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Personal Pan

I had provided a complaint earlier once I left the restaurant. I called online to place an order for 2 personal pan pizzas (one cheese & one pepperoni). WHen I arrived, I asked the female employee may I have a bottle of Pepsi. SHe gives me my total and goes to get the pizza. I asked her for crushed peppers and she gave that to me and handed my pizzas to me. I asked her for a bag to put my [izzas in because it is raining. Never did the female employee open my boxes to make sure I was satisfied nor did she put my pizzas in the bag. SHe was the only one to touch the box and bag so I should've been the one concerned, if this is the policy due to COVID 19. By the time I got back home I noticed that my cheese pizza wasn't cut in fours and there was no marinara sauce on it, just cheese. I called and spoke to her since she stated she was the manager. I informed her I was coming back, But I decided not to go back in the rain. I stopped coming to this location because of the poor customer service and I see things haven't changed.

Personal Pan

Pizza Hut

Service and meeting cdc guidelines

On 05/19/2020 I enter the 2108 East Albany Pizza Hut where a fat guy was sitting I think his name was Charle...

Missing topping

I had went to a pizza hut location recently and placed a order online for a triple crown pizza and when I started to eat it at home I realised they didn't add pepperoni. What's the point of a pizza without pepperoni? I hate making complaints but without pepperoni the pizza just tasted like the saddest veggie pizza I have ever had the unfortunate luck to eat. I don't want much, just maybe a replacement pizza or something.

Missing topping

Pizza Hut
  • Au
    autere May 18, 2020

    Since you had no issue eating the pizza you are not entitled to a replacement. Honestly if you cannot afford to eat the pizza, then do not order. No need to lie to get your meal replace. Most likely you did not order pepperoni or pulled it off before taking the picture. IF you look closely you forgot to take one of the pepperoni off before taking the picture.

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Purchased food online at location 5 min walking distance from my office still havent received it an hour...

Delivery time / courtesy

I am Keitha Spicer and I have an extensive consumer history with the local food chain here in Selma, Al. I...

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The manager

this was back on April 25th. I placed an order online at 11:40 a.m. Saturday morning store number 301 in Bradenton Florida phone number [protected] Jasmine spoke very rude to me called me a liar after calling me right after I placed an online order they said they didn't have any pan pizzas it would be 2 hours when I like hand tossed and I said no I would write the two hours for the pan pizza she did not like this she told me she could not do that I told her I was a manager at Pizza hut for years I didn't care how she had to do it but we would really like the pan pizza and we were willing to wait two hours she was being very rude and hateful to me on the phone I asked her if she was franchise or the corporation and she hung up on me so I called back was on hold for over 5 minutes as to speak to the manager and it was her Jasmine I asked her why she hung up on me she said she didn't and called me a liar she got me very upset I do not appreciate it I order from Pizza hut all the time like I said I work for your company and PC for over 12 years Twitter she would be getting up probably getting call from her regional manager she said she was okay with that my order was at at $30 you know not a big order but we were all the time I would like something done I would like an apology as well. To this day no one has called me to apologize or to see any other information

Mixed leaf salad

Order number: [protected] Date: 9th May 2020 at 1652 Food was fine but delivery man forgot the mixed leaf...

Hour and twenty minutes late delivery; pizza was cold and dried out.

We ordered pizza from the pizza hut at 510 Hyde Park Rd Leechburg Pa 15656 for dinner lastnight and when we...

Delivery time, unprofessional manager, food dropped and he ran, cold food

The order had been place an hour and 40 minutes when I decided to call. I was immediately put on with the manager. I was not rude but I was stern. He goes into a spill about them running behind and he couldn't tell us that because it was an online order. I then told him that I felt like he should send us the order hot and of no charge since it had been an hour and 45 minutes. He then informs me that he can't do that. So I told him to keep the pizza. My daughter calls him back, his name is Garrett, told him that she wanted the pizza. He told her the reason it was late was because we didn't have the building letter on the order. Even tho we order from the Sparta TN pizza hut all the time. So he gave us 2 totally different excuses as to why we had not received the food. It was still another 35 minutes before the cold food was dropped at the door. He didn't even stay to see if we opened the door. He sprinted off and never looked back. I feel like we should be credited for this food since it isn't edible.
Thank you
I am Lori Tollison and my daugher is Kierstin Sims. The order was in her name.

Unethical behavior

I placed an order online and payed online to Pizza Hut on Manchester Expressway in Columbus Ga on...

Pizza over cooked and missing toppings

I ordered pizza from the Pizza Hut at 1215 N Dixie Blvd, Radcliff, KY 40160. We always get thin crust. My...

Terrible service

I ordered the pizza from Rouse hill(Store no 1024)store today Friday 17/04 at 7.28pm and was meant to be delivered at 7.54pm but after waiting till 8.10pm i made a phone call to Store and was being told the order has left the store and will be at my place within 10mins, after waiting till 8.30pm, i called again and got told oh we were busy today because of Friday so i should get the order shortly, there was no apology and they didn't have any regrets that the order is delayed by almost an hour in fact they just ignored what i told them and the girl who answered said oh we will deliver the next pizza for free, come what a joke you are providing such a terrible and disappointing service today and you want to make up for that next time, i mean are you for real do you really think that i will order the pizza from Rouse hill store ever, and guess what my little daughter after waiting for such a long time for Pizza she slept hungry.This is not the service what we expect from brand like Pizza hut, they don't care about people all they care is just deliver cold, saggy pizza and charge the full amount from customers.such a terrible experience which i will never forget and order from this store ever.I would be shocked and surprised if Pizza hut doesn't take any actions against this store and investigate the matter .

online refused to deliver order no. [protected]

Please be informed that your we order online Pizza Hut with our home address i Al Rahba city which accpeted

After 10 mins we received a call that we cannot deliver the order from your supervisor

1st they refused the location as it is in your online page available Al Rahba City

2nd the attitude of your supervisor was very Rude

The order number [protected]

Food Quality

Good day!
I want to complain about (142 Gulberg Green Islamabad Pizza Hut)
That is the second time when I am very disappointed about the quality of Pizza they made. Sorry to say its third class.
I have visited so many other pizza Huts in Rawalpindi/Islamabad all of them are up to mark. I try this because its very near to my home. They make a pizza like a dry Nan having few toping on it no taste of Cheese at all. Details of my order is as below
Invoice order no =[protected]
Amount of bill=3350
Branch Contact [protected]

Waiting for ur reply because I already spoke with their Branch


Food Quality

Pizza Hut

order for pizza

I had made my order on two dates 10th and 11th April of amounting Rs.606 and Rs.208 but the order has not been delivered till dated and amount has been debited.

I want this to be fix as soon as possible as it was a pathetic experience from Pizza Hut for the first time.

I was a loyal customer but due to this incident it is shaken up and will not be able to trust this brand.


order and delivery

I ordered $59.89 worth of food to be delivered on 4/10/20 at 8:24pm from store # 031207 ticket #140 invoice...

Pizza Hut

non delivery of pizza

I ordered Pizzas for Dinner vide order details as follows Order ID: [protected]
on 7 April 2020.
After waiting for more than 1 hour, I called up the call center number only to be told that my order was cancelled and was instead referred to the branch which was supposed to deliver my pizzas.
No response from the branch / called up the call center again and this time the agent promised to call me back, which he never did.
After a 1 and half hour wait we ordered Pizzas from Dominos who promptly delivered.
Pizza hut was extremely unprofessional and I would never again order from them!!!
Absolutely useless guys with no decency or customer service...

they asked my address and replied rudely by saying they don't deliver and they cancelled my order

I ordered pizza on the helpline number at 7.30pm from AL Rigga Deira. They gave me Salauddin pizza hut number...

No one was attending my call

I ordered pizza on the helpline number at 7.30pm from AL Rigga Deira. They gave me Salauddin pizza hut number...


I ordered the 2 for 1 medium pizzas last night. They are 24.99. The total ended up being 43.95. called and they said I ordered extra toppings which I did not. I ordered 3 on each pizza which is what the special said. I also ordered 2 garlic dips whickh I did not receive. this happened april 5 at about 7 pm. Would like a refund of over charge please. Kathy Kemp [protected] [protected].