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Rude Customer Service

After posting my previous complaint( regarding my previous experience on march 1 2020 7:30pm at london kentucky location), I was contacted by golden corral customer service.
They had left a message and I just called today to follow up with them and explain my complaint.
To make a long story short, I was being as nice as I can be with them, very cordial and kind, and I was greeted with the rudest customer service I have EVER experienced in my life! They were throwing ethnic slurs, suggesting I should have handled the situation by physically hurting those around me. On top of that, they insulted my family (I had explained that I was visiting an elderly relative near this location who was in a nursing facility where some residents had signs of corona)!

I shouldn't be treated this way after being a faithful customer to your business for YEARS!

management — not people oriented, possibly intoxicated

Last week my husband and two children visited the Golden Corral at 880 Palm Bay Rd. To make it simple my daughters asked for fries and were taken on deaf ears. After a short while...

unsupervised children with dirty plates returning to the food bar

march 1 2020 7:30pm london kentucky. A 8yearold boy was going up to the food bar getting mash potatoes and gravy by himself with a dirty plate scraped the potatoe spoon with hi...

food, service, overall environment

Thursday Feb, 27 2020. We brought our granddaughter to golden corral plainfield Indiana. The food was old and cold. The catfish was not eatable. I ask for steak medians rare wa...

baby roach found on my daughters pizza

It was the second time I took my mother to this same place. My mother mentioned that she love the food there and asked to go back, I never wanted to go back because in the past experience The same problem I experience this past Saturday. It was very embarrassing to me and my family seeing this roach and having to tell my mother to stop eating. My mother asked why Son? I said it was a roach at my daughters and I showed her a picture I took in a video. She looked at her food and look at me and see what!!

baby roach found on my daughters pizza

had no waiter, got my own drink

Sunday, November 3, about 12:30;
I was seated and the food was good. I had no waiter come to my table at all. Therefore I had to get up and get my own water refil. So I brought my glass to the drink dispensery, and someone there, a young man, took my glass and refilled it. Now, I walk with a walker and needed both hands to walk with it. Did he offer to bring the water to my table? NO! He warned me to "be careful" in a rather superior manner instead, handing me the glass to carry for myself. Yes, I was OFFENDED. He disparaged me because I was handicapped, instead of helping me. with something that he as a waiter should have done for me to begin with. No one offered me a cup of coffee to finish the meal and I could not flag a waiter down.
I have a receipt that remains unsigned, and I think I should be able to use it to get a free dinner.
Joyce Stolberg

my job position

My name is Amanda Keller I just walked out of my job due to the fact that I was placed in the bakery which is an area I've never truly been trained in and I was put on the...


my wife and i visited this location on sep 22 2019 after finally getting thru check in and no there was not but 6 people in front of us but it took 42 minutes to get in because...

management mistreating employee

7/22/19 i was hired on at golden corral . on 7/26/19 The manager Thomas on shift at the time Pored Salt in my drink not knowing that i had high blood pressure issues that cause me...

lunch food

I went to store #0884 for lunch and the food was terrible. Most foods were either overcooked and mussy like the cauliflower was so mussy and tasted like water even with cheese on...

general managers response to a complaint.

On July 12, 2019 a friend and I went to Golden Corral for lunch. I had a wonderful waitress named Ellen that when I complained about food being cold went and got a manager for me...

found bug or baby roach in my salad

In my visit to the buffet on jun 27th 2019 we were faced with a situation that violates sanitation regulations.
I found what looked like a bug or baby roach in the salad, witch is a sign of luck of sanitation in the location, careless employee and that the state inspector are not doing there job or the possibility that they are corrupt .
The manager refunded the transaction and apologized and it do feel sorry for her to have to deal with that ( I don't think it's her first time tho ), the place employ many people but need respect and care about public safety and the quality of the food they serve .

found bug or baby roach in my salad

food service

There was a roach crawling on the dessert bar along with dead flies in the pies. The food was very old for dinner and the food wasnt being checked on every 15 mins. The rolls were hard like a rock. I showed the waitress and she removed the items that had the bugs on them. Then the waitress have me a free dinner card for next visit, but there was three in my party and the manager him or herself never came to our table to apologize.

charging additional prices for the meal, and staff not handling proper hand sanitation

My family came for lunch celebrating my nephews graduation on June 14 at 11 AM noted signs hanging stating price on June 13 add 14 was change to 12.99 and 13.99 for adults this was the day of CPS graduations this was unfair practice, the restaurant was packed with African American graduation families, I a senior normal pay 8.00 but I paid 11.47 for my meal with no drink. I set there watching the workers in the bakery area the ladies never changed or washed hands she open the refrigerator pulled pans out of the rack took out a pan of jello cut it and tossed the jello with her hands with the same gloves placed the pan on the counter for serving then starting cutting cake with the same gloves. We were at the Golden Corral 159 Street, Tinley Park, email address

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    Realist Review Oct 09, 2019

    why did you have to mention that the restaurant was full of African American families? what did that have to do with anything? if you don't want to eat around different races... eat at home

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food & service

I went to Golden Corral located in Inverness, Florida. I had not been there for about 12 years or so, took me and my 13 year old daughter to eat at buffet. We got there probably around little after 7 or so. I used to go there years ago but have not been and because my daughter has never eaten there I figured to a good idea and take her. She loves chocolate covered strawberries and heard few people talk about it. Paid 35.00 at the register. Went to go eat and look at buffet, was practically going around in circles because the foods looked terrible. Looked very old, can tell been sitting in the buffet for a long period, some foods had crust because it was drying up. Only thing I grabbed was some fried chicken and cat fish fillet and baked fish, which sort of looked like they just put it out. We both didn't enjoy anything that we thought would be tasty. So, she even decided to go get some salad to say that maybe that will taste okay and fill her up some. Come to find out, she said it tasted horrible too. The only thing she ate was some chocolate covered strawberries. She tried some cookies and ended up spitting up and discarding because she said it tasted like someone who baked and didn't use any sugar. I am usually the type of person who goes to buffets and usually it is the other people waiting for me to finish eating but at the Coral, I tried to eat a drumstick and some rice and couldn't even eat that. I was so disappointed that I was thinking to ask for a refund, I have never gone any restaurant and want to ask for refund. Because my daughter ate those strawberries, I didn't bother wanting to ask. The waitress came to us twice. Once when she seated us and other is when she filled my daughters drink. When I went there long time ago, I went frequently and went back thinking and expecting same service as well as good food. Sadly disappointed to say that I will not be going back. I don't know who is running that place but all appearance of the whole restaurant looks and feel like total trash. I felt like I was over dressed even though I wasn't, that is the type of restaurant and environment vibe it felt like. Not pleasant at all. I left the waitress 5 dollars so in all spent 40 dollars to buffet meal traveling 15 miles to go eat there. I do not mind traveling for I travel 45 mins to go eat at an all u can eat Chinese buffet. and their buffets are cheaper and bigger with foods that are appealing even if I don't know what it is. Someone needs to go and create a different expectations with employees, food as well as the whole facility. I have never in my 49 years wanted refund for food. If anyone is interested in contacting me, my email is [protected]

the food /service

The staff was really rude and disrespectful when I asked for a drink one of the workers refused to give me one. When I asked to speak with the manager she told me "no he's not here ". When I asked for the corporate number so that I can file a complaint they refused and tried to give me their email address. When I asked her about it the worker told me quote on quote " to get tf out of her face".

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    basefistrotten May 26, 2019

    No and refusing to give you something is not the same as rude.

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  • SubSquirrel May 26, 2019

    If you were in my face and demanded email addresses, I’d have said the same thing.

    There is a reason why she didn’t want to get you a drink. You left out much of the story you concocted

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I am A Carmon I had the unfortunate experience at the Golden Corral 923, 2190 IH 10 South, Beaumont Texas 77705 - my girlfriends decided to take me to Golden Corral because I was in town dealing with family member major health issues in ICU at one of the local hospital we walk in I put my receipt on the table underneath a glass of water and my girlfriends began to explain the Golden Corral buffet rules ( because I am a novice to Golden Corral). However when we get back to our table Aida the waitress has cleaned the table and thrown away my receipt; As we approached the table where I left my receipt along with my glass of ice cold water- she Aida and a male co worker rudely and embarrassing laughing at us asking for our receipt- when we attempt to explain they were on the table she began speaking loud people were looking at us as if we were attempting to steal your food- this person did come over never introduced herself but said she was a manager was not apologetic for the error her staff made neither did her employees apologize for there error they actually laughed at us - the reprinted receipt I was later given check: F-5302 date: 5/5/18 time of date: 12:07 amount $15.14


unauthorized credit card charge

On March 22, 2019 I visited this establishment with my parents, and two brother. I was celebrating a birthday with one other brother. My mom had paid for my dinner so myself and...

allowing customers in a place to eat with their pants down to their knees!

We just got back from eating dinner this evening March 24, 2019 at the Roxboro location. While we were eating a teenage black boy and his family came in to eat. The boys pant...

Golden Corral California MD — chicken not cooked well food poisoning

647229 Ate some of this before opening it up tasted strange. Told manager Cindy who said it wasn't bad and asked for my name and number refunded my money and gave is 2 future gift...

food presentation and condition and servers

We have always enjoyed going to Golden Corral to eat... We had been there a few months ago, and when I got the attention of the cook behind the bar and showed him the chicken which was rock hard (and I'm not exaggerating) he said, he'd eat it... The food that day looked presentable.. So, I let that go... But, it shurely told me the food wasn't being rotated as the law requires.
Yesterday, being March 10th, we ate there about 4pm.. It was very crowded, We were charged $30.00 because it was a steak night.. first of all, the food, who many commented on, was undercooked carrots, over cooked dried out broccoli, and the bar looked horrible. Food was dropped in one container, and another.. no one was attending the bar, there was no plates, no tables being cleared and no one filling drinks.. We saw our waitress once when she brought coffee for my husband.. Another issue I had was having to practically beg for a slice of steak.. there was a line waiting, and the server was putting the steak in a pan and setting it behind him.. I asked the lady beside me why, perhaps to let it "rest"? either way, I gave up and set down. I notice a man ask for steak, and the server cut a piece the size of a deck of cards, in half, seriously, and placed it on the guys plate, we just looked at each other.. it was obvious and insulting.. I want my money back cause I also threw up when I got home.. I immediately was nauseous after eating.. I want my money back... You can send the ck to Melody Weast 5560 stewartsville rd williamstown, ky 41097 I will have to think very hard before I eat at Golden corral again.. I'm very disappointed and it's too bad. my husband loves this place..

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    bernice montes Mar 14, 2019

    i witness the disappointment yesterday for dinner right after 4pm Baked beans were not stirred just dryed up on top .. few french fries and onion rings less then 8 of em were sitting there probly from lunch. most of the hot case was looking shriveled from hours away from freshness i expected Freshness for 2 people at $35 i wish i had photos - b.montes ogden ut restraunt

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gift cards - second request

Good morning, this is my second request. We ordered 2 - 25$ gift cards. We were supposed to receive a 5$ discount for each card We did not receive anything yet, since December the...

dead dried bug stuck inside of glass

On December 19 2018 my family and I went to our favorite restaurant. It was my 31st anniversary. Everything was going great until my husband discovered a dead dried bug inside hi...

management at the kingsport location

I'm a single mom with 2 kids. As a treat I take my 7 year old daughter and 2 year old son to Golden corral on Saturday mornings for breakfast. My son is highly functioning...

customer violence and management incompetent

Last Sunday, December 2, 2018 I, Sofia Pena submitted Corporate office a complaint. It is already December 6, 2018 and I have not had any feedback on status from Golden Corral...

my company phone I left in ontario ca. restaurant

On Dec. 2, 2018 at 12:34pm I left my phone on table in restaurant. When I went back a few hours later I was told they didn't find a phone. Upon one of the waitresses seeing me she...

thanksgiving dinner; the time and the service

Me and my family decided to go to Thanksgiving dinner at Golden Corral so we called in to see how long they would be open we got told they were going to be open until 9 p.m. so we...

food, management, bathroom, server

2125 When I arrived with my party of 7 we had to wait 30 min. Before we was seated because it was a big bus came in with a lot of people and they had to be serviced first complaint the...

early prices for seniors

I went to Golden Corral in joliet, il for early pricing. I was there at 3:50pm with 3 people ahead of me. One employee named Petra was there trying to give drinks and take...

food customer service

This is the second time im submitting a complaint about this avondale Arizona location the food was not up to par when we asked for the manager our waitress seem to disappear...

pets in a restaurant and the customers were not blind or disabled

My husband and I wasted our money on my only day off work this week smh we were trying to have dinner and two people brung two large dogs (rockwilders) into the restaurant tied...


I'm sitting in the restaurant on Miller lane and a customer comes in with two big dogs rockwildder and they both not blind they tied the dogs up to the table and went straight to the bar and fixed there plates without washing their hands l told the manager and nothing was done ... now l know why l get sick every time I eat here never agan.. they even barked at each other trying to fight over food..

the whole damn service

This is for the Golden Corral in Milwaukee, WI. The service was trash. My mac and cheese had the colors red and green in it. The server waited god damn 30 min to get me a coke...


I go to Golden Corral most Sundays and lately I have been enjoying the new ice cream. The baker there is always nice and this Sunday I saw a manager in a yellow shirt talking to...

roaches on my food.

Saturday evening i went out with my family to go out to eat. As we were all sitting down eating a roach came from i dont know where and crawled on my food. I told my waiter and he...

food poisoning

Last December 2017 I ate at Mandarin Jacksonville FL Golden Corral on San Jose Blvd. I ate the beef roast which was barely warm, but I was starving so I ate it. It did not taste...

my sexuality

I just left Golden Corral locates in Fredrick MD apparently our waiter Martha had a issue about us not being the "Traditional" family is meaning me my wife and two girls I got up...


The food at the Golden Coral in Anderson SC has gone down in the past 6 month--food is horrible-dried out-and the soup containers has so much film on it you can't tell what kind...

price charged not true price

I just looked up our local Golden Corral cost curious if it was cheaper as it is smaller than the one we had went to in June. Found it EXTREMELY less so I went to the Durham...

food and rude, unprofessional managers

After years of enjoying the food and service at Golden Corral # 903 in Morristown Tn we had the worst experience ever. With a party of 6 and a child ordered buffet and drinks after finding hair in two separate dishes we let the first manager know without calling attention to the situation. She told us they get the food frozen and just reheat it so the hair couldn't have come from the food. That wasn't a response I expected like we were liars. I ask to speak with another manager and he didn't even try to explain what he could do or try to fix the problem. After being refused corporate information we all left our meal unfinished and left. I feel a full refund is in order for this. Our Antique Car club is the largest in the area and we meet at this location weekly .. Local folks are your business . Thank You for your attention to this matter ...