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Whirlpool Complaints & Reviews

Whirlpool / 60 gallon water heater

Paul Stokes on May 25, 2017
I purchased a 60 gallon water heater and installed it a year ago. Since I purchased the unit I have had to replace two lower heating elements. Now I have to replace a third, Iam very unhappy with this product and will never buy another product from your company again. This water heater is only one year old and I feel like I have to replace it again.

Whirlpool / washing machine

Constance Cuevas on May 24, 2017
I purchased my Whirlpool washer about 4 years ago. It is the model that doesn't have an agitator, I have tried different detergents, and different cycles and my clothes are not getting clean. When I wash sheets (2 twin sets ) and set it on sheets cycle, when I take them out, parts of the...

Whirlpool / I purchased an electric glass top oven july 2016

Debra Idol on May 22, 2017
Two weeks after my installation, the interior light burned out. I contacted the store ( Lowes)and they gave me some light bulbs. I have just burned out the third bulb. I don't use the oven very much and I rarely turn the light on to watch something baking. I have ovens in the past that I...

Whirlpool / refrigerator

Monica Cordier on May 22, 2017
I received a delivery of a Whirlpool Refrigerator WRF736SDAM on Saturday, May 20, 2017. It was damaged so it was returned to the warehouse. I need to be compensated for this inconvenience. I had loss of food while waiting for this refrigerator. Now I have to wait another 3 days before...

Whirlpool / 5 burner - double oven gas range - whirlpool gold series

Darla Dudley on May 21, 2017
I have never been as disappointed in an appliance. There is nothing good about this product. I waited for months to get it delivered because it was on back order. Had purchased it to have for Christmas family gathering because my previous oven's door got broken. Finally received it in...

Whirlpool / oven

MBauer on May 20, 2017
Hello, We purchased a Whirpool Oven and Range on 3/11/2016 at Sears Outlet in Streamwood, IL. It is a Gas Range Model WFG530S0ES0, Serial Number R53719327. While using the self-cleaning cycle for the first time on May 12th, 2017, the unit stopped working and error code F1E1 appeared and we...

Whirlpool / refrigerator

Trong Nguyen on May 16, 2017
For weeks, I have been argue with my parent and wife about the temperature of our brand new refrigerator, it is not cold and how the food go bad quickly. I told them that they are crazy this is a brand new Whirlpool refrigerator that we install in March. So, I bought a thermometer and put...

Whirlpool / kitchenaid dishwasher

Nancy kinkead on May 14, 2017
We built a new house filled it with kitchen aid appliance . The house is two years old no children These r the worse appliances we have ever had Fan bad in oven sounded like a truck had to get a brew fan Dishwasher is a piece of junk We have put more money in to it in two years of any...

Whirlpool / Washer

Robert Rees on May 9, 2017
Back in 2014, we purchased a washer and dryer from Lowes in Strongsville, Ohio. Needless to say, the washer is probably one of the worst appliances we have ever purchased. I don't see this energy efficient product lasting more than a couple more years, if that. The washer has a...

Whirlpool / Refrigerator

Annie Morrison on May 5, 2017
We purchased a new Four door refrigerator in November; 5 months old. We came home a week ago and it was dead. I called the customer support number and 1 hour later they order a service call..3 days later. The service person said we had a fatal problem and would report for a replacement...

Whirlpool / oven repairs

nikki21 on May 3, 2017
Last Monday (24/04/17) I used the pyro setting in my oven to clean it. After about an hour of it being on the smoke alarms started going off! When I checked on it I saw the inner layer of safety glass had shattered. The glass had fallen down under the oven door to the floor. Luckily my...

Whirlpool / Washer

Taylor Mcglawn on Apr 25, 2017
My wife and I purchased a new whirlpool washer in Oxford MS from a reputable local appliance dealer in Sept. 2016 to replace an older machine that worked perfectly well. We started having problems March 3, 2017, the repairman they have sent has been to our house 4 times and our washer...

Whirlpool / whirlpool built-in oven wos51e

Pete33 on Apr 19, 2017
When the heat gets too high in this oven, or when using the self cleaning mode the fuse malfunctions and the broiler no longer works. I have replaced the fuse 3 times now in the last year. Do you have a fix for this? This problem seems to be all over the internet and one that should be...

Whirlpool / kitchenaid dishwasher

drcrim on Apr 19, 2017
We bought this model kdfe304dbl diswasher in jan 2015 for $720 and have never been happy with it. We did not know if the problems were because of gov't regulation or we had a bad unit. The unit was very slow. It took hours to complete a cycle. It left waste on the dishes and it didn't dry...

Whirlpool / Washing machine broken for 30+ days

Neeseot on Apr 18, 2017
Have had a Maytag Bravos X washing machine which worked well for 3.5 years when recently the spin cycle did not drain water from clothes leaving them soaking wet. I called the 800 number in my warranty booklet and was talked into purchasing an extended warranty from AIG for $319. That wa...

Whirlpool / whirlpool refrigerator

ElverLene Davis on Apr 18, 2017
I, Elver Lene Davis, bought the refrigerator about a year ago and it hasn't worked since I got it. It had defaults since I had it and no one ever came out to fix it. When I spoke to someone they told me that I should have gotten a warranty. The contractor that they finally sent out wa...

Whirlpool / Complaint about a women's day job drive

ManishaR on Apr 9, 2017
On 11th March 2017 there was a women's day interview drive arranged by whirlpool. Sorry to say but it was just a publicity stunt. I was called for Design Engineer post but I was not even given a chance to give interview. They wasted our entire day. We waited for our chance but we were not...

Whirlpool / Black ice kitchens products

Steve108 on Apr 9, 2017
When my wife and I moved into our new house around 2 years ago we decided to purchase the whirlpool black ice appliance for our kitchen believing they were good quality products for the higher price tag. However, since then we have had nothing but problems with the dish washer and oven...

Whirlpool / Dishwasher

kazooki46 on Apr 7, 2017
We ordered a whirlpool from home depot that arrived visibly damaged. We sent it back. It took 2 weeks to get another one that appeared undamaged. After waiting another 2 weeks for the installer we were advised the new dishwasher was damaged...the door would not open properly. We called...

Whirlpool / New electric range - burn up after 2.5 months

nlherron on Apr 6, 2017
My husband and I purchased all new Whirlpool kitchen appliances (refrigerator, range, microwave and dishwasher) on November 25, 2016 from Home Depot in Belleville, IL. The appliances were delivered on December 27, 2016. On March 13, 2017 we came home from work and was going to cook some...

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