Hungry Jack's Australia Customer Service

Hungry Jack's Australia Pty Ltd

The J.M. Smucker Co., 1 Strawberry Lane
United States - 44667-0280

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1300 852 326(Australia) 77 37
State Office (NSW)
Unit 16, Riverside Centre, 148 James Ruse Dr, Rosehill NSW 2142

State Office (SA)
86 Richmond Rd, Keswick, SA 5035

State Office (VIC)
Level 1 15-19 Swanston Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000

State Office (QLD)
Unit 9, 441 Nudgee Road, Hendra, QLD 4011

State Office (WA)
355 Scarborough Beach Road, Osborne Park, WA 6017

Hungry Jack's Australia Complaints & Reviews

Hungry Jack's Australia — Whopper & Cheeseburger

Hungry Jack's AustraliaOrdered burgers without pickles and tomato however the request has been totally disregarded. I am making a complaint...

Food  · Jan 26, 2020

Hungry Jack's Australia — Maryborough QLD STORE

Disgusting service received at Maryborough, QLD store multiple times over the past few months. They practically throw...

Products & Services  · Jan 24, 2020

Hungry Jack's Australia — onion rings

I'm wondering why you changed the onion rings from the tasty crunchy crumb coated one to the disgusting chewy...

Food  · Jan 21, 2020

Hungry Jack's Australia — service of employees

I am writing to you with the concern and disappoint of your employees at Hungry Jacks, town hall. I ordered a bbq cheese...

Retail Stores  · Jan 15, 2020

Hungry Jack's Australia — drive through order

I came through the drive through at Hungry Jacks Reynella on Sunday evening and put an order of burgers and drinks I also...

Food  · Jan 12, 2020

Hungry Jack's Australia — grilled tropical burger.

Hungry Jack's AustraliaI purchased a grilled tropical burger from the bigger waters store at 9:22 pm 11/01/2020 through the drive through. As I...

1 comments Food  · Jan 11, 2020

Hungry Jacks — nasty behavior

Dear Sir/Madam. I am a long time customer of Hungry Jacks In Beresfield. In the last few months I have noticed that a new...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Jan 08, 2020

Hungry Jack's Australia — service issues with order

Order Number 425, 6.1.2020 @16.35.01 - Staff would not pay attetion to our order anbd where too busy discussing personal...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Jan 07, 2020

Hungry Jack's — food

Hungry Jack'sWent through drive ordered asked for fresh chips meals to be placed separately in own bags no ice Our food was cold chip...

Hungry Jack's Australia — cold food and poor service

Came to woodbine hungry jacks for some dinner after work. I sat in the drive thru for 40 minutes before receiving my...

Food  · Jan 03, 2020

Hungry Jack's Australia — service

Hungry Jack's AustraliaThis is added on to the other complaint already I'm place Plus he was asking me to pay $2for 2 drinks that usually...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Jan 02, 2020

Hungry Jack's Australia — sub standard food served

I visited my local Hungry Jacks store at Firle In Adelaide on the 2nd of January 2020, I bought a Rebel Whopper with...

Food  · Jan 02, 2020

[Resolved] Hungry Jack's Australia — a job that I apparently had

Hungry Jack's Australiai got accepted at Hungry jacks Wiley park and i didn't start till the 29th October, which was my first shift. i wa...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Jan 02, 2020

Hungry Jack's Australia — burgers

Hungry Jack's AustraliaAround 8pm January 1st 2020. I took my daughter to the truganina hungry jacks we walked in not drive thru. We ordered...

Food  · Jan 01, 2020

Hungry Jack's Australia — food and the service

I ordered a burger box on Monday night at newcomb hungry jacks in Victoria, it was so distgusting that I rang up and...

Restaurants & Bars  · Jan 01, 2020

Hungry Jack's Australia — terrible service

Ordered through drive through. Not many cars at first but then cars just piled up after us as orders were slow being...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Dec 30, 2019

Hungry Jacks — food / how long it takes to get my order

I thought hungry jack was surprise to be a fast food place it always take 2 long to receive my order and this time my...

Food  · Dec 27, 2019

Hungry Jack's Australia — bad service, dry out and cold food that took 21 minutes to make???

Hungry Jack's AustraliaOn Dec 27, 2019, my family and I ordered a Smoky BBQ Angus burger, 2 bacon deluxe burgers, 1 vegan muffin and 8 small...

Food  · Dec 26, 2019

Hungry Jack's Australia — service

I just waited over 45min for two frozen drinks and a kids meal witch look like rubbish thrown in a paper bag (not a kid...

Food  · Dec 25, 2019

Hungry Jack's Australia — staff members

Good evening, I would like to put a complaint forward as a worker here at hungry jacks. I do feel like this is a seriou...

Other  · Dec 18, 2019

Hungry Jack's Australia — ultimate double whopper burger

Hungry Jack's AustraliaI purchase the burger on 14/12/19 saturday around mid-day for work. Had it for 1st break at 4pm and notice on the first...

Food  · Dec 15, 2019

[Resolved] Hungry Jack's Australia — poor service

I would like to raise concerns in your Cannon HHill store, Bribane, Qld on 10/12/2019 for an order places at 8.09pm...

Forex / Currency Trading  · Dec 10, 2019

Hungry Jack's Australia — both service and products

Hungry Jack's AustraliaRe: Visit 04/12/2019 12:21pm Order Number 184 I'm sorry its come this far but Ive reached boiling point with thi...

Food  · Dec 06, 2019

Hungry Jack's Australia — given a meat pattie instead of a vegetarian

Ordered a rebel 100% plant based pattie and was given a meat pattie my daughter is vegetarian and has been for a long...

Food  · Dec 04, 2019

Hungry Jack's Australia — product service and overcharged

I went through the drive thru and put through my order at 8:18pm on the 4/12/2019. My order was 5 Large whopper hunger...

2 comments Food  · Dec 04, 2019

Hungry Jack's Australia — food

I ordered 2 meals from hungry jacks on 25/11/2019 we waited over half hour past time we where told the chips tasted like...

Food  · Dec 03, 2019

Hungry Jack's Australia — burgers

I brought a tender crisp which didn't taste right from the Beenleigh Qld store I went through the drive thru there were...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Dec 01, 2019

Hungry Jack's Australia — quality of burger and poor service by manager

Earlier this evening (29/11/19) my son and I went through the Hungry Jacks Innaloo drive through to purchase a Grilled...

Food  · Nov 29, 2019

Hungry Jack's Australia — cheeseburgers

Hungry Jack's AustraliaHi I ordered a meal at the Hungry Jacks at Munno Para in South Australia and didn't notice till I got home my order wa...

Food  · Nov 29, 2019

Hungry Jack's Australia — management

Good morning I am wanting to complain about a Manager at The Hervey Bay Store His name is Zach He is having sexual...

Sexual Abuse  · Nov 26, 2019

Hungry Jack's Australia — sick from bad food

Hungry Jack's AustraliaI purchased hungry jacks for my friend and myself at around 2:30 on the 23/11/19 for myself I got a large double whopper...

Food  · Nov 25, 2019

Hungry Jack's Australia — whopper burger

Hungry Jack's AustraliaOn the 23/11/19 my friend and I dropped in to grab some takeaway from hungry jacks. There was a long slow line up. My...

Food  · Nov 25, 2019

Hungry Jack's Australia — service staff member

At 7.50 pm on Thursday 21 November I went to hungry jacks drive thru I ordered the family meal of burgers which is two...

Employees  · Nov 22, 2019

Hungry Jack's Australia — 2 whopper with cheese meals large

Hi there I recently purchased 2large whopper meals from hungry jacks in Mornington and was really unhappy with not only...

1 comments Food  · Nov 20, 2019

Hungry Jacks Australia — cheesy cheeseburger s

Went thru drive thru to order 3 cheeseburgers, small fries & onion rings. Opened burgers within 2 minutes of...

Food  · Nov 20, 2019

Hungry Jack's Australia — customer service experience

The young lad today, 19/11/2019, who was on the cashier at 650am needs to improve his customer service skills pronto. He...

Employees  · Nov 19, 2019

Hungry Jack's Australia — cheesy bacon loaded chips

Terrible, I don't honestly have any other word. The cheese sauce was extremely salty like it had been mixed with the...

Restaurants & Bars  · Nov 15, 2019

Hungry Jack's Australia — refusal to accept vouchers on the phone and customer service number always unavailable

1. The High St Preston Vic branch refused to accept Hungry Jack's vouchers on my smartphone on Friday 8/11/19 at...

Food  · Nov 14, 2019

Hungry Jack's Australia — food staff service and the bloke who called today to call me a liar

Posted on Facebook Hungry Jack's Your stores are dead to me! Last night my partner called into the Campbellfield store and...

Food  · Nov 14, 2019

Hungry Jack's Australia — burger chips and not getting a drink

I called the site manager at Narellan to discuss complaint ĺ was made to feel like I was lying about not getting drinks had...

Food  · Nov 07, 2019