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Obviously the happy people didn't notice a service fee on their receipts. We just paid 74.00 for 3 pizzas and 18 wings...$2.33 for a service fee and no one said anything about it. The prices are already high enough and now a service fee. I serviced myself by ordering online and picking it up myself. The receipt states "Service Fee is partially offsets the rising costs in CA" I don't think this is even legal. They are not a service establishment. We are now being charged more because we live in California. That is unfair treatment.

unfair service fee charges


  • SubSquirrel Mar 06, 2018

    $74 for three pizzas and wings? And your complaint is over a $2.33 fee? Were they extra-large with multiple toppings? No drinks? A restaurant is a service business.

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  • Yy
    yyesenia Jun 03, 2018

    @SubSquirrel SubSquirrel, I believe you are missing the point that the three pizzas were overpriced to begin with. Everyone knows even with adding up all operating costs including overhead, wages, and ingredients, the value of their product is much lower than is equitable. The fast-food (and delivery) concept is the appeal for which there isn't a price tag, but permits them to continuously increase their already exorbitant prices.
    It's insulting when they offer "Deals" which save a customer a mere cents (literally, less than $1) for ordering two or more items. Moreover, their delivery fees also continue to creep up though they do not pay their drivers more from their expanded profits. And to the point of this original complaint, it's particularly egregious when they top all of their overpriced items, increased delivery fees, and pathetic deals with a "Service Fee" while their loyal customers are also generously tipping their drivers.
    Yes, it is a service business, but they are taking gross advantage of the demand for their service by toppling customers with a dollar more here, a dollar more there in an uncompromising and inequitable way that services their own greed more than their customers!

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  • Ch
    Charles Frank Jun 21, 2018

    @yyesenia "I believe you are missing the point that the three pizzas were overpriced to begin with."
    Welcome to Capitalism! Hope you enjoy your stay.

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  • SubSquirrel Jun 21, 2018

    @Charles Frank LOL! People think businesses are cheap to run and maintain.. But, in America we have choices and you can go to another pizza joint and get pizza. If you're after gourmet pizza, go elsewhere. For cheap kids' food, don't expect perfection. These workers are getting minimum wage, work in hot rooms, get small tips and most are not caring that your pizzas are charged with a service fee. If it upsets you, call the main office and complain. Ask for coupons and be nice. Rude behavior isn't called for; the corporate employee didn't charge you.

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  • Vi
    Vikram Patel Jan 04, 2019

    @yyesenia You are correct service fee is unfair practice by Pizza Hut. I am actually looking into a lawyer for a class action lawsuit.

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  • Bi
    Big Earn Mar 07, 2019

    @Charles Frank It isn't Capitalism for the service fee. That comes from a Socialist State Government charging businesses for FREE social state programs.

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  • SubSquirrel Jun 03, 2018

    Is there a sign in their stores or online, stating a service fee will be charged? Some businesses have expenses you're not aware of. Some charge more because they want a higher profit. If you feel they overcharge, go elsewhere. But, if you order delivery, ask the total and ask them to break it down. I've done that and I've found errors.

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  • Yy
    yyesenia Jun 07, 2018

    @SubSquirrel SubSquirrel, Again, your simplistic argument fails to address the validity of the original complaint. No, all businesses have expenses not readily shared with the public. Pizza Hut has always had business-related expenses for which they've offset by structuring their previous fees accordingly.
    According to their Plano, TX corporate office, the Service Fee was established earlier this year, though operating costs have not changed. This is the type of greed the original commenter was highlighting.
    You certainly don't believe you are helping by suggesting the antiquated notion of taking your business elsewhere if you don't agree with policy, do you? Of course, customers know they can go elsewhere. Yet, some can't without a sacrifice. For instance, in our area, Pizza Hut does not have any competitors in the food delivery area. Literally, they are the only company which delivers, though we aren't that remote. Taking our business elsewhere is always a consideration, as is sacrificing the convenience of saving time with delivery options.
    We agree on one thing: "...they want a higher profit." We disagree on the value of customers relaying negative feedback about it!

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  • SubSquirrel Jun 21, 2018

    @yyesenia Are you a shareholder? "According to their Plano, TX corporate office, the Service Fee was established earlier this year, though operating costs have not changed.". I highly doubt they discussed costs with you. Supplies, food, minimum wage, gas, heating, oil, etc have all risen. You think the rent went down, too?

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  • Gl
    glennie Jun 07, 2018

    first i have to say i love pizza hut BUT had a bad experience with the store in kingston north end
    went there for a take out pizza, asked the person behind the counter if they had any take out specials? ( every pizza place does) his response "NO" that was it, i asked again, as if i thought he didn' t understand, me, so you don't have any specials? again his response "NO" so i'm thinking now what, my 11 year old and i are hungry, we're here, oh well just order something.
    so i oder a small 2 topping which normally fairly rerasonable. it was $20 not so reasonable, so i leave come back and wait and wait and wait its after 8 pm nobody in the restaurant and took 30 minutes. the final insult is when they brought it to me, it was smaller than small pizza, it actually is the persoanl pan pizza they sell at lunch ( as i mentioned, like pizza hut) for $5, so rude, slow and ripped off will NOT be going back there EVER!!!

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  • Mrs Bean Jan 05, 2019

    @glennie Every mom and pop pizza place might have take out specials but not all places will have a special going on whenever you walk in the store.

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  • SubSquirrel Jun 21, 2018

    Kthree large pizza with toppings run about $16 each. Eighteen wings ar what, $22? Tax is about $4.00 at 5.5%. Service fee is probably 4%ish for high gas costs. Offhand, I would say to buy frozen pizza for $6 and fix it up. Buy wings and freeze when 99 cents a pound Toss all in oven and enjoy without break the bank. Common sense helps when you have it.

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  • St
    Steve Mercier Jul 06, 2018

    If Pizza Hut needs to charge more for a pizza to make money, add it to the price of the pizza up front. Don't tell me I'm paying one price and then add more to the price when I check-out without my consent.

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  • SubSquirrel Jul 06, 2018

    @Steve Mercier There probably is a sign that she didn't see

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  • Ha
    Hari Iyer Aug 07, 2018

    better off getting from little ceaser, atleast it is $5 or so, not greasy with too much cheese.

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  • Mrs Bean Jan 05, 2019

    @Hari Iyer Only if Little Caesars is in the area and survives their stay. I had one near my house (modest middle class area of Queens) and one near my work (violent part of ghetto Bronx) both went under within 3 years (Bronx) and 1 year (Queens).

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  • Er
    ernie chu Nov 09, 2018

    The service fee that they began charging their customer whether carry out or delivery as I was told by my regular pizza hut place where I live said that its for their new answering system. When you call to order pizza and they are too busy to answer it will automatically transfer you to a call center overseas and talk with the customer service and order it for you by computer. Still when I called it took them a long time to pick up and spoke with a heavy accent lady and offer a lot of other things. I told her I just want to order a large peperoni pizza just like I always do. Then she ask me where do i want to pick it up?

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  • An
    Anthony WP Dec 19, 2018

    All I got to say is what Pizza Huts do some of you go to, I live in Southern California just outside of LA, I pay $9.99 for a large three topping at any time, 3 large 3 toppings would be $29.97 + screw it I'll snag 40 wings= $25. So far that's $54.97, slap on my tax and screw it gets go delivery, tax $5.38 delivery $4.50. That totals to $64.85, slap on the $2 service fee. $68.85 plus my tip and I'll feed a party. If you are one of those snotty ppl that has never worked in the service industry and doesn't believe in tipping than save yourself the tip and delivery money and you got nothing left to moan about. Not to mention if you are a member you can use your points for free food. If you don't like the little service fee, go somewhere else.

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  • Ke
    Keith Falkowski Feb 07, 2019

    Not only the service fee is questionable but charging you tax on take out is illegal Pizza is a consumable and not taxable only if it is dinning in. This is with all restaurant take out is not to be taxed.

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  • In
    InternetToughGuy Apr 29, 2019

    I ran into this thing today and said “No Way!” For comparison, the same pizza (Meat Lovers) is $4.50 cheaper in Memphis TN vs San Jose CA. So, $4.50 + $2.10 service fee = $6.70 more not including the tax and delivery fee. So, I agree with the poster here that it sure does seem like gouging. Now, we’re told participating restaurants are going to tack on a “Climate Change” fee as well.

    I’m done with restaurant food.

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