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Panera Bread Complaints & Reviews

Panera Bread / substandard food and service

Paul Quattrini on Oct 19, 2017
We had the misfortune of stopping for dinner last on October 18 at a Panera Cafe 2320 in Washington, PA last night. Our check number was 332619 and our cashier was Alexia. We used to frequent Panera regularly and the food and service were always of high quality. Alexia couldn’t seem to get...

Panera Bread / curious as to why I did not get 20% discount

dolores davidian on Oct 18, 2017
Check #581283 Panera Card #19271 On 10/18/17 my husband (age 90) and I (age 87) went to Panera Bread # 1393 for breakfast at 8:53 a.m. We belong to the FRESNO WALKER'S CLUB for seniors sponsored by Panera Bread Cafe #1393. The Club provides free coffee (Very Nice) and authorizaton to receive...

Panera Bread / customer service sucks!!

fdssf on Oct 18, 2017
Bardmoor, Florida Placed an Order @ 9:30 am on Panera website for a business lunch to be delivered @ 11:45. Website was encountering issues and would not process the credit card. I called Panera to speak to an employee who explained the order would be fine and my card would be charged only once...

Panera Bread / my lunch took too long to be served.

Scott and Carol Bulych on Oct 18, 2017
On October 18, 2017 I arrived at your cafe 0916 (Sterling Heights, MI) and ordered a pick 2 meal. The transaction was logged in at 11:50 am (before the lunch crowd shows up). The meal was eventually served at 12:13 pm. I think the twenty three minutes is unacceptably long. My order wa...

Panera Bread / I placed a rapid pick up order today and it was totally wrong!

northgate on Oct 18, 2017
I ordered 6 different items today for my office. I work at NorthGate on Corunna Rd., and 3 of them were wrong. 1st-ordered a Caesar chicken salad and did not get-received a turkey on cranberry bread. 2nd-ordered a chicken w/avocado- 1/2 sandwich and received a turkey on cranberry...

Panera Bread / order not correct (2nd time)

L@davis on Oct 17, 2017
Second time in a row I have ordered online and order was not correct. 1st order was missing my soft roll, not really a big deal. This time my chicken caesar salad did not have chicken and by broccoli cheese soup was cold. My order was place 10/17/17 and my order number is 948446, place...

Panera Bread / store manager

Diane Sims on Oct 17, 2017
I went to the Clarksville Indiana Panera Bread store today to buy lunch for a few friends, a to go order, instead of buying individual drinks I bought a Gallon of tea, easier to carry etc, I asked for my 99 cent bakery items and the girl said "sorry you have to buy drinks with meals to get...

Panera Bread / order was wrong

Camille Williams on Oct 17, 2017
Good afternoon. I just got back to work and my order was missing items and I received the wrong order. I ordered a large tomato soup with chips and a bagel lightly toasted. I received the soup without the side and bagel. When I checked the receipt the kitchen gets it had another name on...

Panera Bread / charged me for the wrong order

NatashaS on Oct 17, 2017
On 9-29-17 I visited the Panera bread Café#0654 in Greenville, SC. I was in the drive-thru and ordered 2 Green Passion Smoothies and an Asiago bagel with plain cream cheese. When I got to work, I was give the wrong bagel and cream cheese. What I received was a cinnamon crunch bagel and reduced...

Panera Bread / employee relationships

Cheaters Beware on Oct 16, 2017
The Panera in Cullman Alabama currently has two employees, one a shift leader, engaged in an extramarital affair. The affair began and has taken place at the business. I don’t know the policy on fraternization between employees, especially members of management and subordinates, but I do know...

Panera Bread / poor service at tulsa hills panera bread

Terry Steele on Oct 16, 2017
I had a problem with Panera Bread's on-line ordering service. I ordered lunch for my family October 15 (Order confirmation number: 157027076). When I arrived at the Tulsa Hills Panera Bread to pick up my order, it had not been prepared. The reason the Panera Bread employee gave me is that...

Panera Bread / egg white avc spin sdw

Rebecca Estrada-Santos on Oct 16, 2017
Good morning my name isRebecca Estrada Santos and I'm not kidding I eat this breakfast sandwich almost everyday, so I'm a loyal customer.This Panera cafe #4287 Chula Vista check number 615261 today's date 10-16-17.my cell number (619) 665-0439.panera member-80414.l have been eating...

Panera Bread / hot water for beverage

Mggj on Oct 15, 2017
We visited Panera bread in Pflugerville, Texas and went away very disappointed. First problem, the cashier told us that we had no rewards but I received an email indicating that we were eligible for a free half sandwich. After several rescan of my card it verified that indeed we did have...

Panera Bread / salads

jacqueline dugas on Oct 15, 2017
Last night my boyfriend, my 2 year old son and I decided to try Panera for the first time ever in Barrie, Ontario (Canada). We thought it would be a healthy and hopefully delicious substitute to a typical fast food chain such as McDonalds etc. First of all, the customer service wa...

Panera Bread / amount of turkey on sandwich

Rich Simpson on Oct 14, 2017
Just picked up our order and there was only 2 pieces of turkey on the sandwich, Ive ordered many times before and I've always been satisfied, but this is unacceptable. If I didn't live so far away I would have returned it. I took a pic of the sandwich, if needed. Rich DiDonato...

Panera Bread / serving size of soup to-go

Hanahjae on Oct 14, 2017
I frequent the Monaca, PA Panera weekly. I have great service every time and my little ones and I love the food. I always get my order made to-go, because I have 2 little ones it is easier to have it packaged to go in order to take home what they don't finish. I have noticed that when I...

Panera Bread / catering order

Juozas Vasiliauskas on Oct 13, 2017
I have placed Panera Bread Catering online for pickup on 10/12/2017 (order number 4762297) from Cincinnati - Western Hills Marketplace, Cafe # 204908, 5555 Glenway Avenue, Cincinnati, OH, 513-347-6887. The order was supposed to be 5 boxes of assorted sandwiches and 3 salads. The sandwich...

Panera Bread / wrong item

Kaun on Oct 12, 2017
Hello, I recently visited the panera bread at rockville center, I ordered a mac and cheese and a tomato soup. I picked up my order and drove back to work, only to realize that I was given the wrong soup (Some chicken soup instead of my cream of tomato soup). I'm extremely upset as I then had...

Panera Bread / drive through order

Joyce618 on Oct 11, 2017
Got a green tea that tasted like water... aboslutely no taste to it. They didn't put croutons for my soup either... and they gave me a really small piece of bread as a side (abnormally smaller than usual). I couldn't go back because I was in a hurry, and I went through the drivethru. I wa...

Panera Bread / to-go orders are consistently wrong

Wendy Gardner on Oct 11, 2017
I order using the App regularly and often times I either don't get the avocado on my egg and avocado sandwich, they've run out of eggs and this morning, I had greasy bread instead of the bagel for my sandwich. While the receipt indicates I can complain, I don't notice until I'm at work...

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