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Glu No clue — Unauthorized charge

I see a pending charge for $9.99 today on my debit checking account. No clue how to contact GLU games Inc. of mountain view ca telepathically. This game of charging me for things I do not order or authorize is getting old. It is criminal and time-consuming to undo. Please advise!

Google Unknown charges — I have been charged 3 times for a game I do not have

My debit card has been charge 3 times for a google game that I do not have!!! Please reimburse me for these games!!! They are listed below my email is [protected]

I have been charged 3 times for a game I do not have

Google Domain & Email account Misuse — unauthorised use of brand name.

Persons implicating to be employees of Cape Grace Hotel, Cape Town, by names "Nazareth Mathayi", "Craig Martin" and "Trevor Moses" have been scammingservice providers into supplying product, which were then stolen. The fraudulent domains and gmail are: [protected],, and All the domains are registered through Google.

A previous request to block the webpages and gmail-address proofed to be unsuccessfull.

See on attachments the people who were approached etc.

unauthorised use of brand name.
unauthorised use of brand name.
unauthorised use of brand name.
unauthorised use of brand name.

Google Inc.Youtube ads

The ads in the youtube app are getting more in aproriate by the day. Today I saw an add that went too far. It showed a picture of a girl with the text in dutch "[censored] them here in the a**".
I don't know why I get all these dating ads but I keep reporting them as inapropriate. This doesn't help.

I dont know who approved this add but I am considering quitting youtube.

Youtube ads

Google Google maps

I have sent 8 emails about the wrong map information on my home. Eight! and you still don't have it right! My house is BEHIND 2063 Smyers on a flag lot accessed by a dirt road. You have made a correction but used the wrong dirt road farther down Smyers. All you have to do to place 2065 Smyers is pull up 2063 Smyers on your map. You will see adjacent to 2063 is a dirt road that leads to the rear of a 4 ac parcel. My house sits to the rear of this parcel and is visible as a shaded area on your map.

If I suffer any harm from delayed response from firefighters, etc due to their use of your incorrect map info (even though I have attempted to get you to correct it numerous times) you'll will be hearing from me.

Jean Alves

google*gismart / helppayJust got scammed

Just got scammed out of 64.79 by google : GOOGLE*GISMART / G.CO HELPPAY . I would love for GOOGLE to take this scamming situation serious! Never had scamming issues with iPhone! Switched to android and started using this google mess and look ! I guess this is my karma. Guess iPhone didnt like how I just up and left them to be with android and boom! My credit/debit info gets mishandled and BOOM raped out of 64.79.. If I had a money tree in my backyard I wouldn't mind the scam at all BUT I DO MIND cause I don't have a money tree in my BACKYARD! Please I need answers...

Google charges to my account

I am getting monthly charges from Google Invoice, Mt. View, CA. What are these charges for? please help!

Google I received a lewd email from [protected]

To my work cell I received a lewd text from email "[protected]" Why do you allow some hooker to contact me through my work phone? I want you to stop this today. What responsibility will you take to resolve this and make sure it doesn't happen again? My work cell is [protected]. This was sent to me and 11 other people who probably don't want this crap either.

I received a lewd email from [protected]

Google not authorized debit card charges - google helppay


I had the follows transactions on my card what I have never ordered. My son most likely ordered few games but not this many. Please investigate the transactions and if possible ensure a refund.
2020.02.20., Thursday PEXJ1200220106EE -19, 84 HUF [protected] [protected] GOOGLE Fun Games 20, 00 CHF
2020.02.20., Thursday PEXJ1200220106ED -1, 98 HUF [protected] [protected] GOOGLE Supercell 2, 00 CHF
2020.02.20., Thursday 214T200220V10D57 -2.198, 00 HUF [protected] [protected] [protected] 2.198, 00 HUF
2020.02.20., Thursday PEXV1200220106EE -6.613, 04 HUF [protected] [protected] GOOGLE Fun Games 20, 00 CHF Vásárlás
2020.02.20., Thursday PEXV1200220106ED -660, 66 HUF [protected] [protected] GOOGLE Supercell 2, 00 CHF Vásárlás

2020.02.19., Wednesday PEXJ1200219106D7 -17, 71 HUF [protected] [protected] GOOGLE DIVMOB 18, 00 CHF
2020.02.19., Wednesday SBCV120021910223 -8.687, 00 HUF [protected] [protected] 2TQCKFHG 8.687, 00 HUF
2020.02.19., Wednesday PEXV1200219106D7 -5.903, 14 HUF [protected] [protected] GOOGLE DIVMOB 18, 00 CHF
2020.02.18., Tuesday PEXJ120021810689 -19, 61 HUF [protected] [protected] GOOGLE Supercell 20, 00 CHF
2020.02.18., Tuesday PEXV120021810689 -6.536, 96 HUF [protected] [protected] GOOGLE Supercell 20, 00 CHF

214T200217V12657 -7.710, 00 HUF [protected] [protected] [protected] 7.710, 00 HUF
2020.02.14., Friday PEXJ120021410702 -9, 77 HUF [protected] [protected] GOOGLE ARTRIX 9, 90 CHF
2020.02.14., Friday PEXJ120021410701 -9, 77 HUF [protected] [protected] GOOGLE ARTRIX 9, 90 CHF
2020.02.14., Friday PEXV120021410702 -3.258, 26 HUF [protected] [protected] GOOGLE ARTRIX 9, 90 CHF
2020.02.14., Friday PEXV120021410701 -3.258, 26 HUF [protected] [protected] GOOGLE ARTRIX 9, 90 CHF
2020.02.13., Thursday 214J200213V10E03 -35, 48 HUF [protected] [protected] SIA00865 11.826, 00 HUF
2020.02.13., Thursday PEXJ1200213106FE -28, 74 HUF [protected] [protected] GOOGLE Netmarble Corp 29, 00 CHF
2020.02.13., Thursday PEXJ1200213106FD -9, 80 HUF [protected] [protected] GOOGLE ARTRIX 9, 90 CHF
2020.02.13., Thursday 214T200213V10E03 -11.826, 00 HUF [protected] [protected] SIA00865 11.826, 00 HUF
2020.02.13., Thursday PEXV1200213106FE -9.581, 14 HUF [protected] [protected] GOOGLE Netmarble Corp 29, 00 CHF
2020.02.13., Thursday PEXV1200213106FD -3.268, 11 HUF [protected] [protected] GOOGLE ARTRIX 9, 90 CHF

Google Google bigo

My credit card and Debit card is being charged I don't account with u

Google unauthorized charges

On 2/19 I noticed 2 unauthorized transactions and I would like them refunded back to my account please as this is monies needed for my mortgage

2/19/2020 2:13pm $53.30 Receipt# Dlai-3vNt-S5fn-X5lt
2/19/2020 9:56pm $53.30 Receipt# zfzl-sVUr-7G5t-n1PK

I would appreciate reimbursement as soon as possible as I did not authorize this. Thank you in advance for your assistance

Google unauthorized charges

I see a charge on my bank account that says: "GOOGLE *CC I Intell Mountain View CA " for $49.99 charged on 02.14.2020. I do not recognize this charge as a valid charge. I did not purchase anything from Google. Please respond back to me at my email: [protected] I am requesting a refund as soon as possible. Please let me know if I need to go through my bank as well to get this resolved. Please email me at my email to keep me updated.

Google pos w/d sv google*mah helppa atp #us [protected]

My bank account was charged with 514.58 pesos. I didnt subscribe to anything so why am I getting charges? That is all the info I have about where the money went. I'm not even sure for how long have this thing been going on. It is really maddening. Please contact me asap. The latest record of transaction was at january 14, 2020. Im not sure if I was leeched out from times earlier than that day. Please resolve, I need that money, im still student. Thank you

Google unauthorised withdrawal.

Someone used my info to buy stuff. Your wise people told me it was my fault. That there was no way to find out what was bought or where it went. Hard to believe. I supposedly bought whatever this is. Are I got was your fault. No one wants to answer my questions. Why? When the phone rep hung up on me. I was frustrated but didn't tell or cuss. Just some answers. Is that hard? Your worth billions and me on disability have to eat 111.55. Love to be treated like I don't matter.

Google I have requested on two occasions that I require access to my deceased childs account.

On the 2nd January 2020, my son Ruan Booyens unfortunately took his life, it was sudden and unexpected. We believe that his email account contains critical information relating to why he may have taken his life.

Ruan and i corresponded regularly to and from his account. Your assistance in this matter will be highly appreciated.

Ruan Booyens email [protected]

On both occasions i have submitted the death certificate and i have had no response. Please could you assist urgently, i am his Father. I require very important information that may be in mails that were sent to and from this account.

Google pixel 3

When the 10 upgrade was installed, my PIxel 3, purchased November 22, 2019, lost many functions, including data, internet, notification sounds, screen notification, home screen button, and more.

I was offered a refurbished replacement only for a phone I just purchased new. This is unacceptable.

I was told I could get a new phone if I sent this one in - and you determined there was a problem. You already know there is a problem! You have over a year of these documented.

The problem is, I only have one phone. This is not possible. Looks good on paper, Google, but it is a non-option for us run of the mill people, which are the vast majority of your customers.

You cannot make this right with a refurbished phone. It will NOT have the life in it that a new phone has. You know it and so do I.

So do the right thing and send me a new phone.

Krista Bahre
3515 SE 3rd AVe
Cape Coral FL 33904



Google recaptcha 'false negatives' and often irritatingly slow

Recaptcha is too difficult to use and is often prone to false negatives.

The worst are the "slow fade-in fade-out" types. Nearly always, they fail and force me to re-try.

Today, when trying to use a web site that uses a lot of captchas to filter out spam, I was temporarily blocked because (supposedly) my computer was using "automated posting" or something similarly wrong. I assure you, it is not.

If in a sequence of 5 or 6 "next" presses, I acidentally miss something, why is it that I have to go all the way to the end to get the "failure" message?

Why is it that the things i'm supposed to see in those pictures are too small to read on my screen??? Why is there no zoomin feature?

Are you trying to irritate people instead of just filtering out the bots?

Fix your service!!! It is *worse* than merely *irritating* and has gotten really bad in the last couple of months.

Google Google play Ap. G. Co/Helppay # GB

Dear sir or madam I seem 2 be getting charged 4.99 from Google pay but I never authorised this transactions it keeps showing up google play Ap. G. Co/Helppay # gb I know I use my card with helppay but I have had nothing 2 say it was going 2 be charging me 4.99 month my email address is [protected] and 2 check any unusual activities my account details r my sort code is 11 03 18 and my account number is [protected] and my security code is 907
Many thanks
Mr P Mason

Google map

You are following the postal map in placing my house. Your google map show's my house ( 182 ashaway rd, ashaway, RI, 02804) at the location of 139 ashaway rd, ashaway, ri, 02804, a vacant lot. Ins company has canceled ins twice now and tried to come and take pic's and had to call me to find it. My house is in the ashaway district, it is located in south hopkinton, between ashaway and bradford. I tried to edit it but it doesn't change. It still says my house is in bradford. Wrong town, wrong district, wrong fire dept, wrong police. Those dept do not respond to 911 call. Bradford post office doesn't deliver mail to my house, ashaway post office doesn't deliver mail to my house. I told them to put me correctly or [censored] yourself and return it to sender. So, I get no mail now, big deal who cares. Fix it please so people can find my house. Thank you


Google inappropriate content

yesterday when i was watching a movie online i am getting many unappropriate videos s some rubbish vulgar videos how many i closed the tabs but still kept coming i got exhausted and quit the movie and started listening songs in youtube then the adds kept coming and some nudes of girls also came saying indan webcam and as iam adult i somehow got rid of it but what will happen if kids see those type of rubbish pics i want to get the problem solved
date of incident -14/1/2020

Google google*california g. cohelpay#caus

Google*California g.cohelpay#caus

This appears on my bank statement for $55.99 Jan 11th 2020
I have no clue what this charge is for. There is no one else who could have used my account to charge anything and i also have no record of a receipt anywhere for this. Please refund my account 55.99 as soon as possible as i have not purchased anything for that amount.

Thank YOu

Google £39.99 transaction.

GOOGLE *Google Play ApBelgrave House 76 Buckingham 9TQ GBRGBR charged me £39.99 for some product that I never brought from them on the 3rd january this year. I wouldn't ever pay that sort of amount for a product on any games etc from them. Especially on a credit/debit card. Most I've ever paid is about £3.99 using my mobile phones credit.

£39.99 transaction.

Google over charge adwords 24.10.18. 17.11.18 27.121.2 26.1.19

E.Mail [protected] Tel [protected]
Over charge unusual activity on Payment profile [protected]
Nickname Adwords [protected]
Feb 28, 2019
There are two large payments of £500 and £350 for an enormouse number of clicks. Normal clicks on Anchorlamps is 556 to 764 on 24.10.18 you record 1462 clicks. 17.11.18 3960 clicks, 27.12.18 6329 and 26.1.19 1708.
I have a low budget specified Clipperlight 2p per day max and Anchorlamps 1p per day, so it should be impossible to reach this kind of spending level.

My total sales for this period is less thank I pay you in Adwords
I enclose my spread sheet which shows thw clicks.
I need this sorting out and a repayment made please A.S.A.P.

Malcolm Pate

Peel Cottage, Holyhead Road, Albrighton, Nr.Wolverhampton West Midlands WV7 3BT

over charge adwords 24.10.18. 17.11.18 27.121.2 26.1.19

Google mountain view ca

I have several charges on my phone for playing the game "Best Fiends" -- a game that I was told is free to play. I just got my bank statement from November, December and these first few days of January and the total is $33.69. I have been playing this game for a long time and I'm sure if I checked my bank statements going back further than November 2019, I would find several more charges for playing this "free" game! Some of the dates and amounts are; 11/4/19-$5.27, 11/4/19-$2.10, 11/4/19-$5.27, 11/11/19-$2.10, 11/19/19-$2.10, 11/19/19-$2.10, 12/4/19-$2.10, 12/9/19-$5.27, and 12/11/19-$7.38.
Please explain to me why I was charged for playing a FREE game?
I can be contacted by email at -- [protected]

Google charges on my bank account.

5968 google *telepath ca mountain view google *telepathic $5.30
I have already filed a complaint and the charges were refunded. I have a pending charge on my account today for $5.30. What do I have to do to stop these charges. I shouldn't have to go through the trouble of canceling my card. I would hope that this charge never puts my account into overdraft and charge me $28.00 for a $5.30 transaction. Thank you.

Google fun games mountain view caus

I am being charged for a game not on my phone called google fun games Mountain View caus.
This cane is on telephone number [protected]. I am not playing this games not my phone number. Should not be charged to me. Please stop this
Jill Ryan-Bisogne. 732. 801. 9636
Why a complaint has to be long to get addressed is absolutely ludicrous. So it charging people to chat with your tech to resolve issues such as mine. I am being illegally charged for something and I want it stopped


Out of the 20 commercials I've seen on YouTube in about 2 hours. 19 of these commercials have been for "Google-Fi". This is so excessive that I will never buy a google-fi anything. They couldn't even bother to space the commercials out between other ones, it's just one stupid Google-Fi Ad after another after another. I can no longer stomach another one and now it's time to complain about it.

All you had to do GOOGLE was space it out every once in a while. but 19/20?! Seriously...

I saw the first one around October, then November they ramped up a little. Now December and it's practically every commercial.

Well congratulations Google, you've ensured a possible would be customer to become a "sure the frick wont" customer. Fix your ads guys, it's F-ing annoying and driving people, like me, away.

Google gn 2 mini

Bought a new gen2. [2nd unit]
used 2 different smart phones after not getting google home app.
To work during 2 [censored]g hours not able to connect.
Prior, i unplugged the existing mini and wasted 2 hr of this time trying to use your easy home app connection, to connect the new one, which never happened.
So far your easy access to google home is total [censored].
What a useless bunch of information.
Advertising up the ass.
Can't get your stupid software to work on my 2nd mini.

Google gmail

I need access to the email that I've had for the last 8 years. I am locked out for no reason. My recovery options are outdated, so I don't have access to them. I can't change my email to a different one on most of my accounts because it wanted to send confirmation to the email I can't access. I really need help. I have searched for a very long time for a way to contact google with no results.

Google square deactivation finds in limbo

Help. Google put a hold on my reimbursement from my Square account being deactivated. The amount in question is $956.05. In November Square deactivated my account, I don't understand why. It was sent to Google Pay on Nov 19, 2019. Reference: L.DCD0-88D6-54E6-BE2A

Google Pay sent it to my bank on Dec 4th. My bank stated that Google put it on HOLD Dec 5th.

Where is my money?

square deactivation finds in limbo
square deactivation finds in limbo
square deactivation finds in limbo

[Resolved] Google google - I save you. you owe me

There is an issue that can be a problem.
I will not address it here for the privacy.
I would like to contact the Google, directly.
There is no way I can contact to Google. I called the number, [protected]. No one answered. Yes. You can hear the recorded voice. That's it. This is about the content displaying on Google, and the content is inappropriate and definitely can be a problem.
I would like to talk to Google and hope Google fix the content asap.

  • Resolution Statement

    I can report inappropriate contents. Just found it. No problem everymore.

Google tv

Double Charging by Google for YouTube TV

I am astounded to have to seek the help from an Online Complaint Website to open a conversation with Google about double billing for their new YouTube TV service.

I initially tried to sign-up on December 6, 2019, but as I completed entering my credit card information I was returned to the screen asking me to "sign-up." I could not understand what had gone wrong and did not want to end up with two subscriptions, so I closed the screen and watched to see if a charge would show up on my credit card. I did not see a charge for several days, during which I also was unable to log in and open the service using the email address I had used.

Therefore I concluded my effort to subscribe had failed and I tried a second time using my wife's Gmail account. This time everything worked like a charm and I was able to access YouTube TV on my computer, my TV and share it with my daughter as well. All as Google advertised.

However, I was subsequently charged $49.99 the original "failed" subscription under my Gmail address, which had never worked and has never been used, AND $49.99 for the subsequent service under my wife's email.

I have spent many hours (with a break to go to the hospital with appendicitis) trying to contact a Google customer service representative. Nothing worked using all the phone numbers, websites etc. offered by Google.

Google clearly has designed their system to not allow any customer access to customer service representatives. As a result, I have been robbed of $49.99 and apparently have no way to stop this from snowballing into $600 over the coming year! A company with the reputation and wealth of Google certainly should be expected to provide this minimal customer support. Meanwhile I will do whatever I can to publicize Google's failed customer service approach that is costing people like me and my family hundreds of dollars in fraudulent charges.

Perry Michael Ratliff

Google Hateful false reviews

Iam a new owner, 2 years ago so old reviews should not count, plus there is some one who is replaying to people not me saying how to improve and providing the franchisee email address, plus I was able to recognize some of bad reviewers and they are doing it just to harm my business, I know who they are in person, please take care of this issue as soon as possible. my emai is [protected] Thank you. I'am the Marble Slab Creamery Owner in Wichita Kansas.

Google email from: [protected]@fusepico. jp

Our company received an email from [protected] impersonating Microsoft 365 as a voice message. The email server according to shows Google Inc. email server is where they email service was sent from. Here are the details to the ownership: MarkMonitor Inc. / Domain / Please look into this if you can and if you need a copy of the email forwarded, please let me know at [protected] I have also attached a renamed copy of the email. You will need to switch rename the file from .WMV to .HTM to view it properly. Thank you.

Google monetisation not updating on my adsense account

Hi there

I need someone to look into my Adsense account as it does not appear to be counting up my monetisation for the last two months and I can see on my You Tube account that there has been some revenue. You Tube have also suddenly stopped monetisation on one of my videos without notifying me or explaining what I've done wrong - it has been fine for well over 1 month so what changed? Something is not adding up and I'd like to know what is going on.

My You Tube account is Kim French

Google google play

I purchased a movie from google play. It was defective and would not play. It just kept repeating the preview. I requested a refund within 10 to 15 mins of the purchase and was denied due to not meeting the refund policy. I reviewed the refund policy and it states a refund is justified if the product is defective. In addition, the movie has not been played. I requested a refund again and google sent the same denial email. Transaction ID GPV.[protected] please refund my money.

Google google services

I have no receipts nor have purchased anything in the amount of $1.99 from Google services but I have been charged 3 times for "Google services" and unfortunately that's all the information I have at this time. If there is anything you can do or any information you can provide please let me know, and if I can help in any way please let me know that as well

google services

Google reviews of texas treasures estate sales in plano, tx

there are a few 1-star reviews reflecting what this company is really like. there are a number of 5-star reviews. a number of these 5-star reviews are by family members or friends, and I would suspect all of them are. this company is bad, bad, bad. if your review system stands for anything, you will not allow these 5-star reviews to remain posted.

fyi below is her response to a negative review on yelp:
comment from ava n. of tx treasures estate sales
business owner
8/15/2019i do not know a kathy l. and never have signed a contract with her. furthermore, if there are antique items that still have an old prices on them that just adds to the value so we do price accordingly as we do not give our customer's items away for pennies like a garage sale. obviously, you had a lot of old crap and trash in your sale that needed to be thrown away by you! we do not come in and just start throwing your property away as we are not your cleaners! we do not overprice anything thank you! we are here to make our customers the most money and are fair to everyone so stop your lying! we do not ever cause damage to anyone's property and have professional knowledgeable men at each job that carry their own tools to handle unhooking all appliances and moving them to protect the customer's property! so you are a hater terrorist lying deceitful hateful woman! obviously, the old fridge had never been taken out nor replaced and there was another issue in the wall that was leaking. we never leave any water leaking at any job and if it does then it is turned off at the road meter! we are not idiots and know what we are doing as this is a family owned business with educated pros in construction home improvements and other fields. you are a lying devil woman! finally, we write tickets on every sale and provide our customer with their copy so, you are lying devil again! maybe you need to consider whom was living in the house and not take care of anything like you! I hope you reconsider posting about others once you get this response and it is not beneficial and people are not going to put up with it!

Google google phone

Do NOT purchase google product because they might not deliver it and you have not idea if it will be refund!

Google has not been able to refund me 3 weeks after failing to deliver my phone. I ordered the phone on 10/24. It never got delivered to my home. After two calls with Fedex and two calls with Google, I was told that it will be refunded after 24 to 48 hours. After a week, it never happened, and customer service people stop responding to my email for the update. I called again, only be told that they have no idea when it will refund.

It is called a scam when you order and pay for a product but never receive it. Since it is Google, they think they could do whatever they want.

I assume my next logical step is to file a complaint to FTC and the police. The police is a logical choice because their behavior is not much different from stealing.

Google unauthorized credit card charges

Today on November 15, 2019 in my bank transaction history there is debit of some charges and the debit is done by POS w/d SV GOOGLE (protected). Even I didn't buy any Google Play or any kind of google products then also they charge and also I had added my card to google play. And also I didn't get refund. This is a very serious problem government should take an action on this.