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The spread of Coronavirus by your workers.

I am as concerned as anyone about limiting the spread of the coronavirus. I am a senior citizen with an underlying condition; contracting the virus could kill me. All restaurants in my area, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, serve takeout only. In Every restaurant I have been to the servers are always wearing disposable gloves. I was appalled at what I saw at the Panera bread on the 17th St. causeway in Fort Lauderdale Florida. For my take-out order I got a muffin, banana, and a cup of coffee. When I saw the worker pick up a cop from the rim with bare hands I told him I don't want to coffee. He looked a little surprised and I told him "you are touching the cup with your hand, if I contract the virus it could kill me." He looked at me and said, "I haven't heard of servers wearing gloves." I responded, "every restaurant I have been to the servers are wearing gloves, if they don't I refuse to take their food." A second worker said, "if I wash my hands and put on gloves would that suffice"? I said yes, he PUT ON GLOVES then served me". He had gloves available and did not put them on until I complained. I suggest you instruct all your workers on proper food service in the middle of a pandemic.

Catering Order - Order # was [protected]

To Whom It May Concern,

I hope you are enjoying a great day.

I would like to inform you on an issue that needs to be resolved, and I have been trying to fix it for a week now.

Last Saturday, I ordered catering for my husband's 60th birthday. The Order # was [protected].

When the delivery man delivered the meal, there were no salads provided as had been ordered. FYI, my guests included a number of vegetarians with special dietary concerns.

The driver returned approximately 2 hours later and said he had the salads. I did not accept them, as the meal had already been consumed by our guests - to include the dessert.

I called the Panera store later in the day, and I was informed that a manager would call me the next day and I would not be charged for the salads.

I was informed there was an issue with the Panera store having knowledge of my credit card number - apparently, only a general manager has that knowledge. The next day came and went, and there was no call received from a general manager. I called the Panera store again and was informed a general manager would call me on Tuesday. I did receive a message from a general manager on my phone, and I called back and had to leave a message since we did not connect. I called the Panera store again to try to resolve the issue, and was told once again only a general manager could help me - I have not received a call since the first attempt on Tuesday.

A week has now gone by, and my issue has not been addressed. I have been charged for the salads which did not arrive in time for the party. I was charged the full amount of the order, $744.85.

As a result, I am a very unsatisfied customer as I am sure you could understand. The Panera Brand is better than this. Your reputation for being spot on and courteous is well known. I have not been treated with courtesy. I have been overcharged as a result of this lack of urgency on the issue. Lastly, my guests did not get the meal I promised, and that is not a good thing at all.

Please help me resolve this issue, and call attention to the lack of professionalism I have been shown. You can do better, I know it. I love Panera Bread, and that is the reason I chose you to cater this very special family event.

Respectfully, Christy Samuels

Manager's behavior

On Friday, February 21, 2020 at around 7:00 pm. I went to Panera Bread at the Broadway Mall to buy food. After I handed a $100.00 bill, a blond manager was called and look at the...

Website Issue

Received an email from you on 2/13/20 - Panera @ Home.
I tried to download the "Save $1" coupon for soup or mac and cheese.
When I got to the "print coupon", I received an error from Smart Source. It said:
Unknown Application error: Unable to proceed, Please try after some time.

I did reply to the original email, but did not get a response.
Can you help me get this coupon?
Thank you.

incorrect w2

I worked part of the year at the Oak Ridge, TN Panera Bread. I received my W2, and it shows an incorrect social security number for me, which I attempted to correct multiple time...


I called in a carryout order on 2-7-20 and arrived a couple minutes before I was told it would be ready. I paid for my order at the front counter and was told to go to rapid pick...

no bagels available on saturday at 10:45

Feb 1 Only complaining so that you can do something about it. My friend and I both said we hadn't been there in years and saw there was nothing left but a few sweet bagel...

abusive employee

I was just at your West Chester location and the following event has left me very upset. The 30 year old light skin woman with curly hair who refused to tell me her name is the...

systems down?

I was very disappointed today when I arrived at my favorite Panera location to redeem my reward for a free Breakfast sandwich. I traveled 25 minutes to get there, only to discover...

chicken noodle soup

42067 I think if you are going to sell chicken and noodle soup that's what it should be. If you are going to sell broth then that's what it should be. Your chicken and noodle...

falsely charged!

I ate at University Hills Panera Bread on Nov. 7th with my daughter. I paid at the counter. The bill was $27.85. I was double charged which I discovered when I checked my banking account online. I called the Panera I went to, and talked to the dumbest manager ever! Not helpful. I complained to corporate and got the run around. Never got a kind word. I made several calls, and it took a long time, and finally I got a refund. Tonight I looked at my banking account, and I have a charge from Panera Bread for $27.85 on Dec. 5th. I promise you I have not been back to a Panera, and NEVER will! I called and spoke to Denise at the corporate number. She said "file a dispute with your bank." You have the stupidest employees, and worst customer service I've ever encountered! Your food is over priced too! Please refund my money, and leave me alone. I'm 68 years old. I have leukemia. The stress is going to give me a stroke and kill me. I will bad mouth Panera as much as I can. Maybe the local tv stations would like to know how you treat people.
Bonnie Long

mediterranean sandwich and soup

I ordered this online requesting no cheese whatsoever as I'm allergic. I called the store and alerted them to take care of avoiding contact. I received my food with cheese on it so I was unable to eat the sandwich. And they put the soup into the bread bowl instead of the side container like usual, so the soup was cold and the bread extremely soggy. I paid almost $30 and I couldn't eat any of it. I tried calling the store but got no answer and I'm pissed. I under cross contamination may happen but they put cheese all over it even though the receipt even says no cheese and the service was horrible the food wasn't edible. I want a refund or something

mediterranean sandwich and soup

what service??? worst panera in area

I realize that getting help to service food can be difficult. But why bother giving out table trackers if you don't have anyone to deliver the food. That's what happened...

short in change operating without pennies.

I went to the Panera Bread in Chelmsford, MA to have a breakfast with my wife. it's was Monday November 19, 2019. The time was approx 9:10 am. I purchased an orange scone...

veterans day

I looked on the internet and it said you did a deal for Veterans Day. I show up just to find out that your manager says only corporate does that. The cashier has no idea what is even going on and the manager is yelling the answers from the other side of the restaurant. I don't understand how corporate does the deal but this franchise does not. It just makes me not want to come back. There's no discount for military and the service was really rude.

customer service

My daughter and I went through the drive-thru at our local Panera this evening. After waiting 20 MINUTES to get up to the service window, we waited another five minutes before...

check # 343283 ($44.97, 11/6/19, 5:54:46 pm

42067 Worst restaurant experience, ever: Party of four, placed order with Anaijah on 11/6/19 at 5:54:46 PM. After 20 minutes, i checked with shift supervisor, Mya, regarding when the...

about the service/workers

i was ordering at Panera Bread and the cashier Davena was being just being annoying and rude. Mid way she kept cutting me off saying "is that all" constantly. Which made me...

order pick up

Customer #[protected]. I have been getting 2 of the Tuesday Baker's Dozen packs every Tuesday for over 5 years. Used to call it in and then when the app came I order on line...

u pick two lunch option

Hello panera bread,
Just read the article about the employee who exposed the mac & cheese preparation. Which indicated that the mac & cheese is actually frozen vs. Freshly prepared. While I personally know from working in the food industry years ago, that most foods are not actually fresh, instead they are either frozen or canned. It is close to impossible for restaurants, to maintain fresh foods, simply because food cannot be preserved long enough, to stay fresh. Nonetheless, i'm writing today to make someone aware, that I frequent panera bread often, and lately i've been disappointed. My order(s) (as evidenced by my profile) typically consists of a u pick two item". I normally visit on the days the cream of chicken & wild rice soup is served. Again, while I know it is not freshly prepared everyday, it is still my favorite. To accompany the soup, I select the cuban chicken order that the sandwich is prepared correctly, I write down how I would like it prepared. I specifically indicate, no sauces, no mustard, no may or any spreads.. Also w/no onions. I prefer meats, cheese, pickle's on straight croissant toasted, to go. For some reason, this is difficult to perfect. Because something is always wrong. Rather than bring the sandwich back, I just live with it. While I truly enjoy purchasing lunch from panera bread, & the occasional $1.00 off my purchase, it would be nice to have it prepared, as ordered.
Thank you,
Linda harris

  • Updated by LINDA Wms · Oct 14, 2019

    One other thing, I do not think the Employee's should be consuming food, while preparing orders. With Cold & flu season upon us, it can be very unsanitary. Please ask the Employees to refrain from eating food, while they are working, in front of Customers. I observed this many time, especially at the Security Blvd location, in Baltimore, Maryland.

lemon chicken orzo soup

We purchased your soup at Giant Eagle-4300 Kent RD, Stow OH 44224 Ph [protected] on 10/12/19. Cost $5.99 with a $1.00 coupon. This is the nasty tasting soup we could not eat it...

never get my order right

42067 The last 4 times I have placed a rapid order pick-up with the Pittsfield Panera my order has not been right. They are always forgetting the bread, not putting meat on my salad...

lunch and breakfast

42067 I go to this store about once a week and spend over $40 on breakfast and lunch. More often than not, the orders are missing something. Today, it was one of the sandwitches I...

rapid pick up

Placed order last night for pickup this morning at 7:30. Arrived at 7:25 but they hadn't started on my order. Was asked what kind of cream cheese I ordered even though it was on my ticket. After bagels were selected, reminded them I needed them sliced. After that was done, was asked to verify the order since my name wasn't on the ticket.

Would recommend special instructions and name of client be more prominent on ticket.

broccoli cheddar soup and bread

42067 We used the drive thru and first was that the lights in the menu board were out, so I could not even see what was available to order. Next the Loudspeaker was up way too loud, so...

sandwich was not right

I ordered a roast turkey avocado BLT and it had no avocado on it. Since it was a take out order I tried to call the store but no one answered the phone. The sandwich was deliciou...

french onion soup

Today I went to my local Panera and was told that you D/C the French onion soup. That's my favorite soup and I'm very upset that you no longer offer it. It's one of the few soup...

Panara Bread — food and cleanliness

First of all, let me say that we will not be visiting your restaurant anymore mainly because you don't carry onion soup anymore. Your server told me it was not in season. ???...

cuban sandwich

I was in to buy a sandwich. I got the cuban panini. The bread was great but the meat was chewy and hard in some spots. I come here ofter and have never had a problem, i even...

panera "bread"

I ordered a cup of chili with a sprouted grain roll from the Drive through. The chili was fine but the roll was stale. Surprisingly, this was the second time I received a roll...

my sandwiches

I provided a detailed description of what I asked for my order and I still didn't get what I asked for. It was not busy that day, september 20, 2019 that I still had to wait...

taking hazelnut cream cheese off menu

Only thing I've ever only eaten from Panera bread was the cinnamon crunch bagel with hazelnut cream cheese. I was so sad when y'all abruptly took it off the menu. I've not eaten at a Panera since y'all took it away! Can you please add it back to the menu or mass produce it and sell it in stores! Please!! I've eaten this since I was 14 years old In high school! PLEASE BRING IT BACK TO US

steak & agrula sandwich/broccoli cheddar soup

42067 I called yesterday and reported on the phone. I then received an e-mail which I replied to with a photo, but I don't know if it went thru. For this reason I am reporting...

new mediterranean bowl & peanut butter & jelly

Very dissatisfied with the new Mediterranean bowl from this location .. I thought I had a kids portion .. bit much in the bowl & not slot of chicken .. did not look anything like...

unethical behavior

I am currently three weeks in with my employment at this Panera. I have decided to quit because of the general manager that works here. At first I believed it wouldn't be too much...


Cafe Order# 101050 09/27 Very disappointing visit this morning. At 1027am we ordered 2 bagel sandwiches, one of which was on an everything bagel. The employee assisting us wa...


My niece and I have eaten at the White Bridge Road, Nashville, TN every Saturday for last 3-4 months. The food is always good. Today, we ate at the Old Hickory Blvd, Brentwood, TN...

several things

Hello im a employee and my boss won't listen to me about some issues. First sanitation for even the most simple of things. Second theft on drinks when I brought up the issue...


Before ordering We asked if there was dairy in one of the dressings. Our cashier (young, short, African American Lady) searched the computer, then a book. When management walked...

grain bowl

42067 I purchased a Med Grain Bowl to go and when I got home, the bowl had hardly any greens, no dressing and didn't look anything the menu photo. My wife and I frequent the...