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Google Complaints & Reviews

Google / google listing

sonilovestupperware on Jul 17, 2018

I have received numerous calls regarding our Google Business Listing. The automated system says to either press 2 or 9 to be removed from the list. I have pressed 2 and 9 numerous times and I am still getting calls. This is VERY disrupting to our business. I received another call today...

Google / I have 11 unauthorized charges on my account from this site

pjjohnson on Jul 12, 2018

I need to know what the process is in getting these unauthorized charges removed from my account. My account is now in the negative over these charges. There are 11 charges each one in the amount of 2.99, 9.99, 4 99 etc. I need these charges removed from my account as soon as possible...

Google / transmission warranty from o'reilly's auto parts

Cindy McCuan Christian on Jul 9, 2018

Gotta love companies that don't stand behind warranties. Bought a trans for my explorer thru O'reilly auto parts. hubby installed it FAILED a month later. Power Torque refused to pay for the new one to be installed because it wasn't installed in a license shop. (Hubbies been a Mechanic for...

Google / google/helppay

Paul Normandie on Jun 28, 2018

There been 8 unauth c/c withdraws from my acct #9051 #1-1600 amph ca on 06/08/18 — 00008971 $40.00 #2 on 06/11/18 — 94336787 google zy on 06/13/18 — 00000566 w/d 1015 $20.00 0n 06/15/18/d/c 0100 68036335 google zy $2.99 there was a $8.00 service charge on 06/05/18 d/c 0100...

Google / google cheetah

Delval Caliste on Jun 26, 2018

Within the last week goole cheetah has taken 21.00 to 22.00 dollars off of my walmart visa debit card. For what transactions I have no ideal. I have to destroy me card for their purposes. I really don't think that is fair. On june 26, 2018 cheetah has taken 22.00 for what I can't...

Glu / mlb tap sports 2018

Lonnell Williams on Jun 26, 2018

On June 25th 2018 I was participating in a walk-off event in the game my phone kept going black when I was playing in the second round late in the second round of the game I repeat it to play late in the second round and the screen turn black on me again so I proceeded to reset my phone i...

Google / unwanted human soliciting

Alain Tebo on Jun 26, 2018

I am getting hundreds of email from girls wanting one night stands, solicitation with links to nude pictures of themselves. I tried blocking them but they still get through. Every time I block them they come back asking why I block them. There got to be a way of stopping them. My emails are...

Google / unauthorized credit card charges

Linda Gaines on Jun 18, 2018

I bought my grandson a game for his phone on June 18. My credit card was charged $9.99, which is fine. BUT I saw 3 other charges--$4.99, $2.99, and $2.99. These are fraudulent charges! I did NOT agree to those 3 charges, and want them refunded to my Visa card. Thank you, Linda Gaine...

Google / google konami

BABU THOMAS on Jun 15, 2018

An amount of INR.2299.00 debited from my account today. I didn't make any purchase from google or google play store today or before. I got the SMS today evening like... for a purchase worth Rs.2299.00 on POS 248742000103177 at GOOGLE*KONAMI txn# I don't make any authorization to anyone to debit the...

Google Service / unauthorized credit card charge

Ron Robbins on Jun 14, 2018

Unknown reason on June 10, 2018 for charges of $1.00 from my Discover Card. This happen 4 times GOOGLE *SERVICES Jun 10, 2018-$1.00 Merchant Contact Information 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy,, CA 94043 Additional Information Transaction Details Transaction Date SUN...

Google / pennsylvania birth certificate order form

scott swartzell on Jun 10, 2018

Unethical behavior This company Promises and Guarantees to deliver a good useable certified Pa. Birth Certificate for an inflated price. It requires very personal information ss numbers, birthdates, mother and father information. They have Phone number listed that is never answered. 1 844...

Google / constantly having to redo sign in to post

willow brown on Jun 10, 2018

Just look up my email; and see how many damned times I have had to redo signup been refused etc. I am sick of it. wooly I sign in, , , get your suggested for awhile then OOPS..Are you discouraging me ? I will go away as I detest having to repeat...

Google / 06/09/2018 1600 amphitheatre park mountain view us $99.99

James Adcock on Jun 9, 2018

This charge was for DoubleU Casino from my android phone. I didn't receive the chips I paid for... This charge happened at 03:11 am on June 9th 2018. When I attempted to purchase said chips for Double U Casino, the screen from a minute, then whet black, upon it's return, I received a...

Google / unknown reason for regular charges from bank account

Bronwen Pinker on Jun 6, 2018

I have had $11.99 removed from my bank account without my consent. The charge description is: Google'G.coHelppay# and I would like to know the origin of this withdrawal and cancel it. I find that this is quite a common practice among many companies hoping people won't check their bank...

Google / $4.99 fee taken from my account

Jacqui.Cross on Jun 4, 2018

A fee showed up on my bank account that appears to be a phishing scam. I did not authorize this and expect you to quit trying to sneak in unauthorized fees. This is very unethical. Please reimburse $4.99 and do not charge any further fees to my account. Name: Cross, Charles and...

Google / unauthorized charges on my debit card

MonicaRoland on Jun 2, 2018

i need to be put in touch with the correct department to recover monies taking from my acct unauthorized. this ha been going on a while and i just noticed a week ago. it totals 2660.83. i have never authorized at any time for Google to take money out of my acct. this dates back over 6...

Glu / racing rivals games

firdaus shamsudin on Jun 1, 2018

Dear glu, I am daus. About a few days i just transfer my car from other ign to this ign. But my account has been banned. Need your help to unbanned my account. I need to play this game because its a part of my life. I already spend a lots of money and time for this games. So, i hope your...

Google / random bank charges

Juli G on May 31, 2018

I have a few different charges appearing on my bank statement from google and I'm not sure why I'm being charged. I have one from google*telepathic cc google.comca and another one from google *telepathic I have multiple charges from both of these and it's been happening...

Google / pixelberry

Sexildy1 on May 30, 2018

I have been receiving charges from pixelberry a Google product that I have not ordered. These charges have come over a time frame of the last 2 months, multiple charges a day. I'm not certain how Google got my debit card number as I don't have one on file with Google. I've called the...

Google / charges

Bladdes on May 26, 2018

I have 4 unauthorized charges on my card and I won't them off I do not do games please take it off how can you charge me with verification of my name, address, phone or some kind of authority that I am the one that's doing the ordering I never heard of Google naturalmotion before I am 70...