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Google / slotomania/playtika

Pissedoffone on Feb 19, 2018
Unauthorized charges and going back and forth with you guys over a year and slotmania just got back to me finally! they blame you, you blame them, yet you still have there game up, that i don't use. I stil yet to recieve a refund and nobody is doing anything about it! i am still waiting...

Google / gmail

das9887 on Feb 19, 2018
Pertaining to G Mail, my complaint is that email not correctly addressed to me at "davidsmith9887@gmail.com" is being directed to my email account. Most of this is unwanted advertisements and are directed into my spam folder, some days with up to a hundred or more. One example is sent to...

Google / I am complaining because someone has hacked my personal email

elli argiridou on Feb 14, 2018
Since yesterday someone has hacked my personal account my email is or better said was ellieargyridou@gmail.com I have no longer access to my email account! I also noted that he changed the verification questions that I used to have and maybe even added another telephone number but for that I...

Google / customer service at 1-347-809-3315 leo garcia unethical conduct

TK Evans on Feb 11, 2018
I am an individual not a company On Saturday 2-10-18 I called 1-855-650-0666 in order to get help with a questionable pop-up claiming to be from Google Chrome stating that my financial account passwords may have been compromised and giving the number 1-800-806-9812 to contact. I had to...

Google / unauthorised debit card charges

Shilpa Mishra on Feb 10, 2018
Arun Mishra Three unauthorised transaction were carried out from my debit card on 8th Feb 2018 at 4:29 pm from google*cryptapp, of three transactions: first debited Rs. 50, then Rs.5000, and subsequently for Rs 6000. We have connected authorities in our SBI branch where they registered complaint...

Google / google - unethical behavior

Ihategoogle on Feb 1, 2018
Account #: 3091041617 In Nov, 2017, I contacted your company in good faith because I am a small business who need help and I honestly thought Google was a good company. A representative in India discussed with me what I needed - an ad to run for Christmas with a budget of $500. I gave him...

Google / google pixel phone

lbarov on Jan 31, 2018
My pixel microphone no longer works as of 1/27.18 No one can hear me speak. I have reached out to support 5 times to have my phone replaced. Case number 2-9753000020920 and 5-7144000021115. I am told it has been escalated, however no one has contacted me. I was told 24-48 hours, we have...

Google / what am I being charged for???

Ruiha Pehi on Jan 30, 2018
#740698 GOOGLE *YouTube Red g.co/helppay# GB 30 January 2018 - $12.99 Card 8005 Another one on the 31 December 2017 Ref no. 736472100854 GOOGLE * YouTube Red g.co/helppay# -$12.99 The above are coming up on my bank statements. I don't know what this is let alone how I am even being charged...

Google / unauthorized charges - helppay

petra vie on Jan 30, 2018
1/28/2018 GOOGLE *telepathic g.co/helppay# GBR USD 5, - (120, - CZK) transaction code 135336117 I want my money back as soon as possible. I have bought NOTHING from Google play and I have not approved any authorization. I am an individual NOT a company This is a very upsetting thing to...

Google / unauthorized debit card charges from google

Judith Galupe on Jan 26, 2018
hi, i've recently checked my debit card, and saw this transactions Jan 26, 2018 POS W/D SV GOOGLE (Su g.co/helppay# MC GBR 802576766346 MASTERCARD 46.49 Jan 26, 2018 POS W/D SV GOOGLE (Su g.co/helppay# MC GBR 802570700584 MASTERCARD 46.49 Jan 25, 2018 POS W/D SV GOOGLE (Su...

Google / unauthorized credit card charges

Grammy Jo on Jan 24, 2018
I was checking my charges on my credit card today (1/24/2018) and found an unauthorized charge from googleplayg.co/helppay#Ca. for $15.42 on 1/22/2018. I did not authorize this. I do not have an email stating this was done, do not have an order in history, etc. I would like to have a...

Google / unauthorized charges

Jazmine18 on Jan 22, 2018
Google Kabam has taken roughly 280$ out of my account the past month and a half . The thing is that I have an iphone . How can I get this money refunded ? This is the third time this has happened . The first time the money was refunded into my account in a matter of 2 days . Now they say I...

Google / spam

eric tyler on Jan 22, 2018
waaaay too much spam - how to unsubscribe or get this stuff blocked? i am requesting you to stop the flood of spam that shows up every day in my inbox and in my spam box if it is in my inbox, i mark it as spam, but it keeps coming back if it is in spam, i can't unsubscribe w/o opening...

Google / google is censoring my emails!

JWiesner on Jan 17, 2018
I've been updating my family and friends on what really is happening in Washington, DC. Today, 1/17/2018, I sent an email and ended as usual with the American Flag. Then after sending I pulled it back up and the flag was removed! So, I sent another email to the same people complaining...

Google / charge for £13.49

Clarabellachick on Jan 15, 2018
Hi, for the past 3 months a charge of £13.49 has come out of my bank account. It says Google telepathic. I have no idea what this is. I have now blocked this charge from my bank. I do have a Google play account which has no subscriptions on. Could you please tell me what this charge is for? And...

Google / google play

Jaimi Pearson on Jan 12, 2018
Hi, It's the transaction dates from 10th January 2018 to 12th January 2018. It's roughly around the price of $965.00 there is roughly 60 transactions. I have cancelled my card. But the bank said if it's reversed it will go into my bank account. Failing that I an happy to provide my bank...

[Resolved] Google / transaction charge

Jodie Bennett on Jan 10, 2018
Hi There, I receive the following transaction the 7th of every month and have no idea what it is for could you please explain and cancel it? TRANSACTION DETAILS Description: V2823 07/01 GOOGLE *Gordon Su g.co/helpp 74313198007 Amount: - $4.29 When: Sunday, 07 January 2018 ABN...

Google / call made to my father stating they were a loan company sister - site from google play

Tina Mikels on Jan 9, 2018
My Father received a call yesterday from a loan company that said they were affiliated with Google Play. They offered my Father a 5, 000.00 loan at a 3% interest rate and said that they are able to do the low rate due to Google being such a big company. They explained the loan process and...

Google / google telepathic/ google mammoth

StephBlacksher on Jan 8, 2018
I got a charge from google telepathic for 14.99 and google mammoth for 2.99 on 01/06/18. I have no idea what these are and i never authorized the payments and have never set up any kind of automatic pay. I need this refunded to my card, or i will report you to the bbb. This is my child...

Google / google play

Wasif788 on Jan 1, 2018
I want to say that u people are the big vultures of money... I added my hard earned money on google play balance and now I want it back but I cannot have it... What kind of a policy is that... Tell me... I want the money to be transferred to my bank account or my paypal account... But the...

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