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Yahoo! Complaints & Reviews

Yahoo! / Book purchase

Ms W on Feb 27, 2017
I ordered a book on February 21, 2017 from heritagebooksmusic.com. I have not received the book. I have tried numerous times to contact this merchant by email and phone and have not received any type of communication. This merchant has my information and I'm concerned that this place i...

Yahoo! / Yahoo mail

Lew Chieh Chee on Feb 26, 2017
Dear Yahoo. I'm Lew Chieh Chee ( Yahoo Mail . chiehchee@yahoo.com ) first of all I try to find the help respond inside my e-mail which I need to write in for my issues, cant find it... and I only found it here when I search in Google... how ironic... 1. My Yahoo mail password... I think...

Yahoo! / Comments

John J (massagewhiz) on Feb 23, 2017
I am commenting solely on your comments section although there is so much to complain about with yahoo its laughable. You should just shut your comment section down. Obviously you are not interested in the comments otherwise you would not be making it so extremely difficult to comment...

Yahoo / Compromised email address

ali_j2@yahoo.com on Feb 22, 2017
Dear sirs, I have just discovered that someone appears to be intercepting my yahoo mail and using my email address to send bogus emails on my behalf and to direct payments due to me to their own account. I wish to close my yahoo account as I do not trust that I have any measure of...

Yahoo! / Email advertisements interrupting typing

Virginia Bosher on Feb 22, 2017
The email page is spending so much time trying to constantly load the ads on the right that I cannot get the body of my emails typed. I have to pause every letter or two, and even then sometimes it just will not type my letters. If you want ads, fine, but make them banner ad that do not...

Yahoo! / Just trying to log in

MichaelKelley on Feb 21, 2017
All right, here's how it goes: 1. You got hacked. 2.. Boo-hoo, cry-cry from me. 3. So you wanted me to change my password. 4. You wanted me to make a stronger password. 5. Now I am so cocked up, I cannot login at all. 6. I can't access your 'Community' (ha-ha) to get help. 7. Messages are...

Yahoo! / Please don't delete my account..

Dustinick on Feb 18, 2017
As I use my email today, I came to realize that I forgot the password of my account which I personally log-in my to my laptop and my personal iPhone. I fill up this form which requires additional email address to be sent my code which is my alternate account villaester1516@gmail.com. Yahoo...

Yahoo! / News

Gaye Livesay on Feb 17, 2017
I have kept Yahoo as my Home page for years. I am now changing over to Google. I NEVER thought I would say that. You want a client #, etc..., all I can give you is this. Your so-called news journalists are a joke. For several reasons. And I don't believe I am the only one who thinks so. 1...

Yahoo! / Unable to get access to account

feefee1984 on Feb 16, 2017
I was promted by my iphone to re-input my passwrod which I cannot remember so then taken to 2 old mobile numbers that I do not have access to and due to this then put back to the start of the process. I am at my wits end. I called yahoo support team 08000148055 who are at the very least...

Yahoo Help Internet Phone Line / Scam $100 in itunes

Richard Lyon on Feb 11, 2017
YAHOO I FORGOT MY PASSWORD Yahoo I Richard Lyon was scam $100 on iTunes cards, by on line Yahoo help phone number. (1-855-777-5686 USA) and New York call center phone number (1-347-732-5254) on internet. I talked to a person name Jeffery Danes Exton number ( 113 ) Jeffery told me on Feb.08...

Yahoo! / Phone number access

Jeh Ferrer on Feb 8, 2017
Im complaining about may phone number registered in my account. I registered my old number before when i was in the philippines . And now im here in dubai, uae. I forgot my password already. I've been trying many times to remember my password but i can't. I still know the old # but i...

Yahoo Mail / Yahoo mail password

Chai Boon Yean on Feb 8, 2017
Hi, after I change my password as suggested by yahoo, I was unable to log into my account via password. A window appeared stating incorrect password. Therefore I can only access my account via account key on laptop. But this feature is not available in ipad-mini's mail. I have since then...

Yahoo! / News

Neville Porteous on Feb 6, 2017
In recent months I have seen the Yahoo! news feed increasingly dominated by input from a shockingly low quality source called Snappa. Their writing is abysmal (my 12 year old has better writing style), their content entirely subjective and opinionated, and their political bias so...

Yahoo! / Customer assistance

badmary on Feb 5, 2017
hi just wanted access my yahoo account I've rang 4 times on 1800 958 231 and 2 twice there hang up on me, all i wanted to do is to get access to email so i can see bank statement and bills to pay because all my information goes to my old account marybad_2001@yahoo.com.au at the moment I'm...

Yahoo / Yahoo refusal to deal with email search feature not functioning

Glenn Gordon on Feb 5, 2017
I am at my wits end trying to get Yahoo to deal with its email search feature not working. When trying to locate an email from someone, no results are returned. This is despite altering search terms, spelling, filtering etc. I searched Google for an answer, but everyone is having the same...

Yahoo! / Ability to select/block what appears on yahoo news screen

Terresa Cornelius on Feb 5, 2017
In the past, I was able to set the newsfeed stories on my Yahoo Home or Yahoo News page to hide or limit certain subjects--Kardashians/celebrity gossip, for instance. As a teacher and parent who has their screen visible when kids are around, this is important to me. I am no longer to keep...

Yahoo! / Yahoo news comments

Allen Blaine on Feb 4, 2017
I read an article and get to the comments section at the bottom and the type freezes up. What is happening??? I cannot type my comment because it freezes. Please respond. I would like a response and a resolution to this problem. Yahoo is my home page, I don't get it. I am a conservative...

Yahoo! / Yahoo sports articles comments section

Dean Chandler on Feb 4, 2017
I comment frequently on Yahoo Sports articles. I try to report as abuse many commenters who use profanity in either their posts or attached GIFs. I also attempt to mute those commenting; their comment will initially disappear, but, when I return the inappropriate comments reappear. Most...

Yahoo! / News article ethics

pk.carnahan on Feb 3, 2017
wtf Yahoo! 2/3/2017 #1 You have news articles on your home page that are total BS opinion pieces run to look like actual news. Even the main source of the story, on Huffington Post has removed the story from their website. #2 Please explain to me why you have an uncensored image of the...

Yahoo! / yahoo email geronimo_schmidt@bellsouth.net

Geronimo Schmidt on Feb 2, 2017
My Bellsouth.net account was taken over by Yahoo a couple of years back I have been receiving my e-mail in Outlook 2013 from 2 different email addresses with NO problems until yesterday My email address is geronimo_schmidt@bellsouth.net Now Yahoo let the security certificate for...

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