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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.
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In-N-Out Burger Complaints & Reviews

In-N-Out Burger / food poisoning

Sep 25, 2019

I visited the restaurant on September 23 and I ate a cheeseburger and I got food poisoning from eating it. It was the only thing that I eat during the evening. The service that evening and the friendly manner in which your waiters patiently heard our numerous complaints. I hope in future...

In-N-Out Burger / double double

Sep 23, 2019

I ordered at this in and out via drive thru on September 23, 2019 at around 7pm and ordered 3 double doubles, 2 no tomato with grilled onion and 1 protein style with no onion and also order 1 cheese burger plain, 2 fries and a drink. I received all 3 of my double doubles protein style with...

In-N-Out Burger / customer service

Sep 14, 2019

I came to in n out in corona California 2305 compton Ave corona ca 92881 inside to order food ok so I'm in line, mind you right now my eyebrows are black because I had them micro bladed due to a situation that occurred to me. So cashier Julissa Mo, as I walked up she stares at me and...

In-N-Out Burger / cheese burger/grilled onions

Aug 20, 2019

I just got back from a 2 weeks vacation and I was eager to have an In N Out cheese burger. I was bragging about the burgers being the best I've been eating for the past 19 years, until today. The burgers did fries was cold, saturated, tasteless and saggy, totally disgusting. I couldn't...

In N Out Burger / unsatisfactory food preparation

Jul 04, 2019

I went through the drive thru the night before last. First of all, it took me over 30 minutes to make my order because the drive thru was packed. I would have gotten out and ordered inside but I had my kids, as well as my nieces and nephews and the inside was more crowded than the drive...

In-N-Out Burger / fries

Jul 01, 2019

In-N-Out BurgerI visited the Downey Ca location just before closing around 1:15 am on Sunday morning, June 30, 2019. The fries we ordered were way over cooked. I couldn't even eat them. We ordered animal style fries as well and got the same fries. Maybe because it was close to closing time, quality wasn't...

In-N-Out Burger / service

May 25, 2019

I visited In & Out in Ventura, Ca. I decided to go through the drive thru since I was headed to work. I waiting in the drive thru for almost half an hour!!! Totally not acceptable for a frive thru. When I finally pulled up the lady at window 1 was casually just having a conversation with...

In-N-Out Burger / I had a couple of long hairs in my protein style burger

Sep 11, 2018

I purchased a protein animal syle burger and when I got back to work with it, I ate it and discovered hairs in it. I would just liked to be refunded for this because I didnt eat all of the burger and I could not go back because I had to get back to work. I have never had anything like thi...

In-N-Out Burger / corporate bullying

Nov 13, 2013

In-N-Out BurgerIn-N-Out Burger has resorted to corporate BULLYING!! I have been telling everyone my husbands story and what In-N-Out Burger has and is doing to him. I have ONLY stated TRUE facts. Facts that I can back up with emails, Governament/City agency letters and other paperwork. Im response...

In - N - Out Burger / in-n-out burger seems to not pay their bills ontime!!!

Oct 26, 2013

Apparently not only did In-N-Out Burger expose me to Isocyanates (I was a painter for them) but they cant seem to pay their bills either! They sent me to a doctor on May 3, 2013 and STILL havent paid it!!! My attorney has called, and sent a copy with a letter, but still In-N-N-Out Burger...

In - N - Out Burger / in-n-out burger may expect you to &show you character&!!

Oct 12, 2013

After 8 years of loyality, deticatiom and great reviews it all didnt matter once I got hurt on the job! It was amazing just how quickly I a once valued, trusted and well liked employee was tossed away. I had become what seemed to me as an enemy to In-N-Out Burger. My direct boss Ryan Swab...

In - N - Out Burger / in-n-out burger's full of deceitful lies!!!

Oct 11, 2013

On September 10, 2012 my husband received an email from Pamela Leonards Human Resources Supervisor. She was responding to my husband asking for a copy for In-N-Out Burgers Respiratory Protection Plan which they are required by OSHA to have. Pamela Leonards email stated "Risk Management i...

In - N - Out Burger / what they took from my husband.

Oct 09, 2013

On October 12, 2012 In-N-Out Burger fired my husband claiming he had falsified his time records. They failed to prove that to the California Unemployment Department on two attempts. It was that day that a small piece of my husbands pride, vitality and spirt were taken as well from In-...

In - N - Out Burger / wrongful termination

Oct 06, 2013

Please don't eat at IN-N-OUT BURGER until they treat their workers safely and don't fire them for telling the truth. In-N-Out Burger fights and fires employees for complying with OSHA laws. I have documentation of violations of OSHA laws they were violating that my husband...

In - N - Out Burger / in-n-out burger not acting so christian-like

Oct 04, 2013

Christianity: commendably decent or generous I figured I should spell out what the definition of Christianity was for In-N-Out Burger because clearly they have no idea of what the meaning truly means. Sure they put 3:16 on the bottom of their cups but that is a far leap to being a Christian...

In - N - Out Burger / violated osha laws

Oct 01, 2013

In - N - Out BurgerIn-N-Out Burger maintains a painting department out of the Los Angeles area. These painters maintain all their stores. Four years ago Los Angeles banned the use of the paint that In-N-Out Burger was using at the time. They then switched to a DuPont paint product. This product is a two step...

In-N-Out Burger / subjected employees to isocyanates

Sep 30, 2013

I am a former employee of In-N-Out Burger. We was a loyal, dedicated, always got great reviews for 8 years. What did he get in exchange? Lungs of a 90 year old, severe COPD, asthmatic bronchitis caused by chemical exposure. Unbeknownst to me the last four years I worked I was being exposed DAILY...

In - N - Out Burger / exposing employees to isocyanates!

Sep 30, 2013

I am a former employee of in-n-out burger. We was a loyal, dedicated, always got great reviews for 8 years. What did he get in exchange? Lungs of a 90 year old, severe copd, asthmatic bronchitis caused by chemical exposure. Unbeknownst to me the last four years I worked I was being exposed daily...