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Rowenta reviews & complaints

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Rowenta - Iron 1700w rowenta focus

Soon after this iron was purchased. The plastic started chipping off. I call Rowenta, the iron they basically said too bad. I was shocked that they did not stand behind their product. The iron also leaks and leaves brown marks on fabric. I am more shocked that the company does care or back their product. Do you want an iron like this? I went to the Rowenta Website there isn't a form for complaints or comments, I wonder why?

Desired outcome: Rowenta to take responsibility for their product


Rowenta - Customer service/ product

Contacted rowenta after a rowenta iron caught flames in my home. Was told I would be sent a new iron after investigation of aforementioned iron . Sent iron to designated area, no follow through from any person on staff. Called to inquire, was told the original, person who was answering the phone was no longer employed, gave incorrect information. The iron caught fire…. Received a very unprofessional response from a Pierre? No last name? States that they could not determine cause of fire and offered reduced rate for a new iron…. I do not believe that I wish to o business it's this company.

Desired outcome: At the very least, apology.

Rowenta - Turbo silence extreme fan - vu 2631

I use this fan in my bedroom. I currently own 3 identical ones. This fan does not move and is only used on a warm night. I was asleep and awoked by a loud noise that was quit scary. The band holding the 2 spherical cages that enclose the fan blade, split and went flying across the room.

The customer service reps, Kathy and Aramis were of no use! They couldnt care about the potential danger!
The supervisor as well was uninterested and telling me that I could buy a part for $40 when the fan costs $65.
I am prepared to go thru social media and let potential customers know how Rowenta does nothing for their customers when confronted with a dangerous product. I would like a replacement fan at no cost.


Rowenta - 8080


I have tried all avenues via rowenta service contact in multiple countries and I am getting nowhere. I understand group seb owns rowenta so I am coming to you directly to get this sorted by someone. 8 weeks ago I purchased rowenta 8080 iron from amazon. The iron at 6 weeks started giving off a strong electrical shock on the sole plate and stopped heating up.

I went to rowenta website clicked on repairs I contacted group seb in thailand as I live in thailand. The person on the other end of phone has never heard of rowenta I realize it's a tefal office.

I have since contacted customer service is the us, hong kong, germany. Only the us has responded and are saying can't help you go to your local reaper country.

I purchased this iron as the website had local repair in thailand. I always check company's websites before I buy products. This is false advertising and a lie that you have repairs in thailand. Though I can read from the bangkok post that group seb setup in bangkok nearly 4 years ago and rowena and tefal and others are your products.

The iron is new and it is faulty and needs to be replaced. My husband and I are sick of being hand balled and treated with shocking customer service. Rowenta irons are a premium product I bought this iron on its performance reviews and the excellent customer service I was suppose to receive. This iron by the time it was delivered has cost me 230 aud not a cheap iron.

Sonya klapko
Phuket thailand

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Rowenta - poor quality

Purchased this iron less than a year ago hoping for longevity and no leaking experienced in Black & Decker, Hamiltonbeach, Sunbeam & Rival. I have taken proper care of it following recommended guidelines and directions no abuse . It now leaks, the auto shut off will not stay off long enough for the iron to heat past being able to rest your hand on it with no discomfort . This $79.99 Rowenta Focus was no more reliable than a $14.95 Rival or any of the other above mentioned brands that were at a considerable amount less in purchase price .

Dec 28, 2010
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Rowenta - lack of customer service

received rowenta steamer for christmas. missing a part. would not assist me without a receipt. unbelievable lack of service. i am not about to ask my friend for a receipt! how much ruder could one get. i have purchased rowenta products in the past but regardless of how pleased i have been i will never accept, give or use another rowenta product.

I spoke to Rowenta customer service today about my Rowenta Advancer DZ9080. The Iron was used about once a week and just out of warranty. I could not find anyone in the Kansas City are to repair the iron and found out that I had to ship it out state. The estimate for the repair was as much as the iron. I paid $129.00 for the iron! After speaking to "TOM" at Rowenta today, he showed me that there is NO customer service at Rowenta. PLEASE GIVE HIM A CALL AND LET HIM KNOW THAT YOU SAW THIS AND THAT JIM REQUESTED THAT YOU CALL HIM... [protected] BE SURE TO ASK FOR TOM ... PLEASE PASS THIS ALONG TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Rowenta - Steam Iron

I purchased a Rowenta Steam Iron which is not cheap in price and it stopped working. My husband took it apart and found that the cord was burnt off in the Cord Support. This could have caused a fire...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Rowenta - Failed to operate

I have purchased not 1, not 2, but 3 Rowenta irons since 2002. The first 2 irons that stopped working I blamed on my son who was home from college using it each time. This third iron, a model DX6900...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Rowenta - Rowenta Irons Violate Safety

Rowenta irons violate safety standards. Brenda from Rowenta doesn't know and won't offer email to customer service. Rowenta also has no MSDS safety sheet and does not know what materials were used to...

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