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Steers reviews & complaints

Steers complaints 346

Steers - Health concerns

I have been to Steers in Table Bay Mall today.
Why do the staff not using gloves and pliers when they prepare the burgers?
When I complain, the "manager" said that the guy did wash his hands!
This is unacceptable! What about everything under his nails etc.! Disgusting!
I asked my money back and he even gave me the wrong amount back!
Poor, poor, poor service!


Steers - Product and service

By far my worst restaurant experience, never ever ordering at Steers Oakdene. I placed an online order at 18:19 which usually takes about 45 minutes to arrive. After 30 minutes or so I get a notification that my delivery is on it's way, I keep my phone close so when the delivery guy(Alexandra) calls to say his outside I don't keep him waiting. After 7 minutes I get another notification on the app that my food had been delivered at this point I'm shocked because I never received a call from Alexandra that his outside so how exactly did I receive the food a ordered. Immediately call the store and explain what's happening and the manager tells me that maybe the last notification was sent by mistake due to the driver's network and she ask me to wait for him to call me. I wait for 30 minutes and still nothing so I call steers again to tell them I still haven't received my food. The manager kept on insisting to be patient and I do so but now I see no man it's 2 hours since I ordered but I haven't received my food or any communication from Alexandra. So I call again to ask the whereabouts of Alexandra but they seem to know nothing, I ask for Alexandra's number and it goes straight to voicemail. At this point after 2 hours my patience is gone I'm hungry I just want my food, I ended up requesting taxi taxify so I can go get the food. I arrive at steers, I tell the manager that I requested to come her so she has to refund me; she says she can only refund me half of the taxify money so I ask her, how am I going to return home now since I requested to come here? She asked one of the scooter drivers to take me home at this point am puzzled because number 1 I have never been on a scooter, number 2 there was no helmet for me so this manager was not thinking about my safety at all. Luckily the taxify I came with was outside and I went to explain the situation, he was as puzzled as I was that would just send me off on a scooter without a helmet. He was kind enough to take me back home for half the cost of the trip. I am disappointed, within those two hours why couldn't the manager get another driver? When such problems occur why don't they come with solutions. To only get home to find that the food is even worse, the burgers were dry, the cheesey chips were unappetizing, from the service to the food it was horrible.

Steers - Toilet facilities

Good day was at steers in Bethlehem free State I bought food there with my family and paid with my card my small girl needed the toilet while having our sitdown meal we asked the steers staff to use the toilet and they replied we need 2 rand I didn't have cash with me they didn't even try to help my daughter and she peed in her pants how does this work as a paying costumer

Please notify me how this can be


Steers - Delivery guy customer service

I placed an order for delivery to pay by card at delivery from Steers Bethlehem, Free State. My card declined for whatever reason and that's when the trouble began. Despite my making means to use my other cards, the delivery guy starts throwing the machine paper on the ground complaining about how I'm wasting his paper and he's got places to go not only that but I shouldn't give him attitude because my card keeps declining, it wouldn't decline if it had money. I hope this is the last time I have to deal with either that particular guy or any other service delivery person of his calibre

Desired outcome: Please contact me to inform me of what management has done to remedy the horrible service delivery by its employee. 0763391280

Steers - Lack of service

On Thursday the 25th of November, I placed an order at Steers Tshwane Regional mall at 19:05 Order # ‪[protected]. I then received a confirmation sms and email, after 20 minutes I called the store and they said that they were busy with my order and the delivery guy will call me. At 20:00 I called again and they told me that the brisket I ordered took time to prepare hence the delay. I asked if I should order somewhere else but they said no, they are busy with my order. At 8:15 I called and it was unanswered, that's where I realized that the store is actually closed. I placed an order 1 hour before closing and it was never prepared. No one called to apologize and tell me that it won't be possible to get it. I am very disappointed with their service.

Desired outcome: An apology

Steers - Steers barbeque sauce

25 November 2021 we bought 2 bottles of Steers barbeque sauce at Shoprite Mohlakeng Square inside the bottle there is white things like moalt. We alway buy this product and its the first time experiencing such. This can be food poison, imagine if we did not check the bottle and just opened it. Please assist and give feedback. Disappointed customers

Desired outcome: Replace with a quality product

Steers - Bad service

17:37 I placed an order via the app. 2hours later still no delivery. Then I decided to call them. But still no satisfactory to my oders. What pisses me off is the driver called to confirm the...

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Steers - Service

You really need to teach your team how to offer good customer service. When I go and spend my money at steers it's not that I'm bored. When the cashier was helping me she was rude not even smiling as if I'm owe her something. I have a choice as a customer but I get very irritated when I need to beg for good service . Ndlovu Solakhela is the lady's name. She is so rude you don't really need a person like that in your front area as she will leave a dent for the brand. Steers The Glen

Steers - Chicken

on Friday I brought a 1/4 chicken and when I arrived at home around 8 the chicken was not chew-able it tasted as if it was really old I am so in dis believe that they would serve such that is putting peoples health at risk I spoke to one of the store manager and she was very rude and did not even apologizes claiming that I am lying because I am not showing her any proof I could have eaten the chicken. the way she held the solution it does not match steers brand. so just because I do not have a phone to take a picture and do not have a right to claim a refund and compensation.

Steers - Service

I ordered food from 19:30 pm yesterday and I received my fud at 21:30 and my app showed that the food was delivered I had to call steers n it wasn't Going thru the customer care line kept on ringing I spent 250 of my airtym trying to get hold of them meanwhile my order was still at the store I called and got hold of the manager phelisilile from steers engen tembisa at hospital view and she showed no remorse of what they did I felt unappreciated

Steers - Full chicken and chips

I have bought full chicken and chips at Phillip nel park Pretoria steers for R174. Cut into eight pieces take away order number 741 on 29 October 2021 when I reach home I found only 7 pieces. I don't worry for that piece of meat . But my worry is how many pieces are they getting from all the chickens they are selling. Please I would like management to be aware of what is happening in their shop more especially on the 15th 25th and month end.

Steers - Steers BBQ Sauce

Good Day

My family is a steers BBQ sauce loving family. We purchase at least 4 or 5 large bottles every month.
However the last 3 bottles we purchased were not right they looked creamy and different browns.
They have also upset tummy.
This has left a bad taste in our mouths and we are weiry to carry on buying unless this get to someone's attention.

Samantha Muirhead

Desired outcome: Some sort of compensation

Steers - Non existing service

Steers Gordons Bay & Strand seem equally pathetic when it comes to service. On Sunday the 10th October, what was most probably the hottest day in the Western Cape so far for the season, and it was school holiday, Gordons Bay Steers had no soft serve ice cream as they ran out of stock.. This morning/afternoon as it was pass twelve o clock, we stop there again for soft serve just to be told the machine was just switched on and the ice cream was still in liquid form. Same happen during the winter period as well. Also on a week end neither Gordons BAy nor Strand had any soft serve. Who manage these stores? Are they even trained in stock re-ordering and customer care. On the online menu they also have chips with cheese sauce and bacon pieces, yet the Strand do not sell those chips.. Be sure I will not ever spend one cent at any Steers ever again.

Desired outcome: Supply proper training to staff, and don't only appoint to fulfill you BBEEE quota

Steers - Service

Lephalale branch has a bad service, once you order for delivery just know you will eat dry food as they don't bother to put salt and sauces. I'm so pissed off now then I'm being told to send a picture while my family is hungry and waited for an hour. I'm not happy ….see picture of what I got…..what am I suppose to do with dry ribs and chips that doesn't have salt, I have to use my own grocery to make the food perfect.

Steers - Customer service

I am so disgusted in the client service at Steers Curie Avenue Bloemfontein. Firstly when we arrive there. They where painting the outside front of Steers. That I understand but no boards saying...

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Steers - Steers Delivery Service

Steers Temisa branch called me to ask for address, which I had already entered on the website when I placed my order. Then the driver tells me that they cannot deliver my order as it is out of range, yet my office building is only 4kms from the Tembisa Steers branch. How can that be out of range? Driver then tells me I need to order from Steers Kempton Park which is 9kms from me.

All of this after I had already paid for my order? The Steers website now shows that my order has been delivered, but I haven't received it, nor have I received a refund!?

Extremely poor service! Shocking! I want my damn money back immediately! I will most certainly not be ordering from Steers EVER again! I will post this incident as a review on every social media platform available! This is utterly pathetic from a big brand such as Steers!

Steers Engen Tembisa

Desired outcome: I want my money back, IMMEDIATELY

Steers - Service. Lenasia south steers

We ordered from steers lenasia south at 15.25 today...when we foned back to query abt the order at 1700 the lady who took the order said the order was sent but later another lady in the store said there was no order on the system.. I have found this to be pathetic service from many years and I have filed many complains regarding service in lensaia south but nothing is being done even with the new owner service is still contact is [protected]..Readwhan Shaikh.

Desired outcome: Callback

Oct 03, 2021

Steers - Steers Tomato Sauce

Bought a bottle of tomato sauce at PNP Constantia Village and when I opened it it all seemed normal I put it on my food then all of a sudden the sauce began to fizz in the bottle . The look of the sauce was disgusting and I wasted my time and money on it even tho I got refunded.always buy the steers brand because it is better than the other tomato sauces. I'm very disappointed


Steers - Steers service

Can I just be refunded my money since you can not complete my delivery, since you decided not to give me the full meal that I have paid for.. I am not going to use my money to sponsor you guys after 2 hours waiting for my meal m done ka steers there are other better restaurants that will service us nicely and we will remain happy not this nonsense can you guy's credit my account with that money for my sprite that you failed to deliver

Sep 30, 2021

Steers - Quality of the Ribs

I worked in Kuruman (Northern Cape) for a week and ordered my meals from steers. They are the worst in customer service and have poor quality of food. I waited for an hour for my order, even spoke to the manager but that didn't help

Today I ordered ribs and I'm disgusted at the quality of the meat. The portion was very small compared to the previous day and it was dry and burned. Unfortunately I didn't check my order while I was in the restaurant and only saw the size and quality when I got home.

I have included a picture of my piece of charred rib. Please do something about Steers Kuruman.

Thank you

Desired outcome: Voucher for the money I wasted or my money back

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