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Youtube / Taking down of a video of a giraffe giving birth???

Cathy Sheldon on Feb 23, 2017
I have been watching live feed of the giraffe, april, in labor ready to give birth at animal adventure park in ny and there were at one point 35k watching!! And I go to the page and see it violated the nudity and sexual content policy??? Seriously!! This is natural! The giraffe was being...

Youtube / Video response

TashaBond on Feb 17, 2017
Video response was such a vital tool to keep the community of Youtube alive and thriving. It helped people discover new content they may enjoy as well as interact with their audience. A previous issue to this feature was unrelated video responses and a low click rate. However, both of...

Youtube / Non enforcement of community guidelines

Fur Q on Feb 10, 2017
Hi there, I've noticed that there is a particular channel that goes by the name of Jason Blaha Firearms Enthusiast. The channel describes itself as being dedicated to helping new firearm owners by providing helpful information regarding ballistics and gun selection etc. I have found very...

Youtube / Urban carry holster-major complaint!

Richard Werry on Jan 27, 2017
I have a problem with a commercial you air frequently that shows a man pulling a shotgun out of his pants and the same holster being used for a handgun. Criminals have been waiting for just such a holster. They can carry a twelve gauge shotgun or an assault rifle into a bank or some other...

Youtube / Youtube is deliberately shutting down a site which many people rely on

TarilWright on Jan 24, 2017
Why are you deliberately shutting down Dutchsinse live and Dutchsinse Reloaded? It's happened way too often to be anything other than deliberate, and reasons given are completely spurious! If it isn't your company policy to practice censorship, then I suggest you start checking within for...

http://www.youtube.com/dutchsinse / The constant buffering and shut downs for no reason.

Chrissy Kinder on Jan 24, 2017
25/1/2017 10pm cst. everytime Dutchsince does his live stream, he gets shut down or the stream buffers. why is this happening all the time.its his work and no copy writing any where..please stop shutting him down.he has an awesome following .dutchsincse isnt hurting anyone.quite the...

Youtube / dr. bhatia medical coaching institute (dbmci)

Dr. Bhatia on Jan 20, 2017
Hello Sir/Madam, We introduce ourselves as Dr. Bhatia Medical Coaching Institute a leading PG medical coaching Institute for Doctors who have done MBBS in India or Abroad. We have our You Tube Channel with the name of "Dr. Bhatia Medical Coaching Institute (DBMCI)" in which we used to...

Youtube / Attention ceo manager of youtube

Rosaa on Jan 6, 2017
Attention ceo manager of youtube My name is mudji versteeg I'm emailing you to complaint about a upsence posted video that you have on your website and one is teenage girls being bullied in school, and public streets. And also video of torturing girls and i'm little upset that each time...

Youtube / Youtube

Alexander James Valliant on Jan 4, 2017
I am a UK singer / songwriter who works as a voluntary Music Producer for an Autism Charity based in Salford, UK. It had been noticed by friends, fans, and family members that my viewing figures have failed to go up, whatsoever in the last year. If you type A.J. Valliant and watch any of...

Youtube / Unethical behaviour

Tanj on Jan 1, 2017
I'm so upset, I clicked on a video and an ad came up for Harmful Opinions came up. It was a video about what black girls need to do in 2017 and it was extremely racist! It was about how black girls need to do stop using certain filters because they are "thots" and that they need to get out...

Youtube / One tech genius

Luis Orozco on Dec 13, 2016
Have paid for a Fire Stick from them and have a purchased order number from there E-Mail but no product. It has been more then 4 months and no reply. Have e-mail them but no reply again. Please help to solve my pruchase. Should you be able to contact them with any type of e-mail or phone...

Youtube / Neulasta onpro kit commercial

sandipdutta2502 on Dec 12, 2016
Honestly speaking, i'm quite sick of this repeated commercial of neulasta onpro kit on youtube. My 2 years old is watching youtube for his favorite rhymes and this neulasta ad comes up every few minutes. I know advertisements help youtube to keep running. But repeated telecast of neulasta...

Youtube / Youtube user spammed my cellphone, not my desktop youtube - vaanga pesalam

Donald 247 on Dec 6, 2016
Dec 4, 2016 received notification from unknown party, I I.D. as vaanga pesalam who sent me a video/link in ?East Indian language?. I don't know them or asked for the video, nor did I ever visit their YouTube site. Are they just trying to pad their "view count"? This ha...

Youtube / The way in which you conduct your business

Ehron on Dec 1, 2016
I have heard some disturbing information on how YouTube has been recently run. Certain channels have been receiving backlash within the past year on your newer algorithm. Viewers have randomly been unsubscribed from channels they watch and YouTubers have had their videos pushed to the...

Darren Meade / Revealing crimes perpetrated by Darren Meade

Exposing Darren Meade on Dec 1, 2016
So far we have half a dozen case logs and statements from those that have been defamed, extorted, libeled for financial gain since 2013. If you are a victim of Darren Meade. Any interested parties that would like to participate revealing crimes perpetuated by Darren Meade, we will contact...

Youtube / Suddenly ''Uploaded'' videos deleted

Jamie Legends on Nov 22, 2016
I deleted my video in "Favorites" suddenly Youtube said "Deleted video from uploads" I've had many views on that video and now it's gone. A bit strange for a big company to have such a amateurish flaw. I was on my Samsung S6 Edge plus (Android 6.0.1) and had the video in ''Favorites'' I...

Laura Cullen / YouTube videos audio issues

Laura Cullen on Oct 12, 2016
Since Youtube instituted its improvements I have had increasingly frequent instances of being unable to hear/barely hear Youtube videos that are my primary use of internet. This issue affects only Youtube as I have not noticed this problem with other websites. I have tried adding external...

Youtube / Banned

LiSaMi on Oct 5, 2016
I made a channel on YouTube and uploaded some videos. Most of my videos were covers of the famous songs which I made myself. I got banned for it. I mean that they banned my videos because there were famous songs in them. I'm aware of all the rights and I know what is allowed and what i...

Youtube / Volume too loud

Sandon Keable on Sep 21, 2016
Many times i have complained as to why the volume on all videos is set to full boar? It is ridiculous. Youtube are assaulting people by destroying eardrums and speakers. Let's take for example a news website that has a video attachment. This video takes time to buffer, and without warning...

Youtube / Slow video view counts

simone j on Sep 10, 2016
I'm about to file a complain against Youtube because I feel like money is being taken under the table to boost views on certain korean music videos. You have a group that people are watching the videos everyday and the view counts are moving super slow... Meanwhile top company groups music...

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