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Google / search engines

Prem T Sawlani on Jul 21, 2017
Google may have earned billions of dollars but they also have received billions of curses around the world. i am one guy who has cursed google bosses because they dont care anybodays privacy including mine. i have cursed google that one day there will be black day for them. without finding the...

Google / google *telepathic

Kathy Shook on Jul 13, 2017
I have been charged $2.99 6x's since June 5 (June 5, June 12, Jun 19, June 26, July 3, July 10) for an app that I didn't order and for which I did not submit my debit card -- but my debit card number has been used (as per my bank). When I attempted to correct this situation, I contacted...

Google / telepathic g.co

Lynette Kauai on Jul 11, 2017
My account was charged 2.99 5 times since the first of June 2017 for an app called HOOKED and it showed I had a subscription to it. The charges were under GOOGLE* Telepahic g.co My daughter downloaded it to see what it was and uninstalled it. Check my order history and you will see I have...

Google / unauthorized charges to checking account

gdacontruction on Jul 11, 2017
07/10/17 Purchase authorized on 07/08 google *telepathic g.co/payhelp# ca s467189503631864 card 1040  $2.99 07/03/17 Purchase authorized on 07/01 google *telepathic g.co/payhelp# ca s387182503758515 card 1040  $2.99 06/26/17 Purchase authorized on 06/24 google *telepathic g.co/payhelp# ca...

Google / unauthorized charges

Joel Richmond on Jul 10, 2017
I’ve noticed a $29.99 and $9.99 recurring charge on my bank statement. I can’t find anyone that will answer a call about reversing these fraudulent charges. There are no apps I’ve purchased. I have no android devices. I do not subscribe to g suite. I’m going to call my bank to report these...

Google / google wallet

Imasha Hapuarachchi on Jul 8, 2017
Transaction ID L.02B5-0D4C-ACA7-B453 Email: emma75261@gmail.com I used Google wallet for the first time, I received payment in US dollars and got an email confirming that and that I should claim it. I thought because the payment had been sent and Google confirmed that meant the money wa...

Google / google*svcsapps member

James Dement on Jul 8, 2017
There was a false charge made by "GOOGLE*SVCAPPS_membe" to my credit card on 06/02 for $327.09. Spoke with a Google Services representative who while very nice, was useless in her support. She informed me that the charge was made by some account not associated with me in any way, but that...

Google Inc. / google fraudulent charges.

Bresimo on Jul 7, 2017
1-17-17 google charged my card $992. Google entered into a contract with me to return these funds. My bank was also on the phone and they say it is VISA policy they can no longer handle the issue once google took it over. 1-21 $492 was refunded to my account. There was ONE charge that wa...

Google / phantom billing on my credit card

Ian Tate on Jul 5, 2017
I have received two charges from GOOGLE on June 2 and July 2. They are both for $10, and the details in my VISA Account History looks like this: Jun. 2, 2017 GOOGLE *SVCSAPPS_harpo g.co/payhelp#ON 10.00 Jul. 2, 2017 GOOGLE *SVCSAPPS_harpo 855-222-8603 ON 10.00 I have been unable to...

Google / ultimate signature sone daily card (marvel contest of champions) not received!

Raiset R Santana on Jul 4, 2017
7/03/17 MerchandiseGOOGLE *Kabam Merchandise ...8765$49.99 Merchandise GOOGLE *Kabam Transaction DateSunday, 7/02/2017 Posted DateMonday, 7/03/2017 DetailsElectronics Appears on your statement as: GOOGLE *Kabam g.co/payhelp# CA 94043 USA I have not received the game I paid for and want my...

Google / google minecraft socialpoint and telepathic

David Kile on Jul 1, 2017
Checked my account and there were over a 100 dollars charged to my card. 1.99 to 9.99 Several times since last night and way early in morning today. Check your accounts and make sure this doesn't happen to you. Had to close card and get a new one. Check you accounts early in morning because they...

Google / my dress and bra

Deasia1999999 on Jun 30, 2017
I ordered something on 6/14/17 never recieved the order it has been 16 days and the money was taking out of my account I want my money put back in my account or my product my number is 9195148375 thank you and how long will it be before I recieve any feed back or information pertaining my...

Google / unauthorized transactions

Tanya Lantz on Jun 28, 2017
My bank account has four unauthorized transactions from google*telepathic g.co/payhelp for $2.99 each. Dates amount was taken out on were 6/7/17, 6/14/17, 6/21/17 & 6/28/17. I nor anyone in my family has purchased anything from google. I do not even know what this is or where it would have...

Google / unauthorized credit card charges

jenniepink79 on Jun 27, 2017
I have had 5 charges made to my bank card account from a Google *Pixelberry g.co/payhelp CA Card#. These transactions were for $1.99 ea, 2 on 6/24/17 and 3 on 6/25/17. I do not know what these charges are for, nor have I authorized any transactions for whatever that is to be taken off my...

Google Inc. / unauthorized credit card transaction

Neeraj1983 on Jun 25, 2017
On 23rd June early morning at around 1:35 a.m. IST 3 unauthorized transaction were done using my CitiBank Credit Card. One transaction was Rs50/- for which I got the cancellation mail and other 2 transaction were of Rs26000/- each. I have no clues how these transaction were carried out and...

Google / customer service help/guidance

Arrggghhh on Jun 24, 2017
I have been trying to access my Google account on my new phone without success. I am unable to review a verification code sent to my registered phone number as it is an old one that I no longer have access to and similarly with the back up email address, this has been disabled! I have...

Google Inc. / unauthorized credit card deduction from google *octro inc g.co/payhelp ca

davinder28 on Jun 21, 2017
Hi I had fraudulent transactions happened on my credit card without my concern or otp as below on 31th may 12:57pm 31/05/2017 google *octro inc g.co/payhelp# ca debit 26, 000 This are happened from google *octro inc g.co/payhelp#ca I never deal with this site for any transaction in the...

Google / credit card number ending with **** **** **** 8741

Shahbaz ahmedd on Jun 21, 2017
Dear team The above mentioned number complaint number, dispute has been raised in the customer care. Transactions of Rs. 26000+26000+26000+26000+5000 to google * octro +50 to google * serviced total of 109050 has been done online from The Usa pwhich is been communicated from a representative...

Google / unauthorized charges on my debit card

Lvollrath on Jun 20, 2017
2106 Google *SVCSAPPS?PUNC FTM $10.96 6/19/2017 2106 Google *SVCSAPPS?PUNC FTM $10.96 6/19/2017 2 charges same information, same amount. Please inform me how to get a refund for these amounts. 3 other charges have been rejected in an amount of over $60. I closed that debit card so they...

Google / unauthorized credit card deduction from google *octro inc

Brij Pandey on Jun 18, 2017
I had 4 fradulent transactions happened on my credit card without my concern as mentioned below on 18th june in between 13:45 - 13:47 (Indian Standard Time) 18/06/2017 google *SERVICES g. co/payhelp# US debit 50 18/06/2017 google *octro inc g.co/payhelp# US debit 26, 000 18/06/2017 google *octro...

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