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Google / google *services g.co/helppay# ca 94043 usa

Rebel10178 on Sep 20, 2017
I did not authorize Google or any of their representatives to charge my credit card for this service charge of $10.00. I did not sign up for anything of such nature from Goole. Please refrain from making any such charges to my account without my express authorization. Also please provide...

Gmail / gmail

danny ferguson on Sep 18, 2017
my name is danny bferguson 1250 e bell rd phx az 85004 i have 2 gmail accounts that have been stolen from me by a looser named allin hill dob 10/31/79. the gmails are motormandan@gmail.com feedthestarvingcat@gmail.com allin is using cattle control software on his computer to torture hi...

Google Service / unauthorised debit card payment

Anant Kumar Nikunj on Sep 16, 2017
Dear Sir, I observe that since 13/092017 to 15/.09.2017, Rs 6500 has been debited from my SBI account which detail is hereunder Description Ref No./Cheque No. Debit Credit Balance by debit card-OTHPG 725635067102GOOGLE *SERVICES g.co/helpp-- 50 13, 059.19 by debit card-OTHPG...

Google Inc. / google * telepathic

Gigi A on Sep 15, 2017
I keep getting these charges on my card for Google * Telepathic. I did not makes theses charges and neither did none my family members. So please take off of these unnecessary charges on my card it would be highly appreciated Thank You So Very Much ! Would mean a lot to me. This has been...

Google / unauthorized debit card charges

Jamie Dale Smith on Sep 13, 2017
Here are the dates 9/13/2017 Google * igg mobilegame Location: g.co/helppay, ca Purchase date: 9/13/2017 Category: retail stores There are 5 of these and now here are the prices 19.99 9.99 4.99 19.99 4.99 Thats just today! Here is the ones from the 9/11/2017 Google *igg...

Google / threaten to remove us from the internet if we do not pay them

Angry Customer 10 on Sep 8, 2017
This company calls NON STOP. They us there is a problem with our google listing on the internet. Then a representative comes on and tells us if we do not pay a minimum of $389.00, we will be removed from google and the internet entirely. The call today came from a #810-4024. Above number on...

Google / google *telepathic g.co/helppay# ca

Christina Farewell on Sep 7, 2017
I have been getting charged 2.99 for I don't know how long without realizing it. No one in my family has authorized this charge and we have no clue what it is for. I would like for these charges to stop I have gone into my google account and deleted all of my credit cards and stopped all charges but I am still being charged. Please fix this problem.

Google / unauthorized credit card charge by google

De Hewune on Sep 1, 2017
GOOGLECC@GOOGLE.COM SINGAPORE SG has made an unauthorized credit card charge of $10 from my card and no reply from online support forms from their official links. I clearly didn't make this payment and my credit card company refuses to help me since it is a clear transaction for them. Why...

Google / Fees taken from my account

John Coon on Aug 31, 2017
I have addressed this matter regarding my account being debited, on several occasions my account was debited for different amount of fees of which I have no knowledge of how this could have happened and I have not received an answer. I have given you the dates and amount that were taken...

Google / my name is eric michael lamarche : this is for my legal family and the whole world legally legal ditto period.

Eric Michael LaMarche on Aug 25, 2017
My name is : Eric Michael LaMarche : And I am making this also legally legal statement complaint : To the factuality of reality that again do to the factuality of reality me and my legal family and everyone else throughout this whole world and god almighty planet earth is again being...

Google / google customer support employee

LaniW on Aug 23, 2017
Aloha, I have been a google user for many many years now and I have never had any issues until recently. I have been dealing with identity fraud and my gmail account registered to my google account has been taken over a few times from this same person. I had called google support and...

Google / gcp help pay

Ariel Pereira Aguayo on Aug 22, 2017
Hello: I'm Reinaldo Pereira and my credit card status show 11 micro pays in this weird app from 14/8/2017 to 18/8/2017. I'll attach a photo capture from my credit card status referred a this problem. I don't understand what type of app is this, in my smartphone I only use basic features. My...

Google / google play store

king kong on Aug 22, 2017
We made a one time puchase for Rs. 50 on this playstore using my debit card, but to my surprise there has been multiple deductions forRs.50, Rs.400 and Rs.80 from 16 Aug 2017 to 22 Aug 2017 amounting to Rs.4080 deducted to beneficiary GOOGLE *SERVICES g.co/helpp. When I complained of the same...

Google / regarding recovery

rgarcia on Aug 22, 2017
My account rgarcia_usa_87@gmail.com was hacked because my girlfriend gave my account details to someone in order to log into one game. This user changed all of my data such as my phone number, my password, and even my other email. I would like to return my account because there are many emails I need and this is my main email. Please someone help me.

Google / unauthorized charges to my bank account

Cami Klingonsmith on Aug 21, 2017
On August 21, I received 4 charges to my bank account. There are 3 posted charges of $20 each, and I posted charge of $12. I have no idea what these charges were made for, but I did not authorize them. I was never informed that I would be charged for anything. Thank you for promptly refunding my...

Google / credit charge and foreign fee

Ramona Cuaron on Aug 21, 2017
I reseived a credit charge on 8/17/17 for $5.65 and a foreign fee of $0.16. Description is GOOGLE*You Tube Videos g.co/helppay#GBR. I did not receive an email of this charge. I happened to check my bank account and noticed the charges on my credit account ending in 9629. I have called the...

Google / no privacy

Nette88 on Aug 21, 2017
Why there are no any security questions while registering? It would simplify everything when you can't log in. I think I filled out 600 forms trying to enter my account, but it still can't verify me. And this is strange because I know my password, I didn't change it. They can't help me...

Google / a charge to my old debit card on the 3rd of july

Bane513 on Aug 20, 2017
yes my debit card was charged while i was in hospital. here is the info from my account, 07/05/2017 DBT CRD 0000 07/03/17 66953378 GOOGLE *Ep 1600 Amphitheatre g.co/payhelp CA C#*2804 (4.99) I want to know what was bought where it was sent and who ordered it . and i want my money back...

Google / google *outfit7 unrecognized transaction

renjithpkr on Aug 20, 2017
Few minutes ago I received an email alert form my Credit card as this " Dear Cardholder, This is to inform you that, Rs.6, 900.00 was spent on your SBI Card no. ending XX3970 at GOOGLE *Outfit7 on 20 Aug 17. Remaining credit limit: Rs. XXX " I am really shocked to see this as I hadnt...

Google / i am complaining about having money taken from my bank account that has not been authorized. over $135 taken.

RobinCC on Aug 18, 2017
On August 18, 2017 in a total of 9 transactions totalling more than $135 was charged to my bank account from: GOOGLE *BNEI / g.co/helppay#: (5) with a charge of $ 0.99 each, (2) with a charge of $33.99 each, (1) with a charge of $44.99, and (1) with a charge of $17.99. I want these...

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