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youtube streaming

'This video has been removed for violating YouTube's Terms of Service'.

This is the message my family received on the youtube live stream for my beloved uncles funeral. We were told that the actual mass couldnt but the after blessingcould be as well as a song, and so more than 40 people waited to say goodbye online as the conrona virus has robbed us of face to face respect. Minutes before the appointed screening the above message came up. How in the hell can a funeral service violate terms of service if it is a private affair with only family and close freinds getting the link. This is heartbreaking to all of us and there is no do over for death. Please explain

Removal of a video without consultation

As I do not use one of my email addresses very often, I have just noticed that my...

Demonetizing channels

I only watch YouTube for a few shows and for vita information I can't find elsewhere. One channel I just heard you demonetize is Evolutionary Energy Arts. This is a good channel - full of good information and calming to the soul. You keep censoring channels, removing them, demonetizing them - creators will leave. So will I. I have already move to DLive /Bitshoot, Discord and may other platforms.
I'm slowly leaving YouTube because for what you are doing to good creators while the mainstream news spouts off fake news to us nightly. LET US CHOOSE, not you or your AI.

Outrageous Ad on YouTube

My YouTube app showed me a "Meetic" app ad inbetween my suggestions with very a clear image of sexual intercourse in it.
I have screened it and am ready to pursue.
At no point was I asked my age nor if I was willing to see adult content in my ads, also it's almost impossible to change the settings regarding ads on YouTube, they make it impossible and unclear for the average person to personalize them

Outrageous Ad on YouTube

My personal experience

Goddamn, i spent more than nine hours making and compiling a video, just for it to be copyright claimed, not...

hd settings

I neither need nor want you to decide for me what video setting I'm watching videos to play on. You jerks just doubled DOUBLED my internet bill because of you jacking my video settings up. That's [censored]! Stay outta my settings!
And now you ungrateful pieces of [censored] are telling me my message is too short and won't be read. So, stay out of my settings and be consistent about it or I will delete you and your product and you will no longer be any form of an influence in my life. Do you understand that? No more revenue from me!

Again unethical behaviour;

YouTube just keeps placing dating ads with sexual content which young children can see!! Remove them!!!
These are visible even in restricted mode.
It seems YouTube is earning money nowadays by placing sexual content. This is exploitation of women and putting kids at risk who can easily contact these women!!!
Take your responsibility!

Complaints of adults content video channel- funky joker

In YouTube i am a subscriber of a channel name- (funky joker)but from few days channel owner posted adult content videos which is not good community guidelines please take a fast and legal action against him.i attached a screenshot of thumbnail of a video where he write sexual words about that girl.please do something for community we expect good videos from YouTube like songs, movies, learning channels but this men upload adult content video where he used adult words with public kindly check his video and take a fast action against him.

Complaints of adults content video channel- funky joker

Sexually inappropriate advertising.

Some silly dating advertisement popped up whilst browsing YouTube a few days ago, it isnt the first time.

Sexually inappropriate advertising.

Unethical behaviour

Even in restricted mode very offensive sex ads are showing every time we watch Youtube. It's like waiting to watch porn! My kids do not wish to see these and neither do we!
Ads like NEUK ZE IN DE KONT, go translate this, sex dating apps, choose your story, etc. Is this how YOUTUBE makes money? I am looking for a clean alternative for YOUTUBE. I have made many many complaints, but to no avail.

1st Amendment Videos

YouTube have always been the place to go for unbiased and truthful presentation of many things. I see you are now attempting to stop 1st Amendment audits. Why? This is one of the very most important things you can bring to viewers. The auditors are correct when they film police and others eroding away our right as Americans.

I've always had the greatest respect for the content YouTube presents.
Please don't become one of the "Tyrants" who violate the rights of Americans. i see a trend happening at YouTube and it's truly upsetting.

Please defend the Constitution and those who seek to protect it.

Thank You

channel accountability for all; video from 3-9-2020

This video, like all this convicted felon does, is violent, repulsive, and hateful. The man encourages viewers to make massive retaliatory calls to various police departments therefore hampering important police business. Man also uses these "productions" to solicit money. He is dangerous and given his history and violent nature puts YouTube in position to be liable from his actions. Please, please review several of his posts. His name is Josh Abrams. I am a retired police officer with 36 years service.

  • Updated by Ekim4 · Mar 11, 2020

    This channel is totally out of control and reaching the point of danger. Josh Abrams to whom the channel belongs is a known felon and is either mentally deranged or on drugs. He is hampering law enforcement to the point he is putting them and the public in danger. When angry he request that his followers mass call a target police department thereby monopolizing their services. He also publicized individual officers and public's information. I suggest you run this by your legal people as I can help but think he is possibly exposing YouTube to civil action.

  • Ar
    artiec1 Mar 13, 2020

    He's upholding the rights of all Americans and doing a great job. It takes courage to stand ups for your rights unlike so many sheep who go quietly to slaughter.

    When you don't stand up for the rights you have they will soon be gone.

    Think about it.

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Conservative bias in dubbing in music or jabbering over video audio content

Videos have music or talking or switch to commercials and don't time out when programs feature guests like Republican politicians, our President, and various elected officials. also get bombed out on programs like Dan Bongino, Jeannine Piro, Hannity, on and on.

Google better correct this or it will lose the argument that it should not be subject to government regulation.

You Tube has it's own DEEP STATERS working to suppress information and filter what is known to the population.

Somebody changed the name of my channel and removed most of my videos and I have no access or pass word to upload my Videos

I am Ahmed Eissawi, the owner of an educational cultural channel called (Arab American cultural TV (AACT). Two weeks ago someone has changed the name of my channel to (let's learn Arabic) and removed most of my videos that I uploaded. No body has access to my channel except my partner Karim Metwally, his name as a youtuber is Karim Jovian.

Now and for 2 weeks I could not upload any videos because I have no email or pass word for my channel and also for this channel that I did not know who put it instead of mine, My students are keeping ask for new episodes and new lessons but I can not do any thing. I am the face of my channel and the viewers (almost one million and half) keep asking for new videos.

Please I need to restore my Arab American cultural TV (AACT) because I established it to build bridge between cultures in Language, History, and Culture. You can contact me in my email : [protected]
My cellphone is [protected].

thanks for your help.

Abortion info ads

Hi abortion info ads is popping up on my 9yr old sons minecraft, and youtube videos. I am in no way prepared to explain abortion to my nine year old and would like that these ads are age appropriate! He is now asking me what abortion is!

I would like to safeguard my 9 year olds mind but abortion info ads are all over his youtube thanks to pro life. Not a subject i want to bring up at this point in his life! Low blow pro life!

Its because there is a referendum to vote whether to legalise abortion. Its a life in prison if a woman aborts. My son doesnt need to know this.

  • Yo
    Yousuck1234 Mar 13, 2020

    Wow, so sex ads are rampant on youtube, but you can tell your kid that an abortion is where you take the baby out early before its alive

    Tell him people ACCIDENTALLY have babies that they cant afford

    But screw girls that get raped and are FORCED to live with a baby they never wanted

    You people make me sick

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blocking videos

You have blocked 2 DR. Phil videos that are about child trafficking.
By blocking these videos you are aiding the traffickers of humans.
These videos should be viewed as important public information.

I warned cnn 7 years ago in a letter such as this to stop lying or they would eventually be the laughing stock of (made up) news.
Funny what's happened to them.

This is my warning to you: More and more we are accessing other sites to avoid youtube censorship.
We are Americans and FREEDOM is a big deal to us. Take youtube to China and operate there. Then we will understand the deceptive practices. If you want to stay in the free market, stop taking away freedoms.
And if you are blocking videos that inform about human trafficking and pedophilia, what does that say to views? It says you like these things and don't want it to end.
IT IS ENDING so get on board or get you stinking pseudo info platform to China where it belongs! You can reply to me in 7 years.

auto sign out

I had sent youtube a complaint and they yet to send anything back. Ive used 2 of my accounts on my xbox and not even a week can pass where I get automaticly signed out dont have a phone so I cant keep playing this [censored]ing game.. If I wanted to hwve the feature auto signout from devices I would ask about it but they have no right to do that wasting peoples time yet we as viewers and watchers made what it is to this day so [censored] off with signing me out..

They say its because your liking new videos then you did 3years ago sorry its not you.

  • Updated by Onetimeuse420 · Feb 26, 2020

    Meant to say people we subscribe to make Youtube what it is aswell as the viewers

A song on my channel is not mine

I am a musician, you can find me at ( TAYLOR-LEIGH TOPIC) on youtube distributed by (TUNECORE) there seems to be a song on my channel that is NOT MINE but sits on my channel under MY NAME TAYLOR-LEIGH the song is called (PRETEND) and seems to have been distributed via ( CD BABY) please REMOVE this song from my page and return it to its rightful owner as this is NOT MY SONG. I have added an attachment photo circling the song that is not mine. Thank you. May love, Light & blessing follow you this 2020

A song on my channel is not mine

many many things

I despise the way Alison is ignoring Chris over the Onision stuff. He is still bringing you money so there is no point in shutting him down. He's an evil paedophile and by the way any of you so called executives that have children WATCH OUT. You are encouraging the use of child sexual images and grooming to go unpunished. What is that saying the only way evil wins is for good men and women to do NOTHING. What do you think ignoring someone like Onision or Alison Parkers execution to be screened on your site. I'm thinking of setting up an arts and crafts business doing tutorials. I've had many succesful little businesses only closing due to bereavement. I lost my partner last year in October as well as my entire older family over the previous ten. I'm full of grief and yet I can still be bothered to get in touch with you on the stupid premise that just maybe someone good will see this and the many other messages about Onision, about grooming, about showing the death of a journalist as entertainment is WRONG. Grow a pair of balls You Tube take these ars***les down. Yeah I'm British so no asses in my language. DO IT DO IT DO IT. Also your ads are amazing.

  • Updated by Lt. Ripley · Feb 24, 2020

    When I say your ads are amazing I'm being sarcastic. I mean who wants life insurance and funeral payment videos when I've just lost my partner, mum, brothers, sisters aunts, uncles you know. YOU PUT THEM ON MY PAGE ALL THE TIME. Plus I reckon my stupid cousin who I let use my computer is watching porn. He is of consenting age after all. SO then somehow even though it's not on my history supposedly or so he assures me I keep getting vile adverts for women to come and please me. I'm a woman you f***** idiots. Funerals and prostitution. WAY TO GO YOU TUBE. I'd be careful because Karma is a bitch and no matter how powerful you think you are there are many many things more powerful than you in your condo with your millions. When you die you are the exact same as the homeless person you ignore on your way to work. Remember that.

a video about how to turn a mobile phone to Ciri predicting the end of the world

my 9 year old Grandson inadvertently clicked on this one evening last week and was devastated by its content. Why is it so easy for underage children to get hold of these disgusting videos. Surely there must be a way to stop this in order that children are not subjected to this disgraceful rubbish. Shame on all of you.

making this kind of rubbish easily accessible in the current climate of online bullying etc mystifies me. Children have enough to deal with in their day to day lives without having to see rubbish like this on Utube.

It beggars belief that there are not significant safety checks in place to stop minors accessing this absolutely disgusting content like a video on predicting when the world will end.

It seems to me that you are just making money out of children with no forethought as to their safety.

Feel free to publish this post, I am absolutely disgusted and would not click on a Utube video now if you paid me.

Irate Grandmother in Hampshire