YouTube Complaints & Reviews

YouTube / Purchase of You Tube videos

Sep 19, 2019

Hello, I am from the U.K. and I purchsaed six You Tube videos online which cost me between £50-60. I watched the videos for about two weeks. Then a message came on the screen saying that 'there is a problem with the licensing' for each video that I purchased.Can you help me recover the...

YouTube / nathan roberts

Sep 19, 2019

In videos produced by Nathan Roberts, he continuously uses language that is offensive to me and many people I know. Mr. Roberts who professes to be a Christian and preach truth and the gospel of the Bible and Christian Faith deems it appropriate to repeatedly use the word "retard" to refer...

YouTube / hijacking of a subscribed channel.

Sep 14, 2019

I subscribe to a channel on YouTube that has blatantly been hacked/hijacked. Martin Liedtke (Flat Earth British) This happened a good few days ago and it doesn't seem that anything has been done about it. I am aware that due to new YouTube policy channels like this are seen as "dangerous"...

YouTube / youtube harassment of wholesome family channels

Sep 10, 2019

I am registering a complaint against YouTube, because I have witnessed many family channels, wholesome and happy family channels, receive harassment from YouTube. Reading through the complaints, I see all kinds of horrible stuff available on youtube, animal cruelty at the top of the list...

YouTube / recommendation algorithm

Sep 06, 2019

Dear YouTube, I used to love your platform because it allowed me to find so much interesting content. Your video recommendation algorithm also led me to find great new videos and channels. But you have obviously altered your algorithm. Content is now being censored and it is no longer an...

YouTube / animal cruelty

Sep 03, 2019

YouTubeThis site has multiple channels for showing animal torture which was supposed to be shut down a couple of months ago yet now they are back with more channels and you have not down anything about it do you condone torture on any level as this has been ongoing for weeks are you making money...

YouTube / video spammers

Aug 31, 2019

I have tried to contact to complain about click bait video spammers (especially for shows like Bill Maher's Real Time). The dates advertised by the users are NOT the shows they've posted. You can open up 10 of these videos--and it's always the same. When I tried Youtube's reporting...

YouTube / advertisement of anti-smoking

Aug 26, 2019

I do not smoke, I do not plan to smoke, and I have never been to a smoking site, or watched a pro smoking video, yet every single time I watch a youtube video, a disgusting Anti-Smoking ad will show up, I HATE them. I will be watching cartoon, then they show me an ad of somebody's chest...

YouTube / your app

Aug 26, 2019

It's all over YouTube that the company is [censored]ing killing itself. Some if my favorite content creators are simply stopping filming due to your retarded [censored]ing guidelines. Fix your [censored]ing site and give us good content creators back. The [censored] yall allow to get...

YouTube / copyright infringement/copyright theft

Aug 24, 2019

YouTubeA company calling itself Ciberpol is committing an act of copyright theft, The International Cyber Police Organization today issued a red notice for website for impersonating by infringement of CYBERPOL Cyber Policing Organizations official registered trademarks in...

YouTube / youtube censorship

Aug 23, 2019

YouTube is censoring accounts such as the Iconoclast without any reason. The account of 200, 000 subscribers was removed without warning. The videos and subject matter did not break terms&guidelines. This is issue need to be resolved. YouTube either has a problem with its algorithm or it i...

YouTube / censorship

Aug 23, 2019

The Iconoclast Channel Termination Appeal *I can't provide channel URL since you have deleted it. No access. - The Iconoclast channel was terminated with zero warning on 22nd August 2019. The channel had zero strikes, according to the The Iconoclasts creator studio and was in very good...

YouTube / censorship

Aug 23, 2019

Please stop deleting channels that do not actually encourage or invite any hatred or violence... having controversial opinions is not the same as the above. You deleted the iconoclast and way of the world, yet you allow The Young Turks, who are open 9/11 supporters. Restore those two...

YouTube / youtube

Aug 23, 2019

Yesterday the popular YouTubers 'The Iconoclast' and 'Way of the World' had their entire channels deleted with little explanation. Both channels were in good standing and had hundreds of thousands of subscribers who loved their videos which talked about issues that many of us are deeply...

YouTube / censorship by youtube

Aug 23, 2019

I use YouTube daily, one of my favourite channels is The Iconoclast which you have just deleted. 200, 000 other people had subscribed to this channel so it's pretty popular. When you delete a channel like this you are effectively saying that all of us are guilty of some 'thought crime'...

YouTube / the messaging being removed.

Aug 21, 2019

Hello, I am Sophie Russell and I am here to complain about Youtube removing messager. I have a boyfriend of 1 year and he is currently over in Argentina. I cannot contact him via any other social media application since my phone is broken and I will not be able to get one anytime soon due...

YouTube / music performance

Aug 16, 2019

I typed 'O Swallow, Swallow Gustav Holst' hoping to listen to a couple of performances of this lovely trio with piano accompaniment. You can imagine my shock and disgust when I was presented with videos of men and women performing sex acts which involved sucking and swallowing. I wa...

YouTube / youtube support

Aug 14, 2019

I am absolutely furious with YouTube's creator support. I have been unable to speak with anyone from YouTube since June 14th 2019 after my channel was terminated without consultation or communication. My faxes and twitter messages are being ignored including a subject access request I...

YouTube / app add

Aug 13, 2019

To whomever it may concern. I have clicked stop seeing this add about 100 times and it keeps showing up on my youtube feed, I have no interest in gay dating apps nore have I ever searched them up, I would appreciate it if youtube could stop them showing in my feed like I have asked 100...

YouTube / popups - terms

Aug 09, 2019

I keep getting a pop up telling me about "Changes to Youtubes Terms of Service". I can click on OK or Review, and then it appears again and regularly throughout my use of the site. This has occured for 2 weeks and is frustrating. Please turn it off! Its very annoying. Please be advised...

YouTube / what's with the foreign... and I mean I have no clue about the language

Aug 07, 2019

Okay, I have been patience with this bot. I do NOT as an American Citizen have any clue, nor am I interested in the algorithms (a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer) of your system that has decided for me...

YouTube / my youtube channel audrey kitty

Aug 03, 2019

The comments are disabled by youtube on my videos but there are no children or minors in my videos! Even my videos of my cats and my college karate class video have the comments disabled. I'm really sick of this and would like it to be fixed. Reenabling it manually doesnt work either, and...

YouTube / you tube video encouraging speeding on roads in a country where speeding kills hundreds

Aug 03, 2019

Alaattin61 This youtuber spreads out encouragement for speeding on the roads, breaks any rule for safe driving. I am a Turkish American, in Turkey every summer hundreds of people die on traffic accidents due to drivers like this person. I strongly encourage your company to investigate this and...

YouTube / youtube

Aug 03, 2019

yeah so what's up with all these ads? Every single video I watch I watch 2 ads, then try to go onto my next video and have to watch 2 MORE ADS. YouTube, stop letting everybody puts ads to everything and more importantly YOU stop putting so many ads. I'm really thinking about deleting...

YouTube / ads of alcohol to be a miner

Aug 02, 2019

YouTubeFriday August 2 2019 A dam ad of Jack Daniel's twice in a row being advertised to me! Even though my account has my age 19 i'm not at all 21! So why is this bing played to me? It's highly inappropriate. Even though there is coke zero in the ad. The ad is labeled by the Jack Daniel's company. The...

YouTube / content that has been put on this morning titus mathew

Aug 02, 2019

This morning i have been harassed by a individual/group saying they would upload a video of mine that has been hacked from my phone. They have asked for money from me and have posted it in the name of TITUS MATHEW JERKING OFF SCANDAL. i had reported it as a sexual content, but im afraid if...

YouTube / advertisement for good boys

Jul 30, 2019

There is an advertisement for a new film called good boys appearing before video clips accesable by my children ie computer gaming, cars ect which I think is highly innapropriate. The advert shows pretty much how to type porn into a search engine, shows the actors playing in a sex swing...

YouTube / mighty oaks foundation ad removed for "christian" search keyword, "muslim" not removed

Jul 27, 2019

Youtube is continuing to demonstrate bias and suppression toward Christian people and businesses. The Mighty Oaks Foundation ad was removed for "unacceptable" content, because they used a search keyword of "Christian". When resubmitted with the word "Muslim", they were not censored. I am...

[Resolved] YouTube / mobile payment charge

Jul 26, 2019

Although I have no recollection of this, according to a company called PM Connect running a service called 3Pointer.TV, on 22/05/2019 20:44:01 I unknowingly subscribed to a premium mobile service by clicking/tapping twice on one of their advertisements placed in a YouTube video: This ha...

YouTube / video recommendations

Jul 26, 2019

Dear Sir/Madam: During the period that I used YouTube with the email address [protected], in many cases I saw video suggestions that was not proper for a male audience, I saw a recommendations like "Dating advice for women".In the setting section my gmail account I...

YouTube / allowing pro russian and pro chinese advertising propaganda / election interference propaganda

Jul 26, 2019

YouTubeI am very disturbed seeing that YouTube is allowing this pro Russia / pro China propaganda newspaper "The Epoch Times" to purchase advertising space. Why is YouTube not preventing this and investigating who is buying ad space? Particularly in this time where an adversarial country(ies) i...

YouTube / trending

Jul 26, 2019

This is making me so infuriated this is not the first time I have seen this and if people are paying to be trending on YouTube then I think that classes as blackmail and is illegal. I am angry that videos shown in the top of the trending list are not the one's with the most popular view...

YouTube / kim iversen video not available

Jul 26, 2019

As a recent follower of Kim Iversen I can attest to the integrity of her stance on the issues about which she has expressed concern. Today, Youtube's politically motivated "video not available" of her views on "Why Did These Progressives Vote To Condemn The BDS Movement?" is a blatant...

YouTube / political disinformation advertising on youtube

Jul 24, 2019

I am concerned about the increase of political dis-information advertising on YouTube. I am seeing more highly-politicized, right wing fringe group advertising cropping up. When I choose to play a video, more often than in the past, the advertisements that come up have been aggressive...

YouTube / youtube recommendations

Jul 24, 2019

Youtube will constantly recommend videos that mostly appear on the trending tab; sports, politics, etc. Despite me never watching anything related (I've checked my history), they keep recommending them and no matter how many times I click not interested or "don't recommend videos from thi...

YouTube / scammer - online high income

Jul 22, 2019

This guy Branson Tay made countless videos with different titles & used shortened links for purpose of obtaining referral fees by inducing innocent YouTube audiences to support the scammers he is referring traffic to, spamming "Easy...

YouTube / youtube suspending my views

Jul 21, 2019

youtube suspended the count on my views 5 years ago. I don't know why. They have still suspended the count on my views 5 years later and I HAVE NO IDEA WHY!!! MY YOUTUBE PAGE: ONE of my videos where youtube ha...

YouTube / youtube share video feature - now missing 'share from time!'

Jul 20, 2019

As of this week (the week of July 15, 2019), I was able to share videos from a specific time. Sometime during this week, this functionality was unpleasantly and surprisingly removed. I can still append &t=SECONDS to the end of a video, but very much depended on the previous method. Pick...

YouTube / mlb broadcast

Jul 18, 2019

Since I have no other choice, I am trying desperately to watch the phillies/dodgers game on youtube. The game comes on for about 30 seconds, then the screen freezes, says "loading," but never [email protected]#$! Apparently, youtube can't handle the viewer volume, so fans lose out! Have rebooted...

YouTube / youtube advertising insertions into videos

Jul 14, 2019

I understand that YouTube wants to capitalize on the people watching videos to the maximum extent possible, but injecting a commercial into a video every 3 minutes is absolutely absurd and abusive. I'm sick and tired of having to wade through a mountain of unwanted garbage ads four or five...