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Complaints & Reviews

complaint not resolved in a timely manner

I'm incredibly disappointed and disgusted with the terrible customer service I've received in thi...

McDonalds 1339 Broad Street Bloomfield NJ 07003

Jay, the manager on duty, was extremely rude! Would not help me with my order, and told me he would call the...

Unethical behaviour

Hi everyone,

I'm writing in regards to an incident that occurred last night at the McDonlads in Cannington. I had ordered a family box, a cheeseburger and a large fries and coke. When I received my order one large fries was missing.

I went into the store with my receipt and kindly told one of the workers that I was missing a large fries. She was so sweet and told the worker who put my order together that she had missed a large fries. She then looked at me and said "why don't you [censored] off." The workers that heard just laughed and joked about it. I was shocked and at a loss for words. I didn't respond to her because I know that working in the food industry can be difficult at times. I then received my large fries and went on my way.

I'm at a crossroads because I'm not sure what I should do with this and I don't want another customer to get the same treatment that I received from that one employee. It's just really disheartening experiencing something like this when I was nothing but nice.


Why would you let people in a store for take out when you offer drive up is beyond me.. Letting customers use...

Service — denied service

With Coronavirus, I understand shutting down your Dining Areas. BUT my husband and thousands of other Truckers are being Denied Service at your Drive Thru's because they are not in a vehicle! These Drivers are out there working their butts off for the American people & hauling YOUR loads to your Restuarants, but yet you REFUSE to feed them! Maybe they should stop hauling your loads! Called your Complaint Hotline and was told there is nothijng to be done & your NOT going to even try to fix this problem. Shane on you after all they do for you, so you can make millions!

Manager/Customer service

I ordered a hamburger happy meal so it came with cheese I asked if they can make it plain they brought it out...

Order could not be processed

Attempted to use the McDonalds app and my order could not be processed. Went to the Kaneohe location and attempted to order through the skip the line kiosk which took my order, but did not allow me to pay by credit card.

Please remedy these issues.

Upon getting home we noticed that we were also missing a 20 piece chicken nuggets that we paid for. Please do your best to rectify this situation.

Handicap parking

This McDonald's it's taking the two handicap parking spots they have and turned them into the waiting area...



I and my wife visited circular quay ( Gate way) McDonald on 23/1/20 around 7pm and ordered 2 Mcveggie burgers.
Instead of Mcveggie we were served Chicken burgers.
After few bites I suspected that the burger doesn't taste like vegetables.
We approached the counter staff to advise that the burgers we have don't seem to be veggie burger and if we could see the manager.
At first instance the staff ( name provided in my first contact on 25/1) commented " you are not getting a free burger". I said we Don't want burger. I want to see the manager.
Finally the manager came and grudgingly said sorry.
Both myself and my wife are pure vegetarian and don't eat any kind of meat or sea food. INFACT EATING MEAT IS AGAINST MY RELIGIOUS BELIEF.
Few days after my contact I received a call and on 4/2 a note from Mr Koirala .
We both are very distressed with the knowledge that we have eaten meat against our religious belief and the experience is still fresh making us conscious every time we eat out.
Violation of our religious belief has hurt us and affecting us psychologically.

Their coffee or cups

I love my coffee! And usually I'm a Tim Hortons or Starbucks girl. But my boss said McDonald's was having a dollar any size coffee special and that it was Tims old coffee. So I took advantage and ordered a coffee. I then got busy with clients and didn't think much of my lips feeling big. On my drive home I looked in the mirror to check my makeup before a date and noticed my lips were huge! I popped a allergy pill and started feeling relief. I went in to Starbucks where I had a coffee and everything was fine. Next day my clients no showed so I decided to grab another McDonald's coffee cause I was going home where my brother was and where I would just be working on my drawings for next day clients. I checked my lips prior to drinking the coffee and they were normal. I took one sip and instantly my lips swelled up. So I don't know if it's something in the to go cups or the coffee but I'm allergic to something so I don't get drinks from McDonald's now.

health safety concerns

At approx. 6:45pm on 18 Feb 2020 I stopped at the McDonalds in Canon City. There was nobody in the drive thru...

No cherries & cream pies

This is the 3rd time i've tried to order these pies. They either don't have them or they r not...


product and service

Bago ako punta work nag order ako ng breakfast nmin ng officemate ko.. Pagdating ko ng office kulang yung...

Removed biscuit from the menu

This restaurant removed the country ham biscuit from the menu, it is the only breakfast sandwich I will buy...

about management

I just recently got "fired" but they made an employee tell me. They made excuses up about why they "didn't...

breakfast Mcgriddle

mc giddles purchased 1/26/20 @ 8:32 am at above store was hard?? Very disappointed, this has always been a...

wrong item, rude staff

I ordered 2 Veggie Wraps (not Indian) but I was given 2 Indian Veggie Wraps (they had the Indian sauce). When...



Dear McDonald`s team. Thanks for your service. I live in Istanbul, but my parents live in Baku, Azerbaijan. I...

drive thru wait time is beyond ridiculous

On 1/22/20 at 2135 I had arrived at the Mcdonalds located in Sulphur, Ok. I sat in line literally until 2153...


I went through the drive through at lunch time on January 22, 2020 and purchased a drink. I went back to work...


newly renovated seating

Hi! I was actually trying to voice a complaint to Tim Horton's but they make it very difficult. So, since I now go to McDonald's on Starrs Rd. in Yarmouth, N.S. instead of my usual place, (15 yrs.), at Tim's, I thought I'd tell you guys that Tim"s have changed their interiors drastically, replacing nive cosy, welcoming seating arrangements that a person could go in with a newspaper and sit at a single or double table and not be bothering anyone. NOW, all you see are cafeteria size tables that seat 8 or 10, forcing strangers into an uncomfortabe situation for many. If you're part of a gang that goes there every day to yak, then fine. But noe there are no small tables. NOT much Thought went into that. Typical. So now I have my coffee and wharever at McDonalds. Thanks. Dave Griffiths

drive up crew member not listening at 5:30 am & people turning wrong way out of drive up.

When placing an order at the drive up at 5:30 am the drive up crew member was not listening the first time...

lack of operating equipment to service customers

[protected] around 1:20 am ( Working 3rd shift this is the only location close with a 24 hr. drive thru)- I left my job to grab something to eat and was told at the drive thru that it was cash only - This is not the only time this has happened. I had gone one morning to pick something up for breakfast for my son before school around 5:30 am and was told the same thing at the Drive thru. There was also a time when I was told my card did not work and I had to cancel my order and went to a different McDonalds and my card worked just fine. I have complained in the past (about this location) and my name was added to a list to make my food again due to the order being messed up (Which I had never redeemed) I have gone and gotten Luke warm or even cold fries (Which McDonalds is known for) This location has only been opened for a year or less and having these problems. My family and I each at McDonalds at least 2 to 3 times a week due to the convenience of Fast Food. I am not a person who is trying to get free food as I stated earlier in my complaint. I am not a person who carries cash in this day and age. I hope this does get rectified for the future. I have actually spoken to several of my coworkers and they refuse to go to this location due to equipment being down or location being out of this or that. I hope this helps with this location for you customer service.


I went to Mc Donalds yesterday (inside visit) 1/9/2020 at about 8am. I purchased a sausage mc muffin with...

product not received

I went to McDonalds on Sat 12/28/19. After waiting 10 minutes to place my order, I ordered a small milkshake...



It was the night of Christmas at 23:20. I was waiting in the car while my kids 14 and 11 years old went in...

customer service

On the 11th December I made a complaint about a restaurant in Harold Hill I visited on the 8th December and...

Big mac burger

To whom it may concern I purchased a Mc donalds burger from the restaurant at my local area, the burger wa...

manager yelling at employees

I went in this morning for breakfast as usual and I witness the manager by the name of Carmen yelling at one...


Every Saturday morning my partner and I walk to McDonald's for breakfast. We order a coffee and toasted...

product and service not happy

Place a 80 dollar order and the food is cold and there give you the wrong food when you ask for fresh and get...

[Resolved] food

Came thru drive thru and ordered 2 number 2s one was supposed to have no onions and both was add bacon and neither had bacon on them. We ordered no salt fries and they had salt. Both was suppose to have caramel frappes and they both was mocha. We was not giving a receipt and did not receive friendly service. We would like to have our meals replaced

  • Resolution Statement

    I have tried to call but no answer several times. I filed this complaint online.

late service

After my colleague asked me for changing my plan to get a breakfast at a bakery, I ordered the breakfast menu...


unavailable items on menu

I have been going to this McDonald's for over 3 years and have made several complaints about their inability...


On 11/27/2019, I ordered a large mocha frappacino and paid for a large one, yet I got a medium. I didn't have...

having to pay for sauces

McDonald's charges you for their sauces, Chick Fil A doesn't. McDonalds employees are rude, Chick Fil A...


Im an American citizen who lives in Egypt . Im so disappointed to see the franchise in Shaikh Zayed, Egypt...

online order paid but not delivered

I ordered and paid for a delivery. My address was included for deliver. An hour later they phoned me to state that they can't deliver, as it is out of range and I must come to their store to get a refund. This was after confirming it is too far for them to deliver.

I have ordered from this shop previously this year and it was delivered.

Order 35-28/11/[protected]
Date: 28/11/2019

This is very disappointing and poor service.
I expect an apology and a refund into my bank account

Corrie Vorster

unauthorized transactions

There has been 5 unauthorized transactions from my McDonald's account which has my payment information;...


my breakfast

I pulled into this McDonalds on the left side terminal . I was the only one there. Waited a bit then a car...

happy meal toy

I've never dissapointed my granddaughter until now. I mistakenly told her I would get her one of each hello Kitty mc Donald's happy meal since she is her favorite Chari ctor. But it was impossible no matter what Mc Donald's I went to they never had all of the different hello kitty. I'm very upset about this. How and where i can possibly get these hello kitty toys.

strawberry cheese cake

I bought a strawberry cheese cake but it tasted stale.. It was not fresh enough. The cheese was (white part) u could not taste the freshness of the cake. I bought it today @mcdonalds next ti lister building jeppe street joburg.07/11/19.. Was not really please such a waste of time and money. The ques were long the service was ok. Bt l dont think I will ever in my life buy cakes from mcdonalds.. Think its best you stick to burgers...

customer service

We had went in on saturday morning nov. 2nd to the driveup we got 4 sandwiches, one of the employees came to...

payment issues

I had visited paris orly airport mcdonald's outlet on 24th october 2019 and had placed order for which value was 27.80 euro so I used my forex card for payment but the staff told me card is not working so I had to pay in cash... Later I got message from my bank that that amount was already deducted from my card so for the same order we paid thrice... I would like to have refund in my card as payment was done in cash also

drive thru people cheating on order

Several times I would come home after going through drive thru of one of 2 Sarajevo's McDonalds, and find...

unauthorised credit card payments

I have been noticing over the last three months £45 has been taken from my account. I have not yet looked at further bank statements but I am sure there will have been more taken out. I do not know which company has been doing this but I would like to know how to figure out who has been doing this as I would like my money back!! I don't know as to why this has happened but I would like an answer now!!!

fish sandwich and french fries

I asked for no cheese on the fish sandwich and got it but the bun was tough to bite into. It was hard and...

egg mcmuffin breakfast

The so called Canadian bacon is so tough it cannot be eaten. You finally managed to destroy you best product...

monopoly game

Hello, Twice now in the morning drive through, I have not received the Monopoly game cards on my Egg...



I just went in the drive thru and the manager gave me attitude saying that my credit card machine is down i...

employee training regarding incidents on the premises

On 10/5/19 I sustained a n injury due to a fall at the entrance to this location. The employees were helpful...

toilets baby change table

I am totally disgusted with the neglect of hygiene in parents toilet, the babies change table was covered in...


two big mac meals

I ordered 2 big mac meals.. One is supposed to be a large with a chocolate shake and the other was a large with light lettuce and extra onions and a dr pepper... And when I recieved my order thru ubereats my order was completely cold.. They gave me extra lettuce and no onions s or cheese.. Plus I never received my chocolate shake and they sent me 2 diet cokes instead... I would like for them to remake my order and send it back to me

not honoring coupon

First off, I have always considered McD's the best of all the rest. I visit Mcd's anywhere from 3-5 times per week, probably for the last 30yrs. And unless
traveling out of my immediate area, I frequent the one nearest me on 4264 Washington Rd, Evans GA.

Near the beginning of 2019, I purchased a coupon card from the Boy Scouts of America, specifically because it had McD's on it, as well as 2 other restaurants I visit in Evans, GA. The coupon card was for any McD's location in the CSRA, and valid thru 12/31/19. It was for a buy one get one free 10pc McNugget. Now I love McNuggets, but let's face it, 20 is a bit much for one unless being shared or having a binge craving. That said I can safely estimate that I've only used this coupon maybe 5-6 times at this Evans location since I bought it.

Today, 10/24/19, I go thru the drive thru & place my order, then at the window when I was asked to present my coupon, the lady informed me that they don't accept this coupon anymore. When I mentioned to her that they've honored it here at this location since I purchased it, she asked if I wanted to speak to a manager, which I replied yes. The manager reiterated that they don't accept the
Boy Scouts of America coupon at this franchise anymore. When I asked why not anymore, when they had always done so, all I got was some explanation that this franchise was never supposed to be included in this coupon deal. So I cancelled my order and left.

The coupon states any McD's in the CSRA and this location is in the CSRA, and this location has always accepted this coupon in the past without exception or complaint, nor any mention of it being invalid at this franchise.

Now if i visit 3-5 times per week for 30yrs and spend at $4-8 each time, let's avg 4 times at $6 for 50 weeks for 30 yrs, that would amount to $36, 000 over my lifetime. Guess it is finally time to take my business elsewhere, Burger King, ChikFiLa, Arbys, Zaxbys, Krystals, Sonic, etc, all because this McD's couldn't afford to honor a coupon for a free $4 10pc McNugget.

  • Ev
    Everywhere Oct 24, 2019

    You've been going to McDonald's 3-5 times a week for the last 30 years? Oh.My.God.

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  • SubSquirrel Oct 24, 2019

    You must weigh 400 pounds and have horrible cholesterol levels.

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Horrible services at14:00 22nd Oct 2019 I went to 23Ave NW Edmonton and the line up for food and coffee with...

monopoly scam

We got caught up in the hype of monopoly started by McDonald's, I ordered 3 burgers that were advertised with...


staff & products

I was at Macdonalds in Rustenburg numerous times, when we go there they never have buns for some reason, or...

very poor service from an employee and a manager

10/21/2019 Receipt shows my order time of 11:07 A.M. After 20 minutes passed with no food, went back to the...


I ordered 2 McRibs and when I opened the first one is was so dry no sauce at all, so much so I checked and...

service... food

Waited in drive thru at least 30 min. One windo open. When I received my food I pulled to the side and...