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I placed an order in mid-October 2023. I order two luggage sets that were $74.99 each. One set arrived November 2nd. I called to advise them only one set came, and I still want the other set. The cms rep assured me that my reshipment will be on the way. You'll get an email with tracking in 24-48 hrs. I checked my email and it said.

Thank you for your recent inquiry. After careful consideration of your claim and after reviewing your order history, we regret to inform you that your request for a credit or order reshipment has not been approved.

We value you as a Macy's customer, so if you feel your issue has not been satisfactorily addressed, please contact us at [protected]

I called customer service again and let them know to check the picture from ups because now I am thinking they think I am lying. The cms rep once again assured me that they're doing a reshipment. Checked my email two days later.

I received the same email. This time I asked for supervisor got her name for my records because this is crazy. She checked the photo and said you're right only one set was delivered. We're going to expedite it you'll get in 2-3 days (not business days) Three to four days go by. No luggage set. I call again speak to cms again. The same thing was said it's like they are told to say only that. I'm getting names now because this now is a problem with people keeping their word. I ended up calling Macy's twice a week for my set. I didn't want a refund as they all tried to give me because I need the luggage set. I wrote each time i spoke to someone and what they said to me sticky notes. I received the same email two more times. One cms rep told me it's stuck on a truck. They all lie to you when you call. Two supervisors later a set arrives on November 22 which it was the wrong color. Called again now I'm being told we're sending a returned label, and the correct set will be sent in2-3 days expedited. I waited their timeframe nothing came. Checked my email. They've refunded my money and I am to keep the set. I also went on their site twice to complain about this experience and how their reps don't listen, talk too much and do nothing.

Claimed loss: Nothing

Desired outcome: I just want what I ordered and paid for

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