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YouTube Complaints & Reviews

Youtube / Youtube as in the company

Cliff Flock (CCNB) on Oct 16, 2017
Youtube is taking down good content that is not hurting anyone or being negative to anyone in any way. You are taking down content that has guns in it. I feel the people taking this content down has personal beliefs that they do not like guns and they are picking on popular channels. I...

Youtube / Advertising

Mark Sims on Oct 16, 2017
Was watching Morph a children's TV programme with my 2 year old daughter when an advert for The Evil Within computer game popped up at the end of the program we were watching. I do not expect my young child to see this advert while we are watching a children's program. It is a very scary...

Youtube / unethical ads that youtube is funding and showing to its viewers

Uzumaki_Jesse on Oct 16, 2017
I know money is important for funding YouTube and I am not against ads. However, I am 100 percent completely against ads (sometimes un skip-able) from horror movies that display death, dark music, violence, and sadly weapons of death. Human society is suffering. We need the light where...

Youtube / advertisements

Maria Gladwin on Oct 15, 2017
In the last week I have noticed three ads which are randomly shown before different YouTube features. Two are very graphic trailers for horror movies, one with the title of "Snowman" and the other I had to skip fast since my two children were present. There is another which gives orgasm...

Youtube / removal/ miscounting of views

🔍Army41if3🔎 on Oct 14, 2017
On the video [M/V] NU'EST W(뉴이스트 W) - WHERE YOU AT https://youtu.be/5e8-4mBiCSI The view counting system has been absolutely terrible. The video had over 3 million views and within a few hours views have been removed back down to 2.9 M the fans have been working hard to show support to...

Youtube / youtube shuffle malfunctioning

c0319wing on Oct 13, 2017
I have a music playlist that I use for my students in class. This last week, the shuffle feature is malfunctioning. It goes to entry 89 and then will not advance beyond that. If I randomly choose another song, it will play that and then shuffle to song 89 again. Could you please look into...

Youtube / flagging system

(concealed identity) on Oct 12, 2017
On YouTube, somebody made a hate video directed at me. It didn't qualify within community guidelines (bullying/harassment, humiliation using my content, hateful/negative remarks, ) but it took me a month to get it down. The user then re-uploaded the video, and I tried to report it again. I...

Youtube / my videos are being demonetized.

screamNpsycho on Oct 12, 2017
I got online to upload some videos today and noticed that I have 5 pages worth of videos that have been de-monetized. With no explanation as to why. The problem spans all genres of my videos, not just one group or playlist. I have no idea why my videos are being marked as "not suitable for...

Youtube / advertisements

Chelsa Flanary on Oct 12, 2017
Your horror movie ads that can’t be skipped stresses me out : (Makes me scared to watch YouTube. Idk what else to say... my lil cousin watches Minecraft videos and it scares me that he’s seeing this horror stuff. I’m in college and I don’t want to see it : (Advertising is great, but I’d...

Youtube / diesel advert

Rosemary Sidaway on Oct 11, 2017
My 5 year old son and myself were watching a few YouTube videos on 11OCT17. Mature content filter was on and the actual videos we were watching were child orientated. In between videos a Diesel ad came on. I was first concerned about the sexualisation of the ad, but then the "f" word wa...

Youtube / inappropriate advertisement

echarlotte on Oct 11, 2017
I had a gaming channel's video start with an ad (that wasn't even an ad--it wasn' t selling a product) for the Dairy is Scary video by Erin Janus. Even if I thought the video on a whole was completely factual, it discredits itself by including the comparison between an AI (artificial...

Youtube / blade runner: final cut

Daniel Nansel on Oct 11, 2017
I rented Blade Runner: Final Cut in HD and only got 480p. Seems many others have had the same problem with no solution. I want a refund. Apparently they want a [censor] ESSAY for this complaint to be noticed, so I'll continue to type until I've hit 350ish words. Please understand...

Youtube / inappropriate advertising

Rhiannon Teeluck on Oct 10, 2017
Hi there, My daughter (aged 4 ) was watching a video from Come Play With Me which is two young sisters playing barbies when an advert came on for the latest Saw film!!! I quickly skipped it before she watched ant of it but was completely disgusted as that is not appropriate advertising for...

Youtube / my playlist bean remove

raruto 22 on Oct 10, 2017
I don't understand why YouTube would say and remove one of my music playlist when theirs nothing inappropriate other then just regular music. That u can still find the same songs by searching it individualy. As it is I would like to get back my playlist because I also had it privately and...

Youtube / oh my god are you kidding me?

siayom on Oct 9, 2017
if i see one more ad for happy death day i’m seriously going to flip out. i don’t care about this movie. this repetitive ad will ensure that i will never watch this box office failure movie. just freaking stop! seriously! oh my god it’s like i’m being pranked or something. it’s the most...

Youtube / the shuffle function

Dilani83 Dekunder on Oct 9, 2017
ever since youtube changed its skin and updates the shuffle function is terrible. It used to shuffle in a selfmade playlist no problems now it only repeats a few songs over and over again. I have a playlist with 300+ songs but if I listen during a workday 8+ hours It will give me maybe 50...

Youtube / youtube

Katie Buelow on Oct 8, 2017
For running ads on Jimmy Kimmel and not on Casey Neistat's video. Casey was trying to give to an amazing cause but no, you had to take that away from him. You all are sick [censor] who selectively choose who to monetize. You all don't deserve anything because of this. And...

Youtube / my uploaded video was removed which was not break community guideline

Yunus29 on Oct 8, 2017
I was uploaded video of "India vs Australia 1st T20 Full Highlight" on 7 Oct 2017 at 10:45PM on Youtube.com (see in attachment) which include Images which show player photo, name, their respective score of match and bolwer name who take their wicket. At 11:15PM YouTube removed my video and...

Youtube / commercials

GraceMi on Oct 7, 2017
Hey youtube, The recent commercial changes for watching youtube videos are CRAZY. I don't know if this was a change made a month ago or just yesterday, but COMMERCIALS SHOULD NOT BE LONGER THAN THE VIDEO (I would not actually shout these words if we met in person, but there would be a...

Youtube / fix the [censor] adpocalypse

@Archerjohns on Oct 5, 2017
Damn it susan just learn and fix your [censor] the people are obviously being [censor] upset about the first adpocalypse and they barely even make any [censor] money off it you [censor] greedy jews ALSO HAVE YOU FRORGOTTEN ABOUT: Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act...

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