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Kansas City, Missouri
United States - 64114
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Jul 31, 2020

Applebee's — Smoking

The Amarillo, TX location on Soncy road. It still allows smoking and due to Covid 19 there is limited...

Mar 15, 2020

Applebee's — Disappointed with the food

My wife and daughter went to Applebee's in Waycross, GA tonight and spent almost $70.00 for a very...

Feb 27, 2020

Applebee's Restaurants — Car side to go order

My order was supposed to be ready at 831pm. Went I pulled up to Applebees in West Memphis Ar, there were 3...

Feb 24, 2020

Applebee's Restaurants — Bad managers

I thought this was the friendly neighborhood bar and grill. Definitely not, it was a horrifying experience...

Feb 19, 2020

Applebee's Restaurants — Unauthorized credit card charges

On February 18, 2020 my husband ordered dinner and to be picked up via carside service. The boy who took the...

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Feb 19, 2020

Applebee's Restaurants — Not all food available for item ordered and not told

On Saturday, February 15, 2020, a friend and I went to the Appleby's restaurant in Orangeburg, SC. We...

Jan 27, 2020

Applebee's Restaurants — service

We arrived at 5:45pm Saturday. Even though the restaurant was full we were told we would be seated in 5...

Applebeehamburger, service operation

First and last time to visit Applebee's restaurant in Foley, AL. The whole operation sucks. Short staffed, long wait to be seated, long wait for food, lousey hamburger preparation, hard and cold fries (had to ask for fresh, hot bowl of fries), etc. Poor management or probably none at all. O'Charley's is close by and is far superior in every respect. Mistake to try out Applebee's---will not see us again. Hoping we don't get sick tonight from it all. Our recommendation---go to O'Charley's for an excellent meal.

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    • Updated by Ed Parise · Jan 20, 2020

      Don't go there, go to O'Charley's in Foley, AL

    Applebee's Restaurantscorporate office

    let me try to warn everyone applebees will not treat you like a human... in fact worse than i can put into words... when you call corporate office at this phone number listed AppleBee's_HEADQUARTERS_+1_8_5_5_4_8_5_O_4_0_7
    on their site...they hang up on you...when you ask why...they say because we can...you call back later and they say... do not bother me... go eat elsewhere... meanwhile i never got to talk to anyone about the specific problem i was calling about... i recorded this over and over for days... the person they have answering their phone line...needs to be fired if not charged with offenses... as a christian man...i would like to say this did not bother me...but his name calling and mis treatment has prompted me to contact every site i can to warn others...

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      Applebee's Restaurantsall

      The worst waiting for a seat. They had 20 Booth's open but would not seat any one because they said that the kitchen was backed up, You would think that they would seat the 27 people waiting and get there drink order and let them know that the kitchen is a little backed up, at least they are sitting down. I watched 19 people walk out because of the poor service Just on seating them or I should lack of seating them. I don't know how you can run a business like This.

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        Jan 04, 2020

        Applebee's Restaurants — poor service and poor management

        We have visited this Applebee"s (88 old trolley Rd in Summerville SC) several times and on every occasion the...

        Applebee's Restaurantsprice

        Waiter sat us down and was very courteous. He left us briefly then took our drink and food orders. We both ordered specials, all you can eat shrimp ribs or chicken wings, for $12.99 each and 2 Pepsi. As we were ready to leave the waiter helped fill in our bill with a card. He applied a tip which I didn't want to do as he left a pile of dished on our table and left us between orders while he took a break. I had to find another waiter to reorder. Our bill came to $48. and some change. ??????????? To top everything off We had diarrhea after getting home. Not sure how that happened but it was very coincidental.

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          Applebee's Restaurantsservice and food

          The service here sucks unless you sit at the bar. I came in around 11 on Wednesday night sat at a high top table took waitress forever to come to table and take order she kept going in and out front door (she looked intoxicated if you ask me) didn't get my beer so had ask a cook that was walking by about the beer I had order The bartender told me there so no ticket for a beer for my table she was very pleasant she advised me she'll get the beer to my table asap (she was extremely busy) She couldn't find my server so she bought me my beer herself I even watched her take money out her purse to pay for it cause I was waiting so long. (THANK YOU) my food took forever and it was wrong at this point I'm upset cause my waitress is no where to be found at the point. Once again I'm getting on the bartender nerves about my food which she gets it corrected fast. I moved from my table the bar where I was attended to 100% my server appears out of nowhere she seems upset that I move, she starts complaining about she needs the money really bad cause she is sick and staying in a hotel blah blah blah I felt really uncomfortable at this point cause she was basically begging for money so I asked for my ticket paid tiped the bartender and left. I wouldn't recommend this place to no one poor service and begging waitresses. If I do come back I will be sitting at the bar

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            Applebee's Restaurantsthe service was the worst service I have ever had!!!

            I came to the Applebee's in Saint Louis mo on west Florissant located in north county St. Louis. Well I'm actually here now as I write, I am so upset with the service! First of all it took about 15 before our server came be she didn't even come a host did then she never said her name we never got refills and our food took at least 20 mins and our mozzarella stick was still cold, at this point I ask for a manager the manager never came instead she sent the server back out to give us sliver wear 5 mins after our food came!! I am so upset our family outing spending money and still have to go somewhere else and eat! Applebee's please they need to do much better!!!

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              Applebee's Restaurants4411 w gandy blvd

              When i first arrived no hostess after 5 min we found our own table then we waited another 10 min to get the waiter to come over after we complained to hostess then our food arrived and no silverware i was so upset i did not bother to order but my sister loves your food and we remain we complain and we were given a 10% discount it was our first time going to that location we go to river view location about 3 times a month
              publio escoto
              1020 east 15th ave tampa fl 33605

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                Applebee's Restaurantscustomer service

                This is experience is far more too dramatic for me. The racism and stares from the host we're so overwhelming for my family and I. I have children who I teach and tell regardless of color or race, treat people with kindness. My children were so upset, hurt, and crying. I visited the Bloomington location, and never will I or recommend anyone going there!

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                  Applebee's Restaurantsserver

                  On August 30, 2019, I was visiting family in Georgia. We decided to go to Applebee's for the night. This was a party of five. As we were waiting for two of the parties, the server never ask us if we needed anything. When we did get her attention, we were finally able to order our food and drinks. By that time everybody in our party was in attendance. She did return to check in but not until we had to ask the hostess to get her for us several times. We had to go to the bar area to order another drink because she already gave us the bill. Then when I ask her a questions, she was very short and direct where we did not want to deal with her anymore. Our bill for the evening was $122.07 which was not a problem at all and our food and drinks was delicious. This was my 1st visit to this particular location(1925 Scenic Hwy Snellville, GA 30078) but not to Applebees in general. I have never been treated so unfairly and if this is how your employees will be treating their guest then I will not be visiting Applebees again.
                  Diane Jackson
                  My email is: [protected]@yahoo.com

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                    Applebee's Restaurantsservice/food

                    On 9/7/19 at 8:05 i tried to order food on line from applebees in roseville michigan, i was having problems, so i called the roseville michigan applebees to place my order. I ordered the three cheese chicken penne and i asked her to customize my protein, i wanted to add the steak instead of the chicken. They offer steak or sauteed shrimp. Like their web site does ask you if you want to do. And she told me that they dont do that and never have.
                    This the fourth time that this has happened.
                    Then i told her that they have done it a few times before when i ordered it one line.
                    Also last month i went there for a carry out, i asked for the thing and i was told the same thing, no we do not do that, i got upset and asked for the manager. The manager came to me and said no we do not offer it like that, so i asked her if i could show it to her on applebees web site,
                    she said yes please show me. And i showed it to her, she said that you right and told them to make it with steak instead of the chicken and that it is an up charge of $2.99 for the steak. And when i go to the applebees in warren michigan on van [censored], they do it with no problem, i would love to get it like that from the roseville applebees.
                    I would like the roseville michigan applebees to be informed about it.
                    And maybe offer my wife and i a free dinner, for missing our dinner tonight, thank you, john la valley 26271 fernwood ros/5652eville michigan 48066, phone number 586/945/5652

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                      Applebee's Restaurantsthe management team.

                      Hello my name is Justin Ramey. It was Friday night and I had got got off of a sixty hour work week. I was tired and hungry with a selection of food locations to attend. I choose Applebees's thinking that this would be a great place to relax and unwind. I ordered a Shark Bowl for my Drink, which was Excellent, then I ordered the Salmon with Broc, and mashed potatoes, which also was pleasing to my pallet! After my dinner I ordered a Samuel Adams Beer. I thought to myself this all was good, I felt really relaxed at Applebees after working 60 hours on my job. I wanted to treat myself to a place of peace and i just wanted to relax. Well after my $50.25 bill i gave my waitress a $20.00 tip. I am sitting there in peace all by myself in peace at my table only to have Jennifer (A manager) to tell me that i had stayed there to long and that i had to leave, I was thinking to myself I wonder what the desserts taste like, however i had to go because i was being forced out of the place. It gets worse as I am leaving two state troopers of PA approach me and they know my name, as they call it out loud in front of everybody now watching me which made me really embarrased. The managers called the state police on me for no reason at all and i was so offended, because of that moment i will always be afraid to choose applebees as a place to relax and unwind, and i will never spend another dollar with Applebees and I will tell all of my friends to do the same as well until I see some justice for the unjustice that i was caused associated with Applebees and the management team on Friday night, 9/06/19 in Selinsgrove PA.

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                        • Be
                          Bev shank Sep 16, 2019

                          Our most recent visit to Applebee's in LaVale, MD ended at (7pm) with the manager aggressively following us out the door, speaking very loud, being belligerent, and gesturing aggressively towards us. As I was walking to our car he just kept yelling, "Don't come back, you're not welcome here." He was making a scene for other customers leaving the restaurant. (A managers position! Really??) I recommended that he should go inside and look in the mirror because he should be ashamed of himself. We had already told him we wouldn't be back as we reluctantly paid our bill that was grossly inaccurate with the prices increased to the individual item prices rather than the sampler prices that we had ordered. Our order was for the Build Your Sampler of appetizers in which we ordered 3 appetizers ($13.49)and then said when ordering, "Add another order of wonton tacos." This would have been $13.49 for the sampler plus $8.79 for the additional order of wonton tacos, plus tax. Instead, our bill was $36.96. We tried to have this corrected with our waiter/server but that was a "he's right you're wrong, walk away attitude." So we asked to talk to the manager. He arrived at our table with the "I'm right, you're wrong" waiter/server version. So instead of listening to us he attempted to cram his version down our throat and in our face. Obviously that was the beginning of the end. When he continued to shows his ignorance and lack of professionalism my reaction was the comparison of this situation to what "bulls do." That was when his true personality came out. Yes, I also cautioned the couples seated next to us (we had been talking to them earlier while waiting for our food) that they should check their bill to make sure they weren't overcharged as well. Wonder why that upset him so much?? I was just sharing our experience. 👎👎👎👎👎

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                        Applebee's Restaurantspoor customer service

                        I placed an order online for a 7:10 pm pick up. I arrive at 7:20 and had to wait 20 minutes for someone to come take my payment. My food was just sitting there. When i finally got someone to take my card for payment she #1 charged me 47.06 for my meal that clearly says it costs 39.22 #2 she charges my card twice. When i question hee she doea not know why it is that much maybe my card included tips. It has never done this. I think the waitresd includes her tip in my payment. I would like a refund. The second payment came back to my card in about 10 minutes but i was over charged. I have the receipt and the charge to my card if needed. I will also call thw restaurant suring business hours and i will be disputing this charge with my bank. This happened at the Applebee's in Anderson SC.

                        poor customer service
                        poor customer service

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