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Pizza Hut / complaint

Jun 13, 2019

I ordered at 11pm, we received the order after 12am, it was wrong as following: 1. Salad isn't matching the order 2. Potatos is less than 200 gram, it should be 400 Gram 3. Garlic bread received without cheeseithout Mashroom, we got it with Mashroom. 4. Pizza w I complained by phone...

Pizza Hut / complete lack of service

Jun 08, 2019

We ordered our pizza at 6:05 pm. We asked for it to be delivered as soon as it was ready. Two hours later at 8:05 we called to see when we could expect our order. No one answered the phone. It is now 8:50 and we're still waiting. As they could not even answer their phone, we have no idea...

Pizza Hut / incorrect order, poor customer service

Jun 08, 2019

We ordered 1 Large Meat Lovers and 1 Large Veggie Lovers We recieved 1 large pizza and 1 TINY pizza Thinking maybe I ordered incorrectly, I checked my recent order and took a screenshot - I DID order TWO large pizzas!!! I called the store and was placed on hold AS SOON as I told them I...

Pizza Hut / pizza

Jun 06, 2019

The Pizza was burnt and crust was chewy and we ordered thin crust and the crust was not together it was separated. I called the store in Athens to make a complaint they put me on hold for a manager then I Was hung up on. When I called back there was no answer Im tried to send picture...

Pizza Hut Middletown KY, Shelbyville Road / dine in service

Jun 03, 2019

pizza hut middletown kentucky shelbyville road. I realize that the lady manager broke her foot and is unable to work right now. I usually go to this pizza hut once a week but I will not go back. This past saturday afternoon I went to this pizza hut to dine in. No one said anything to me...

Pizza Hut / restaurant

Jun 02, 2019

I made an online order and the time said 30 minutes. I received a phone call from the store informing that they are out of one of the items and that they had one delivery driver therefore the delivery will be 2 hours and most likely I need to cancel my order. I did not intend on canceling...

Pizza Hut / the extra cost for pan crust.

Jun 01, 2019

Why must you charge an extra $2 for your pan pizza? I would buy more pizza hut pizza if it wasn't for the extra chatge for pan. I use to buy 10 pizzss a month from Pizza Hut when you didn't charge extra for pan. I don't care for your hand tossed because the crust is like cardboard. So I...

Pizza Hut / complaint about my order pizza hut cancelled

May 29, 2019

I want to make a complaint about Pizza Hut on 1300 Elm Street, Hampton, SC 29924. I placed a call in order tonight to pick up at 7:54. I was told it would be ready in 15-20 minutes. I wanted to give plenty of time for them to make since I have had to wait longer in the past when picking up...

Pizza Hut / quality and illegible survey codes

May 29, 2019

Have been ordering pizza from you for more years than I can remember. Have only had a few bad experiences with you, like yesterday. We ordered two large super supreme pizzas but the pizzas looked as though your store (South Zanesville, Ohio) ran out of vegetables. There were very few on...

Pizza Hut / service was bad

May 26, 2019

كنت فى مطعم التعاون وساعه فطار وقاعده انا واولادى منتظرين البيتزا تنزل وكان فى تشاجر بين مساعد المدير وطاقم العمل وحاجه وحشه جدا انى اسمع سب دين والصوت العالى ده لانى جايه اكل وامشي من المكان مبسوطه لاكنى مشيت وانا فى قمه استيائى وقررت انى مش هدخل المكان ده تانى وده طبعا غير الفوضي اللى كانت فى المكان والخدمه كانت غير مُرضيه

Pizza Hut / delivery delay and fake info on the online receipt

May 23, 2019

This is my address 52/1 Rubberwatte Rd, Gangodawila, Nugegoda, COlombo, Western Province Sri lanka And according to the receipt, I got the order from Pizza Hut Nugegoda which is around 2.7 KM from my place. There was a certain promotion today I ordered 2 pizzas at 8:32( It was an online...

Pizza Hut / pizza ordered

May 20, 2019

The taste of our pizza was terrible, it had no flavor whatsoever. I ordered half supreme and half pepperoni and Canadian bacon. The management passed my table several times not once did she ask how was my pizza or anything else. Also, the young man at the counter (Dillon) taking orders had...

Pizza Hut / online order

May 19, 2019

I order with you all the time. My family loves your pizza. At a certain location I can't get delivery. Which is one problem. But today I ordered online. My pizza should have been ready at 11:15. When we got there the building was locked. My son stayed knocking for a long time. Finally some...

Pizza Hut / no taco pizza at ogdensburg, new york pizza hut

May 16, 2019

I recently traveled to Ogdensburg, New York from Fort Wayne, Indiana for my Dad's funeral. At one of our gatherings we had ordered pizza from the local Pizza Hut. I was telling my family that they should try the Taco Pizza some time and they all looked at me puzzled and said our Pizza Hut...

Pizza Hut / overdue refund

May 16, 2019

I ordered an online delivery back in March 23, 2019 and was charged for 325aed thru my credit card. The order was canceled and I was told when it was that I should receive the refund on my card in 4 weeks, I wasn't given any reference number, no confirmation number, no email or anything to...

Pizza Hut / big dinner box

May 15, 2019

Ordered online and pizza was 15 minutes late without a text notification to let us know that it was on the way. Both pizzas were undercooked, the dough was still white on the bottom with a touch of yellowish tint. Wings were undercooked and gristly. Only item that tasted remotely close to...

Pizza Hut / fired after policy change

May 14, 2019

I started working for NPC international Pizza in Little Rock Arkansas December 8th 2010 at that time I had a felony background and I never hid the fact 5 years into my career they ran me for a background check which I passed and was promoted to rgm I was terminated May 12th at noon 3 year...

Pizza Hut / pizza hut lahore has not paid my rs 978k for last one year

May 13, 2019

I like to bring this to your attention a long overdue invoice of Rs 978.8k which had been pending for payment since March 2018 - I have attached the breakdown of the payment along with this e-mail - One of our employee has already visited your Karachi Head Office twice so far - His first...

Pizza Hut / stores near me need help

May 12, 2019

I love Pizza Hut pizza, but the stores in my area are terrible that it makes me want to go elsewhere. Both stores seem to be understaffed and dirty. I've resorted to doing carry out as it seems delivery times take over an hour and a half...all the time! The majority of the time when I...

Pizza Hut / order not correct

May 10, 2019

Hi, I ordered two pizzas on 5/10/19 at 5:39 pm one pep and the crust was falling apart and you can see with the picture below. The second pizza I ordered was a half pep sau and bacon and the other half is pep sau bacon onion green pepper and banana pepper. as you can see in the picture I...

Pizza Hut / complaint

May 10, 2019

I have placed complaign and i want quick action against it and need the money back or a hard copy in my mail give me a quick response or else i will complain to municipality hello i went to karama pizza hut on friday at 12:30 night after a trip and i waited for 20 minutes in the table...

Pizza Hut / unprofessionalism

May 09, 2019

I have an issue with the Sumter store acting manager Joe so call manager and Valerie the RM. On April May 1st I placed an order with your store around 11:30am and I ordered some pasta and when it was delivered it was hard and dry. I called back immediately and request a redo. I was told it...

Pizza Hut / order no. 7063831

May 08, 2019

ORDER NO. 7063831 was placed on through online portal & payment was immediately.Order was placed 8th May at 08:15PM with promise delivery at 08:45PM. Pizza is not delivered till 10:20 PM even after 130 minutes. In the mean time, we contacted at least two times to customer care & they promised that...

Pizza Hut / service fees

May 07, 2019

I think it's unfair you charge a service fee. I can go to other pizza company's and pay with being charged the service fee. There are other pizza chains that doesn't gouge the customer. L I ke Papa John's, Marcos Pizza, Chicago Pizza and many more. So at this time I will be doing my...

Pizza Hut / service

May 06, 2019

I went to the Pizza Hut in Lewisburg, Tn 37091, (5-6-19). Had the worst service I have ever received from this store. The waitress took a while to seat me a party of two and was very hateful. She told me it was her first day back after a death in the family and she didn't have to be...

Pizza Hut / product (pizza)

May 06, 2019

Pizza hut is by far my favorite pizza... For a few orders now, my pizza is not delivered as ordered. I've let it pass quite a few times but it's been too many times now and it's not meeting my expectations. I always order garlic crust and I have not received that for the past 4 orders. I...

Pizza Hut / waitress lied to us

May 06, 2019

On the 4th of May 2019 my friend and I stopped at the Pizza Hut in Louisville, MS to eat. We both felt we were certain there were specials we'd seen that were not on the menu. Neither of us wanted to buy a 20.00 pizza. We asked the waitress in every way possible weren't there any special...

Pizza Hut / inappropriate behavior from manager

May 06, 2019

Recently my daughter who is 19 went in to drop off an application for a job at the local pizza hut. She was told by manager that he will review the application and be in touch. A day or 2 had gone by and my daughter received a text message from the manager she handed her application to...

Pizza Hut / delivery

May 05, 2019

I was trying to order a pizza online but unfortunately you have to spend over $10 for delivery. So I order some cheese sticks along with it that I didn't really want. Delivery guy tried to hand me 3 boxes at the door and I told him should've been just 2 items. Pizza and cheese sticks. He...

Pizza Hut / pizza order they screwed up

May 03, 2019

The only complaint I have about our order is that I specifically said in the special instructions to cut it in square's. Well they did but after they had already pie cut the damn thing. So we ended up with extremely uneven slices of several different shapes and sizes pizza as you can see...

Pizza Hut / rude manager and charged me twice!

May 03, 2019

I ordered a pizza online and went to pick it up and I left a 3 tip...An hour later I got an alert stating my account was charged twice so I called and the manager Izeck was rude telling me they didn't over charge me when I'm looking right at it he kept arguing with me and hung up.I also...

Pizza Hut / late and disrespected

May 03, 2019

On 4/29/19 Monday I ordered several pizzas and wings for CDL students here at John Tyler Community College. This was a business order. The food was supposed to be delivered at 11:50 but at 12:00pm it wasn't here. I called the store at 12:01pm and stayed on the line for 8 minutes (via my...

Pizza Hut / pizza/p'zone

May 03, 2019

The Bluebonnet/Jefferson Highway location in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is the worst Pizza Hut ever. My pizza is often cold and they never season the crust even though I specify. ALeo every single time I order wings or anything with sauce they don't send it. Even if I pay for it. And if it...

Pizza Hut / dine in

May 02, 2019

very disappointed to visit Pizza Hut at boat basin where sitting arrangement and air conditions are in worst condition, Mr. Sher Hussain branch supervisor can't help us out. Salad bar needs to be checked, few items were expired or smelly, I have attached one photo in which I tried to log...

Pizza Hut / your order - 3190501130816001331008955 if pizza arrives cold I want a full refund.. my email is [email protected]

May 01, 2019

Thanks, Suhei. Your order will be delivered on May 1, 1:35 PM is 225 that's more than enough info right there. they are about to be one hour late and don't even have the courtesy to call the customer to tell them they running behind. My one hour lunch break is over. This pizza hut on...

Pizza Hut / pizzone

May 01, 2019

I live in Saddle Brook NJ and I always wonder why your restaurant on Market St always seems so empty. First thing I see is a Mgr who is unshaven and not dressed well. Then I notice the floor isnt clean. There is only one table of customers at 5:00 PM. And when I get home my Pizzone i...

Pizza Hut / personal pan all meat

Apr 27, 2019

#1 Thursday, April 25 I walked in to your store on Powell Blvd in Gresham, Oregon to order 3 Personal Size Pan Pizzas. I was told they only had TWO. They couldn't make up one more? I've never heard of such a thing! #2 Today, April 27, we ordered three Personal Size Pan Pizzas and asked if...

Pizza Hut / call in ordering

Apr 27, 2019

I called twice tonight, 4/27/19 and was on hold for 10 minutes before being disconnected(803-328-2282). Besides this location being filthy and having bad counter service Pizza Hut is my favorite pizza. Dominos has fast phone service and friendly counter service but I keep coming back to...

Pizza Hut / wrong order and burnt

Apr 27, 2019

YOUR ORDER - 3190427173601001431033467 Placed on April 27 at 5:36 PM Wings were wrong, Cheesy breadsticks burnt to crisp. Ordered pep and beef pizza. Got cheese and sausage. BURNT BAD. TERRIBLE EVERY TIME I ORDER FROM PIZZA HUT THE ORDER IS PARTIALLY WRONG. WINGS ARE WRONG EVERYTIME. AMAZING...

Pizza Hut / the quality I am paying for

Apr 26, 2019

I am not normally a complainer however this is the second time within a month that I am truest disappointed in Pizza Hut. Last month we ordered pizza, nothing special cheese on one pepperoni on the other. The crust was absolutely disgusting. I get a better crust at our local grocery store...

Pizza Hut / on line

Apr 26, 2019

On several occasions I have been unable to place my order on line. The screen locks on the opening page. I have used my computer, my ipad, my phone, and my office computer. At first I was thinking it was the devise that I was using. I would rather order on line than to call in. Also if I...

Pizza Hut / service

Apr 23, 2019

On Easter Sunday, I went in to order a pizza in your Higginsville mo store, I had a 10.00 credit from last time when I had a coupon but didn't use it, had a new girl at the window help me, then another team member came over said couldn't change it, so they gave me a 10.00 credit...

Pizza Hut / server wages

Apr 22, 2019

I've been at Pizza Hut almost 3 years. I'm a server was a delivery driver but decided to go to serving and has been a server for 2 years. About a year ago I asked my boss about a pay raise since servers don't make much at all i depend on tips and half the time I don't...

Pizza Hut / pizza hut receipt survey

Apr 22, 2019

My spouse, daughter, and I went to Pizza Hut a couple of days ago. We got the bill, my husband paid, by credit card, then we left the restaurant. I realized that there was a survey on the back of the receipt once we got home. I went to the website to take the survey and was asked to put in...

Pizza Hut / management

Apr 22, 2019

I recently submitted a complaint about an order I made and overcooked pizza. I received an email response the next day stating I would be contacted within 3 business days by my local pizza unfortunately that did not happen. It took 10 days for the store manager to contact me. The customer...

Pizza Hut / delivery driver

Apr 21, 2019

On 4/20/19 I had a pizza and cinnamon bus delivered. My delivery person was the rudiest person I have ever had in all my years of having pizza delivered. She called and left a very rude message. I went outside and found her at the house next door. When I was finally able to get her...

Pizza Hut / online order

Apr 18, 2019

I placed an order online waited 30 minutes for the man at the register to tell me that my order is not ready. Not only is it not ready but it hasn't been fixed nor placed in the oven. When I told him it should've been ready by 11:50. He ignored me and continued to fuss at the lady making...

Pizza Hut / pick up

Apr 17, 2019

I ordered my pizza by phone 3 weeks ago at a greensboro, nc location near elmsley dr, and was told it would be 45 minutes for pick up. I arrived around 50 minutes later to be told my pizza was not ready... And I would need to wait another 45 minutes!!! A very unprofessional lady i...

Pizza Hut / pizza hut

Apr 15, 2019

Hello hi you doin I'm writing this to let you all know I have a handicap son an I made a order yesterday an no one never brought me my order. The pizza Hut on 28th Broadway Louisville Ky. They are rude keep hanging up on me an my son has been hungry for 2 dayz because of Pizza Hut. I don't understand how they treat us as customers an I really don't get it

Pizza Hut / salad bar

Apr 15, 2019

I have frequented the Western Pizza Hut many times. Although I have requested that they serve Oil in the "Vinegar and Oil" carrier, and in spite of telling the staff on numerous occasions that I would gladly buy a salad with each ordered pizza, the staff, THE VERY TATTOOED staff just don't...

Pizza Hut / overall experience

Apr 15, 2019

Visited 13th April 2019 Well Janet and I decided to take the kids out last night for pizza. We went to pizza hut on 9mile rd. Well that was a big mistake !!! After sitting down in a booth big enough for 6 We moved as it was like 30 degrees in that spot. So it was not any better in other...

Pizza Hut / online ordering for pickup

Apr 13, 2019

Placed order on line for carry out tried delivery first was told no delivery would be available today so i placed order on line for carry out was given pick up time for 8:05 arrived at store at 8:12 to pick up my order and was told i had another 45 mins wait tinw because they was on a hour...

Pizza Hut / service

Apr 11, 2019

Yesterday on 10.04.2019 I visited with my family to mall of emirates food court I ordered 1 pizza and 1 Hershey cookies While taking my order from counter I forgot to take cookies which I already paid for also I dint got reminder pager so that I will remind about my food. I finished my...

Pizza Hut / a call in delivery order for 12 medium wings and a large pizza half pepperoni and half meat lovers.

Apr 10, 2019

I called Pizza Hut on S. New hope rd around 8:48pm tonight. I wanted to order the .50 cent wings(12ct) and I had a coupon for a free pizza due to it taking 2 1/2 hours last time. The young girl didn't know anything about the .50 cent wing deal and I stated that I still wanted to order my...

Pizza Hut / salad bar and service

Apr 09, 2019

I went to the Ponderay Pizza Hut today, April 9, 2019. I had the absolute worst service. There were an employee on their cell and a friend of his visiting with him. I waited a while but then seated myself. I ordered cheese bread sticks and one trip salad bar. The salad bar only had a few...

Pizza Hut / rude woman drops drugs

Apr 08, 2019

Night time manager, Nicole was rude, looked jacked up on something. I noticed she dropped a small white tied bag. She hurried and put it under her shoe and changed the subject. Asking the same question again. "Did you enjoy your food?" I said "yes it was delicious thank you." she said"...

Pizza Hut / too few employees to serve customers, facility is very unclean, the building is in disrepair.

Apr 01, 2019

On April 1st, today, I drove to the local PizzaHut to pick up a take out order. I sat at the window for a significant amt of time and a worker never came to the window. So I parked and had to go inside which is hard for me to physically do. There was finally an employee, Jon 023678, who I...

Pizza Hut / complaint about their services

Apr 01, 2019

Regarding the mentioned above, I have had a dinner with my daught at 1840 at the mentioned venue. During that time, I had ordered a half pieces of roasted chicken as see invoice attached. Until 1800, I didn't seen chicken on our table, so I was tracing our order with one of waitress that...

Pizza Hut / service and cold food

Mar 31, 2019

My family and I visited your store on March 30, 2019 for dinner upon entering we were told to sit where we wanted waitedabout 20 mins before we were waited on. The server came to the table with no menus to take our drink order. we only got menus upon request placed order which was a med...

Pizza Hut / rmg

Mar 29, 2019

So I got hired 6 months ago. I was hired in as a shift lead deu to past pizza expriance. After the first week of very little training from my rgm i was put as closing manager. On my second week of work I was closing on my own with no extra manager in the store. Then very soon after a 100$...