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Google Complaints & Reviews

Google / gmb

Jayne Emsley on Jan 15, 2019

on updating my Google my business page i noticed that the ‘ pin ‘ was in the wrong place ... So i moved it This resulted in me having to re varify my company - So i waited 2 weeks and didn't receive a post card - Asked again waited another 2 weeks still no post card I was asked them to do...

Google / google's policy is disabling apps

Thunderbolt7 on Jan 14, 2019

Several apps are being disabled because of recent policy changes by Google (Google Play). Another Call Recorder (ACR) and Group Text will no longer be available after March 2019. Why is Google disabling important apps? ACR enables recording of phone calls, which is important for...

Google / google search not inclusive

Kathleen Clarke on Jan 11, 2019

Hi Google Search Representative, I am a public school teacher and I had a student Google Images for pretty girl. She is a child who is of mixed race. The search engine displayed a wall of young women and girls whom were exclusively White. Even when we searched pretty black girl, we were...

Google / sponsored ads

Dino Frakes on Jan 10, 2019

I taped an ad yesterday inquiring about health insurance. I already have insurance through work, and I was just wondering how much they were paying. Since this I have been bombarded with phone calls, texts and e-mails regarding insurance. This is honestly too much. It makes me rude to...

Google Inc. / google play

luizaromero on Jan 8, 2019

On november 9th, 2018, I got an email from my boss asking me to buy $1500 worth of google play gift cards. I went to duane reade in new york, got 3 gift cards of 500$ each. After some minutes I realized the email from my boss was a scam (someone using his name but with a different email...

Google / acura paint issues

Bad Acura on Jan 7, 2019

I bought a 2017 Acura RDX at the end of 2017. In March, 2018 I observed the REAR bumper started developing "ripples" [bumper looks like vinyl siding when you grill to close to it]. Dealer ship sent the car out and it received a new rear bumper and paint. In November, 2018, I noticed the...

Google / I do not have access to my google business account!

P. Zoo on Jan 3, 2019

Account: I hate google! I have been begging them to fix my business account! I cannot log into my business account to correct information, respond to my reviews, and remove pictures that have nothing to do with my business!! I have been told google will call me back...

Google / my bank card been used to buy and pay for google product

Manu Bismark on Jan 2, 2019

Dear sir/madam, I'm Bismark Manu and have realised in the few months ago that someone has been using my account 5545 0541 4424 5071 in buying Google product which I have know ideal of. I have never perchased any Google product. The amount taken out from my account are a...

Google / google maps

Megha Raghunathan on Dec 23, 2018

Date of Incident: 11/26/2018 I was on I-10 heading from Los Angeles to Tucson. I got off to get gas in Blythe. My google maps started to re-route when I got back on the road. It kept re-routing and led me off some weird street and instructed me to make a left on to a dirt road. I was a...

Google / unauthorized credit card charges

Gordon Hui on Dec 22, 2018

Transaction ID: 3YP81569R2077173A (date: Dec.1, 2018) Dispute filing with Pay Pal on Dec. 9, 2018. Case ID: PP-D-18632657 I downloaded an app (Norton Secure VPN) and agreed a pre-authorization of $29.99 for continuous service after 7 days free trial period. I found that the app did not work...

Google / google map app

Al Markle on Dec 20, 2018

The Google Map App almost got me carjacked or killed. A few days ago I put in the new address I wanted to go to along the Deleware River in Philly so it would be ready when I wanted to leave. A couple of hours later, as I started to drive in rush hour, the Google Map app requested I put in...

Google / I am complaining about payment that I didn't make

Jirina Simova on Dec 20, 2018

on 28.November 2018 was from my bank account 670100-2209832499/6210 through my bank card money taken by Google Play Apod. Because I didn't make any purchase of this kin nor people in my surroundings, could you please let me know what I paid for. There were 3 times 26, 99 Czc and 2 time...

Google / pandora

ReedG on Dec 19, 2018

On 12/17/18 I was charged 9.99 from google play about a pandora charge. I have never in my life subscribed to pandora and haven't listened to music on pandora for many many years. I believe this to be a fraudulent charge and need it and all charges which have been deducted from account by...

Google / your damn ads covering content of my emails

Linda Franklin on Dec 19, 2018

This drives me crazy. How dare you move your useless ads that I've ignored and am not interested in so that they cover the entire content of emails, including very important ones. I notice you have no way to complain about the ads that you are getting millions of dollars to place on...

Google / google plus

Willowspirit on Dec 15, 2018

There's few people on Google plus are haters twisted liers two faced friends that love to twist things to do many couples splitting up on there couse of these sick twisted two faced friends that like to tell lies about someone they don't even know nothing about ...Google do nothing to stop...

Google / android

Anthony Duffy on Dec 11, 2018

Your os is shit!! How can u sell an os that cant run two separate separate programs at the same fucking time? Why do u insist on filling my browser maps with unimportant shit and block my screen! Also until I see a check from google you have no right to sell my data for profit!! You need a...

Gmail / unknown device keeps syncing with my account

Bust League on Dec 8, 2018

one time a device call "Acer Iconia Tab A500" synced into my account then i secured my account.this device keeps syncing and whenever i secure my account this device synds again and i don't have any device name "Acer Iconia Tab A500" as a matter of fact i don't...

Google Inc. / google play gift cards

DtBabs on Dec 6, 2018

Why can I not return the gift card if I never scratched off the silver to reveal the code and have never used it??? What kind of a scam is Google running?? Seems you can return other company gift cards - no issue. Doesn't Google have enough money? Why do they refuse to give back payment...

Google / web search

Scott Goodwine on Dec 5, 2018

Searching for goodwine funeral home the search comes up with eagle funeral homes on the search. They have no connection with goodwine funeral homes. All other search engines do not have that error only google??? If you will search goodwine funeral home on google and other search engine...

Google / unauthorized credit card charges

Lenore de Csepel on Nov 30, 2018

I need an explanation for Google billing on my Visa Card. One charge is for $77.18 and listed as Google*HMA Pro VPN. The other charges are for Google Free Puzzle game $0.97, Google Seller $0.69 and Google Services $0.69. Visa questions these charges and I have no answer. They are all listed...