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bad service

I went through the drive-thru of kfc rest. And they took too long first of all. Second I didn't receive my...

stood there for at least 15 minutes waiting for manager

Last week Sunday 4 Oct at about 19h45 myself and my family stopped at KFC in Alberton to purchase a meal. I wnet inside, placed the order for 12 hotwings, 1 rounder and 1 plain kiddie burger with 1 drink and 1 liquifruit. Once order was placed, I handed over debit card to pay. Cashier swiped card and when it did not go through, told me that the machine was faulty at the branch because of the weather conditions. She called the manager who walke to the drive through and after saying something in another language, the cashier told me that there was nothing she could do, manager failed to approach me himself, cashier failed to inform me of the problem before the transaction and i stood there for at least 15 minutes waiting for the manager. DISGUSTING SERVICE from a previously loyal supporter.

manager's bad attitude after receiving raw food

I bought two street wise two's and a large mash & gravy from KFC Northmead on [protected]. When I got home to eat (in Farrarmere) the chicken was raw at the bone and there was basically no gravy with the mash. I returned to KFC on [protected] with my slip to complain, but I was told that I was lying to my face by the manager. Not only that, but she raised her voice to me, and I dont believe customers should be treated that way in a shop full of other customers. We all know that chicken that isnt well prepared can make you sick and that fast food restaurants must take precaution in preparing their food. I would like to see what management of KFC is going to do about this situation, eventhough it was a small order. Or am I lying about this as well...

poor service

I would like to put in a complain about Blue Downs KFC, onthe 15 of September I went to KFC it was about 9 pm and I saw that it was full inside I then decided to make use of the driveway as I was driving, there were few cars in front of me and also few cars behind me. It was my turn to place my order at the window I was then asked if it's gonna be a cash or debit card and I said it's a debit card the the lady told me that unfortunately she cannot help me because the machine is not working and I requested her to place my order and then swop my card inside and she said that is not gonna be fair to the customers who are queing inside I must go inside and que again for placing an order. The service on driveway was very very slow and I was facing a difficult situation as I was unable to move back or front because there were cars on both sides I had to wait until all the cars in front of me are served. I still think that kind of service is unaccepteble and is very very poor. As it was all ready late I could'nt afford to stand on another que inside I had to go home without KFC .

please bring back the double crunch

I am really disappointed that KFC has decided to discontinue the Double Crunch Burger. I see from other reports that you claim that this meal was a 'limited edition'. This is a blatant lie, as I remember eating my first double crunch while I was still a student : 5 years ago in other words, which is not a limited time in my book. Removing this option from your menu is like Spur removing the Goodie Burger from their menu! Please listen to your customers and bring back the Double Crunch! Until you do, my family and I will not support KFC anymore.

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Sep 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You're kind of whiny. All limited edition means is that it won't be on the menu forever. KFC does not care if you stop eating there because they discontinued a sandwich that probably was not selling well enough to keep on the menu.

    However, if you promise KFC that you will buy ten double crunch burgers every day for the rest of your life, I am sure they will bring it back for you.

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  • Js
    [email protected] Nov 09, 2010

    I felt like crying when I got to kfc and got told the double crunch burger doesnt exist. The worst thing is that they didnt give anyone a warning that the burger was leaving the menu! If they bring that burger back I will return to kfc because Nandoes makes better burgers than any of the exsisting kfc burgers!

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ad's promote bad society values

Forgive me if this complaint seems petty however I promised my 8 yr old daughter I would do it for her. So we were watching TV and the ad where a little girls lies to get an ice cream comes on. My daughter started saying 'How could KFC show ads where they tell children to lie'. We then discussed their ads and established that the one where the child prays that she does not want her family to visit was also done in poor taste.Do we not try to teach our kids that family is the most important thing. Now I say again, I never thought I would be complaining about the ads but when my 8 yr old daughter opened my mind to this. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Maybe KFC needs to rethink their ad stratergy.

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Sep 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Every person teaches their children different values. No company could please everyone. It's seems like your child was well-taught enough to realize that she has learned different. For other children, any child that automatically mimics television has far more things to worry about then family values.

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maternity leave

I work at a KFC Franchise and they do not offer insurance or anything. How would I go about getting maternity leave?


  • Po
    pobarjenkins Sep 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They are required to let you take time off. However, no job is required to pay you for it (unless it's in your contract).

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full of dough and not cooked properly

I work all over gauteng and love to buy KFC for lunch and dinner. I have visited KFC in Soweto Orlando, KFC Rangriver Kliprivier offramp, KFC Robert Broom Noordheuwel. Sometimes the chicken is not cooked properly and you have to put the pieces in the microwave to make sure the pieces is eatable. When you remove the skin this is cooked and the meat is soaking in a oily water. Some pieces of chicken is more dough then chicken. The quality of chicken that I am used to from KFC have cone back wards in the last few months. Myself and my family are regular visitors to KFC and I buy to take to my elderly mom, how loves KFC. But lately the chicken is not up to the standards. And even my mom has said that the chicken is not like she is used to. KFC is a favourite take out dinner and lunch time snack. The problem is that this is 3 different branches that I have been to and still the chicken is the same. So were are the problem lying? Is the chicken not getting cooked the way it should be? There is a problem here and it should be addressed.

chicken tastes very old with water inside

My friend went to go buy KFC for us, She ordered a streetwise two for me.I was so dissapointed when i took a bite of the chicken, the taste was like boiled chicken, it did not taste like KFC at all It was disgusting and had water inside and it looked terrible. I gave it to one of our cleaners who also confirmed that the chicken was not fresh at all . I phoned KFC to complain and was told to bring the slip together with the chicken, I do not have time to move around with disguting food around, now I did not have lunch !!! Only had a can Of Coldrink .A lot of people at work are complaining about your chicken, please try to do something about this, It is very disgusting.

no stock and wrong order

On sunday the 27th september I visited the kfc’s drive through at the reds. I ordered what we normally do: double crunch burgher meal upsize white sauce only with a coke and a streetwise two with an extra peace, the teller then informed me that they don't have any coke or any chicken??? I can only order a burger (But not with coke) and if I would like chicken I need to wait 20min. I changed to double crunch burgher meal, upsize, white sauce only with a fanta grape and a colonel burger the same. When I got home I noticed that they gave me fanta orange and put chilly sauce on the burger and a coke (Which they did not have) it's amazing how much the service from one kfc to another can differ so much, is there no regulating “authority'???

How can the largest fast food franchise which serves chicken run out of chicken???

a contender for the most pathetic kfc branch ever

On the 12th of September I went to KFC Harrismith, to buy 1 order of Veggie-bites, 1 ICC champions meal and 2 soft-serve ice creams for myself and my wife. As I gave the lady behind the counter my order, I saw how one of the employees handed a customer her order as well as a handbag from behind the counter, instructing the customer to keep the handbag closed... I stood there in amazement and as I finished my order the lady smiled at me, telling me that they didn't have any burger buns in stock and they had no ice cream in the machine. I settled for my order of 2 packets of Veggie-bites. As I received my order, a black man came into the shop, requested the same burger special as I have and low and behold... They made him his burger...What the hell?!?!?! On the 27 of September, we went there again... I ordered the ICC champions meal (consisting out of 1. Burger, 1. 500ml Pepsi, gravy and I think some chips) and my wife ordered the other Burger meal where you get the burger, a milkshake and chips...And guess what! ...No Pepsi for my special and no milkshake...And no mini-loaves for the 6 piece Family feast (our next choice) either!!! This is PATHETIC!!! What's up with them?!?!

  • Ki
    King1970 Sep 16, 2010

    Tell the ### to cook...

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  • Th
    The trusting fool Oct 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Let me guess the situation. You, the complainer, are white and KFC employees are mostly black and most of the customers are black also. So, how does it surprise you that you are treated like one of them people that those people don't give a hoot about? Have you ever heard of reverse racism? Did it apply here against you? I want so much to believe was NOT the case. I honestly hope it was not. Do you think what was in the purse was something the employees were trying to steal from From KFC? Maybe a bunch of free chicken being given to their own people? Myself, living in a large city for most of my life, observing all different races and groups of people, have found out firsthand of this ironic hypocrisy which is continuing to be taught to "those" people and not taught to "our" people by "our" people. If this was the situation then please adjust your life and travels in dining out according to your needs and what you expect for good quality service from unbiased employees at any restaurant. It probably won't do any good to complain to the Corporation regarding your experience at KFC. KFC Corporation, really can't do anything about that problem which affects millions of good people like us who have been raised by racially unbiased good parents. But, don't prepare us for getting used to being treated like " those" whom would never allow "us" to treat "them" like they WANT to treat "us". Visit Oakland, California during your travels and stop anywhere for basic services from "those" people and you will experience what I'm referring to.

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this is the third time I have experienced poor service from this branch

Last night I went to get some KFC from the drive through in Cathcart Road in Queenstown. I ordered 2 meals. One was a Zinger meal and the other a Hawaiin Rounder meal. I got home and my wife opened her Hawaiin rounder to find only the bun, lettuce and a slice of cheese. No pineapple and no chicken. I took the 20 minute drive back to KFC and asked to see the manager. He looked at the burger and said to me 'oh yes I can see there was no chicken' like I would go to all that trouble. They then proceded to make a Hawaiin rounder. He talks to his kitchen staff in their language and they all laugh. Real funny!!! He then procedes to give me a can of Coke for my trouble. By the time I got home all our food was cold and we didn't enjoy any of it. I had to drive twice, get laughed at and then eat cold, tasteless food, and all I get for it is a *** can of Coke. Gee thanks Kentucky, next time I will pay for the *** Coke and you can keep it. This is the third time I have experienced poor service from this branch. Maybe someone should look at replacing some of the staff or management, cause they give your chain a bad name.

food poisoning

I tried the New KFC Toasted Twister at KFC Northmead in Johannesburg.
Within an hour I was throwing up and had food poisoning from the chicken.

This is unexceptable!

second grade food for second grade citizen

I'm not sure on how to approach KFC or Management at Phumulani KFC about this matter because I'm sure as hell that they know that what they are serving is not KFC! Has the owner even tasted what he is selling to us?

I have personally bought meat there on few occasions but was never sure if it was just mt taste buds or the are serving us secong grade meat.

Having such a trained palate, i can only assume that they are using cooking oil that have been over used and needs to sold for recycling or whatever. To top that up they overheat the oil or since the oil is too old it overheats and burns the spices on the chicken. That oil is not good for human consumption and is putting my health and the health hundreds of other people at risk.

I hope KFC as a whole doesn't take this matter lightly!

does not recycle

I am disgusted that taco bell and kfc chose not to recycle; especially considering the amount of wasteful packaging your fast food products fill our landfills. There was no recycle bins in your McLaughlin location. I spoke to a manager who stated that you do not recycle and it may occur in the future. With the knowledge we have now about how important it is to recycle; I am extremely dissatisfied that your company outright chooses not to protect the environment by recycling and using environmentally safe cleaning products. Where is your corporate social responsibility for the environment? Due to this frequent disregard for our environment, you just lost a customer who’s favourite fast food restaurant used to be Taco Bell. Please email me back with a time and date of when I can expect to see the recycle bins and I’ll return as a customer on that same day. Ate there on sept 11 2010 for dine in lunch we had KFC and Taco Bell meals. Corporations should be fined for producing unneccesary garbage!

Sept 11 2010 – tried to email my complaint twice – did not receive any notification that it was received - my complaint was sent to never never land and I will probably never hear from them.

kfc food is substandard

This is the third report I am writing about KFC's food. I have never had such a problem with any other fast food, and I am honestly contemplating not purchasing KFC any more.

First of all, neither my nor my brother's Boxmaster had any cheese, which we weren't even informed about before given the order. Second, the chicken in the Streetwise 2 that we ordered was incredibly dry, as if it had been cooked hours before. i am really disappointed in the quality of KFC's food lately.

disgusting service and sub standard quality for food

We were waiting in the so called drive through for over half an hour getting more and more frustrated with the wait and to top it all off people were pushing in from the other side’s entrance. It was close to 40 minutes when we finally placed our order, we asked for this new combo of there’s and they said 'Sorry we don’t have any milkshake for that combo' How can they have such a big advertising campaign and not have any milkshake? Besides for not having what we wanted they where not interested in changing it for a coke or something else. Just to top it all off they got the order wrong and the one burgers meat was tough and dry? Disgusting service and sub standard quality for food!!!

another milkshake complaint

This is now the third time I visit the Big Bay branch before 11am. (they open at 9am) and want to order a milkshake but, it seems that at this time of the day there is always some excuse why milkshakes are not available. This morning I was told 'the machine is currently on heat mode'. Does this mean I can order a hot chocolate instead?? If milkshakes are only available at certain times of the day, please put some notices up. I see there are numerous people on this website with similar complaints so this is not an isolated case.

On Wednesday this week I ordered from this branch as well. The large coleslaw bowl was only filled half way. I ordered a large and also paid for a large - so there can be no excuse. Had I noticed this before I reached home, I would have returned it. This morning I ordered the regular coleslaw which was indeed filled to the top. Much better value for money than a half filled large one.

I am a bit disappointed as this branch is only 6 months old. As a patron, I am not difficuilt to please. All I want is to be able to purchase what is offered on the menu and receive what I pay for.

bad customer service and bad attitude from manager

I purchased food at this outlet and paid with my debit card and upon me waiting for my food, an sms notification from my bank notifying me of the transaction going through succesfully, while waiting I was waiting for my food to be given to me so I could be on my way.

The lady who was helping me told me that the transaction was unsuccesful, she then called her Manager Aurelia and she told me the same thing, i showed both of them the sms notification which was proof that my account had been credited by them and Aureila adamantly disputed this with me. I am very dissappointed with the lack of knowledge and embarrasment i experienced at that Kfc as I was even asked to go to the back of the store.

My question to these people was 'how can i be notified that money has been taken out of my account without the money leaving my account'? this lady was so adamant that the card had declined, i left without my food. I have just checked my bank statement on the internet and my account is less my purchase amount. I demand some action be taken ASAP and i would like for my money to be refunded into my account as in yesterday!!! Kfc is going to the dogs!

zinger chicken not available at milnerton kfc

I have been at KFC Milnerton on 4 occassions over the last 3 weeks and every time requested Zinger chicken just to be told that I would have to wait between 14 and 20 minutes for Zinger chicken.

On 6 September I asked how it could be possible that they never seemed to have Zinger chicken available and was told that it is not very popular and therefore they don't keep much Zinger chicken in stock.

I think that this is totally unacceptable given that KFC is running quite an estensive ad campaign advertising Zinger chicken.

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