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Complaints & Reviews

The “used to be”best diy store is now the worst. “used to” don’t live there anymore

Lowe's was always the best DIY store by far. It is now the worse! I've never seen such a big decline in customer service In my entire life and spending millions of $. Management barely qualifies as management. Maybe the laziest bunch of managers in the world. Flippant Attitides and big fake smiles.
And the other half waking around like the worlds coming to an end.
It's the most disgusting display!
Ps. This whole corona virus and counting people is maybe the worse bit of policy Ever.

Damaged refrigerator and terrible customer service

When we originally purchased a refrigerator from the Lowe's in Thomasville, Ga., we were told it could be...


Delivery, Customer Service, Management, Honesty — Damaged Items, Broken Trust

Hello my name is Tyler Moss, I live in Ozark Missouri my email is [protected]
I was set to have a new microwave, fridge, stove, and dishwasher delivered on Friday March 20th. I called the day before to make sure everything was still good to go due to the trying times were all going through with the virus, I thought this may slow down or push back some of the deliveries. The person at my local Ozark Lowes I was speaking to informed me they were showing my delivery for April 6th and that my products that were ordered had not arrived to their location yet. I was confused by this but thought it was due to the virus so I did not think much about it.

The next day I received a call in the morning from my driver asking if I was ready to receive my items. I was very confused and told them what the local store had said to me the day before, but I was home and was ready for the items to come. They also told me on the phone that they would not be able to bring these items into my house because they had a new policy due to the virus that they could not enter the house but could put them in my garage for me. After receiving my items to the house I began to contact the store's customer service lines.

I explained to the local store as well as the main Lowes customer service number throughout my many calls made during that day I was unsure on how I was going to get these items into my house or set them up. I was told by the driver the sales person who sold me these items in the store was new and that was the reason I received no info about installation options. I assumed they were just installed when they were brought out, but it was explained to me how they go about that and I do understand and am able to connect them myself, I just wish I would have been told that earlier.

My sales person also told my wife and I they had a special if we purchased 3 or more items of the same brand, there was a special if I remember right to get 3% off but while starting the paperwork for the purchase, suddenly realized it was a rebate and not a discount on the items. I would think it was an honest mistake until my brother in law informed me that same sales person did that exact thing to them a few weeks ago when they purchased their items.

After talking with different managers at the Ozark location, one of which said he would call my drivers that day and see what he could do never even called back prompting me to call the store 4 hours later, I was informed that the policy could not state the drivers cannot enter a home, but rather it was driver's discretion. I told the manager I have $3000.00 worth of appliances in my garage with no way to get them inside with food spoiling slowly in a cooler because I thought I would have a fridge in my home.

the furthest I got was being allowed to use on of their dollies and bring it back after. I retrieved the dolly from the local store and made the attempt to get the fridge in the house up steps with only my wife to help. The fridge is in our home after much effort, but has sustained scratches and a dent from the two of us being inexperienced trying to move this large appliance.

I am going to attempt to move the other items into the home and get them setup soon but have been nervous to do so because of what happened with the fridge. My wife is devastated and fell in love with this fridge and now has to look at dents and scratches and be reminded of this nightmare of an experience for the both of us.

I myself am a Police Officer, meaning I truly understand the times we are in and what we are all going through as well as the dangers that can await drivers inside a home. I have experienced being lied to multiple times, being completely ignored, and led to believe I have to just accept where I am now. Having said that, I do not wish any trouble or discipline on anyone involved with my experience, I merely wish to feel like something can be done to make this right. I would greatly appreciate a phone call to talk with someone about my experience and I thank you for listening to my experience.


Returned Boxed artificial Christmas decoration Item within 90 days as stated on return policy on back of...


This is my personal and unique opinion of Lowe's Home Centers, LLC 350 Diedrich Boulevard Ashland, KY...


ethical complaint response

I used to Law and Civil rights category as is the closest words to my complaint.

My name is Mark Dinoia employee #2349228 from the Lowe's Franklin TN. Store 532, I was terminated January 24th of this and would like to state my side of what I can only explain as a bad joke from a fellow worker.

This co-worker, Sonya(last name I don't know off hand), filed a complaint about a comment I made. The following is the history between us. I never reported any of this because I thought it juvenile and management probably had more important things to take care of. I let it going thinking these actions and words would stop. They didn't, and it ended with my termination January 24th. Anyone on the MST team in store 532 can verify the following, also two members who have since left Lowe's, Jessica Mathis and Katelyn Holden, I am sure they can also be reached. I don't want or think this should be taken as retaliation but just as the facts of what I have been dealing with since the start of MST and an answer to why this all happened. I bare Sonya no ill will.

I was one of the original members of MST so is Sonya. I was informed that I had taken a ladder from the aisle Sonya and another member of the team were working in not knowing they were using it. Because of that, Sonya and the other member of the team decided to tell all the new hires to the team that I was Bossy and an Ass. I am not a very confrontational person and let it go. The new hires, including the gentleman James Ladd, who was my most recent supervisor, all soon found out after working with me that her comment was not true and I am a very easy person to get along with. My old supervisor, Brian Fitzpatrick, who has since gone to another store close by, got a hold of this and thought the rumor was true. Jessica Mathis will recall an instance where this came up, she is also going to write and tell her side and interactions with Sonya concerning me.

There was a period of time where Sonya for no reason would repeatedly slam her tool cart in to mine several times to get by me, without ever once asking me if I could move it, me standing within reach of it. When I asked why she didn't simply ask me if I would move it, she replied that slamming into my cart with hers until she could get by much easier thing to do than ask me to move it. Again, I was hoping all this would stop. It did after a while but something else would take its place.

It is my thought that Sonya was not offended by the comment I made and she filed the complaint about. I understand another person also filed a complaint I believe encouraged by Sonya to write it. I don't think I am just grabbing at straws here. I do believe it was a sick joke intended to in some way get back at me or "teach me a lesson" over some little thing I did. I'm sure those who know her on the MST team and other associates of the store would not put it past her to do something like this. I am sure she will deny ever thinking that. I was told that when Sonya found out about my termination was shocked to find out that I had been let go and my guess she didn't intend, think or hope in any way that I would or should lose my job over this. I think she may admit she carried this a little too far, unless saying so would jeopardize her job.

I was at the store for 2 and a half years with a perfectly clean file until joining the MST team and working with Sonya. I loved the store, the associates and most of all my customers and they loved me, even getting the occasional hand shake from a satisfied customer or an associate. On my first night at Lowe's, then on the overnight stocking crew an African American gentleman immediately took me under his wing and to this day I think of him as a father figure to me. James, that's his name, works in the storage dept. was shocked to hear that I was let go for the comment I made. I told him along with his wife the comment I made and they both shook their heads in disbelief that this was the reason for my termination. James can also be contacted.

In closing, I just find it very hard to believe that the comment I made that did not offend to African American people male and female, James being in his 70s his wife in her 60s, and that 2-younger people, who are WHITE, were offended by it. I hope this will be looked into and investigated just as thorough as that investigation that ended up with my release from work at Lowe's.

Thank you,
A Dedicated Employee,
Mark Dinoia
201 Gillespie Dr.
Apt. 13405
Franklin, TN. 37067

samsung flex duo range and the lack of warranty support and terrible customer support

I purchased a brand new Samsung flex duo. It has never worked properly. I also bought the extended warranty. I've had a repair person out twice and it still doesn't work properly. Lowe's refuses to replace it. Samsung just wants to say it's ok. It is not safe. It is going to cause a fire and hurt my children. I'm going to sue for negligence and false advertising of extended warranty.

whirlpool refrigerator

My two year old refrigerator began making loud grinding noises when the motor came on. I called the...

lowe’s advantage extended warranty

I purchased a Samsung dryer June 19, 2014 and a 5 year extended warranty. The manufacturer warranty covers the first 12 months. The manufacturer warranty offers everything that the extended warranty offers including reimbursement if applicable.
Lowe's Advantage routes you to the manufacturer within the 12 months. You aren't able to use the extended warranty within the 12 months of the manufacture warranty. So I am truly flabbergasted that your policy contradicts what an extension means. Lowes has told me that my warranty starts the date of purchase. Which from what I was told means that my extended warranty runs concurrent with my manufacturer warranty but I am not able to use the extended warranty until after the manufacturer warranty expires. I understand that it is activated the day of purchase so the system knows I purchased this extension the same day I purchased this product.  However the "Extension Start Date" is the date after the manufacture warranty expires. So how can you charge me for 5 years but only give me the benefit of 4 years.
This is truly upsetting to know that your company allows customers to be lied to. I have a dry that isn't running and because I was given 4 years extension but paid for 5 years I'm screwed. 
At this point I am out of pocket $150 plus. I took this all of the way up the ladder and recited a curtesy repair but that doesn't help with the misleading policy. It doesn't give me my money back that I've already spent on an appliance that should've still been under warranty. It definitely doesn't give me back all of the time and hurtful rejection I received with lie after lie being told.

hampton bay ceiling fan with lights model # m52-5b/4l

I bought the Hampton Bay Ceiling fan with lights Model # M52-5B/4L but I cannot find replacement parts for...

health risks

We were in the store, we go to this store alot, as we were standing in line which was very close to the...

refund of my money

I bought a refrigerator and after a month they delivery to my house but that refrigerator was no function...

lowes age discrimination on hiring practices

I am 68 years old and I reside in Poplar Grove, IL. I have been submitting job applications online for Lowe...

this has to deal with a driver cutting people off

Hi!! My name is Tracy Wright. I love Lowe's & my husband & I go to you often for supplies. This complaint has nothing to do with your awesome service at your all'S stores. This has to do with one of your drivers that drives a white pickup truck & has your logo all over the truck. He was turning left onto Commodore Blvd. (just as I was). I was in the left lane & he was in the right lane. He sped up to get ahead of myself & the car in front of me. He almost caused an accident because we had to come to a complete stop to let him cut over. He turned onto Palmwood Drive as well as I. His license plate number is: JM 8698. This happened around 8:00 pm or so on December 13th. When he stopped in front of a house on Palmwood he barely moved to the edge so I could pass by. I believe he needs to be investigated for his actions tonight. He's not a driver that I would want delivering my items. Also, almost caused an accident.
Any questions please feel to contact me. Thank you.
[protected] (my cell), [protected] (my email) & 1134 Swan Street Melbourne Florida 32935 (is my address)!!
Thank you for your time & cooperation in this matter. I hope you look into this & know that this is a serious incident. Thanks again!!

installation of storm door

January 23, 2019 I had a strorm door installed and as of today the installer has been back to my home six additional times. When I contacted Lowe's I was told that they would send the SAME installer back out a seventh time. I explained my disgust and was told that they would contact the Amherst store in New York to discuss this issue with the manager and call me back. However, no one called, and when I called to inqure about the next steps Lowe's would be taking, the representative told me that the manager, Nicky, was unwilling to refund my money or replace the door. Carla and Tiffiany, resperestaives from the [protected] Carla, and Tiffany were very rude and disrespectful, even after asking to speak with someone else, Tiffany she was the only one who represented the complaints, there was no one else to speak too. I had a morning appointment to fix the door, had someone waiting to let the installer in, and the installer stated he could not be there before noon. I am so angry that I am being overlooked, and treated with such disrespect. I am looking into taking the next steps to resolve this issue which would include contacting the news stations, posting a review on other sites, in addition to asking our lawyer what should I do about my money being return or my door being replaced. So disgusted! FYI: Not nough room to write every incident...smh!


Bought a new refrigerator 10/15 and the main shelf came cracked. Been trying since 10/15/19 to get...

home remodel

For a large remodel, Lowes hired for our contractor(they told us they get the best) a man who had no...

wrongfully terminated

I am a formal employee with Lowes. I worked for the Installation Support Office and had been there for 9...

customer service

I bought 248 dollars worth of plants and some paint - took me 30 minutes to check out. Lady ahead of me...

lg french doors/with 2 freezer drawers at bottom

We have had this LG refrigerator for 1 yr. &1/2.
When purchased, we bought the extended warranty, which apparently it is useless. The frig went out, we lost all of the food in frig and freezer. We have called the headquarters 800 #, and no help here; we were told by the rep on the phone to rent a frig! This was after a week. It has been 3 weeks and still no frig. A repairman did come here this (2nd) week, but the company sent the wrong part. After calling repeatedly and someone finally answering the phone, we find out the part was ordered again and will be here next week. It has been 4 weeks without a refrigerator, and wait another week to see if this part works. The repairman that came, told us that our refrigerator is the worst kind on the market. Gee thanks. Wish Lowe's had told us this when they praised the LG brand that was sold to us. Over $2000.00 with extended warranty has got us no where. The lesson learned here is to NEVER purchase anything from Lowe's because they do not stand behind their contract. It is wrong and plain out crooked to con consumers in believing the product they purchased with a warranty will be fixed promptly!
Do not believe a word Lowe's tell you.

flooring delivery/installation

I placed an order for delivery and installation of engineered hardwood on 11/1/19. I deliberately chose an...

door installation nightmare

We bought custom doors in july only two have been installed. The first installer measured it the second...

samsung washer

Since September 10, 2019, I had call Lows numerous of time to make an appointment for my Samsung washer. Mind you, two weeks Prior to this date I I've called numerous of time and got all the running around. I even went to the store, but was not able to get someone on the phone to help me tell September 10, finally!! Make the story short, two months later tell this date my washer has not been fixed and I have been on unsuccessfully to speak with a supervisor or management. This will definitely be my last time ever purchasing anything from Lows.

defective, broken delivered window a/c unit

Considering ive complained and written letters of concern already and once or twice spent a full day writing...


This store has the absolute worst customer service staff, very unprofessional, and the Managers are Joke...

gas water heater

As a frequent shopper at the Lowe's, I always look forward to spending an enjoyable shopping experience. I...

appliances / refrigerator, washer and dryer

Purchased a Samsung washer and dryer and LG refrigerator Labor Day weekend (8/31). Delivery was scheduled for...

customer service in the flooring dept

We have purchased laminate flooring for our Grandson's bed room refurbishing and the process has been a challenge. The purchase included flooring delivery and installation. When the flooring arrived over 10% of the planks were damaged in shipment and when calling to have this corrected we were asked to return the damage items and they would order replacements. This does help when the store already has installers scheduled for this week. We have spent hours on the phone with the Monkey Junction store in Wilmington and no one expresses any concern with the situation. Please contact me at [protected] if you can provide any support with this issue.

thanks as always

10 % rebate on major appliances

Well here we are going on week 15 for my 10% rebate for purchasing four major applainces. All you get is lip service. It is a third party and not us. Really, some chuckle head VP at Lowes hired this contractor, and they are working for you. This was adveristed in print, 6 to 8 weeks. A person could understand a couple of weeks delay, but not 7 weeks. I will never purchase another item from a corpration that can't recifty their poor choice ina contractor. Plenty of other places to shop. I am sure I am one of many being caught up in this mess.

hudson bay hot tub ordered 8/18/19 still no delivery or current status update

Corporate President/CEO:

I need a resoultion to this issue immediately.

I ordered hot tub 8/18/19
paid for special home delivery which was originally slotted for 9/16/19
Delivery slipped "due to Hudson Bay manufacturer" to 9/21/19
I was told by Culpeper when received in store approx 9/19/19 it arrived damaged
I have been in contact with Joey (Mike Debbie Karen) managers of Culpeper store which haven't called
me back with answer to when it will be delivered
Order Date:
Order Status:
In Process
Order #:
$2, 279.77

I have severe health issues and needed this therapy spa yesterday.
I have yet to get an answer as to when this product will be deivered
and if there can be a discount and when the soonest it can arrive
and if it can be shipped directly to my house instead of going to
the Culpeper.

Im realtor and refer to your company often.
This is worst customer service I've ever experienced and Im old.

Please advise how Lowes plans to rectify this situation.

Debbie Fitzgerald
Getting You Home...
RE/Max Gateway
The Right Realtor Can Make The Difference
Working on Referral basis
I'm never too busy for your friends & family
[protected] Cell
[protected] Re/Max Gateway LLC, Gainesville, Va Office

roof installation

We just received a notice from Lowe's that they will not be responsible for damage caused by one of...

craftsman products

On September 28 at about 430 pm I entered lowes store 1937 in Jersey City NJ. I seen Amanda from customer...

sales of pressure washer

I tried ordering a pressure washer off the internet from their website on Monday 9/23/19. I did not get...

Lowe's Home Improvement

promotional 0% financing

On July 1, 2019 I purchased a washer & dryer on line along with the necessary pig tail, dryer vent, etc and a...

valspar rebate

I selected valspar stain based on a 45$ rebate on each 5 gallon pail that I purchased. There was a 10$ rebate...

installation of old parts not the new I purchased

I purchased 3 toilets, recommended parts, basic installation, and extra installation for shut-off valve. 3...

harbor breeze ceiling fan remote

Long story short, I bought 3 fans and the remotes on 2 of them will not shut off, yet won't work at all. The...

Lowe's Home Improvement

customer service employee

We tried to check on returning a tanle sae yo tifton ga. Lowes. The customer service employee did not even...

Lowe's Home Improvement


To make a long story short I purchased I grill, asked for help from staff at Lowe's . Staff damaged my car...

Extended protection plan

Claim #[protected]
I have repeatedly tried to get my hybrid hot water heater serviced for two weeks. Told many times someone will contact me in two business days. No one calls or comes to do the repair/replacement. "Appliance Doctor" from New Braunfels, Texas, was sent out in the beginning. Couldn't repair it, said he would contact GE. He didn't. He doesn't answer his phone or return phone calls. Turned in a report that he fixed the water heater, which is false.