Joe's Crab Shack Complaints & Reviews

Joe's Crabshack / Discrimination

Aug 22, 2014

To whom it may concern: On 8/3/2014 my husband and I visited Joe’s Crabshack for a very special date night. This is our one favorite place we always go to on special occasions. We usually have a good experience but this time things went very badly, enough so that we have decided to...

Joe's Crab Shack / Food

Aug 11, 2014

We live in Florida and we often have guests that come to visit and stay. We took 2 different families to the Joe's here in Ft. Myers. BOTH complained about the fish and chips tasting old and frost bit. They were not aware that the other group had said this and we paid A LOT of money...

joes crab shack / Deliberate overspicing of food/poor service

Nov 11, 2013

I went to Joes Crab shach in Rancho Cucamonga. I was convinced by the server to get the Cajun pot. I told her it was over spiced because I had had it twice before. She insisted that I order it because it had more meat in it. She said I could order it without the spices. I ordered it under...

Joe's Crab Shack / No tact or class

Sep 4, 2013

I have worked for many restaurants in my 35 years in the restaurant business. I was terminated from Joes Crab Shack almost 5 years ago. My compaint is this, I neve had any verbal or written warnings from this company. The company had just been sold and the new management wanted to clean...

Joe's Crab Shack / Stolen Money

Jan 28, 2013

In September of 2012 we went on vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC and one night decided to eat at Joe's. My parents, my nephew, my fiance and I had decent meals and the service was fine. The bill for our meals totaled just over $85. My fiance and I decided to get a dessert while my father...

Joe's Crab Shack / Poor Service

Feb 28, 2012

I received the worst service in my entire life at this Joe's Crab Shack located in Houston, TX. First we had to wait almost 10 minutes because there were not any clean tables (looking around I noticed about 7 tables that were dirty) after we were seated we waited another 15 minute...

Joe's Crab Shack / Charged for someone else's meal


Dined at the resturant located at 2120 S. HWY 6, Houston TX 77077, and was charged for my meal and another patron's meal, at another table. A party at my table stated they thought that is what had happened since it was taking so long for the server, Steve, to return with the receipt...

Joe's Crab Shack / the service and food


As we were seated at our table we waited for quite sometime before we were even approached for drinks and appetizers. We weren't given any silverware and rarely checked on once we actually received our drinks and app.. After our meals came, everyone said the food was okay, because it...