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YouTube Complaints & Reviews

Youtube / youtube

Gordon Moore-Smith on Sep 17, 2018

Can YouTube provide a button that can turn off delivering more of what you watch? Just because I watch something doesn't mean I want more of the same - that's what the search engine is for. Variety is what is wanted. I watch on smart tv. The trouble with this algorithm is you are swamped with... / cell phone youtube app

Jacob Champion on Sep 16, 2018

A little while ago, YouTube did an app update which changed how youtube works on a cell phone. It used to be I watch a video, scroll either on purpose or accidentally press a new video tab, when I pressed back arrow the browser would return to the video I was just watching. Or if I was 2...

Youtube / song suggestions dont make sense. the song suggestions should relate to the last song played and/or genre.

Milena drozd on Sep 16, 2018

You should fire the person in charge of this and hire me. The song suggestions are so off. They start off fine and then 3 songs later the suggestions are so unrelated and the further you go through the suggestions the worse they get. I think it is pretty ridiculous for a company such a...

Youtube / youtube video removal while following guidelines

Anasmitty smitts on Sep 15, 2018

Good afternoon My name is Anastasia. I'm sending in a complaint today not regarding what a content creator did, but rather what this platform "Youtube" has done. I am a small creator myself and really haven't had an issue with the changes in the recent years and I personally look forward to...

Youtube / movie

John White12344321 on Sep 14, 2018

I paid for the movie "13 hours" from YouTube and I can't watch it! it's asking me to pay again. I got the message confirming the payment went through. I would like to be able to see what I paid for and don't want to pay for it again as you won't offer me a refund for my second purchase...

Youtube / trying to create wars between two film industries and two region celebrities

Srinivas MD on Sep 12, 2018

Re:- As per Community guidelines, As I promised to check the rules. Hello YouTube, I found a video that is extremely outrageous and ridiculous, but can make the extreme war nature and word fight between the Kollywood and Tollywood, insulting the celebrity Mr. Mahesh Babu sir, that made...

Youtube / video

Ankit1205 on Sep 11, 2018 This is a fake video on me plz remove this as soon as possible this will spoil all my life I request you sir. I am a reputed professor in engineering college some one wants to take revenge with me this is a planed crime against me.plz remve this as soon a...

Youtube / the football terrace

saif ridha on Sep 11, 2018

I just want to make a complaint as my picture has been used without my permission from the football Terrance that is the link below nothing wrong with the video just my picture being used. the date of the video is used on 10 of august 2018 I think the owner got my picture could i ask for...

Youtube / a youtube channel named oney

Kevinfredjames on Sep 10, 2018

I was told by a family member that this channel had inappropriate violent aand sexual content. I feel this should be checked out. I did not watch any of the videos because of the content but i feel thay since kids have access to this channel that it should be taken down. I reported one...

Youtube / unsleeved media

FrustratedMagicPlayer on Sep 6, 2018

I have blocked this bigot from appearing on my YouTube as I do not care for his conspiracy theories and hateful rhetoric. Yet despite blocking him his videos continue to be suggested by your algorithm. What does it take for me to not see this crackpot and hateful individual from appearing...

Youtube / recent update

Rhondda Lesley on Sep 6, 2018

Hi, I'd like to submit a complaint regarding a change since the most recent update. I watch a lot of crafting and makeup videos for inspiration and very often like to pause the vide to see something up close but since the update the screen turns dark so the colours don't appear as they...

Youtube / advertising

rooster69 on Sep 5, 2018

I have recently been bombarded with a dark nasty film called the nun? Three or so times aday, late at night before bed.. This kind of advertising is so wrong.. Sending dark low frequency energy into peopels homes liek taht is just so wrong in so many ways. I believe they have to be more...

Youtube / youtube

Ray Willmott on Sep 4, 2018

I am finding youtube almost impossible to use because every time I go to use it, I am inundated with ads for Bt sport and other media companies. There does not seem to be any way of switching them off and they prevent me from accessing any video I want to see. In effect, my computer has a...

Youtube / advertising

Nigel Bailey on Sep 4, 2018

This evening I have been subjected three times to distressing horror film scenes depicting a trailer from the film The Nun. This advert could not be skipped and was extremely unpleasant for someone who is sensitive to frankly grotesque cinematic material. I do not believe it is reasonable...

Youtube / counting answers

Angry Hippo on Sep 4, 2018

I know its a petty thing that isnt that big and thats just why I think it shouldnt be to hard to make a counter that count the answers to a comment on a video. I sent on a video scrolled down and saw a very popularitet comment where it said there was 7 comments but when expanding the...

Youtube / commercials

Bob James on Sep 4, 2018

you greedy bastards you got most of the product free you do not need to interrupt a song and put an ad in the middle of song you don't need a ad after almost every song sometimes I am out side working listening on comes an infomercial 5 to ten minutes long got to stop come in house and hit...

Youtube / comments section

youtube_user21312 on Sep 3, 2018

Most of the videos recommended to me have horrible comments that are really racist or mysoginistic. It's not like youtube couldnt develop or dont have algorihtms that could easily filter through it or ban continual offnenders, it's just they're more worried about showing longer adds and...

Youtube / unable to change state location in india for trending videos.

shubham tagad on Sep 3, 2018

I am from pune(state - maharashtra, country - India, language - marathi + hindi). Now I am in coimbatore( state - Tamil nadu, country - India, language - tamil) from past 6 month. Until yesterday, I used to get trending videos in hindi and marathi language, But now i am getting trending...

Youtube / advertisement

Nerin Kaur on Sep 2, 2018

A trailer of a horror movie popped up as an advertisement while i was watching a music video. as a person that is unable to watch such genre it gave me a shock as i was unable to avoid it. i trusted youtube with content showing and hence it was something that i did not expect and hence i...

Youtube / advertisements

Sabrina1123 on Sep 2, 2018

I understand Youtube can only do so much about viewer discretion and the rest is in our control - like if I don't want to scare myself then I won't search up a scary movie or video. But what do I do when an ad for The Nun pops up in my face at 3am (three times consecutively) when all I...