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skimpy servings

I went to the KFC in Sandton (On Grayston Drive). Amongst other things I ordered 3 "sprinkle pops". All 3 sprinkle pops were about 5 centre meters from the top. The coleslaw which I ordered was also extremely "shallow". This is not the first time and is an absolute rip off. If the franchise is doing this to every customer they are saving a fortune. I certainly will not go back. I would rather pay more than be ripped off. I also tried to find an official website in South Africa and not even Google could find it so I have to assume there isn't one.

drive through service

My sister and I went to the drive through in Kettering and ordered a variety bucket for us and my children, however once we had done this we changed our mind to the bargin bucket which we felt would benefit more for who was going to be eating at home. On approaching the window we asked the gentleman if we could please change our order as (we had tried to do it at intercom but hadn't worked) the man at the window replied 'No' I proceeded to ask why not as the chicken had not been cooked especially for us and he said no I can't take it out once it has been entered...Just tell me what you need!!! My sister replied so you won't change our order, again the man replied no just tell me what you need!! she sid forget it well just take it. So they prepared our order and we drove home, only to find that when we arrived home our order was incomplete, so not only ws the staff at this fast food establishment very rude but insufficient aswell...not very good for a large fast food chain with such a "high reputation" shouold that still be the case for Kfc. I look forward to your response.

  • Ha
    Harlski Nov 13, 2009

    They may have been rude, but that's the way things go. Once you've taken the food, they cant take it back because you "Changed your mind" if they got it wrong they'd have to. But otherwise they cant take it back because of OH&S.

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raw chicken

We live in a town(chowchilla)that has very little restaurants; So were delighted when we found out that we were going to have a KFC/Taco Bell restaurant coming to town. Well, we have purchased chicken there 4 times now, and it has gotten steadily worse with each visit. The first 2 times, it was just fried chicken...No seasonings whatsoever. What ever happened to the "secret recipe"?
The third time, my chicken was extremely undercooked. I took it back, and was given more of the same. I couldn't believe it! I took it back again, and told the clerk I just wanted my money back. No more ### food. They need to train their people, or they'll be out of business soon. They lost me as a customer at that restaurant. Sincerely, Terry Macky

food order wrong/incomplete

Dear sir/madam

We as a family of 4 has a routine of going for kfc on every friday knight, we have been in this routine for about 8 months now and for the first time we have been disapointed with our food, we see ourselvs as part of the kfc family.

On friday night we have ordered our usual food, 1x family feast—2x dbl crunch burgers—2x zinger burgers—
The family feast only had one cole slaw, no chips at all and the 2 zinger burgers were invact 2 burgers rapped in the papper that you do the kiddies burger in, it was not even in a burger box, if im not mistaken it looked more like junior burgers.

I would like you to see that your staff maintain the good service and the quality of our branch,
We are staying 28km away from your store and if we stayed closer I would have returned it the same knight. We dont know if our order got mixed up with some one elses or were your branch short staffed and they were under presure.

My slip shows: 15 ntombi chk 1320 31 jul 09 19:30 gst 0
Amount of r202.50

Thanx for your branch and please dont let your standards go down.
Compliment your staff on all the previos orders that we were happy with.


George cameron

denial of service

The KFC in Lihue (only one on the island) advertises that they accept Visa credit cards. When I presented my...

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service and food

I went in and there was flies nearly everywhere you looked especially behind the checkout wher food was.
i asked to sit in
i ordered they said it will take a minute
so i sat down they came with a bag with all the food in and everybody else sat down got a tray.
i ordered a toasted twister meal the lettuce was brown.
i asked for tomato sauce and bbq they said no bbq
i sat down again a girl came around with a cloth and wiped the table she made the table even dirtier than it was before
so i just walked right out leaving my food

the service and the food

i whent to kfc a while ago the service was terrible the man dropped my box meal on the floor looked up to see...

free chicken not worth the wait

Finally got my free KFC grilled chicken meal after the coupon fiasco in May and I was even more underwhelmed with the company.

It was bad enough that KFC used the bait and switch tactic to get people in the door with no intention of giving a meal away that visit in the first place, but I figured I would redeem the mailed coupon and try to give them a chance. I left knowing I will never enter another KFC ever again.

I was the second one in line a little after 1PM on Monday July 21 and the cashier was already giving me a dirty look as she noticed the coupon. When asked if I could finally redeem my coupon she just gave a empty nod yes and said I wanted slaw and mashed. I asked for potato wedges and got another nod and a "yeah". When it came time to pick the chicken the cashier took the time to find the smallest pieces that had been sitting and drying out the longest, bagged it up and I was on my way. The drumstick had about two bites of chicken on it and the breast was so dry I had to throw it away.

It's obvious that even after the public relations nightmare after the first coupon, the company is trying to get off as cheaply as they can. I'm sure the long delay in getting the coupon was a ploy to hope people would forget the offer. I was probably lucky to get mine and wonder how many were "lost" in the mail. The coupon had about a 2 week window to use it and I again will assume that's so people hopefully misplace it of forget to use it in time. The capper is them employee telling me I would get slaw and giving me the dirty look when I wanted another side and then finding the nastiest pieces of chicken available they could not sell anyway. It would not surprise me if the monthly training this month is how to make people trying to redeem this coupon as unwelcome as they could. I did feel unwelcome and will never set foot in another KFC again.

  • Su
    SuperVepr Jul 20, 2009

    The Colonel will hear of this! Madness! Madness!

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  • Ao
    Aoife_ Aug 11, 2009

    KFC sucks.. The ones in Jamaica are EXOTIC.

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awful place

KFC at 6851 Beach Blvd. in Buena Park is running a scam. Here's how it works. This KFC does not accept credit cards, only debit cards. When you order, unbeknownst to the customer, the order taker "conveniently forgets" part of your order. Customer is given a machine to enter debit card PIN, and the machine has scrawled across the bottom that there's an 80 cent charge to use a debit card (a face that was never told to the customer in advance). Once customer gets his or her order and discovers that an item is missing, customer must pay again using the debit machine, getting scammed out of an additional 80-cent "fee" for use of the debit machine. This is being done systematically to bilk consumers.

  • Ja
    Jack Jul 20, 2009

    KFC at 6851 Beach Blvd. in Buena Park is running a scam. Here's how it works. This KFC does not accept credit cards, only debit cards. When you order, unbeknownst to the customer, the order taker "conveniently forgets" part of your order. Customer is given a machine to enter debit card PIN, and the machine has scrawled across the bottom that there's an 80 cent charge to use a debit card (a face that was never told to the customer in advance). Once customer gets his or her order and discovers that an item is missing, customer must pay again using the debit machine, getting scammed out of an additional 80-cent "fee" for use of the debit machine. This is being done systematically to bilk consumers.

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  • St
    stefen999 Dec 08, 2009

    uh you know kfc and none of the empolyees GET the tax money or fees right, why would they run a scam if they get no profit from it? and how many times has this happened? once? twice?

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unsastisfied with service

Myself and my family went into kfc franchise store at parkhead forge gallowgate glasgow.I ordered a family bucket which they gave us.We also asked if we could have some gravy and they told us it would not take long.Ten mins later i went up and asked for my gravy to be told that their microwave had broken down.Considering our meal was cold by that time and they could not even come up and tell us that the microwave was broken. I said to the customer advisor i thought it was a disgrase as our meal was ruined and it would only have took her to let us know we could not get the gravy and we would have started to eat our meal, instead of that the meal was cold and most of it went into the bin.The customer advisor did not even attempt to get a supervisor for us so we just walked ou

awaiting on your reply

Brian Boyle

  • Su
    SuperVepr Jul 16, 2009

    Are KFC's popular in Scotland?

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  • Da
    dawnn Nov 21, 2009

    Everytime i go into kfc drivethrough there is always something missing in the meal. So just recently been checking the bags and lately found just when i got home the drinks were missing. Too busy concentrating on the meal. Also we visited the kfc in Hamilton (just the once) the people working in there are all wired to the moon. The floor was wet and my daughter slipped on it when i went to the counter to complain i just got this gormless look from the worker (oh well i know theyre just young but no common sense about them at all)

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  • An
    andythe panda Feb 28, 2011

    we went for a take away, got it home and found that 2 different items were missing, on phoning the store there attitude was ''you come down and we will sort it out, but we arent re-imbursing you for our mistake''
    wont be back

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insulted by cashier

On Sunday 5th July I was on my way to Johannesburg from Zimbabwe, I stoped at KFC Musina to get something to eat, when, we got there, there was a long line, we stood in line only for one lady who is appreantly a resident, of Musina, who jumped the line, I enquired with the cashier Emily who attended to her as to why she was doing that, since we have been in the line for a long time, why doesn't she cater fro people who are already in line, she complied, but her collegeue Rebbeca, I think that's her name, she said I was mad, crazy and to ### off, i got offended, and asked Emily if she can call the manager, which she was hesitate to do, because Rebbeca kept telling her not to in their native Venda Language, I kept on insisting i wanted to see the manager, eventually Wilson as he is called, was the manager in questions. I told him what Transpired but he didnt say much as it seemed he was afraid of this Rebbeca Lady, i got very angry that when asked him to tell the lady to apologise he refused instead he gave me two bowls of mash and coleslaw, that made me even angrier, i threw the mash next to the cashier who had insulted me.

I think as a paying customer I didnt deserve that kind of treatment, I will never set foot again at the KFC Musina, the staff does not have any good customer service. These people do not deserve to be working with the public, as they have stinking attitudes.


Sharon Mpofu

  • Jikari Jul 07, 2009

    Follow this link:

    Fill out the information, and they should be able to put you in touch with the Regional Manager of the KFC store you visited.

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unusual long waiting lines

I'm inquiring about the long, long, long waiting lines in this KFC. When I visited this KFC yesterday I...

cold food mixed with hot food

I would like to know when these fast food places are going to teach their employees to package your hot foods seperately from your cold foods. It never fails, whenever I go to get some food to go...they ALWAYS mix the hot and cold in the same bag. You don't know how many times my ice cream was soup when I got home and I only live about 1/2 to 1 mile away depending on which fast food place I go to. Salads, cole slaw, pies, parfaits, ice cream are always put right in with hot steaming food. Not a good practice, never mind the fact that food is ruined. Years ago my husband and I got extremely sick (food poisoning) from a KFC while on vacation. I don't know what was bad, but it could have been the cole slaw in with very hot bucket of chicken. It took me many years to eat at a KFC again...but now that I do...they are still doing the same practice. They should NEVER, NEVER put hot with cold for health reasons and for the quality of the food.

didn't want to sell

A friend of mine went into the KFC in Payson, Az asked for the bug order of grilled chicken. She was told that it would be about a nine min. wait, she said that's fine. The manager or owner came out and said we are going to mix fried with the grilled because if we give you all grilled there won't be any left for any other customer if someone else wants some. She said no I want all grilled that I paid for. Manager said I can't give it to you.My friend said you would rather make me unhappy to sell the grilled chicken in smaller sets to maake more money she said yes. That's pretty poor service -don't you think. Manager was also saying something about her oven had just been fixed or something. That isn't the customers problem. This KFC had changed for a while now it's going right back to the way it was.People will quit going there again and they won't have to worry about cooking any chicken. I don't know how many times i've been in ther and they get my order wrong 1 out of every 3 times because someone is more interested in there cell phone than the customer.

Diana Russell
P>O Box 2331
Payson, AZ. 85547

  • Tj
    tjk35 Jun 19, 2009

    hey, go to and look at the kfc article. i don't know if you and your friend are strickly chicken eaters, but this was an interesting find on their grilled chicken.

    personally, their food has always made me sick.

    also, i checked out pamela anderson's website on kfc and it was horrible how they process the chickens.

    Kentucky Fried Chicken
    Beef in the Chicken?
    by Mike Krumboltz
    30 hours ago

    438 Votes Oh, it's on now! El Pollo Loco (aka "the Crazy Chicken" to all you non-Spanish speakers) has called out its bitter rival Kentucky Fried Chicken over KFC's use of beef in its grilled chicken. Say what?

    EPL says that KFC is using "beef powder" and "rendered beef fat" in its highly touted grilled chicken sandwich. The maniacs at the Crazy Chicken have even launched a website,, that mocks KFC's reliance on moo meat. Oh, and commercials, too.

    A blog from the Consumerist quotes EPL head honcho Steve Carley as saying, "The use of beef ingredients in grilled chicken just seems wrong to me, and we believe most consumers would agree." You can almost smell the righteous indignation.

    KFC has responded, but not with a denial. Rick Maynard, a spokesperson for the Colonel's restaurant, acknowledged that his employer uses beef in its grilled chicken. He told the Los Angeles Times that "small amounts of beef flavors are commonly used in seasonings for many food products, for both restaurant and retail use." Additionally, according to KFC, the beefy flavors "account for only 0.2% of the total seasoning."

    Searchers are grilling queries on "beefy chicken" and blogs throughout the Buzz are sounding off. The Big Money reports that El Pollo Loco learned of KFC's use of beef from one of its Twitter followers. You can see the meaty evidence yourself on KFC's official website. Scroll down to page 14 of the KFC Ingredient Statement for, ahem, "the beef."

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  • Di
    Diana Russell Oct 16, 2009

    The Loan Shop Collections took 260.00 out of my account without notifying me. Now my account is grossly overdrawn.Why did they not contact me by e-mail and I would have made arrangements.

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dirty resturant bad food etc

My name is J Parker i went 4 a kfc in the above resturant with my family..the resturant was filthy dirty, floors tables counter, wen got food was cold and raw inside, asked to c manager he was out saw a lady named Bev, there was 7 laughing and joking behind counter, hard to get served too. i ask 4 table to be wiped and was met with a lot of abuse, then sum one sprayed table as we were eating ..wen i said we were eating he replyed cleaning tables ok...Bev and staff thought was a joke bad food bad cleaning bad manners is wot they had, i got 2 family buckets and had to leave the lot disgusting..i am a MP 4 mossley hill liverpool...and if u as a million pound company cant sort this hygene out and ur staff, im sure i will be able to do something..Awaiting ur reply J Parker...

  • Th
    thebitch Dec 13, 2009

    you must be insane, who on earth would let such an illiterate idiot become MP!

    most people, upon entering a restaurant with family, would find a table and get everyone seated before working out what everyone was having to eat/drink, at this point did you not think about asking about the tables then, or picking clean tables? instead you went ahead and got two family buckets and sat there anyway?? are you crazy???

    more interested in your food rather than the hygiene it would appear

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poor credit card payment service

Been to almost every KFC outlets in Penang and it seems all the outlets have the same issues.
Not too long ago, KFC started its credit card payment option service. I was delighted since I often make purchases for my family and also for events which can total up to a huge amount on the bill.
Unfortunately, it seems the credit card service is more of a sales gimmick. Most if not all the outlets does not accept credit cards!

I went to a few outlets which gave me straight forward answers stating they do not receive credit card payments even though they have the machine and the credit card sticker at the entrance.
Some outlets will say they accept but after you make your purchase they will inform you that the machine is out of order or offline.
The best experience I encountered was in Megamal Pinang KFC outlet, the manager in charge was manning the counter. When it was my turn to order I asked if the credit card machine can be use, he told me to go to the next line(the current cash register credit card machine I'm queuing does not work). So I went over to the next line and queued all over again. Again this time the cashier asked me to go to the next line because of the same problem. In the end after repeating the same process for 5 times, the last cashier told me that the machine is offline.

So I ended up walking away and head over to McD. I tried complaining through e-mails, suggestion/feedback forms...all to no avail. It seems they would just chuck it away. There isn't any proper channel for these types of problem to be complaint or handle here in Penang/Malaysia.

  • Mo
    mommamiyyaa Jun 25, 2009

    I do agree that the card credit payment service is very poor at KFC. I'm lucky by that time I still have cash to managed all of my order! Upon ordering, everything fine...but, during payment the told me taht the machine offline or out of function. What happend to the person who really don't have enough cash to pay on the spot?...My bad experienced happened in KFC Bentong! suckkk!

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  • Mi
    MissTiq Oct 19, 2009

    not just the kredit card.. all of their service, the food quality..aiyoo~ very very poor...
    the workers also LOVEEE to have a chit chat, making the service even poorer...
    i once bought their cheezy bbq meltz..guess what...there's no chees in there..
    kedekut cheese, all of their food same je...
    good things come together at kfc??? yeah rite~

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  • Ha
    Harry Dick Nov 16, 2009

    Not just that, its same with their lesser known discounts such as those for students from International College (I think). I noticed the students ask them about its discount since there was a Promotion photo at the counter showing those with its students cards gets discount. Seems its not available as well, I noticed the students not happy about it when I went to KFC in KOMTAR, Penang. They went as far as to get the supervisor to call HQ regarding it but nothing came about it either. If its not available they should not promote it on the payment counter yet its still there.

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poor service, health problem

KFC Complaints - Poor service! Posted: 2009-6/13 Poor service for the second time in two weeks! Arrived at...

rude service, employee smoking inside store

May I start by saying kentucky fried chicken is a great place to eat, but on the morning of wed. june 3rd there was a white older lady employee smoking inside the store, I belive her name tag said Margrete, when we walked in she was just there standing by the door inside the buisness, and had the nerve to tell me i'll be with you in a min., I started to dine in after I got my food, but decided not to because she was using profanity toward the cook in the back, my 3 year old doesnt' need to hear that..


when i placed my order i orderd an L2 and a large side of corn on the cob when i got my order i didn't...

poor service & quality of food

I went into complain that the chicken was cold and that the chicken had been sitting too long. The manager then came in from outside where she was sitting in a car. She then told acustomer that he could not have alchol on the premises, then proceeded to give him acuddle and kiss. I then told her that the chicken was cold, she shrugged it off and said here is your money back. We have also been there on numerous occasssions where they have taken our order, waited for an hour only to be told that they had no chicken, but they took our money anyway. Kfc in wonthaggi is the worst place for service & quality. We would like a response to this complaint. Phone 03 [protected] if you are serious about quality control.

  • Sh
    shelley pitts Apr 08, 2013

    Popped in to get lunch today with my daughter and the chips had NO SALT! I mean thats why you go to KFC for their chips!! Wont be going back there ever again I will stick to Leongatha they ### all over Wonthaggi KFC!! Also we had to wait, the girl said 3mins ended up like 15!!! Not impressed!!!

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  • Ka
    Katey77 May 10, 2013

    After being told to wait in a parking bay for fresh chips, I get home to find the box is half full. I was happy to wait for the chips, but would've preferred a full serve. I rang the store & the Manager really couldn't care, he was rude & needs to learn how to speak to customers better. The service at Wonthaggi is shocking & I'll go else where when we r in the area!

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  • Kt
    KTowns Jan 13, 2017

    Purchased a family feast from Wonthaggi KFC and found 6 of the 10 pieces of chicken were wings. Far from a feast l can promise you. Don't know why we bothered, there will be no next time.

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