do contact them.

    Thank you.

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Good day

Kindly advise me on a major issue I am having with whirlpool south africa

I purchased a whirlpool oven model AKG659 /IX/02 about four years ago 

I recently discovered that the selector switch has burnt out and needs to be replaced

After contacting whirlpool South Africa I was told that the selector switch spare part is obsolete and there is no replacement 

To my surprise I was even told that nothing can be done

I am very upset and disappointed that a very recent model oven only four years old does not have any spare part and backup spares

I've spent a considerable amount off money on all my whirlpool appliances, never had a service problem before, but on this occasion I raise my concern to you at headoffice to please assist me as the south African office has very poor customer service and are of no help. I spoke to Mr gansen govender who is a Customer service executive, but he was very rude and offered no assistance in fact making me feel as if I was at fault for whirlpool not having backup spares for a fairly recent oven model sold to me

I would really appreciate if you could look into this matter and at least get me a replacement part or a replacement oven or some type off recompensation to the oven only four years old sold to me and not been told that there will not be spares within four years

Your assistance with this enquiry will be duly appreciated 

[Resolved] side by side refrigerator/freezer

Our Whirlpool appliance is just slightly more than four years old. Unfortunately the ice maker stopped working several months ago. We finally decided to hire a licensed repairman to fix it. Well after four hours of attempting to do so he gave up stating that it was a design flaw in the wiring at the bottom of the Freezer. Apparently there were nine wires that were cracked or severed which several things including the ice maker.

We paid him $159 dollars for his time but because the wires are aluminum he was unable to even solder them together.

It was suggested to call you and see if we can get some satisfaction to repair this. He said the only solution was to buy a new door. Well, the new door would cost more than the original purchase of the appliance. Everything else works good with the exception of the ice maker.

We would like help in rectifying the problem. This is our 3rd Whirlpool appliance, one being a side by side Refrigerator that last 15 years.

We don't have the funds to replace the door and we were hoping that Whirlpool would help us out. We are two senior citizens with no children in the house and would like your help.


Richard and Yvonne Odegaard

  • Updated by Richard Odegaard · Feb 12, 2020

    We have a 4 year old Whirlpool Refrigeration/Freezer. The Ice maker stopped working several months ago. However, we would like to get it repaired. We had a service rep from a local appliance repair company look at the problem, attempted to fix it but was unable to. It cost us $159.00 for his time.

    He stated that the design of the wiring at the bottom of the freezer was the problem. Because the wires are Aluminum he was unable to solder them.

    He suggested we call you and get some help with the repair. He said to fix it might require a whole new door. Well, we're not paying $1300 for a door for an average refrigerator/freezer.

    This is our second Whirlpool and the last one lasted 15 years. We are senior citizens, no children, and we would like some assistance in repairing this problem.

    I hope I hear from someone soon. Apparently the wires at the bottom of the freezer side were cracked and therefore inoperable.

    Please help. We live on a fixed income and need your assistance.

    My phone number is 951-271-6034. I await your response.

    Richard and Yvonne Odegaard
    9 Pine Via
    Anaheim, CA 92801

  • Whirlpool's response · Feb 13, 2020

    Hey Richard, we value your time and would like to look into the concerns with your appliance. Please reach out to us directly at 1-800-253-1301, via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/whirlpoolusa or Twitter @WhirlpoolCare. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

[Resolved] extended warranty

I purchased the 5 year extended warranty from this company when my orignial manufactureres warranty expired on my washing machine. Well, my washing machine broke a couple of weeks ago. Whirlpool sent out a techniciam to see what the issues were and I was told that the repair would not be cost effective - that the part would be $800.00 and the service to fix it would be over $150.00 and therefore, the cost would be more than the $300 they allotted for repairs. WIth that being said, Whirlpool offered a buyout of my extended warrantyl however, they are only giving me 75% of the value of what I actually paid for the warranty and I am out a washing machine that could be fixed. How does a company get away with offering a warranty and then not honoring the warranty? There was no where in the paperwork that stated that the there was a maximum fixable amount. I never would have purchased the extended warranty from them had I known this!!! I want them to cover the cost of the machine to fix it! Not give me a "refund" that doesn't even cover what I paid.

  • Whirlpool's response · Feb 12, 2020

    Hello J Hills! In purchasing extended service coverage from a third - party administrator, you are contracting with and delegating authority to that provider to administer service and/or maintenance for your appliance in lieu of the manufacturer.

    Any decisions made by an extended service plan provider, in regard to continued repair of your product versus replacement or reimbursement, or in regard to the service provider used to perform appliance repairs, are at the sole discretion of that service plan administrator. Whirlpool has no jurisdiction over your service plan or its administrator.
    Your comments have been documented in your customer file and are available for review should you need to contact Whirlpool at a future date. However, in regard to resolving your current appliance concern, we must refer you to your service plan administrator for further assistance.

    The extended service company should be abiding by the terms and conditions of your extended warranty. You will want to review your contact and discuss your options further with the plan administrator that holds your contract as they will be able to provide you with the best assistance possible. We apologize greatly for any inconvenience this may have caused. Whirlpool Digital Care

6.5 kg fully-automatic top loading washing


Completely unsatisfied with the quality of washing of clothes of this machine.
From the day 1 only, While washing clothes, they become more dirty than before washing.
Raised complaint many times but no solution is provided. Recently last 20 days ago raised complaint (Service requset no. FA210120684861) to customer care. Er visited, I told him to wash clothes in front of us, but he did not & said machine is ok.
But the problem persists same.

I am fed of whirlpool machine, Please provide the solution.

  • Mi
    mickie3733 Feb 17, 2020

    I am sooo sorry that I got rid of my 35 year old Kenmore washing machine(rust and all) for this horrible, expensive Whirlpool washing machine. After 6 months, I am finding that I am soaking and washing clothes by hand before putting in this do-nothing top loader. Can't open lid to see what it is (not) doing to clean clothes. What is my recourse?

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[Resolved] brand new washing machine leaks

I purchased a Whirlpool washing machine FWG81284W in Belgrade, Serbia on 31 January. It was delivered few days later and the first time we washed the laundry at 60 degrees it started leaking.

We informed the service Beotronic via emailand they directed us to contact the company in Svilajnac. The problems started when Svilanac service manager sent as an anuthorized/ un certified mechanic without any work order. This person did not know how to open the lower front panel on the washing machine. In this way, our property was put at risk of incompetent operation.

I phoned this Svilajnac service manager and told him that I do not accept any unauthorized/uncertified personnel. However, he phoned again to inform us that he was going to send some mechanics from the town where I live - again unauthorized/ uncertified Whirlpool mechanics.

I hereby complain because of the serious violation of Guaranty list that states that I em entitled to an authorized / certified mechanics to operate my unit.

I hope that you can maintain the high level of your services in Serbia and help me solve the problem with the compromised unit being faulty from the beginning.

I am looking forward to your reply,

Best regards,
Vladimir Stojanovic

  • Whirlpool's response · Feb 11, 2020

    We are terribly sorry to hear of your concern. Unfortunately, since you are located outside the USA you would need to speak with a representative in your region for further assistance.

wtw5000dw3 unsatisfactory

I purchased a new washing machine in November 2019 Model # WTW5000DW3 I am not at all happy with this machine. It take 3 times the amount of time to do a load of laundry and often have to do an additional spin and drain because the load is still very wet. It is not at all energy efficient because it take 3 time the electricity and longer for my dryer to dry the clothes that do not spin out well.

whirlpool washer - had for 4 months & broken - no resolution to date

Purchased a Whirlpool Washer & Dryer set from Costco Canada and received the units the end of August 2019. The Washer stopped working on Dec 20, 2019 after only 4 months. Could not get service until Dec 30th. A service tech visited and could not determine the issue & said he had to talk to an engineer. After our repeated phone calls to Whirlpool customer service, they determined we needed a new motor for the washer we have owned for 4 months. Had to wait another 3 wks from first service to replace the motor. Had the second service on Jan 21, 2020 and the service tech installed the new motor. This DID NOT solve the issue and the service tech was at a loss on what to do next. After our numerous & repeated calls to Whirlpool customer service (explaining the situation over & over), it was determined that Whirlpool would offer a "exchange". Not sure what "exchange" means but we now have to wait 7-10 business days for someone from Whirlpool to call us back for next steps. As of today (Jan 30, 2020), we have been without a washer for 41 DAYS with no resolution in sight. How long is a reasonable time that Whirlpool expects their customers to do without a washer (that is only 4 months old). It appears at this time it could be up to 60 days without a washer. This is totally unacceptable. We previously had a Whirlpool Duet Washer & Dryer set for 15 yrs with no issues at all. We also have top of the line Jenn Air appliance - Fridge, Range & Dishwasher that will need replacing in the foreseeable future and based on this experience, we will have to think very hard if we want to purchase any more applicance from this company. We need help to solve this issue asap.

[Resolved] refrigerator

My unit is broken:
Initial complaint was made on 1/14 a technician came out immediately - on 1/15. He was unqualified for the job. He then went back and waited a week to order a dye kit that should have been on his truck. The dye kit kit came in and was installed on 1/21. The unit was making cold air and keeping a cold temperature for 3 days. Technician returned on 1/27 and found unit to have a leak in door seal and considered the unit unfixable. At this time we called the company to proceed with a replacement. After being on hold for 45 minutes we were shuffled around through departments for a total time of 1.75 hours. The resolution being: they will put in a claim and process it over 10 - 14 days before we would get a visa debit card. This is unacceptable. Poor business! I have been without a refrigerator for 2 weeks at this point and now you are telling me that I must wait 2 weeks before I can purchase another. And to top it off it is a special order refrigerator that takes time to order. And who knows how long until it is delivered. And they are sticking me with the problem of discarding your malfunctioning product.

The reference # for this product is #[protected] claim # [protected]
The claims person will not offer any resolution information via email to commit to specific information. She will only send and email after we agree to the terms of what she says, but again - she wont commit to us via email prior so that we can make sure of the terms

We purchased our extended warranty from whirlpool expecting that whirlpool would stand up for its products. Never before have we had such and issue with a whirlpool product. This unit has had an issue with an electrical board and now with the coolant system. Clearly this product has manufacturer's issues. It is a lemon!.
I do not feel that I should be left without a refrigerator for such an extended period. I have been very patient through this entire situation, until now; and noone is offering an acceptable compromise.

I was told that my unit was not fixable and needed to be replaced: offering me 75% of the total and offering no assist to remove or replace this one is not replacing it!.

And now I want replacement of all the food that was lost throughout the ordeal as well! But noone will tell me how to make a claim for that.

Shame on you whirlpool!. I purchased and extended warranty from you and you are not making good on your product.

  • Updated by Maytag admin · Jan 28, 2020

    We are constantly working to improve our appliances and our service, and it is only through feedback from customers like you that we are able to do so. We have documented all of the concerns you have mentioned, for review by our managers and engineers. Our managers and engineers do regularly review our files, to look for areas in which we can improve our products. We know that can be disheartening; especially when you have just purchased a new and you have high expectations for it. We’re sorry that we are not meeting/delivering these expectations.

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