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Lowe's - No one is answering the damn phone

I swear I called 3 stores tonight to see how how warly they open to make a return and all three stores, lithonia, stockbridge & carolina st in atlanta no one answered the phone! Irritating as hell! Why have a store whe you aren't answering the phone foe customers to call! I assumed lowes was better than home depot which I boycotted but lowes is about the not have my business

Desired outcome: NONE

Lowe's - Wooden fence

We had a wooden fence installed back in April 2021. As the man was installing it, I noticed it was turned, with the smooth boards facing my neighbors' yard.
I went out & advised I did not want it installed that way & no one had mentioned this to me. He said that some town had an ordinance that the smooth side must face the street. I said, "well, there is a st. Behind & one in front, so, I want the smooth side facing my house." he called his supervisor & was advised to go ahead & install the fence as it's beginning... Then... Lowe's would send someone to reverse it! That they had a 100% customer satisfaction policy." well. I'm not sure how I could have prevented such unless, I had gone out there with a gun! But, I want this fenced reversed & have been patient far too long. They keep saying the man who installed it would call us. He called but, has done nothing... Please help us. Max Mathews

Desired outcome: Want the fence reversed

Lowe's - Replacement of a defective blind

Hello, I'm reaching out about an ongoing issue involving the replacement of a defective blind in our condo. I reached out to Lowes in Gainesville, Virginia about the defective blind in April...

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Lowe's - Online order/pickup a disaster

Since my husband and I live two hours from anywhere, to include a Lowe's store, we went online to order all the necessary items for a bathroom remodel. This order #[protected] was placed on July 8...

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Lowe's - Disorganized delivery

On June 21, 2021 I opened a Lowes Credit Card and purchased a washer and dryer. I had the ordered scheduled for Thursday July 1, 2021. I called several days before the delivery date and had the date...

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Lowe's - Washing machine pickup

I live 105 miles from the closes Lowes. I bought a Samsung washing machine on line that was in stock at the lowes . I made the purchase of the washer and mandatory hoses and was emailed about an hour...

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Lowe's - Westinghouse solar 2 pack

I ordered a set of Westinghouse SR11ACO1HO62 it was a special order. When it came in it came as a single pack. I paid for two lights and only got the one. I took it back to the store and was told that just how it comes. That's not right. I asked if they could just order me a light so I would get my two lights. I was told I would have to return the light and reorder it. But I would probably only get one. What scenes does that make. Invoice # 1406 8773

Desired outcome: I would like to receive my other light.

Lowe's - Samsung washer and dryer #[protected]

Marvin D Thomas 18151 River Landing Drive Prairieville, LA 70769 Smart 4.5-cu ft High Efficiency Stackable Steam Cycle Front-Load Washer (Fingerprint Resistant Black Stainless Steel) ENERGY...

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Lowe's - Service from the store in Rome GA reg. order # [protected]

My mom has dementia, she needed a new washer so I got on line to Lowe's.com and researched and found a washer that we both agreed upon, plus I noticed that you all have free delivery so I ordered Item # 2368741, when I placed the order it said that I would also need Item # 246995 so I ordered both. It said that it would be delivered on Wednesday before noon. I waited and it was delivered around 3:45. As they took the washer out of the box we noticed that it had a small dent in the lower back part of the washer, since the delivery was free and the dent was not that noticeable, I was willing to look over that. They get the washer in my home and it didn't come with the hoses, Item# 246995. There for they couldn't hook the appliance. My mother called to the store that it was purchased from and the man was very hateful to her then a manager lady got on the phone and ended up telling my mother that there was nothing that they could do and they proceeded to hang the phone up on her. Now we have a brand new washer with a dent in it and no hoses to be able to use it. My mother has me as a voice for her, but I wonder about those who don't have anyone. I am currently on the hold with the customer service department, and have been for almost 30 mins. I will hang on another 30 mins if I have to but my time is just as valuable as anyone else's and I cant sit on the phone all day so I am letting you know that if this matter is not handled today, after the way that my mother was treated, I will post on every social media that I have and will not stop until I see your stocks lower. That was uncalled for. No one who spends money with your company should be hung up on.

Desired outcome: All I want is to have the hoses that go to my washer today so that my mother may use her brand new washer!

They are Greedy. They make millions in sales and do not care for the consumer nor there employee's, with the exception of a very few.

Lowe's - Appliance repair

I have been unable to get anyone to help me resolve a problem with a repair person sent out by Lowes who misdiagnosed the problem with our washing machine. When I finally get a call back after waiting hours the person sends my call to someone else and they don't answer. I have been trying for 3 weeks now. We were charged $165 for an unqualified repairman to come out. This person is with ACS. We have not heard back from him nor are we able to call him because his number is private and does not show up. I have called Lowes service department numerous times without getting the help we need.

Lowe's - Unfinished kitchen remodel due to repeated issues with cabinet ordering and quality

Summary: We ordered new kitchen cabinets for a total kitchen remodel through Lowe's kitchen design center on 2/23/2021. It has been 4 months since the initial delivery date, and due to repeated order...

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Lowe's - Carpet installation and no customer service Compensation Requested

Lowe's installed almost $8k of carpet in my home. They beat the walls up, cut the carpet short and we're lackadaisical about repairing the damage. In addition I was show one carpet pad and another arrived at installation; unfortunately I could not interpret the Lowe's product code and was unable to make anyone understand the misrepresentation by Lowe's.
Upon months and numerous calls for compensation for my time and the poor job done by Lowe's subcontractor; which I might add was who Lowe's kept referring me to . However, Lowe's took the payment and sluffed responsibility .
Again, after months of seeking some remuneration after mutiple calls to their customer service where they claimed they would contact me an never did gave me a poultry $100.00 while their C suite makes $M's and disregards issues of their customers.

Desired outcome: $10% refund of total amount spent for miserably customer service and inconvenience

Lowe's - I am complaining about Lowe's employee and failed project completion

On 5/22/21, I ordered nearly $3000 in Levolor custom cell motorized cellular blinds from Lowe's store # 1113. The blinds arrived about a week and a half later. Chrome Installation was the vendor...

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Lowe's - Cancelled order was filled again for pickup

On June 24, 2021 I ordered a few items with the intent of it coming to my home address. I was surprised when a short time later I received a message that I could pick up the order at the North Little Rock store. I live 2-1/2 hours away and there are some Lowe's stores much closer. For convenience I was ordering the items. I called Store # 1627 and waited forever before I could talk to anyone. They were not wanting to cancel the order. After several more minutes of holding the line, I had to hang up as I was at work. But not long after that I received an email that the order had been cancelled. I thought the issue was taken care of. However, on June 27, I got another email that the same order was ready to pickup. I have tried calling again but can't get through to anyone. I need this order cancelled. The order number is [protected]-Invoice # 83920.

Desired outcome: For the order to be cancelled.

Lowe's - Store manager glen flynn

Paid for fridge delivery, door swap and ice maker install. 8 weeks and incomplete still. I've escalated from dept manager, asst store manager and now 3 visits to the store to handle with store manager Glen. I don't know who to turn to for assistance. This is the worst customer service I've ever had. 5 unsuccessful install attempt by DSI. I was told a Lowe's tech would be dispatched but hasn't been. This guy is a liability to your organization.

Desired outcome: I want what I paid for!

Around my town, the call it SLOWES. But I call it poor management, poor training, poor hiring.

Lowe's - Microwave

Purchased over the stove microwave in october 2019 and extended warranty. Heating unit failed in december 2019. Repair tech provided temporary fix and we were told not to use the microwave for more than 30 minutes. Additional repair requests made and each time lowes or samsung cancelled the confirmed repair ticket for no reason. I want the microwave fixed or a new one at no expense to us. I have all necessary paperwork. Every person I talked with at lowes and samsung very unhelpful!!!

Desired outcome: Microwave fixed or new one at no cost to us

Lowe's - Lack of customer service

I have spent months dealing with Lowes and Masonite customer service for a front door. I waited close to 4 months for my delivery after ordering, despite being told I would have it in weeks. It...

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Lowe's - Employee

I asked an employee where is the grip tape and he pointed meh to an employee named Sal. Sal tjen pionted to end of the store and said " Its down there some [censored]ing where thats not my job i dont work in that section." I said "excuss me what did u say." And he said "U [censored]ing heard me". I reported it to the store manager but she left believing nothing is going to happen.

Desired outcome: 501 arena hub plaza, Wilkes Barre Township, PA 18702

Lowe's - Pella Windows

Most recently we opted to purchase Pella windows from our Lowes in Palm Coast, Fl on November 1st, 2020. During our meeting at home with the Lowes Pella representative we were advised that the windows would be arriving late December or first week of January 2021. The sales representative never advised us of the dust/debris that would consume our home during the installation. We advised the representative that we have a security alarm system wired in each window and were told that it would not be a problem for the installers. Based on that information we decided to sign the contract and pay up front for the windows. We patiently waited for a call advising us when the windows would arrive and be delivered and installed. That call never came after December had passed and we were into the second week of January. After leaving a message we finally got a call from our sales representative that the windows would be delayed and could not give us a actual arrival time. Again, after several calls we were again advised the windows had not arrived. After attempting to contact our sales representative to determine the actual arrival date, we were finally directed to a Contract Coordinator out of the South Carolina office who was most cooperative and helpful during our 5 month fiasco. The explanation given for the lengthy delay was due to the silicone shortage.
On February 18th, 2021, the windows finally arrived, and we were advised to contact the installers for an install date. We were advised that since the company was busy the installation date would be February 22nd, 2021.
After the windows were installed, three windows were found to be defective and would have to be replaced. This prompted a visit from the sales rep. and the Pella representative. They agreed to the replacements. On May 19, 2021, the three windows finally arrived and were delivered. The windows were installed a two weeks later. Unfortunately the mull bar covers were missing and the installation company had to use a substitute.
Since we had a wired security alarm system, we notified our security alarm company to re attach the sensors. We were advised that out of our 13 windows, only seven windows had the wires exposed, the other six were either cut short and not exposed at all. This required my system to be converted to wireless at the cost of over $ 900.00, invoice enclosed. We had to have our home cleaned with the amount of dust and debris on all of our furniture and floors. We had to have our pest control company spray for insects since the invasion of flying insects during the installation.
In closing, I have discussed this with the contract coordinator and was advised he would discuss this with his immediate manager. I also followed up with an email based on our conversation on June 10th, after several messages on his personal line and three email requests as of the date of this complaint we have not had any response to our request.

Desired outcome: $ 2,500 store credit

Lowe's - Carpet Install

carpet delivered 4/29 and waited for Stainmaster Berber expert to installed 5/24 called during job as it was being installed wrong(expert?)found out its his first job at legacy. told just make a note of it. Lowes should fire Legacy for our carpet installation issues. Legacy has done everything not to take responsibility for its horrible work. called for a week demanded someone look at this job, guy shows up 5/29 sat night 5:30 to fix said cant, need new carpet, and tack asked for our money back 6/1 Legacy and Lowes ask us to look at different carpet easier to install they wanted to send the same guy really...now your just FFing with me. but then told 6/13 cant get carpet till july delay, delay, BS just give use a our money back. No return calls from Caroline, Vince, Cherri, or Legacy Corp. over the month, John Eason calls 6/19 after contacting Lowes Corp Office, but failed to show up 6/21 sent new guy to look . have ask for my money back 5 times delay, delay, BS. wish i could post pictures. Tack 3 wide in doorways, and along walls, with nails poking up, 4in away from base boards .seams issues, spill proof underlayment not taped at the seams with water proof tape as printed on the Stainmaster pad, and some has no plastic spill barrier on it. pattern issues do not line up. report written 6/21 but as a customer i cant see it...more BS.. when and if ever this is resolved i will up date this post... Lowes, Legacy and Stainmaster read all the BBB, Yelp, and other complaints.. whish i had, , , Long time Lowes Business customer.

Desired outcome: Total refund

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