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In September, I selected many dresses from your online store to have shipped to my home to facilitate a purchase for my daughter's wedding (limited selection and sizes available in the store). I selected one and returned the others to the Manassas Mall store on October 9th, 2023. I received a receipt and thought it would be credited to my Macy's charge account as requested.

My bill arrived with no credit. I contacted customer service, mid October, whom at first said it was never returned, finally after 45 minutes I was told I would receive a credit. Again the next bill arrived with no credit.

I then went into the Manassas store on November 28 (where I physically returned the dresses a month and a half earlier) the store manager called the customer service department directly. It took forever to find someone that would help us because there was a discrepancy as to who had to issue the credit. I was there for almost an hour. The manager was great to work with but the customer service phone personnel left a lot to be desired. At the conclusion of the call they said it had to be investigated by the fraud department and someone would reach out to me within two weeks. No one did. I was supposed to receive a credit. BTW I have a receipt of purchase in an email and a return receipt of return from Manassas Store.

I am now told that a check would have to be issued due to the amount of the return, and that it would be a merchandise credit and not a cashable check to pay my balance. I checked that the dresses were returnable for credit before purchasing initially.

I have contacted customer service three times and also visited the store, and no one can seem to get this taken care of. Customer service personnel are not always easy to understand or deal with, Then after going through the issue multiple times, they don't do what they say they are going to do. I am carrying a balance of 1462.27 in merchandise that I returned to your store in Manassas, VA. I am accruing interest (which I am told would be removed on previous call) and now getting late fees for a balance that I have been told would be credited by several different customer service agents for the past three months.

Claimed loss: $1462.27 plus time and aggravation

Desired outcome: my macy's credit card credited for 1462.27

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