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Jan 25, 2022

Google - UtilityPay

I just found out from Mcafee that my credit credit number was stolen by a company called Utility Pay! I found out that google is responsible for this company having my credit card not to mention my email, personal history, and personal information! I never aloud this company to have my credit card and it has been breached! Do not tell me this isn't true because I made sure I found out information before contacting you! I am reporting you for my privacy and security rights violated! The Better Business and attorney's general will be contacted!

Desired outcome: that I stop you from giving my information to anyone without my consent!!!!

Google - Google-mobile 4

Winifred Miller [protected] I got a cc statement today that has a charge of 63.96. I have no idea what this is for. I opened a page at Google and found I have a subsprition that I did not authorize and it was a renewal. How long has this been going on... And during a google search iI found references that says that it should be free.
Why am I being charged. What generated this charge? Refund this years and any other year as this is a renewal. How long has this going on? Cancel
" Messenger Home - SMS Launcher - Apps on Google Play
Messenger Home - SMS Launcher. Messenger Home is a free, all-in-one Android launcher and lightning-fast SMS messaging app that supercharges your phone's home screen. It keeps your … from Google

Desired outcome: refund all current and previous charges , cancel subscription

Google - Games

My Verizon bill listed almost $300.00 of extra charges. I contacted Verizon and told me that charges were sent from goggle play and that they would remove the charges once goggle play corrected the error. These same charges were made to my credit cards, and I had already paid goggle play. On January 14 I got a message from goggle play support indicating that an investigation was under way. I have submitted a wealth of information. My case number is [protected]. This morning a received a message from goggle play support asking for the same information that I have already sent. This coming very annoying and I want it fixed. Goggle play took money from credit cards and submitted the same charges to Verizon. I never authorized anyone to bill my telephone number so this is a big problem. I am tired of messaging to a machine. I want this fixed and I need to talk to a person.

Desired outcome: Remove double payment from Verizon

Jan 24, 2022

Google - Massive fake google review ring: sonoma strong cheater ring

Up to hundreds of businesses are involved in a scheme to cheat Google's 5-Star Google review system. Meet the Sonoma Strong Cheaters. This review ring is massive and has likely done MILLIONS of Dollars in business from a massive FAKE GOOGLE REVIEW RING. They are STILL ACTIVE despite being reported. Why are they alowed to cheat Google My Business the review system Google uses to recommend highly rated businesses to its users? You can find these cheaters still thriving today on Google Reviews despite their cheating being reported: Sonoma Strong Hauling in Sonoma County California. Help justice be served by flagging and reporting all of these cheating businesses.

Desired outcome: Help report this cheating ring

Google - Google Pay

01/18/2022 XX7483 RECUR PURCHASE GOOGLE *CBS Mobile App CA [protected] $5.29

01/18/2022 PAYPAL INST XFER PPLUS $5.34

The above charges appeared on my checking account on 1/18/2022.

I subscribed to Paramount Plus but was double charged. I want a refund for one of the charges and do not want to have recurring double charges.

George Klein

Desired outcome: Refund and no further charges

Jan 22, 2022

Google - Google review

My business name no longer appears on google reviews list, despite ranking as number 1 for several years.

My business name is LegsApparel Fashion school.

The search on Fashion schools in Abuja, Nigeria .

this is the link;, lf_ui:2&tbm=lcl&sxsrf=AOaemvL4L1G4WmRo9NDr2qBU8W6xhcfQ3g:[protected]&q=fashion+school+in+abuja&rflfq=1&num=10&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwion9TY5Mb1AhVD8xQKHQX0D1wQjGp6BAgIEG0&biw=1366&bih=657&dpr=1#rlfi=hd:;si:;mv:[[9.[protected], 7.[protected]], [8.970353, 7.[protected]]];tbs:lrf:!1m4!1u3!2m2!3m1!1e1!1m4!1u2!2m2!2m1!1e1!1m4!1u16!2m2!16m1!1e1!1m4!1u16!2m2!16m1!1e2!2m1!1e2!2m1!1e16!2m1!1e3!3sIAE, lf:1, lf_ui:2

Kindly look into this as we are also a Google Ad paying customer for several years.

Desired outcome: Legsapparel fashion school Abuja, Nigeria should be relisted on Google list

Jan 21, 2022

Google - Google gmail

I have a vast amount of vulgar spam emails. Coming into my email address from Google. And get no help, or feed back from Gmail. Will I be taking the right action by contacting the FTC, and ACMA.?.The site says cannot be reached. All sites are not able to be unsubcribed from or stopped. I have read many reviews, and there are many other people out there with the same problem.

Desired outcome: Stop the vulgar spam emails.

Google - Google/youtube

These people instigate political fights, then ban the person who responds in kind, they should be attacked for that alone. But when they ban you from all their paid services, they keep charging for what they took. The head of google needs his face punched in and his house burned to the ground for his contributions to this civil war atmosphere he creates. The corporate giants are doing in America, what they did in Iraq and they need to be beheaded for this.

Desired outcome: Google ceos frog marched to prison


Google - designsengine web design company

I hired Designs Engine Jan of 2020. I paid over $33, 000.00 over time which I never got my money's worth. They advertise 100% guarantee. FORGET IT! original promise was I'd be up and running in 3 months, in 3 months they called 3 times saying they needed more money to do this or that to ensure my site would be awesome. they even had a SO-CALLED attorney call me asking for $7000 to trademark my business name. Eclectic Creations. Then they charged me for mobile app that never, ever worked. Looked good as a draft, but no one could order and then they couldn't link me to my product delivery sites, without another $7000. so on and so on. Finally, after asking for their EIN tax number so I could write them off on taxes, they started ghosting me. in Nov of 2021 I received a call from a guy wanting to give them another chance to prove to me they could make me happy. He claimed there was a whole new staff, the other guys were fired, and they could take over. YES, I'm sure it would have cost me more money. They figure once a fool, they would try again. I told him I wouldn't talk about moving forward without the EIN number so I could claim loss on taxes. He agreed to get it to me. After 5 requests. never, ever got the EIN number. DO NOT USE THESE CROOKS. Don't let them fool you. They are polite, claim to care and sympathies with my frustration. They even tease you with nice layouts and pages, but when you ask for adjustments, corrections, or a way to go on the site myself to make changes if they don't have time. I get nothing. I have all the messages I've ever sent if anyone is interested in proof. Crooks

Desired outcome: My money back, EIN number so I can claim on taxes

Google - Gmail Account, Google drive

I have been using Gmail for last 17 years and i do operate business for 18 locations. I have lost all my date afor over 150k emails and its causing hardship inmy business. My recovery email is same as primary email and i know that is a error google part. Please please help. i have been trying for 6 moths. My email address is
Samrat.[protected] and number is [protected].

Jan 13, 2022

Google - Unauthorized transactions not properly investigated by Google


I am a victime of over 50 unauthorized transactions that happened over the course of one month, totalling over $900.

Despite submitting a report on Google's website, the case has been closed without any refunds. Google acknowledges that "Our specialist team investigated the charges in October and November you reported as unauthorized, and confirmed that they were made by an individual who has access to your card. Due to security and privacy reasons, we can't track them. Unfortunately, I am unable to provide you with the refund, because we found that the charges are legitimate." So basically, Google respects the privacy of crooks and chooses to believe that I, the victim, am basically lying.

This is unacceptable as I compiled all the info, screenshots, showing that I did not use this card through Google Pay. It has been added to another Google Pay account and Google *failed* to verify this addition of a card through the proper process (confirmation email sent to card owner, securtity code etc.).

I understand that Google hides behind the privacy laws not to issues refund of transactions that happened because of their faulty security. I do not feel safe using Google anymore. I want my money back though.

- Date of incident: from October 28, 2021 to November 21, 2021.
- Google Pay account linked to email [protected], card number *8635
- Description of incident: over 50 unauthorized transactions totalling $968.86, processed by Google: "Merchant: GOOGLE *Netmarble Corp, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland."
- refund of the amount robbed: $968.86

Best regards,


Google - Deer hunter classic

You [censored]ing retards! Or should I say to the retard that thought making you kill one trophy kill then turning it to 3 to kill? [censored]ing [censored]! But you are a cheating dirty [censored]ing company! You cheating sons of [censored]es only put two deer out to kill? So you [censored]ing [censored]ing idiots make you to kill 3 trophy kills but you cheating no good [censored] wads only put two deer out there? So can you [censored]ing [censored]s tell me where that is fair? You [censored]ing [censored] say kill three deer to complete the level? But then you no good cheating [censored]ing dog [censored]ers only put two out there? Again where is that fair? You [censored]ing clowns suck dog [censored] balls and dick! [censored]ing [censored]! [censored]ers

Desired outcome: Fix the game fucking assholes! Go back to one trophy kill! And if your going to make us kill three? Then how bout you cheating fuckers put 3 out there to kill! Make it fair you no good cousin fuckers!

Jan 07, 2022

Google - Reads all our email, tracks your location too

All Gmails are read in the name of spam screening. All service emails from Google contain tracking pixels. Also known as web beacons, theses secretive codes are embedded in all emails and are...

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Google - My credit card

I use love me some Google but as soon get my new phone I want be fooling with them they let someone put charges against my credit card than say go look for the charges umm I do not have time to looking someone decided add to my card this person also has phone in my name forever getting in my account and they know it let this person put a source certifacte on my phone because google source to I got rid of my gooogle assitstant because that person is using my voice to purchase things without my consent open two worksop I never aproved of and I'm not paying because never use any money but $ 3 hell google pay never worked for me

Desired outcome: To get all my money back than am done with them too


I do not want anything to with google when I get my new phone they let some buy a phone and phone plan in my name putting purschses on my card than have the nerves to tell to go look for the items letting someone log in to all my accounts without my permission put a source in which you can tell this person took over my phone and my I.P address than open not one but two buiness in my name through workshop than tell i can delete my account or I will be charged for what $3 because google pay never worked for me harrssing my fiancee Malcolm Atkinson saying they are gonna press charges against for poating things that know he did not put hell he can barely read but they let this guy every day harrass abuse us and I am tired of it! when I try to look a lawyer they let him hid them I'm done!

Dec 31, 2021

Google - pixel pro 6 update

my pixel pro 6 was doing an up date it got boiling hot and the front and back screens glass has shattered have shattered! then stopped working on the front screen half way up i used to really respect and praise google phones for the last 12 years but this has turned my opinion unless i get a new replacement 6 pro asap ill be going to the press in the uk how ur phones explode during updates its not fair for a loyal cusstomer to have such a poor product im happy to send back the hot glass update shattering phone for a replacement and loyal customer bonus

Google - Google play store

Hi, I put a $100 gift card into my Google play store account under the email address [protected] but when I went to purchase something on my coin master game it has insufficient funds because that email address is [protected] I have been trying for 2 days to fix it please help me I wasn't aware they were different please please help me please use [protected] to contact me

Desired outcome: Refund or new gift card

Please help me

Google - Fraud

email address [protected]
has scammed me out of $1700 giving me a sob story that is life is in danger and even sent me pictures to my account of himself with his team in Iraq - I felt sorry for him and did as he requested and he took $1700 out of my checking account.
If you want I have an gmail address for his son and a friend that he had vouch for him His name is Joshua Roland is what he told me and he send me pictures of his home and himself when he was living in California


How can you help me

Google - Unauthorized Credit Card Charge

I am being charged on my Citi Visa card an unknown amount $19.99.
Date of purchase shows Dec 6, 2021.
Description shows GOOGLE *New Luminary

There appears to be many of the same/related complaints when I googled the above description. Have you taken any action on this complaint from others having the same problem of incurring fraudulent charges with GOOGLE?

Please reimburse me for these fraudulent charges of $19.99. You may contact me at the following address/phone number for additional information. For obvious reasons, I do not wish to include my Visa credit card number at this time.

Desired outcome: Reimbursement of fraudulent charges in the amount of $19.99


Google - Photos/drive

I've been getting double charged at least for the last 2 years for my Google photos slash drive I got two charges each month for $2.12 and $1.99. That's very clever if someone were to engage in that kind of practice, being such a small amount I didn't pay it much mind until when my accountant pointed it out to me. I asked her to investigate further because I have 1 authorized payment a month (photos/drive). She came back to me saying it's been ongoing for quite some time. It's obviously a clerical error and I'm sure you all will fix it now I've already had to pay her exponentially more than than the actual clerical mistake it self. With the reputation you all have and earned I'm sure I'll be happy with your response and expeditious handling of the matter. My name it Thomas Graziano ([protected] or [protected] Thank you. Sincerely, Thomas Graziano

Desired outcome: Reimbursement

Dec 21, 2021

Google - GMail

I cannot access my GMail account on my laptop although I remember perfectly my password because I need to have my phone with me every time I want to access my emails from a device that is not my phone. I have had GMail since 2005 and always used it on computers. I hate that I am forced to have my phone with me every time! They should add a pin or another password and ask the user to insert both of them to authenticate. Phones can be lost too!

Dec 21, 2021

this was warned to all users a few months ago that all accounts will be two factor authentication permanently. you can setup 2 factor to do email or phone. i forget the other way. its always suggested to have a backup recovery email for this kind of situation.

Dec 21, 2021

I have tried to say that your post was helpful but wasn't able. Sorry!

Dec 21, 2021

Thank you very much. I have now removed it.


Dec 21, 2021

correct you CANT opt anymore. if you have a android phone you can access security settings. if not you need to contact support. once in the security settings of your account you can change how the authentication works.

Dec 21, 2021

Apparently it's not possible to opt for 2 factor authentication to happen on the same device, which makes it impossible then to access your account although you know all passwords! If I needed to access my email in a matter of urgency I would only be able to on my phone, but what if my phone is damaged or list or dead?!?!?!

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