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Laura Brown


Thu 02/15/24 6:46 PM

I had a most aweful experience and it seems that nobody is even trying to make it right let alone feeling like someone even "hears" me about the issue. The washer/dryer were never replaced or properly installed and no one is doing anything about it.

I am tired of trying, and just want something done to rectify this and get it right.

Local store and local delivery managers aren't responding at all.

Thank you so much,

Laura J Brown

From: Laura Brown

Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2024 9:58 PM

To: christina.[protected]

Subject: Fw: Poor Customer Service, no resolution or remedy to-date


Should I expect any kind of response? If so, what kind of response time should there be?

Thank you so much,

Laura J Brown

From: Laura Brown

Sent: Saturday, January 6, 2024 8:21 PM

To: pat.m.[protected] ; christina.[protected]

Subject: Poor Customer Service, no resolution or remedy to-date

It has taken me a while to be able to sit and write this out, because it was such an incredibly disappointing experience which still makes me terribly angry every week.

I closed on my house mid-June 2023 and had purchased a new washer and dryer on 06/25/23, for arrival after I moved into the house. Delivery was scheduled on Saturday, July 1st.

Lowes, Alton, Il - Sales #S0591LFT 1680870 Transaction # [protected]

Spent $2,500 for the washer and dryer and 5 yr. protection plans ($1499 cash and $1000 Lowes credit card).

Scenario of events that happened:

Initial Delivery

It was rainy the day the washer and dryer were delivered, I was actually looking forward to the delivery. Getting settled into the house, my first home purchase and now to be able to do laundry at home.

-The young man who was the "lead" immediately told me that he could not connect the Gas Dryer because there needed to be a shut off valve or something there before it could be connected, therefore he could/did not touch it.

-Next, the second guy brought the washer in to be put into place, then the lead guy started jumping all over the second guy (right in front of me) because the washer had to be replaced because the feet were not put on it before removing the washer from the truck. Then the lead hooked up the hoses to the washer and to the water valves. He also plugged in the dryer to the electrical outlet.

-Then he told me I could use the washer and dryer. I asked him how I could use the dryer if he refused to hook it up to the gas valve on the floor. He told me that he plugged it in, and it was good to go, it was in working order. I was shocked that he said that it was not connected to the gas line.

-when the lead guy was summarizing things after he was finished with the washer, he began to tell me what an awful job the second guy did, how he messed up the washer and now it would need to be replaced, but an appointment would have to be set up for the warehouse to send out another washer to replace this one. He told me that I should be getting a call from the warehouse to schedule this second part within 24-48 hours. This was July 4th weekend.

-I had purchased the hoses at the store when I paid for the washer and dryer, during the "summary conversation" it was not reviewed very clearly what items I had there already and what was brought off the truck (they were not kept separate). I had to ask two or more times what was not used that I had before they arrived because I had already paid for them and would need to return unused items to the store. I don't know if all unused items were left or taken to the truck.

-the lead guy had started the test cycle on the washer then after it got going through the cycle he left. After I locked the doors when they left, I went back to check the washer and there was water leaking all over the floor from the washer. The drain hose was not properly placed into the drain by the water valves behind the washer.

-Three to Four days later, I never got a call back. I had to go back to the Alton store to find out where to call to get the replacement scheduled so I could have a working washer and dryer. I had to make the call to the warehouse to get this scheduled.

I think it was two weeks later that I had to wait for the appointment. The guys came and they were starting to remove the washer, the guy started to loosen the hose from the water faucet in the wall, it started to spray water, then immediately let go and told me that I would have to call a plumber to fix it, because it wasn't supposed to do that. He would not remove the washer and replace it with the one brought to exchange it out. He left immediately and also told me that I should be receiving a call within 24-48 hours from the warehouse delivery to follow up. I never received a call after that either.

-By this time, I am furious with the severe lack of communication and the complete lack of customer service skills of the teams sent out to customer's homes on these calls. I took my receipts for my purchase and drove back to the Alton store to talk to a Manager.

-I was introduced to Christina Haynes. I began to tell her what I had experienced and now, a month later from my purchase, still do not have a working washer and dryer and yet to hear from anyone that was supposed to call me. She gave me your email address and suggested to explain to you what had happened and how there was no proper follow-up or completion of anything throughout the entire delivery process.

My issues:

I was a loyal Lowes customer until this entire experience occurred.

The "Lead" guy, and I am using that term very loosely. In my opinion, should not be a lead, supervisor or manager. He belittled his team member Infront of the customer then continued on to complain to the customer about what went wrong and completely blamed the issue on his team member. Not once did he apologize or try to make it right. He never owned the mistake, and a Lead guy should have. I realize the delivery guys are young, he had no clue who he was talking to or if the customer he was delivering to / talking to be a manger in their job. This was completely irrelevant to him. If I were to provide any feedback on this guy or do his appraisal, I would strongly recommend that he go through customer service skills training, to learn how to deal with the customer and then some training to own the mistake to help make it right to the customer.

The second guy who was supposed to exchange or replace them out - he didn't even look at the hoses / valves. He just put his hands in up in the air and stepped back and said he could not touch it. It was broken and I had to call a plumber. The pressure needed to be relieved from the hose, that is why it was spraying water and hissing. Had he properly checked the hose, he would have been able to complete the exchange as he was supposed to. So, I had to wait longer still...

I hope you can understand the extremity of what went wrong throughout this entire process. Not once when I had to call the warehouse did anyone on the phone try to make it right, by any means possible. No manager returned a call back to me, if they did, they certainly did not leave a message.

So, here I am with a washer that does not have the feet underneath it. I have no faith in the thought that the washer and dryer were even leveled so they would be secure in operation. Do I use them, or do I not use them because of this situation? I still have to get my laundry done for my family. Of course, the little portion that I had paid for these on a Lowes credit card I still have to make my payments timely, or I will be charged even more $$! Every time I have to make that payment , it is a constant reminder of what I have experienced and made to feel like I just do not matter, I am one of a million customers to Lowes, so why should this matter? Very aggravating and makes me angry each time.

At this point I still want this corrected, and not at my expense. My expense has been taken advantage of enough already. I don't know if anything at all can be done to make this right, if you are able to check into this, I certainly would appreciate it.

Thank you so much,

Laura J Brown

2425 Gillis Street

Alton, IL 62002

Cell [protected]

Claimed loss: Washer and dryer were supposed to be exchanged, with a new set delivered and the original set returned based on what the FIRST delivery lead guy had said.

Desired outcome: I expect to either have a brand new set exchanged or, if possible a smaller set (because I cannot reach the bottom of the washer to pick up socks and small items) and financial compensation for the lack of customer care.

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Mr. Helpful
Los Angeles, US
Feb 20, 2024 6:14 am EST

Hi Ms Brown.

We're very sorry to hear of your experience. We do want you to know that we are listening to you and want to make this right.

According to the information provided, there was never anything wrong with your dryer. The washer, on the other hand, never had the feet placed correctly. New feet for the unit should rectify the problem.

Call your local Lowe's at /618 /474 /9900 and request the customer service desk. Whereas it's been eight (8) months since the purchase, there are limits as to what may be done; they'll work with you to come up with an equitable solution.

Please do not wait further to have this addressed. It's the timeframe that becomes your biggest enemy. If this doesn't completely make things right, please let us know.