Steers Complaints & Reviews

Steers / ice cream

Jul 15, 2019

Hi, I bought ice cream at steers which was not even over the cup very little and when I told the lady about how tiny it was she told me there is a scale, with an attitude.. for the price that I pay for these ice creams it was pointless to buy the cup, might aswell bought the cone as it wa...

Steers / I recently visited steers at gateway shopping center and sat on a broken chair and I fell.

Jul 11, 2019

I went to Steers at Gateway shopping center, I bought my burger, it was a takeaway. So I tried to sit in one of the chairs catered for customers and I fell down. No one came to assist me, when I look at the chair it has been broken long time ago, I don't know why it wasn't removed. But the...

Steers / toilets

Jul 11, 2019

I realize its a Sasol / Steers outlet on the Highway but the toilets are sub- standard. The urinals are blocked and leaking . The floor as you can see on the video stained with ... basin blocked, bucket under urinal to catch the leaking urine!!! Look at the cleaning equipment. I reported the...

Steers / both product and service

Jul 11, 2019

On the 29nth of May I ordered online 3 Wacky Wednesday one was both beef in one both then the other was one beef and one chicken, when I got the order it was incorrect the put beef instead of chicken I tried contacting them there was no answer the person I sent to fetch my order took too...

Steers / wacky wednesday quality

Jul 10, 2019

On purchasing a chicken wacky Wednesday I could taste that there was almost no chicken in the burger when I checked I saw what you see in the photo attached the patty was 2mm thick like a slice of chicken polony and it didn't even fill 3/4 of the diameter of the bun. It easy really sad that...

Steers / delivery

Jul 07, 2019

I placed an online order more than 60 min ago. I called steers and asked about my order and the lady said that it is on it's way for delivery. It has since been 30 minutes and I stay 2km from steers. After 30 minutes the lady called me and asked me if I will pay cash or card. I told her...

Steers / service & food

Jul 07, 2019

I ordered 2 burgers, waiter 25 minutes. The order was wrong and cold. The employees were arguing in front of customers and not packing the orders as it came out. The kitchen staff were not wearing gloves while touching the rolls and garnish. Nor was the one lady wearing gloves while working...

Steers / the workers are not focused hence the food takes too long. a food order for a sit-in took 1 hour 30

Jul 05, 2019

The branch in mafikeng, situated in the northwest... Mmabatho.. Mega city complex are too slow when it comes to customer service and food delivery for a sit - in. The workers were arguing about who must go for lunch other than attending the customer. After an hour when I went to fetch my...

Steers / poor service

Jul 03, 2019

I ordered a wacky Wednesday and chips, at 15:53. Being a Wednesday, I'd assume that the staff would cater to a potentially larger influx of customers, I thought wrong, a seemingly simple task of assembling an order of what are the most popular items on a Wednesday is not that easy. I waited...

Steers / whacky wednesday

Jul 03, 2019

I bought wacky Wednesday for me and my husband for supper. I must say the food was wack... Your staff cares less about the quality of the food and they were just In a rush to knock off. The chicken patty was raw, the bun was soggy, the food is just disgusting. I have attached pictures and...

Steers / bad service

Jul 03, 2019

I phone Piet Retief Steers and placed an order around 16h00, the lady told me the order will be delivered within 30minutes. After an hour and 15minutes I called Steers and they said they were at my address but I was waiting all the time and no one was at my house. I said that I will collect my...

Steers / King steer burger on special

Jul 02, 2019

The display is showing king steer burger meal on special for R60 but the cashier insists that it will be available in August. My question is why is it on display now in July if it is going to be available in August, why do you fool the customers, what kind of marketing is this, and if...

Steers / poor service

Jun 28, 2019

Consistant Poor servce from Steers Ga-Rankuwa. I made an online order at around 19:42 _28 jul 19, and went for my collection at around 20:40, nothing was done and what ****ed me even more was that, i made 2 orders, one at fishaways then steers at the same time, both A and B struggled to...

Steers / bad service

Jun 28, 2019

Hi there, So can someone at Brentwood Steers explain to me how it takes a full hour and 15minutes for my order to get delivered to my front door and then it ends up the food is cold. I will never order from Brentwood Steers again as they have no sense of time nor customer service so you...

Steers / bad food

Jun 27, 2019

Good afternoon Very disappointed food is expensive and that is the way I received my hamburger last night was cold, but one side of burger of soggy. They even did not make effort to put the tomato on top and so little lettuce thus not look like the photo on your website. It taste if the...

Steers / service

Jun 26, 2019

I placed an order online of Bacon and Cheese Steak burger with large fries and coke zero via steers app at 19:33 for delivery. I didn't get my order despite it being a quick service fast-food restaurant. I had to call them 4 times from 20:19 until 20:50 asking where is my order. The first...

Steers / prices varies from menu to the cashier!!!

Jun 25, 2019

Why do they charge an extra R1.00 on a product on your menu advertised for R39.90. The price on the menu = R39.90 yet at the till I had to pay R40.90. It's not about the R1.00 difference it's about the way you conduct business!!! If you get an additional R1.00 per customer for every purchase...

Steers / order menu online and very bad service

Jun 24, 2019

Good day I ordered food online from Steers Die Boord Stellenbosch. The lady calls me to tell me that they don't have 1/4 chicken and then I asked her to change it to a chicken burger and chips. After waiting for almost an hour for my order to be delivered, I call and follow up. This time...

Steers / king steer combo

Jun 20, 2019

Ordered a takewaya king Steer combo from the king shaka branch, order was ready in abt 3minutes, should have checked, on getting home the patties were rock hard and inedible, I had to throw the burger away and settle just for the chips, , totally disappointed as I have never had an issue...

Steers / food

Jun 07, 2019

Good Day, I was at Steers Hunters Retreat on Tuesday. I bought 4 Snack Burgers, 1Jalapeno an Mayo burger and one ribster burger 2 large cheesy chips and one medium cheesy chips total R252.00. Got home and when we started eating the chios it was hard chips like glass potatoes. I live in...

Steers / bad service and poor food quality... and charged twice on top of that

May 30, 2019

So on Saturday evening my friends and I left the apartment in Roeland street to go grab some steers in long street cape town.. . When we arrived we were helped by a very friendly lady named Nathi who deserves a promotion as she knows more than the manager on duty about service. Our food then...

Steers / original steers burger and chips

May 30, 2019

I was really upset about the quality of the original steers burger and chips I bought on Wednesday evening, 29 th of May 2019 at Steers Die Boord, Stellenbosch at 6:45 pm. The burger meat patty was ice cold as it came from the fridge. It was not even warmed up. The chips were raw and very...

Steers / online order

May 30, 2019

I ordered online on the 25th of May at night 22:40 and they canceled my order because they had no driver to deliver to my place, so they called to cancel and said I will get a refund I waited till Monday I thought its a weekend maybe they'll process it on Monday I then sent an email on...

Steers / delivery service

May 29, 2019

I placed an order a hour ago online. When I called to the store a gentleman answered, he took my details and asked me to hold. It's been 20 minutes later and I am still holding while the conversations are happening in the back ground. Now apart from the fact that the order cannot be...

Steers / burgers

May 16, 2019

I was on my way home frm work and wanted to buy supper. There was a choice of wimpy or steers but I opted for steers. When I got to the chatsworth plaza steers. It was a bit busy and looks like they were short staffed. One customer passed a remark. Looks like urll hate wednesdays. I placed...

Steers / chicken burger

May 13, 2019

I ordered a chicken burger from steers on the 10 May 2018 from the musgrave franchise Durban my husband ordered a beef burger. When he went to collect they prepared 2 beef burgers. I do not eat beef. My husband informed the manager of the issue and waited for them to prepare a chicken...

Steers / steers wacky wednesday

May 02, 2019

good day Everybody worked yesterday 1/5/2019 in my house . so i decided to take my family last nite out for dinner. my daughter suggested Steers CAPE GATE . we got there just after 7. i place my order explain to the lady no tomatoes and while i was telling her she was talking to one of the...

Steers / service

Apr 27, 2019

I had a horrendous experience tonight at a steers branch in Newcastle. I was buying a milkshake and I had to wait some time for it to be made, after it was made, they couldn't find a lid to close and then I started getting frustrated cos no one had a nerve to at least update me . After...

Steers / drivers

Apr 11, 2019

I was bumbed by a Steers Queenstown driver during the night without a licence, the guy was flying he damaged my car and didn't have any licence and helmet with him, their managers had to rush and get learners for him, and everyday they have accidents, the drivers are reckless driver...

Steers / chicken

Apr 01, 2019

Branch on Kromboom road. Ordered chicken - there was no flavor dispute having ordered hot. The chicken tasted like it was boiled not fire grilled. The wing was so hard it was inedible. I've had this chicken many times at other branch (total Beaufort West) and know it's not meant to taste...

Steers / staff bad attitude

Apr 01, 2019

Im not a customer that generally complain's but the service I received on the 27th March 2019 deserves a special mention. It's left a very very bad taste and as a loyal customer who always buys wacky wednsdays religeioulsy without fail for the past 10years I honestly think I will stop, all...

Steers / the food

Feb 20, 2019

Hey good evening I have purchased 3 wacky Wednesday I must say I was dam shocked that the burger was mold after eating of it I am disgusted I went back with it all she did was give my money back not evens apologize all I have to say is I have pictures and I will take it further please do...

Steers / Delivery service

Feb 15, 2019

I ordered food on the 14/02/2019 via a call, i waited and waited for my food to no avail then i gave the shop a call only for them to tell me that my order was cancelled due to load shedding...they could have called me to inform that my order was cancelled. The following day i called in again...

Steers / steers original burger and chips

Jan 27, 2019

Good day, Today, I bought a steers original meal from the Springfield branch. First, the fillet from the burger was not a fillet. It was a slice of chicken thinner than that of a slice of bread. And it was half the size or the burger bun. Secondly, the chips was refried. It wa...

Steers / service very bad

Jan 06, 2019

I called to order I was on the way to mount ayliff so I called they didn't do my order till I was there had to remind them what was my order no cutlery no salt no nothing then on the way when I opened my order it was so disgusting the rib beggers and the double rack was only 1 rack instead...

Steers / steers dainfern square

Dec 28, 2018

Date of incident : 28/12/2018 I visited Steers Dainfern square during my lunch time (10:30), I was the only customer and ordered 2 Chicken Jalapeno and cheese burger meals. It was ready in 10 minutes, I got back to work only to find a BEEF version of the burgers I had ordered. I called...

Steers / unhelpful store manager

Dec 19, 2018

I wanted to order 2 steers deals online, one which had a dellivery option and one which did not. So I called customer care to find out if they cannot assist by placing the 2 together so they can both be delivered since one of the orders already had delivery option. The customer care agent...

Steers / macon and cheese combo and jalapeno and cheese chicken burger and the cheesy chips

Nov 20, 2018

The above products were bought from Steers verulam litchie farm.(new store). I purchased a combo of the burger n got the cheesy chips as well. The beef burgers was cold. The chicken fillet was cold also( obviously cooked in advance) not even flame grilled no char marks. No cheese as the...

Steers Vredendal Mall / providing food with bare hands

Nov 20, 2018

Good day I just want to notify Steers head office about the way their staff are working without any hand gloves when providing food to customers. This happens regularly when we visit Steers Vredendal Mall. When we first order ice cream cones, the lady who is working with the cash is also...

Steers / burger

Nov 16, 2018

I bought the ribster burger today at steers in rondebosch. The burger was drenched in sauce so much that the roll was wet from all the sauce I had to throw it away couldn't eat the roll. Poor service from staff at steers very dissatisfied with the meal I bought. Please provide better...