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Ads — You can't provide feedback

Over the past few weeks, using multiple browsers, I am unable to provide feedback on Ads. I cant say "I keep seeing this" or "Its not relative". You can make the selection on the screen but you cant execute the command. Its like somebody at Yahoo was paid to turn that feature off.


You can't provide feedback

Negativity in a time of a medical crisis

I am so annoyed at yahoo. This is a medical crisis and all your editors do is rip the administration apart...

Your news feed — Your information is going to destroy people

I'm very agree with your news feed . People are under a lot of stress and what you guys are posting is going to destroy people's lives . Reading what you guys post about the lockout is going to drive people to commit suicide . I will guarantee that your company will have numerous law suites against you for your negative reporting . This is the time we need to stay as positive as possible and keep politics out of things . What your doing is so wrong and I will hope you will change the way you report news . Please don't be so negative, it's not helping .

Customer Service

Need Immediately action on my husband's account, someone reset his password, changed his recovery email address and recovery phone numbers.

I am his wife and legally married with him at the time of death.

can you please block his account because some one stole his phone since April 30th 2019. now they start using his emails in May 2019 they did fraud in my husband's account.

I sent this email to Yahoo customer care on 14/01/2020 with copy of my husband's death certificate and our marriage certificate.
I called them around 20 times they said we are going to temporary closed the account and they gave me case number [protected].
They still can't closed the account, I called them 07/03/2020 Time 20:30 spoke with Ashley and she clearly said account still open.
If I face any other fraud through my husbands yahoo email so Yahoo will responsible for all matters because they still can't close the account.

  • Updated by shereen phulpoto · Mar 07, 2020

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I am writing to you to raise an issue about: Mobile Broadband

    The issue that I have experienced was: This Number was issued to my husband's Farid Abubakar Jussub Suli Katchi, my husband's passed away April 30th 2019. His son Munir Suli transferred this number on his name because he wants to do fraud in my husband's account. He actually did fraud in my husband's account, Mr Khalid Suli, Munir Suli and Omar Suli did fraud in my husband's account after his death. They are continuously using my husband's previous number and they transferred funds from 3 different accounts.
    Recently Omar Suli used same number and hacked my husband's Gmail, Yahoo and Facebook account because he got same number. He reset passwords, recovery email and recovery phone number on January 9th 2020 . I already informed to police Ref number 1530300719, Action Fraud Ref Number NFRC190502968449 for transferred funds transferred, Action Fraud Ref Number NFRC200103427843 for hacked emails and Facebook account.

    It occurred on: 2/05/2019

    This meant that They did fraud in my husband's account through the phone number because they used same phone number for receiving all messages form all banks. they still using same number for fraud.

    They are immediately block the number.

    I look forward to your prompt response on this matter. As recommended by Trading Standards, I would like to keep a complete record of my case, so please reply to this email address.

    Yours faithfully,

    Shereen phulpoto

    Account number or phone number 07845335303
    36 Fernstead
    Bolton Lancashire
    BL3 5NT

Golden Garden

Golden Garden website that you can win money and gift cards on I believe is a scam. When you get near the amount where you can get paid out, you can no longer get in to collect. Yahoo advertises a lot on this site I believe you are wasting your money this site is a scam. I should have read some reviews before I started playing the game, this seems to be the norm for them
Pamela Patrick

search engine

Every time I shut down google chrome, yahoo search engine hijacks my default google search engine, even though I have repeatedly made google my default search engine, and deleted yahoo from the available search engine options. This has happened to me repeatedly and I feel it is absolutely disgusting behavior by your company. I would like to know if there is a way to permanently delete all yahoo apps from my computer, and block and apps from taking over my search engine in the future. I will never in my life use your outdated and inferior search engine or any yahoo product. I find it offensive that you would think I would be stupid enough to not notice the switch and use your terrible search engine. I've run out of patience. This is absolutely infuriating.

please see this email sent from ffo owner

From: FFO Owner [protected] [enjoythepics]
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Sent: Wednesday, February 12, 2020 4:00 AM
Subject: [FunFunky] Horny Babes Who Love Spreading Their Legs Wide

It is showing INFANTS in Cribs, as sexual objects, and members of the group have tried to unsubscribe. I think Yahoo should investigate this FFO owner and the BAD emails he is sending out,

my email account

What has happened to my email and google chrome? I can access my emails through firefox, but no longer through google chrome. Chrome is my search engine. I was looking through my emails 2 days ago via chrome, when all of a sudden the mail disappeared and was replaced with the sign in page. I tried to sign in over and over and realized I was in a loop. The only way to get my mail is to go through firefox.
What's with google chrome and yahoo email and when will it be fixed?

rejecting my emails being sent to yahoo addresses

In the past five weeks I have registered a problem with yahoo postmaster.
Yahoo is rejecting emails sent from my ip address to yahoo addresses due to 'user complaints'. All other email providers accept the same email.

This has been happening since the very first time I started to use this IP address. There cannot have been any prior complaints relating to my work.

All I receive from yahoo postmaster is an automated acknowledgement and a list of things to do to ensure compatibility.

I am fully compatible with all of these. The same exmail if sent from another server, or from another email address is received OK by yahoo. So it is not the email or its content.

It is clearly the IP address which must have an block on it in the yahoo mail system, probably from a previosu user to whom this IP address was assigned.

Yahoo postmaster then does nothong. I ask for updates, and receive nothing. After five days, the ticket is cancelled because I have not responded, despit the fact that I have indeed responded.

This is very poor support, not worthy of yahoo.

I need it resolving, and only yahoo postmaster can do this.

news writing and editing

Who writes of edits your so-called news articles? They write like 12 year old school girls. Cliche after cliche, buzz word after buzz word. Purposely distorted facts, outright lies and miss information. Don't you people ever do research? get the facts straight and write the truth. Do away with the misleading headlines that more often than not are incorrect. You people represent the 'dumbing' of America. Are you aware that foreigners/non-Americans consider American news sources/TV news channels as childish and superficial. You all ought to be ashamed.

W. Riopel, Bangkok

the current version of yahoo! mail, especially the contact list

The new Yahoo!Mail that we Yahoo users are stuck with is in no way better than the older versions, especially the contact list functions. It was so much easier before to create and update lists. When the new version kicked in, names disappeared from most of my lists and some important contacts were inadvertently left out of important announcements.
Please bring back the old "drag and drop" function for contact lists.
In the future, please please please don't "fix" what ain't broken!!!

Thank you,

Patricia Woods

email spam abuse

A Yahoo email address is continually sending me spam, has signed me up for email lists and many, many other unwanted emails.
When I click on unsubscribe on these emails the request always goes to this yahoo email address melissa.[protected]
I have 40-50 of these in the past month. You have the ability to stop this illegal activity.
I want a response!!!
Where can I send these emails to get some kind of action.

  • Cd
    cda369 Feb 02, 2020

    I have experienced the exact same thing with the same email address when I click "Unsubscribe". These are coming to my inbox, the SPAM filter is not catching then and sending them to spam. I send them into the Spam box, but because they appear to be coming from different places, they just keep coming. Please do something!!!

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  • An
    andyk2 Feb 22, 2020

    I have the exact same issue and it is very frustrating!

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  • Db
    DB Phone Mar 10, 2020

    yep get rid of that melissa.her00 email account

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misuse of my email address for business and other

I have copied an example below for you about this problem. I keep receiving this daily and it is very annoying too. I have not changed my password but it seems hackers are busy here. Please rectify this as soon as possible as I cannot afford to lose my email information.

Sorry, your email was returned
Yahoo/Deleted Items

29 Jan at 01:03
The recipient`s host reject your email, and your message is returned. Please change another way to contact with the recipient!
(User suspended)

(To): [protected]
(Date): [protected]:03:03
After checking the recipient`s address as the following steps, and please rewrite your message:
1. Your email address is in the black list of the recipient;
2. Because the email is judged as a suspicious spam or virus email by the system, it is rejected by the recipient host.
you can try to contact with the recipient using following ways:
method 1, send this email to the recipient`s other mailbox;
method 2. Contact with recipients by telephone or other ways.

From: Ethio Mail System


yahoo everything

this is the last f---king time i am going to say this so LISTEN WELL there will be no other communication with you i will delete all yahoo services from my machines if you don't fix this problem...

i read your stories i then want to post a comment and it seems that if it has anything to do with the [censored] meagan markle and her [censored] life that i am not interested in goes to sign in and i sign in and i sign in and i sign in and i sign in so you can fix this or f off

  • Updated by David Clouthier · Jan 27, 2020

    all i do is sign into this new yahoo and i am sick of it you get your shit straight or i will publically embarrass and call you out on all social media platforms other than yahoo... get it ??? fix this or i will go to all media news papers government to shut you down from your shit you make us go through just so we can watch fake news strories that go on and on and on about the same shit that pleases you and news that is days old before i get it


I am complaining about adverts that keep beeing displayed at the top of my inbox. I do not wish to see adverts for child models uk. I find these adverts a bit sinister, who exactly is sponsoring these adverts and why are they displayed to me at about a ratio of one in three adverts? If I had a child I would most certainly be keeping them away from the entertainment and modelling worlds, so why are yahoo persistently pushing this subject matter? Are these adverts beeing pushed to many people? If so who is paying for these dubious attempts to recruit other peoples children?

saved email

I signed in last night and had difficulty deleting my junk and trash folder mails, then when I went back to my inbox, almost 98% of my inbox had been erased. It kept saying trouble at locating the yahoo server. When I checked this morning, they were still gone. This goes back to saved emails all the way to 2015. (Only about 300). What can I do to recover them?


I have been using the yahoo website as my home page for over 20 years.
Browsing through the current stories on the website, there is no mention or story regarding the signing this morning of the historic phase one trade agreement between the US and China.
Your bias has hit new heights!
I am changing my home page and will be deleting all references to Yahoo on my computer. You and your advertisers have lost a loyal user.

unethical behavior

I have changed my password several times and before I can change it someone with another time zone is signed in to my e-mail. Who ever is signing in lives in another time zone. I have contacted verizon/security at first they didn't do anything just pointed to the browser showing me that I was being tracked. I threaten to write their headquarters then they stop it for about a month now someone is entering my e-mail again. This time I am not going to threaten to write headquarter I am going to write the headquarters. What good is a privacy policy if the company employees themselves are not following it?

mail account hacked complaint

My name is Migdana Stefanoaiei and my yahoo email accounts: [protected] and [protected] were hacked . This is a complaint - My electronic mail accounts were compromised and hacked. The person that hacked my accounts Name is: Florin Vasile Florici - from Iasi this person is a romanian citizen that has control on my emails and changed my recovery and alternate email addresses without my consensus and all these actions were done by stealing my phone and informations using brute-force. This person used the following false phone number [protected] and false recovery mail id: [protected] At the moment the access to my account is restricted to me . To prove you that I am the genuine and authentic owner of the accounts - my phone number is +[protected] officialy registered by Orange communication company on my name . Please provide me a solution and advice for this situation because there are banking and financial information in this account and also personal information . Is it necessary also an Interpol complaint or any cyber crime complaint to an European institution authority to get involved? Please let me know about your solution and recommendation. I am writing you thinking you are more experienced related to this situation . Thank you for involvement.

email access

My name is Diane Walker I noticed a email account with [protected] this is not me I am afraid my information might be stored in this account please investigate and update me on the findings. [protected] I am not aware of any open email accounts under Diane Walker I don't know how to stop these actions.
Diane Walker

yahoo mail

Cannot recover the yahoo account I used for years.
When I typed my email and password, it now request me to provide a verification code to my old phone I no longer access.
When I click "I no longer have access to this phone..." it just says "Uh-Oh"... there are no other recovery option for your account..
What about the security question/answer I provided or my alternative email address...

Customer service basically provide you a loophole without any authorization to help you recover the account in this situation.
Yahoo used to be reliable but now when it's user needs to go several miles to recover an account that might not even be recoverable... while I hear several other user have lost many of their email because it was deleted by yahoo without their consent???

I have very low expectation on how connected Yahooo will remain to it's user after it was purchased by a new media company.
Now should I accept the few hundred $ lost, my personal email and some important ones and having to go that extra miles to change my email account on all linked account to a new google mail (since many changes require email verification) or help everyone by making a class case complaint which ... doesn't seem to merit the time either way.

For a billion$ media company... they should have develop a way for it's user to recover our sensitive email address by now and not weeks/months went pass by and still does NOTHING.

Edit: There was a solution suggested by Yahoo's customer care.
"Create a new email"... perfect.
Might have to do that on Google.

yahoo email pro

I was using yahoo mail while working in Guam, USA. In January 2019 I terminated my employment and moved to the Philippines. The email address belonged to the company I was working for, so as of 2019 it was no longer valid. HOWEVER the two tier security which yahoo uses refused to allow me to change my location and telephone number as BOTH were cancelled at the end of 2018.
I have tried unsuccessfully to utilize "HELP" with yahoo but was not able to access my yahoo account!
Just today, Dec. 29, 2019 I received a charge on my credit card for YahooPro email annual fee. I NEVER signed up for yahoo mail pro and after a year of using another email service provider cannot accept this annual fee!
My old email address : [protected]
My new email address : [protected]@*********.com and my new telephone is +[protected].
Why yahoo has arbitrarily billed me for email which they will not allow me to use is a big mystery. I am reporting this to my credit card company as a fraudulent charge !

replying to papers on yahoo

replying to papers on yahoo.. i note that anything i reply to is taken off can you please tell me why...if this is a bollocks thing. then how come the lib-dems can use it and not me.. if that is the case can you please reinstate my account back to normal how els can i put my point across i seen far worse on yahoo then what i have put on there...kind regards in advance...steve

rss feeds

I use Yahoo as my Home page and subscribe to a number of RSS feeds, both from news outlets and independent bloggers and podcasts. The blog and podcast feeds have not been working for years. Today, none of my news feeds are working. These include major news sources such as the New York Times, NPR, and CNN, as well as Yahoo's own news feed, plus several others. This is unacceptable!

FYI, I use the Chrome browser and an HP laptop primarily. I just logged into my Yahoo account on my Amazon Kindle Fire, using the Amazon Silk browser, and the same situation occurs there. None of my news feeds are connecting.

racist comments allowed in the comment section

Most of the comments are racist against Romanians and Bulgarians as well as Europeans .
The comments are absolutely disgusting and shouldn't be allowed.
Is a Yahoo News so you should check the comments .
Discrimination and racism seems to get higher this days in UK towards EU citizens so all this news stories should be closley monitor. I hope that Yahoo takes serious racism and will take the appropriate measures. Thank you

racist comments allowed in the comment section
racist comments allowed in the comment section
racist comments allowed in the comment section
racist comments allowed in the comment section
racist comments allowed in the comment section
racist comments allowed in the comment section
racist comments allowed in the comment section
racist comments allowed in the comment section
racist comments allowed in the comment section


in mail list i can only click on the email and read it but i am not able to do anything else, as delete or other things. On the right side of the window there is a space for addverts and it's blank. And i think that is the problem. I can see only some last lines of the emails and the older ones are just blank lines. Please fix it it soon or provide the old version of mail otherwise people will have to do something against you.

Yours Sincerelly


yahoo news' liberal slant is disturbing!

I am very troubled by your seemingly endless advance of a liberal slant in the news clips you present to us. Every year it has gotten worse. I am a moderate conservative, highly educated, physician. The news should not be presented with a bias or slant to any political side. It should be up to the reader to decide where their political views lay. What I am seeing now are stories that are liberal twists on the truth and in some instances down right lies. And not just about President Trump but also about politically charged topics like climate change, sexual orientation bias, and minority discrimination, to name a few. How did this happen? This kind slanted news just deepens the political divide. I do not believe in extremism, in politics or in news. I just cannot continue to read this hypocrisy you are touting as factual news.

public comments on articles

Many public comments on Yahoo articles about China especially trade are racist and bias and use insulting names, specifically "Chinaman, Chinamen". They are the equivalence to the "N" word for blacks. In today;s society it is outrageous.
Please build into your editing to disallow these 2 words to print, or automatically change them to "Chinese".
Thank you for your attention.

my account [protected]

Please cancel my e-mail account immediately. It has been compromised. I can not get into it. Someone changed my password I believe on November 26 (or around that date). I can't get anywhere trying to contact you. I seem to be blocked every way I try so this is the only way I can let you know what happened. The criminal has already used it to somehow get into one of my accounts and charge something through eBay which I have not used in a long time. I had to cancel my credit card with the fraudulent purchase. The name on the purchased goods looked oriental. The wrongful change of my password and the fraudulent purchase was at the same time so obviously it is connected. When I tried to get into my account after that, I found nothing but blockades to get instructions from you on what to do. I see nothing else to do but cancel this long-standing account so it can not be used by this thief. Obviously you cannot get me by email to even tell me you received this. By phone, you can call me at [protected] to let me know it has been done. I am very worried about this. Please cancel this account. Thank you.

how to troubleshoot yahoo mail not receiving emails?

Yahoo mail has been made its popularity among its users for its remarkable accessibility and...

unsolicited yahoo malware

Please stop hijacking my PC, I had nothing against Yahoo until you boneheads decided it would be a good idea to constantly crash a party you were not invited to. I am sick of having to clean up my PC to get the uninvited unwanted yahoo (or yahoo's) off my pc. Pissing people off is not a great way to increase market share.

Are you looking for another class action suit?

Do it again and I'll see what I can do.

horoscope on news front page, please remove

After many years I no longer use Yahoo News or Homepage because the Horoscope on my IPad keeps popping up and flashing. Horoscopes are based on ignorance and superstition and you forcing people to look at it is disgusting and annoying. The constellations have changed since they were created and it sheer ignorance. It is also offensive to religious people. Who ever created the Yahoo News Home page is an ignorant [censored]. I am glad I switched to CNN

update personal info

Final Warning E-mail De-Activation Process 2020 ! Yahoo / Inbox Yah00 Security Nov 21 at 12:17 PM Dear...


I pay for yahoo through ATT and I am sick of the articles clearly favoring democrats and tearing down the...

yahoo news

I am well aware that Yahoo mail is a free service, and therefore ad placements and clicks are vital to the...

yahoo account

Yahoo is trash. Every time I respond to an article which is contrary to other peoples opinion Yahoo tells me...

I used to be able to share items with a small yahoo inset..

With a small yahoo inset.. Now they are a big purple mess and I wont do it anymore.. No matter how much I...

photo by advertiser

Recently saw photo of dog/coyote/wold running IN FLAMES just by scrolling down line of images in news feed...

yahoo small business

I loaned my credit card to my friend for a one time charge for yahoo small business account and it turned out...

advertised in the side panel pop up of email.

This advert was very misleading and although not a scam missold me goods I did not want. i tried to contact...