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Carl's Jr. Complaints & Reviews

Carl's Jr. / Food

jessica pardue on Feb 20, 2017
I spent 19 dollars which to me is quite a hunk of change . Unfortunately the food was absolutely horrible both chicken club sandwiches were dry and every bite was fatty. The fries tasted of old grease which made me sick to my stomach. It was by far the most disgusting fast food meal i have...

Carl's Jr. / Service

Tasha James on Feb 19, 2017
I was at the Northwest Highway location in Dallas Texas on Sunday, January 18 at about 5:30 PM we had a long wait of about 15 minutes and we got to the window the worker did not acknowledge us and we still did not get our corrected food and asked if we were waiting for car to drive drove...

Carl's Jr. / I am complaining about food and service

Amy Chavez on Feb 18, 2017
I went to Carl's Jr. in Pasadena California on Lake Street I spent over $30 drive-through forgot half my order I had to get out of my car go inside to get the rest of my order and they still forgot my french fries my food was dry it was not even the correct order that I had ordered I keep...

Carl's Jr. / Missing fries

Francisco in SB on Feb 18, 2017
Second time I went to Carl's Jr. in San Bernardino Order 4 for $4 and missing small fries The first time ok no problem, stuff happens but then went back next week and same thing. I don't feel I was being difficult in the drive thru, all I say is " hello, can I order a 4 for 4" upgrade...

Carl's Jr. / Customer service

Ziggy88 on Feb 17, 2017
I went in this morning to the Carl's Jr. #7404, absolute worst service I've ever had. Being that my cousin, Kevin Ziegler, is a regional manager with a close friendship to your CEO, Mr. Puzder, I know for sure the woman that was at the window would definitely not be working there because...

Carl's Jr. / Product

ryanf89 on Feb 16, 2017
on February 16 around 4:40pm i went to my local Carl's Jr in san gabriel, California where i been have going for years. This is my first bad experience. After getting the 4 for real deal there was bite sized chuck of my chicken sandwich missing from just chicken patty. This is outrageou...

Carl's Jr. / Your CEO and your business practices

Anna Thornton on Feb 15, 2017
Your company's anti-worker policies have come into the full view of the American public. Your CEO has been exposed as the woman objectifying, domestic abuser that he is. I can't emphasize enough how embarrassing it has been to sit through your nasty commercials while watching Laker game...

Carl's Jr. / A location

Deborahtruempy on Feb 13, 2017
I drove almost an hour to your garland Texas location and arrived at 8:32 pm and it's closed but it shows the hours are until 11 pm. I am very angry about this. I got all my kids together and drove far because we don't have one so it was a special treat. I don't understand...

Carl's Jr. / Service and food

tweetys on Feb 12, 2017
This took place on tropicana/mountain vista las vegas nevada address is 4606 E tropicana phone #702-458-3537, 2/12/2017 6:57:11 pm drive thru #2071 / 2147 order was 3 dbl calif chbgr, zucchini total price $11.31, it took about 3 minutes at the order box then about 12 minutes just to get to...

Carl's Jr. / Discrimination, retaliation, pain and suffering, lies, personal hardship.

Salina Virginia Singer on Feb 9, 2017
My husband currently work's for Carl's Jar. In Colorado Sprint's Colorado. We recently lost our child and when my husband requested a few day's off he was fire. He had spoke with one of the managers several time's including the day our child died. She had him removed from the schedule and...

Carl's Jr. / Food & service

Anna verduzco on Feb 6, 2017
I have gone in to buy food a few times to this particular Carl's Jr since it's my favorite burger place but this particular Carl's Jr is horrible they either get your order wrong or cook with stale burned oil which gives the fries & hash browns a horrible flavor I once went to buy a order...

Carl's Jr. / Incorrect order, order poorly prepared

Tracy Lockard on Feb 6, 2017
I went to Carl's Jr of Parker Colorado 2/6/17at 4:44pm. My order number is 30078. I ordered 2 famous cheeseburgers without onions. They came with onions. I ordered a diet coke and got a regular coke. I ordered 2 chocolate shakes with whipped cream, the vanilla ice cream was not blended in...

Carl's Jr. / Needs new staff asap

Kat000000 on Feb 4, 2017
2/4/2017 store #9756 19th st. Alta Loma CA Refrence # 9303142 I wasn't going to let others who have been telling me to ban Carl's jr. Because the new CEO has ties with the Trump presidency going on. But honestly over the past 7 years or more this Carl's jr. Next to my house always seems to...

Carl's Jr. / Very poor service

Cynthia Houan on Feb 1, 2017
I went through the drive thru about 10 minutes ago and the girl who took my order seemed very annoyed and rude . I pulled to the window, she didn't have any greeting any smile, didn't seem happy at all. This is the 3rd time at this location I've received poor service. This location i...

Carl's Jr. / Food

Ronrhjr on Jan 29, 2017
Had to wait 5minutes in drive thru then was asked to wait in front of store for another15minutes food was cold an was dripping water are something from burger when i ate the food it made me sick i vomited it up nasty food and bad service it was about 815 pm pacific time.i also ask worker...

Carl's Jr. / Steak, egg, cheese biscuits

Faith4me on Jan 25, 2017
I have already submitted my complaint, however I do not see the picture I attended of the breakfast biscuit. This is really important to view and correct, it is unacceptable to not care how the food is presented. Please follow up on this complaint, this is a new breakfast item and if thi...

Carl's Jr. / Straw and soda

Chrisguerec on Jan 20, 2017
I went to Carl's Jr. On Artesia ave. and central ave. (1931 W Artesia Blvd Compton, CA 90220 United States ) I ordered a combo when I put my straw in my drink proceeded to drink it half way down my cup i noticed suction from the straw was failing I open my lid and found out my straw had two...

Carl's Jr. / Tami flores and candace lott

Ceselie on Jan 8, 2017
Tami the GM and Candace the other manager tami lied about going into the store to view cameras with the other boss Luke but never did come into the store that day sje had an unauthorized person tell me im fired and not herself about food i ate but really Mrs. Candace wrote me up but didnt...

Carl's Jr. / Cold stuck together onion rings

Jaythegreat on Jan 3, 2017
There is no way the manager should be letting this food go out like this. The onion rings were cold as ever and 6 of them were stuck together I posted a picture to show how disgusting they looked. Not to mention the California classic burger was cold and soggy. It's ridiculous how much...

Carl's Jr. / Charged twice and didn't receive money when asked at store

Leoquint3 on Jan 2, 2017
I went to 11224 S western ave Los angeles CA and ordered through the drive through and as i start to drive away i noticed my balance was lower then what it should been so I pull over and check my bank statements and it notifies me i was charged twice. I go in and ask for the manager and a...

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