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McDonald's Complaints & Reviews

May 13, 2021

McDonald's — Drive thru fries

I was in the drive thru address: 3355 W 80th St Hialeah, FL 33018 is the worst McDonald's you would want...

McDonald'sDrive-Thru Customer Service

On Wednesday May 12th, at approximately 2:10pm, I found myself at the McDonald's drive-thru to get my daughter a snack, after picking her up from school. When we arrived, I heard a muffled voice asking may I take your order. Without even thinking, I assumed it was my usual "friend" over the speaker so I cheerfully responded, "Hola Chica! Uno momento, por favor!" I immediately got a nasty response saying "Ah, Un! No! I'm not takin no orders in that language! We don't speak Spanish! Order in English!" So I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't have assumed it was her. Embarrassed, I said hold please. My oldest daughter called while the cashier began to take other orders. I told her what happend and she informed me that this McDonald's is known for being rude to it's customers. I had no idea. By the time my youngest daughter figured out what she wanted, I had 3 cars behind me and no one else was in the other lane. I was waiting patiently but the cashier never came back. I said "hello" twice and "excuse me" through the speaker once. After that last hello, she rudely responded with: "YOU GONE HAVE TO WAIT! I'M TAKIN' OTHA ORDAS!" I saw that I was the only car at a drive-thru speaker and was like OMG. I didn't even want to order after that because I didn't want them to do something to my daughter's food. I had to take her somewhere else to eat. I told my daughter to call them several times while we were leaving but someone kept hanging up on us after answering. I've never been treated so awful in my life. If you guys find yourself at the McDonald's at 2499 Murfreesboro Pike Nashville, TN 37217, please watch out for the ghetto black woman in drive-thru with black/blue braids, long fake nails, and thick, false eyelashes. She is a force to be reckoned with. Someone like her should not be allowed to work with the public at all. She has zero customer service skills. If McDonald's insist on employing individuals like this, then please keep them away from the public. There are plenty of other duties people like her can fulfill rather than allowing her and people like herself to make direct contact with the public. I just really wish my daughter didn't have to witness that madness. It was embarrassing to say the least. A few hours after the incident, I was informed that the same person that was rude to me was caught yelling at a hispanic fellow work colleague. It was so bad that the customer left without ordering. Just thought that this should be known.

Drive-Thru Customer Service

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    McDonald'sWrong Items

    Hi we went to the mcdonalds in vinton ia today around 1pm, i ordered the big mac meal which ur to get med size fries, ya right i got small ones i asked for a coke ended up with a diet coke yuck, my big mack was in 2 containers, how wastful of a contaier, my husband order a double cheese burger plus 2 extra chesse burgers and a diet coke he ended up with 3 lil cheese burgers, yet these workers want more money a hour, why they cant even get ur order right, let alone make sure said order is hot ours was piss warm if even that we didnt discover this until we were almost home, too late to turn back around, the workers in the" VINTON IOWA MCDONALDS ACT LIKE THEY DONT CARE" they need better training or new ppl

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      May 07, 2021

      McDonald's — Order not delivered

      I placed an order on May 07, 2021 # [protected]/05/[protected] through the mobile app at 20:55. I received a...

      McDonald'sService by a Manager

      Stopped at 3330 S 10th St. Lincoln Ne Store #3899 around 6:15 pm May 5th placed our order at the drive-thru. We were waiting in line for our food when we watched the car just ahead of us get their drinks and food only to watch them return the bag of food and then receive a different bag of food. when we got our drinks and food we opened the bag at the drive-thru to see that the hamburger was partially opened. I know that the sandwiches are always in the bottom of the bag and the open sandwich was on top in the bag. I asked for a new sandwich and the server took the sandwich back. Thinking about the situation I could not bring myself to eat the french fries as I did not know that someone touched them. Especially during this time of COVID. I asked to have the french fries to be replaced also, That is when the manager came to the window and said that the bag that we saw returned by the car ahead of us was not the same bag. I sure it was because of the opened hamburger and it being on the top of the bag. What upset me most of all was the Manager hollered at me, then said that she would make new ones. When I got the order back the fries were cold as well as the sandwiches. I know that all they did was rewrap the hamburger and put the food in another bag. I could not eat the food. Being in the service industry for many years the customer is always right. Manager so unprofessional.

      Service by a Manager

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        May 05, 2021

        McDonald's — Multiple errors in order completion

        Mcdonalds at eubank and candelaria in albuquerque. (store 1424) Waited in line fifteen minutes, then ordered...

        McDonald'sMedium Hot Latte

        Today we purchased two hot lattes at McDonald's #626 at 721 Cedar Crest Boulevard, Allentown, PA. A copy of the receipt is attached. When we got home, my husband found a plastic part from the machine in his coffee. Photo attached. Could he have swallowed it? It is possible.

        If you want to get in touch with him, Juan Albornoz can be reached at [protected].

        Medium Hot Latte
        Medium Hot Latte

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          McDonald'sFood Order

          I went to your store and order four (4) fish sandwiches and four (4) med fries on the 29th of Apr 2021 at US933 North in South Bend, In 46637 at 5:0pm. When I got home 2 minutes later across the highway all the fish sandwiches had "NO TATER SAUCE, CHEESE and the fish patty was hard like it was sitting there over the heat lamp for some time. The bun was dried out and the bun looks like they toasted it was burnt. It seems to me that the Manager and the crew does not care about what they are making they seem to say get it out fast and that is that. I recommand that the CEO and his/her staff visit the store without them knowing that you are coming down and sample the food. I was told that the food you order your food it would be made then "NOT BEFORE YOU ORDER IT.

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            McDonald'sYour new chicken sandwich

            For the first time I ordered your new chicken sandwich. It was dry and not moist like your tv ad says. All it had on it was 2 pickles. My brother ordered his and asked for mayo, he got a pennies worth of mayo and was charged 35 cents for it. If you want a good chicken sandwich I suggest you go to almost all your competitors, burger king, kfc, wendys popeyes. All of them give the same chicken as mcdonalds but the make there sandwich come with condiments that yours needs. I understand that I can order a special sandwich with lettuce tomato and may but you charge more. All you need is mayo or some kind of sauce.

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              Apr 12, 2021

              McDonald's — Unfriendly staff to the point of almost being rude in drive through order and bullying

              April 12, 2021, I went through store #22053 drive through. The staff member Sheuli was not friendly in the...

              Apr 11, 2021

              McDonald's — Employee customer service

              At the time of 3:50pm - 4:00pm on the date of April 9, 2021, I came to Mc Donald's at the location of...

              Apr 11, 2021

              McDonald's — Service & employees

              I took my family thru the drive thru at the South Main St, Elkhart, IN location tonight, where 1. They had a...

              Apr 05, 2021

              McDonald's — Price differences in Texas

              I live in Midland, Texas and am wondering why the prices at our McDonald's are so much higher than...

              McDonald'sCode not honored at the store

              I sent a student a code for food from Mcdonalds through the Lazada site. I have done this twice before. When she went there the person the Mcds said they have no association with Mcds and gave my friend no food. She has no money and is starving. Whats going to she got food with the code last week? I am very angry because i paid for the food but not given the food. I know they have an association with lazada because I ordered before twice, This is in Tacloban. Please why are they lie. She got there before 2 times. Order [protected]
              Placed on 27 Mar 2021 14:16:49


              McDonald's 1-pc. Chicken McDo with McSpaghetti Small Meal (SMS eVoucher)
              Will be sent to your provided phone number [protected] by SMS within 24 hours

              Qty: 1Delivered

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                McDonald'sProduct and service

                My son bought McDonalds for dinner for us tonight my sons meal was fine and all I ordered was a chicken burger it was the most disgusting thing that I have had in a long time. Spoke the the manager on duty who offered me a free burger but was to busy to ask for any detail and passed me off to talk to another worker not good enough.
                I do not think the manger took the time handle my complaint satisfactorily and as the pictures shows the burger looks old and the actual chicken burger was tough.

                Product and service
                Product and service

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                  McDonald'sPoor customer service as well as slow service

                  I am an uber eats driver I went to 1505 Manhattan Blvd. Harvey LA. On 3-28-21 around 1p.m. Told them in the drive thru picking up uber order. Got to the window they had me pull up by the door and told me someone would be out to give me the order. I was waiting for 2 chicken sandwiches, fries, and a soda. After 25 minutes I went inside the employee said not open for inside business in a rude manner. I asked where my uber order was she then informed me to go back and wait in my car. I sat for another 5 minutes still no food informed customer about the poor service hopefully she will never use McDonald's again. After waiting a total of 25 minutes and still no food I contacted my customer service and had order cancelled. This is happening in most of the McDonald's restaurants' on the West Bank of Louisiana. Please train the staff on proper customer etiquette and get some managers in-place that will take charge.

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                    McDonald'sThe Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich

                    My Spicy Crispy Chicken is bloody and red in the middle! I would like a refund and some type of reassurance that this wont happen again if able. Thank you... I have never had an issue with this establishment before and i very much would like to come back. But with this condition im afraid to even think what i have eaten and wasn't finish. My daughter could have taken a bite of this and gotten serious ill. Please resolve this issue!

                    The Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich

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                      McDonald'sFood was nasty

                      I ordered a 10 piece chicken nugget's n 2 cheeseburger's n medium fries. Chicken nugget's looked like they had been sitting under a heat lamp all day. They were only warm when we got them, French fries were just barely warm n the cheeseburgers were only warm n tasted nasty. Needless to say i spent 11 dollars for nothing. I won't ever eat there ever again. McDonalds Restaurant # 18236 40 west main st albion il 62806 phone number is [protected] Date was 3/27/2021 time was 7:01 p.m. order 53

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                        Mar 26, 2021

                        McDonald's — service

                        Walked into the Mc Donald's at 3211 SPID Corpus Christi, Tx. Stood there for a while. The employee...

                        Mar 17, 2021

                        McDonald's — Downtown Massillon Ohio McDonalds # 0856

                        The 2 times we have eaten inside they have messed up our orders. They knock themselves out to help drive...

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