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Bad service and rude

I was turned down from getting my app order. I walked up to the window cause my car is down and they would...


Once again I drove an hour to do some grocery shopping and got del taco when I was done.. I went through the drive through in carson city and the drive through lady took my order. It was super difficult to even talk to her because she was speaking sooo slowly. It was kind of weird. Then I paid, got my food, and headed back home (an hour drive.) When I got home and started giving each family member what they ordered, I had realized that once AGAIN they literally only gave me half of what I ordered, and messed up the little that I HAD ordered.


the del taco on cactus/decauter in las vegas did provide good food, but when requested well done fries they said ok, and when I got to window they gave me regular and said they just came out. That was not what I ordered and was not what I wanted. By then they said they would take them back, which I dont like to do, because I have not Idea what they would bring me, the issue is that they did not try to give me what I ask for in the first place and push something else with the caveat that the would fix. Not good enough customer service in trying to push what they wanted versus what I ordered and I'm always critical on sending anything back in trusting them not to do something bad to my food. Just bad customer service and Im not pleased with the service but please with the food.

Portions and window guy stuck his finger IN HIS NOSE

My food was incorrectly made. It had nearly NO CHICKEN OR INSIDE CONTENTS and it was much less than normal. It was NOT portioned properly. 2 Del Classic Chicken Burritos, minus tomatoes and lettuce, plus extra cheese. Window person put his finger into his nose in front of us. Soon as I saw inside my burritos, I threw them out. I am really upset. You owe us a meal ... the tacos were very tiny with hardly any meat. I couldn't taste meat at all. Picture will show contents of the Del Classic Chicken Burritos I ordered. Yes, I ordered extra cheese, no tomatoes no lettuce. but I recieved ... well, you will see. They were approximstely one inch wide!!! NO MEAT hardly at all. Just cheese. All I taste is tortilla. I'd like the meal replaced. Thankyou. PS I called the store to get help. Instead, the number on the reciept goes to a fax only.

Portions and window guy stuck his finger IN HIS NOSE

choking hazard found in hamburger

husband was eating hamburger and pulled this out of his mouth bread tie receipt and picture included this is a choking hazard . thank god a small child did not get ahold of this thank you.

john& debbie bush
@ [protected]
1750 w. lambert rd. #140
Or e mail [protected]

choking hazard found in hamburger

Horrible food

I went to the Del Taco located at 26164 Hidden Springs Rd Wildomar, CA 92595 last night. I ordered fish taco meal, my favorite and my husband had the $6 meal. We received our food and my fish tacos were cold and had definitely been sitting for a while. They tasted horrible and were not freshly cooked at all, the fish was hard and cold. I was going to go to the counter and complain but being that it was Taco Tuesday it was busy the manager seemed stressed as it was. So I threw my food away and left once my husband was done.

Melanie Duvall
21886 Goldenrod Ln
Wildomar, CA 92595

Super Slow Service

My complaint concerns the Del Taco located at: 1290 N Euclid St, Anaheim, CA 92801 (Drive-Thru) Date/Time...

cold food / overcharged

I order the 3/ tacos for$1.29 was charged $1.47 for every 3 I ordered. And the $.79 3 layer nachos I was charged $1 each. So either change the price in the register or change the price on the menu board. store. # 1129 in Chandler Arizona. date 02-04-2019 I have tried to call the store 10 times they pick up say nothing and hang up. I want a refund or my order redone. Jayme contact information [protected] or call [protected]

your drive-through employees are scamming our credit cards

Your drive through employees at the 2060 La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034 location charged me for multiple different transactions on my card. I rarely eat fast food and this is the one time I went to del taco with my boyfriend. My bank notified me that I was charged for multiple separate orders on the one morning I went. I called the Del Taco location to let them know and all the person on the phone said was "sorry." I'm sure you'll be sorry when I report your entire restaurant as a place where people will get scammed. The fact that your employees bank on the people in the drive through being unable to see what they do with their credit cards is so appalling and illegal. I'm not letting this go down in silence. I've already reported you and my bank is already aware of the issue and has reported it as fraud. Good luck.

getting hot food for the money you pay ticket #32

01/14/2020. We were at store #0825 in Peoria Az . We went thru the drive threw to get 6 tacos two del combo burritos fries and a driink. When we got the tacos they were very stale and cold like they had been made for awhile, no meat no cheese but lots of lettuce, like eating a cold lettuce taco.. our fries were cold as well like they were sitting there for awhile, try to get a fountain drink but the fountain machine was down because of no CO2 giving us lemonade and water down at that.. not giving us much choices to pick from.. We are very disappointed and now question our faith in that store. How can you have a busy night on Taco Tuesday and not have a fountain machine that works and people who isnt trained enough to prepare the food you order and paid for.. We like going there on Tuesday night for the past eight years, but now we are in question if we should due to that fact that wasn't our first incident. We would like a refund of $15.88. You can contact me at [protected] with any questions. Thank you.


Hi so im a very good customer of del taco and every time I come here at night to the one on hey 111 Indio ca 92201 they say that there grills are always down and I feel like that's very bad for business why do they do that and why can't they serve burgers at night this is about the 5th time they do this I work graveyard and like to come for a burger and I can never have one for what reason!!! This needs to be fixed ASAP!!

customer service

Went in around 930pm drive thru wasn't busy but we decided to go however the guy in front didnt sound like he was ordering, so we backed out and went in. Walked in no other customers, saw one in the kitchen the other lady said be right with you. Gave a order in the drive thru out and began taking the next car *which we would have been* after she took their order she proceeded to get more food for the other customers and neglected to helping us and which point we decided to leave.


This is the last time I will visit a del taco anywhere. I have complained several times at two different locations and I'm fed up and done with this restaurant. Tired of the poor customer service and wrong orders. I came thru drive thru tonight 12-30-19 and fitting that the end of the year will be last visit with that being said I have the app and it had a free carnitas street taco with any purchase I ordered the tamales that were actually in stock this time because previous time at 7pm they were out of stock. I decided to try again and never had the carnitas street taco before so this was a great time to try. Cashier had an attitude when I got to window that's fine we all have bad days but after scanning it didn't go through she asked had I used before I replied no it expires today reason I'm using and she replied that it usually goes through but it's been used already. No it hasn't but fine I paid for the order to not hold line and or deal with her anymore. I don't want to be contacted I also don't want the gift certificate for a free meal because I will not patronage any of del tacos establishments ever again. I will also tell family and friends not to either. I have dealt with enough ridiculous that these restaurants have not even been open for a year and the service has continued to go straight down hill

the way the manager treats her employees in front of customers in simi valley ca on cochran

I was at the Simi Valley Cochran location. The service was amazing from an employee that I didn't get the name of. While we were waiting for our food inside we noticed the manager ‘Hailey' treating the other employees horrible, like they were trash. Iv worked as a manager of multiple restraints and know how to train and treat other people. How she acted and treated them was absolutely unacceptable! I was discussed! As a big corporation I expected you to train your managers bette. Shame on Hailey and how she represented your company. Thank you.

food quality

Del Taco is my favorite fast food restaurant. I eat at del taco about 4 times a week. Tonight I ordered two 1/2 lb. Bean and cheese burritos and one hard taco from the West Avenue I location in Lancaster, Ca. I was on a lunch break from work. When I got back to work, I took a bite out of one of my burritos and it was disgusting. I couldn't believe it tasted that bad so I tried another bite and it was worse than the first. I don't o ow what was wrong with the beans, but I could only imagine that they taste like the equivalent of chewing on a dirty sock. It was do bad that I couldn't even finish my food.

  • Updated by Cas80 · Dec 12, 2019

    They also didn't give me a receipt so I couldn't give them a poor review on the survey

  • SubSquirrel Dec 13, 2019

    You eat there four times a week? Your sodium levels must be through the roof. Why be so lazy? Learn to make a sandwich and bring it with you.

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horrible customer service

Hello Im complaining about the Del taco on Century in city of Inglewood I went through the drive-through ordered for tamales and one chicken taco I complain to the cashier that my tamales were called old and dried out Like they have them sitting sitting all day and steam told the guy that he say his name is Brian which I don't think that's his real name because he didn't wanna give it to me that I wanted a refund so he grabbed the bag kind of snatched it out of my hand after I already told him I want A refund and asked me what do I want him to do about it I told him that I already said I wanted to refine he rolled his eyes and close the window came back to the window and didn't refund me all my money the reason he said he didn't refund me all the money was because I taste one of them for one I had to taste it to know that it wasn't what I expected I order them all the time in there never that way I told him when he comes back with the money It wasn't all my money back so I asked him where was the rest of my money and he said that because I taste one that he charge me for it and I told him whether I taste it or not I returned it and was expecting my money back how are you just going to charge me for something that I gave back to you he sat there and argued with me about the situation and didn't want to refund me my money I asked who was the manager on duty he said that there wasn't one so I I asked who is in charge right now he said he was with the attitude I told him that he has bad customer service and he just sat there and rolled his eyes staring at me with an attitude I am so upset I go to this Dell taco all the time because it's nearby my house and I explained that I work in a restaurant and the customers are always right you should've never just take someone money and they're returning something rather they tasted or not customer is always rightSo I'm just writing a complaint to let you guys know that their customer service is horrible at that location and that you guys just lost a loyal customer Because of their customer service is bad I would like a response so here is my email [protected]

dogs in restaurant

We were eating in at your Rancho and Craig facility on 12/7/2019 @ 2:25pm. A family came in With two small dogs. They let the small brown dog down and it peed on the floor and was running around. The Manager was walking through and observed this, made a face and walked out. We were speechless that she saw them when they walked in and said nothing. We've had problems at this particular del taco in the past but thought we'd give it a try since we had not been back for a while and with that being said we will never return and will make sure to let people know not to frequent your facility. We attend the small car get together on Fridays and will make sure to let everyone know there. I suggest you check your camera's from that day.

  • SubSquirrel Dec 08, 2019

    If those people you know won’t go there then they are fools.

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my main complaint is that everytime I visited deltaco the manager is always on the phone

manger is allways on the phone and she augrees with the coutermers. never listen to what you are telling about how you want your food.and the avocados that they use are allways brown and very dicusting .the trash cans are running overand the floors are dirty and it smells like raw suges in thire .never listen to what the coustmers are saying and the shift manger is not very people friendly either just not a good place to eat at any more in chandler az.

double charge on my debit card

This is the third time I have been double billed using my debit card. I am certain that your employees are...

Del Taco

denial of proper service

After putting my 2 and 3 year olds in the car we went down the road the slightly more than half a mile distance to take advantage of the special Tuesday Taco 3 for $1.49. According to my GPS I arrived at the selection/speaker window just before 11pm. I asked for the special and the girl over the speaker said it is only good until 11pm. I saide my clock says 10:59. She responded she has 11:00. I then say the deal is good until 11pm and she still refused to serve me at the special price. I could see there was no point in arguing with her as she was determined to not to honor your discount rates. This occured at the store at 43999 15th St W, Lancaster, CA 93534. I was there earlier in the day but it was an impossible line. I have to use the drive through because of my babies. There were eight cars in line. The time for the one at the window clicked at over 10 minutes for their order so the wait would have been absurdly long as they were obviosly slow. It now seems obvious as to why they are rated so incredibly low on Yelp.

  • Ev
    Everywhere Nov 20, 2019

    You took your kids, ages 2 and 3 years old, with you to a freakin' Del Taco at 11PM, just so you could feed your face? What kind of parent are you? Secondly, THE SPECIAL ENDS AT 11PM. The employee informed you it was 11PM by THEIR clock (also the same clock they open and close by) and you still want to run your mouth and act like you were in the right. YOU are wrong. Very wrong! You had all day to get your food! You should not have had young children out that late. And, you should be intelligent enough to realize that businesses run on their clocks and NOT your's!!!

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drive through la brea/obama blvd

So I waited in line for 20 min for the cashier to tell me they are out of steak and short staffed. Whomever is managing this location they are doing a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE job. Waiting a hour trapped in a Drive through is better get your managers better trained on the basics of customer service. Mark my words NEVER eating at one of your restaurants again...
Ashley McGovern

  • Updated by Ashley Page McGovern · Nov 18, 2019 I submitted a complaint about the LaBrea Obama bl location in LA. Waited in hour in the Drive Thru...Ordered two Macho Combo burritos, a cheese quesadilla, and 4 of the new tacos. I got 2 bean burritos, no quesadilla and the tacos were ok. Who is managing this horrible store...It is damaging your brand...You need to do something about this mess.

norovirus contracted in restaurant

My name is Susan Littell. I live in Point Loma, CA 92106.
On Monday, November 4th, 2019, at around 2 pm, I, along with two of my friends (Malea, my daughter and Elizabeth Garcia) shared a meal at the Del Taco restaurant located on 3106 Sports Arena Blvd, San Diego, CA 92110

All three of us ate the same item on the menu; the Chicken Bacon Avocado Salad, and a small shake and we all became violently ill the following evening.

I personally started to vomit at 2AM till I emptied my stomach and then had the dry heaves for an hour. My other symptoms included for days runny diarrhea, sweat/chills and severe dehydration headaches.
It is now Sunday, November 17th and I am finally feeling "normal" again.
That was a horrible 2 weeks of suffering.

I personally reported the incident to the San Diego County Health Department and Health Services and they took my stool sample 11/12/2019 then called me on 11/14/19 saying their stool testing confirmed the presence of the NOROVIRUS and they are following through with an investigation.

I need to contact you as soon as possible for some kind of reimbursement for our meals and for my 2 weeks of lost work time and many rolls of TP. How can I get some reimbursement for this being fault of your restaurant?
Otherwise I will YELP my horrible experience out to the world.

My phone contact is [protected]. Please contact me by email [protected] if you need further information. My mailing address is: 3748 Curtis St., San Diego, CA [protected]

Please reply that you received this request

Thank you,
Susan Littell

horrible customer service

Waited 30 minutes and my food was not ready. Cashier gave me the wrong change. There was a worker eating while working. When I asked for my money back I asked to speak with a manager She said they didn't have one so I asked for corporates number she said they didn't have it that I had to Google it. This is not the first time this happens. The wait to get your food at this location is over 20 min all the time.

employee conduct

I visited the del taco at 150 Boulder Highway. I had been on the bus and needed to use the restroom badly...

noro virus

My name is Elizabeth Garcia. I live in Ocean Beach, CA (92107). On Monday, November 4th, 2019, at around 2 pm, I, along with two of my friends (Susan Littell and Malea, her daughter) shared a meal at the Del Taco restaurant located on 3106 Sports Arena Blvd, San Diego, CA 92110

All three of us ate the same item on the menu; the Chicken Bacon Avocado Salad, and we all became violently ill the following evening.

Of the three of us, I personally had to be treated in the Emergency Room at Sharp Hospital for projectile vomiting, diarrhea, chills and severe dehydration. It is now Saturday, November 11th and I am still suffering from intense fatigue, nausea and lack of appetite. My husband and Susan's husband also contracted the disease.

We have reported the incident to the San Diego County Health Department and Health Services and their stool testing confirmed the presence of the NOROVIRUS and they are following through with an investigation.

My friends and I need to contact you as soon as possible for reimbursement for our meals and for my medical expenses. I will need you to let me know where to send the invoices for reimbursement.

My phone contact is [protected]. Please contact me by email ([protected] if you need further information. My mailing address is: 4675 Coronado Ave., San Diego, CA 92107

Please contact us immediately.

Thank you,
Elizabeth Garcia

employee did not cook rice

Hello. I ordered a pollo asado bowl. I get them often. I havent complained before because I'm not the type but this is the 3rd time I have gotten the bowl with the rice barely cooked.

The rice is hard and crunchy, some semi soft and crunchy. It's at the springville, utah store just off I-15 and 400 S exit. I dont know if its because they're trying to cook it quickly and make the fast food part happen but I can wait for it to be cooked.

Thank you.

del taco

5010 W Ave N
Palmdale, Ca. 93551
Nov. 3, 2019
I ordered inside and left after I got
my ordered. When I got home I open the bag. and I'm missing some of my ordered, so I called, they said it's in the side, I told them I'll come back and pick it up later, cause l just got home. When I got there they said they have to make me a new one and I told them what was missing in the bag and the lady in the front said it was in the bag that I got, then I said it wasn't, cause it wasn't there, after I got my order another lady said next time we won't make you a new one. Very rude.

drive thru

West Tropicana del taco las vegas. At 5 pm Saturday nov 2. This worker brian was rude and disrespectful at drive thru. I also confronted him in restaurant. Also rude and disrespectful. He encouraged me to make a complaint thinking I wouldn't or nothing would be done. This particular del taco is run very awful. But it is closest to me. Something must be done. Someone must be accountable. I want nothing in return.

drive thru


I was at the Del Taco on San Mateo and Montgomery in Albuquerque New Mexico on November 2nd 2019, and the young lady that was operating the window that night at approximately 9:25 p.m. Mountain Standard Time was extremely rude shutting the window and my face every time I reach to get a couple more bits of change out of my pocket and was just all-around rude. She's acting very strange it was one of the worst experiences I've had at a drive-up window and there have been a few and my time. I don't know why I'm complaining to this it's not going to do any good more than likely so I'm going to go to the Better Business Bureau and other means...

gave wrong price & rude

We came in tonight store 0246 receipt says Ruby but the manager is named Ricardo. At least that is what he said. First of all, we were over priced for everything. They said extra tomatoes was free, I was charged 60cents per item. Quesadillas we're quoted at 60 cents, but charged us $1.20 . My husband looks Caucasian but speaks Spanish, he heard them speak very racist things about him... In Spanish. They had no clue he spoke Spanish and could understand them.

unethical behavior!

The General Manager at the store location by Palizzi Marketplace, by the name of April, was a complete nightmare, not understanding the severity of the discrepancy between employee and customer interaction. She continued trying to rectify said discrepancy plainly displaying her lying and unbecoming, unhelpful attitude toward me, and even eventually ended up calling the police! I was Promised a certain deal on 2 burritos, was then told that the former employee made a mistake and that was impossible to get the same deal, but after telling the General Manager that I had spent money on gas to come back to the store to rectify my order, was promised I could keep the Meal I bought previously, a.k.a., the wrong order, but afterward, she tried to SNATCH, ripping the bag from me, that she previously assured me I could keep for the trouble of having to drive BACK AND FOURTH, DOWN TO the store to return! Then denied me My refund, and called the police on me without refunding my money! I am disappointed and appalled at that woman's behavior. It was at approximately 2:15 on November 1st. She did not either replace the burritos that I was supposed to receive in the first place, and she denied me getting a refund as well. I would like a refund to rectify this for $6.50 for 2 carnitas combo burritos! Please and thank you!

customer service / undercooked food / sanitation violations at 12690 ramona blvd, baldwin park, ca, 91706

There should be an option for zero stars or negative numbers. 3rd time is the charm they say! I got sick again from this particular location. I do know what it is, but either sanitation sucks or foods not cooked properly because eveeeerytime I come here I get the runs and etc. Literal food poisoning! Never again. No more. I gave this del taco another try because its so local but this location should be shut down! Sorry not sorry. Its 340am and I am doing this review because ive been running back and forth to bathroom...

Im warning you dont go to this del taco location unless you purposely wanna get sick, and vommit and have nausea... Allll bad

Another aspect is the customer service. The attitudes has got to go. Despite getting my food order was absolutely wrong and having to wait 30 minutes for it to get fixed, especially when drive thru and store was nearly empty... The food was cold. They forgot my order was messed up and fixed it yet left it on their kitchen counter forever which is why it took 30 mins. I had to tellllll them I think thats my food! Otherwise I wouldve been there longer. Also there is no reason to be rude. I had to use bathroom, you dont throw the token key on the counter towards customer... But thats what happened.

Sanitation - the inside of food place was disgusting. Did they even mop floors for past 3 days?! I understand wear and tear but this location is just filthy. You can smell it. Workers here do not seem to care or are oblivious to handling food as well. One worker was handling my food via packing it up. Lettuce fell out onto counter, instead of adding new fresh clean lettuce, he used his hands to scoop the lettuce that fell out back into my hard shell taco.

rude customer service

On Monday October 28 I had the misfortune of having to deal with the rudest drive thru service I've ever experienced in my 62 years years here on earth. Your "restaurant" in Moreno Valley CA @ 16150 Perris Bl has to be the worst managed one in your chain. To explain, on the aforementioned date I drove up to the speaker and I couldn't understand the girl because she was mumbling, so I started to order. After I started ordering, she then spoke very loudly & clearly & in a condescending tone "DID YOU NOT HEAR ME? I TOLD YOU OUR SYSTEMS ARE DOWN! YOU HAVE TO COME INSIDE!"
Well I was flabbergasted & so taken aback that an employee of Del Taco would speak to a customer so rudely, I just left.
Something needs to be done about how this Del Taco is managed! This same location is supposed to be 24 hours, but always shuts down around 10pm for shift change.
I'm hesitant to continue to patronize ANY Del Taco after this horrible experience

grilled chicken quesadilla

Hi, we went to del taco this evening for crunchy tacos and chicken Quesadillas. The tacos shells were soft on all 12 tacos. But the worst thing was the Quesadillas all 4 tasted sour. The chicken and green chili inside were rancid. Its 100% percent rotten, it was slimey and had a sour taste. We are a family of 4 and always go to once a week for a change. We've never had a problem before. Who knows who else got this but seriously this is food positioning ready to go. I'm glad my husband bit his first because our kids were about to eat them.

grilled chicken quesadilla
grilled chicken quesadilla

customer service

I received the worst service ever. My order was messed up, drove back to del taco and the gentleman who mess d up was very rude and dismissive and once again messed up our order . It was very late at night and didn't want to take a 3rd trip to get my order right . I want a full refund of my $15 of food I didn't receive . Mail to 851 west upland Ave San Pedro ca 90731


I went through the drive thru yesterday afternoon for lunch as I was driving off I ate some fries and they were stone cold I didn't have time to go back in and get hot fresh ones. And the cheddar jalapeño poppers that I bought were burnt and it just seems that they're just pushing your food out fast with terrible quality!! I rather wait and have fresh food.

green bean burrito

I ordered a green 1/2 pound burrito I asked to make it bold. They didn't make it bold but charged me for it, they didn't roll my burrito at all it looked like a taco the beans are cold and there little to no cheese. I ordered a carne asada fry and the fries were cold and soggy the carne was really fatty. This happen in Fontana California at the del taco on foothill Blvd. #0268

customer service

At approximately 6:45 pm on Friday October 26th, 2019 my family and I entered your store lobby in Murrieta Ca. located off of Scott Rd. We entered the lobby since the drive thru had a long line and the lobby was empty. We figured we could order it to go. A young man by the name of Diego (who was wearing a training badge) was assisting in taking our order. We asked for a 2 for $6 carnitas burrito. Diego seemed unsure how to place the order. Diego advised a lady who was in the drive thru that he needed her assistance. The lady who's name is unknown, signaled to Diego to wait by lifting up her finger to him. We all waited, and waited & waited. After a bit, a nice lady preparing food, apologized for the long wait. She at least had the courtesy to acknowledge we where there. My family and I decided we would Wait a lil longer. After several more minutes, and no one helping Diego to complete our order, my family and I decided to walk out. We were very upset at the fact that the lady never bothered to assist Diego, we had no food, and most importantly our time was wasted!! This is very unprofessional and very bad for your business. We will never go back to this location after the way we where treated. I hope someone will look into this issue. No customer(s) should be left waiting just because the person in charge is in the drive thru taking orders.

I am filing a complaint on the silver city, nm del taco

Today was the first day I walked into a Del Taco. I took in my mother for dinner and the ladies behind the counter totally ignored us after one passing by us and got onto her cell phone to show the other workers pictures off her phone. A simple greeting of "Welcome" would of also been nice. No wonder it was busy that should of been a sign. Needless to say we finally walked out and headed somewhere else. BIG disappointment for the first time!

customer service

Today at 6:58am I drove up to the De taco located at 56748 Twenty-nine Palms HWY Yucca Valley Ca 92284, I sat in the drive through lane for serval minutes waiting for someone to take my order. I spoke into the speaker several times with no response, during this time another vehicle pulled into the drive through. During this entire time I watched several employees look at me and continue to move about the restaurant and not once came to see or inform me of any problems as to why they are not taking orders or if they were even open, even though the hrs posted in the drive through window states they open at 6am. I spoke with a young man wearing a green shirt and hat stating he was one of the managers began to tell me that they were not open yet and that they could not take my order. I then asked for the main manager he began to tell the person that was inside the cook area what my request was, I female with short hair and wearing spike earrings also a younger adult, then came to the window and then began explaining that they are short staffed and that she has no control over the schedules along with as to why they didn't have their head phones on to take orders and she kept basically having the same annoyed look on her face when I questioned her on why they weren't ready for the opening of the restaurant. I'm a busy mother of 4 and being treated the way I was, was very unprofessional and I'm completely disappointed with this entire experience that I will make it a point to make sure others know not to go to this establishment and to go else where for better customer service.