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YouTube reviews & complaints

YouTube complaints 1041

Jan 16, 2022

YouTube - Why my video not getting views

I joined youtube on 31 augst 2016. But when I make a short video I not get any views. Why its happining. Plese tell me this is my youtube id link
Plese se and give me feedback why its happning other wise I delete my youtube acount beacuse here onlly time pass nothing helpful for me. I am very dispointing by youtube how its possbile other get millions of views but I not why?
My email id - [protected]

Jan 09, 2022

YouTube - Video suggestions are insulting

How's late capitalism treating everyone?? I think youtube thinks its viewers are idiots if they think that we want to see any of these crappy suggestions. I have re set the history/search over and...

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Jan 08, 2022

YouTube - TV

YouTube promises "your" local TV stations but rarely does it deliver.
Sometimes we get ours, but other times we get other stations available in our state. YouTube tv is NOT living up to our expectations. And where do you go to complain? Or go to, for help?

If YouTube tv is reading this—-HELP!


I'm Getting close to canceling

Desired outcome: Fix this shortcoming…with a FAQ section & online LIVE HELP LINE !

Jan 08, 2022

YouTube - Recording for later watching

I record many of the shows I watch on YouTube tv.
In the beginning of my subscription any shows I recorded and watched later I could fast forward through commercials. Now I'm coming across a lot of shows I record that don't allow me to fast forward through the ads. but make me watch.
I think I should be able to make the decision to watch or fast forward through the ads.
I would like this policy of making one watch commercials on recorded shows addressed and changed to allow the individual the choice to watch or not.

YouTube - Over charging/Over charging

Duplicate charges, charged even after cancellation

Sir,  I live in the US, went to India Feb 2020 for two months, was stuck there over 13 months. On March 14, 2020, I took membership in India youTube. The first few months you charged me $ 1.78, correct mount.

On Sept you charged me twice $ 1.78 and $ 2.02  on 9/30. The double charge continued till 5/30/2021.

I returned to US in June, 2021 and cancelled my account. Still you were charging me $ 2.55 till November /2021. You owe me $ 22.6

Please send me a check for $ 22.6.

Thanks Mathew George [protected]

Desired outcome: Refund your overcharge $ 22.6

YouTube - Premium music subscription

This is my Tube Premium recurring charge. I just want someone to CALL ME. I have spent over 20 hrs on this complaint. I am more than, IM DONE. Ok don't want to be as angry as I am but the longer this goes on - the madder I get.? I have spent 2 1/2 months trying to get this done. I have gone and done everything the instructions told me to do and it's still not fixed. Their customer. Support sucks. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME. My phone number is 433-0115. I do not want to text anymore. I'm 70 years old and have severe arthritis and every letter I type hurts like the dickens.? I'm waiting for your call.

Desired outcome: Refund for the time I couldnt cancel

Jan 02, 2022

YouTube - Advertising

I keep jetting the same repetitive adverts even though the videos I watch are from different channels
It's like Groundhog Day, the same adverts again!
5 minutes long! This is TOO long !

Repetitive, boring, way too long adverts !

Enough to make me complain and enough for me to turn YouTube off for a while, it's become ridiculous, there is less advertisements on the television these days

I'm turning off for a few days and see how things look then, fed up

Desired outcome: Change your style


YouTube - Advertising

I am shocked and disgusted by the State of Survival game App you advertise on YouTube. It is sexist and depicts violence and rape against women as a game! How can you support this kind of mentality. Please fight back and do not allow this game to be advertised on your site. It is shocking and frightening. This is something any age is bombarded with these sexist images.

Desired outcome: Remove advertising of the App State of Survival


YouTube - True Crime With Natasha Cooper

This woman is vile. She abuses, belittles, and manipulates her subscribers. She starts PayPal fundraisers on a weekly basis. She has not been transparent with the money and uses it for reasons other than those that are stated. She streams and leaves for hours at a time during that stream just so she can continue the Adsense revenue. She is not a content creator, all she does is stream the news or other creator's content. The absolute worst part is that she profited off the murder of Gabby Patito by streaming news channels for hours on end. She collected money in Gabby Patito's name and kept a majority of it donating 1% of what was collected. She continually violates the Terms of Service and YouTube has done nothing.

Desired outcome: Enforcement of Terms of Service, Demonetization.

Jan 01, 2022

YouTube -

I am complying to you tube twice now about this disgusting video
showing a rabbit on i's back taking a bath1
I am a member of the rabbit welfare association charity and will be reporting this to them. rabbits are prey animal when you put it on it's back, i'ts called trancing, what that means is the rabbit is terrified and thinks it's about to be eaten! It cna be easily seen by all the comments, people are not happy, yet youtube won't take the video down! you should also never bath or wash a rabbits fur in water!
This company is disgusting for not removing such an horrific video of animal cruelty!

Desired outcome: remove video asap!

Dec 29, 2021

YouTube - Racial videos

There are a series of videos in your website that talk about mix;d race fetishing. Pursuading people to not have mix;d race children and that these kids look weird. I as a multiraciel race person...

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YouTube - YouTube Music Premium

I received an email titled
"You're now a YouTube Music Premium member" and have wasted about an hour trying to find out if this was actually the case, as I don't recall ever accepting a trial. Searching indicated that I could "cancel at any time by ..." so I went that path, it is never an option. This is shameless belligerence on the part of Google/YouTube, I see many other have the same issue happening since Dec 1, 2021. If I am charged for YouTube Premium Music at the end of the timeframe indicated, I would like to start a class action against Google/YouTube.
What a bunch of creeps.

Desired outcome: Response back via email indicating that the "subscription" will not be activated. An apology would be nice, but probably too much to expect from such a self absorbed group.

YouTube - Videos vs strikes

I am wondering why Youtube is removing videos for some Youtubers and giving them strikes and sparing others. Both post same videos and same subject. Are there any restrictions for some regions and not for others. Youtube is really strange with its generic terms & conditions.
Why is showing people, for example, how to add or remove an app dangerous.
Youtube has removed my channel because they said that videos are against community guidelines, same how-to videos as mine are still circulating on Youtube. I think they are not making as much money with me.

Desired outcome: Youtube has to change terms from generic to detailed

YouTube - Ink

The you tube channel is one of the waste chennel the channel adman not saying about good infromation he is encouraging the people in the wrong way and also saying some fake about invistment apps soo plz stop this channel as soon as because he is scam in the whats app gruops and in the you tube soo dont trust this chennel

This is the channel link : ink

Stop this chnnel

Desired outcome:

Dec 18, 2021

YouTube - ESPN Removal

I cannot believe after watching a Whole Season of NCAA Women's Volleyball. I am now going to miss the Championship Game. And you even Deleted the games taped on ESPN beforehand. Haven't you punished us enough with your over the Top Greed. YouTube TV will be gone in a year or so. It is just ridiculous and Shameful. Just said my reply was too short to be noticed. So I guess you just ignore then, , 90% of your Complaints? This was a great Streaming Service, , and like always. The Love of Money is the Root of all Evil. Is this enough characters? Or will you just Trash Delete this also.

Desired outcome: Of course bring back the channels. But how can you bring back the experience of watching the Championship game live. I'm moving on. I'm tired of your monthly games and wondering what channels are gone next.


YouTube - YouTube TV

YOUTUBE TV has discontinued ESPN, ABC, local affiliates, etc today. They have guaranteed us a $15 credit and the directions to add the Disney Bundle for $13.99 ti have access to the channels they have discontinued. NO TRUTHFUL! The Disney Bundle replaces NONE OF THE DISCONTINUED CHANNELS! Customer Service phone number is disconnected. Customer service email does not function. AS A CUSTOMER I HAVE NO ability to communicate with them! DISGUSTED!

Desired outcome: BECOME HONEST!

Dec 18, 2021

You Tube customer service inaccessible!

YouTube - Google youtube account

Youtube censors those who have views that are not politally correct according to Google and YouTube. I've had an account with YouTube for the past 7 years or more! I've never had a problem commenting...

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Dec 11, 2021

YouTube - Advert

While Watching a child's video, blippi on Saturday morning, half ten 4th December 2021! I witnessed an ad with a Man openly smoking and lighting up? In an apparent self advert music video? I thought all tobacco product placement was banned let alone actually smoking on screen? Apparently my husband has witnessed this advertising 15 or over films in this timeframe? On youtube! Horror scenes usually reserved to after the watershed? How dare youtube subject my child to this! What are the next steps for this complaint, many thanks

Desired outcome: As soon as possible!!!!


YouTube - Being banned

I have been a supporter of Google for years. I have been banned from YouTube, not because of contravening their TOS, but they tell me it's because of my browsing habits. WTF? How does my Google browsing habits have ANYTHING to do with YouTube? Why do YOU, Google, monitor my searches? I'm a porn nut but no [censored]ing killer or pedophile. Everything I do is above board and legal and for YouTube to ban me for no obvious evidence that I crossed any line is DISGUSTING! Remove please the ban on YouTube or show me evidence of anything I've done wrong. I'll share the answer with "My Folks".

C. Todd Calhoun

Desired outcome: Remove the YouTube ban. I just want to add back Subscriptions I lost when YouTube banned me.

YouTube - YouTube employees

Four or more accounts being used by multiple YouTube employees to troll people who post comments.
They are F. Ardini, Ans Licht, Grant Munro, and Martin Johns.
I report them for trolling me, their trolling replies to my posts disappear, and are then immediately put back up. This tells me they are YouTube employees.
Their speech patterns change periodically, which tells me there is more than you one person using each account.

Desired outcome: Fire them.

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