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Applebee's reviews & complaints

Applebee's complaints 490

Dec 23, 2021

Applebee's - Employee treatment & pay

I was working at the Shively location in Louisville Kentucky and wasn't getting paid in over a month but kept hearing complaints from half working managers when I am pregnant and high risk needing to be very cautious. They didn't seem to care to overwork me though which is annoying and this is why folks doing want to work not businesses be so allergic to paying employees but want you work people to death LITERALLY.

Desired outcome: Give me my money

Jan 21, 2022

Time for a Labor Board complaint! Everyone is hiring, you don't have to put up with Applebees nonsense.

Applebee's - Gift Cards/Customer Service

I had a problem with my gift card order and I can not get in touch with customer service for assistance. I call [protected] and they say someone will be with me shortly and I ended left on hold for over an hour. I have tried several times and the same thing occurs. I need to change my order immediately. I was shorted gift cards and the bonus cards all expire the end of Feb 2022, so there is no way I could use them and it would be a bad waste of my money. I need to reduce my order to just 2 $50 gift cards. I need for someone to contact me asap. I am not going to hang on the phone being put on hold any longer and then eventually the system just disconnects and I get hung up on. What terrible customer service. Tis the season I guess! [protected]@GMAIL.COM

Desired outcome: For someone to contact me to correct my order or refund me complely.

Nov 02, 2021

Applebee's - Product and service

Visited Applebee's with much excitement today. Order 2 meals which we had inside with a cold beer. At the same time we ordered a to go order. After we finished and waited 30 more minutes after asking about the to go order, still no to go order. Waitress avoided us and I had to go ask someone else. Got the food (no napkins, cutlery) and no apology. 10 minutes to get home food is cold and steak is nothing but fat and tough and not cooked as requested. Will be a long time if ever that I visit again. Buford Applebee's on Hwy 20. Restaurant was not crowded at all and had help. So disappointed!
Glenda Greeson


Applebee's - A manager

I want to known when I come to work at apple bee's in eustis and there's dishes piled up in the sink waiting for me to wash I do my no one is complaining or in my face talking me like i'm a child but...

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Sep 04, 2021

Applebee's - The busboy (person) tossed my take home box.

September 4, 2021 between 7-8 PM. The busboy (person) tossed my take home box, which I accidentally left on the table, and promptly returned to retrieve. I would have appreciated it if they had...

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Applebee's - Atmosphere

I'm sorry to complain but we were excited to come to your establishment tonight. We arrived at 8:15 and the music was so loud we couldn't even hear each other talk and the DJ was yelling over the music. We enjoy listening to music but it was to loud and ridiculous. I videotaped a sample to send to corporate office. This is not a place to go on a date or take children anymore.

And why don't they sell the riblets Applebee's is known for?

It was like they were trying to make it a club?


Desired outcome: Make this event after 10:00 after most families have had a chance to have a nice family dinner

Sep 12, 2021

Some Applebees on weekend nights do become a club of sorts at night.

I had the misfortune of working at an Applebees eons ago while putting myself through uni and was advised my first day by management to never order the riblets. Was not aware they are known for their riblets as we rarely sold any and when we did, they got sent back.

Applebee's - Service

First, the restaurant was very dirty. Tables, backsplash between booths, floors, restrooms and seats had not been cleaned. Flies were in the windows. Our table was filthy and I tried wiping it with...

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Applebee's - Service

We frequently eat dinner at the Applebee's located in Hendersonville, NC. We have always enjoyed our meal and service for the past 10 years at this particular restaurant. However, when we went to the restaurant on Thursday, July 8, 2021, we were extremely disappointed-not in the service or the food but what we saw. One of the waitress was wearing a mask that said "Black Lives Matter." (We have had this waitress in the past void of the mask and she is a good waitress.) I feel that this does not belong in your work place. We all have personal feelings about things but, I for one, would never ever think of wearing that mask in a place of business. The manager should have addressed this with her. Unfortunately for you, you have lost two extremely good customers.

Sep 12, 2021

Management is probably scared of a mob of BLM people protesting and tearing their restaurant apart if they say anything.

Applebee's - Not everything we ordered was on our sandwiches.

6/27/2021 7:15 pm Omaha Nebraska I ordered from 3350 s 143rd plaza a club grille that came with no bacon and a classic cheeseburger that came with no tomato and onion, then when we called about it...

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Applebee's - Poor customer service from applebee's and complaint line

I order food from Applebees in Conyers, GA on June 19, 2021 only to receive my food order cold when I arrived home. I immediately called and spoke to a manager on duty and she apologized and took my...

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Applebee's - Bad food order

I can not wait for the crispy orange chicken bowl again we did curb side pick up it was totally a bummer I am allergic to rice so when I placed the order the waiter called it back to me to make sure...

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Applebee's - carside to go deficiency

I use carside to go a few times a month and I always get ripped off. Today I was shorted a home dhicken bowl and a brownie dessert. It seems to happen every time. I can't drive back down everytime, so I just take the loss, but it's getting tiresome and expensive. Yesterday's loss was around $20, so I've lost well over $100 to them. I wonder what is so difficult about filling an order and I hope they're not doing it on purpose to make a buck. I'm on social security and will have to stop doing business with you if you can't remedy the problem.

Desired outcome: Make it stop!

Applebee's - New bowl - curbside service

I was so disappointed. On Monday, April 19, I had my sister pick up an order for me curbside at the Bridgeton, MO location (St. Louis, MO) for the new Crispy Orange Chicken Bowl around 5:30...

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Applebee's - Service and delays

We ate at Milledgeville Applebees on Saturday April 17 at 751pm. We sat at table and got paper menu and when waitress came she had to hunt for menu. After we ordered a well done steak and it was delivered 10 minutes later we got a salad with no silverware. After 10 min we got silverware and waited 10 min for napkins. then after steak was delivered they were bloody and we sent them back and then delivered after another 20 minutes. when we got our bill we ordered the 2 for 22 and had water to drink the bill was 52.00. we told waitress and it was corrected. There were 2 employees having waord near bathroom and our waitress was working a 16hr shift.

Mar 16, 2021

Applebee's - Service by our waitress and manager very poor and unprofessional

My family of 3 went to Applebee's on Trimble Rd/E Broadway in Columbia, Missouri about 2:30 today, March 16, 2021. Ordered only Hamburgers, fries and sides of boneless wings. We were only people...

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Applebee's - Terrible food!

My daughter, her boyfriend and I went to Applebee's last night in Auburn, Alabama. We had to wait to be seated, not sure why, but it was fine. We sat down, got our drinks and ordered. Waitre...

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Applebee's - Price of 2 for 22

I ordered off the 2 for 22 menus and was charged $27.00 for one appetizer and two entrées listed as 2 for 22 dollars, when I asked why, they said, "although the steak was on the 2 for 22 menus, it cost more"?
I had also purchased a second 2 for 22 deals of an appetizer, and one steak and one burger entrée and was charged $24.50. This is blatant false advertisement and we shall never return to Applebee if this is not changed. The Applebee is located in Augusta, Maine.

Desired outcome: the 7.50 I was carged for three steak entrees over the 22 dollars


Applebee's - Waiting time

On 02/23/2021 we went to applebee's to be enjoy a good dinner. When we arrived the waitress told us the waiting time gone to be 45 minutes. She sayed they short on staff and that's the reason. It wa...

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Jul 31, 2020

Applebee's - Smoking

The Amarillo, TX location on Soncy road. It still allows smoking and due to Covid 19 there is limited seating. We wanted to be sat as far away from the smoking as possible but that section was mot...

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Applebee's - Disappointed with the food

My wife and daughter went to Applebee's in Waycross, GA tonight and spent almost $70.00 for a very disappointing and unsatisfying meal. We each ordered a different steak and they were not cooked to...

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