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Yahoo! Complaints & Reviews

Yahoo! / news

Marichu Chapman on Mar 17, 2019

To whom this may concern i am so angry right now as i have just opened yahoo to access my mail and it's unbelievable that you have the results of the very first grand prix this season if this had been footy results there would have been hell up so show the grand prix results it is being...

Yahoo! / mail

Pjb123 on Mar 16, 2019

I have 2 yahoo email accounts and since Friday, I have been getting a message telling me that my session has expired. To protect my account I have to verify my password periodically. I have not clicked anything in the links other than to read my emails for this to come up and to switch...

Yahoo! / mail login

kd??! on Mar 13, 2019

Recently while viewing an advert for logging on I inadvertently clicked it to change my login method to the "key"!! Instantly realised my error and have since been unable to log into my yahoo account without changing my password by entering a new coded password from yourselves. You cannot...

Yahoo! /

Paul Anfield on Feb 28, 2019

Hi, I am a resident of the United Kingdom on Saturday 15th February I placed an order through to for a garden flag. The amount I was charged through my paypal account was $15.95. No shipping or tax was indicated at the time of purchase. On the 20th...

Yahoo! / sad day for advert

atiatti on Feb 27, 2019

I constantly see next to my email list bruised photos of celebrities. This is sick! Why Yahoo! allows this? How sicker can get Yahoo!? Whats next? Advertising self harm? Stop This! This is bad for Yahoo bad for us bad for the celebrities. Why can not Yahoo stop thos? Or do they enjoy...

Yahoo! / yahoo messaging

Marie claire B on Feb 12, 2019

It's been over four months that my email address appears on the emails I send to my contacts as 'Email team'. Many people complain they don't receive a response to their emails from me my name as Email team which not everyone would like to read. I have done everything possible to correct...

Yahoo! / yahoo account

Lyndi johnson on Feb 7, 2019

I have repeated tried to Chang my password I keep getting next step info from yahoo but it sends me back to "success your in" I don't want that I want to change my PASSWORD to what I want I want to talk to some one that calls me from yahoo! I also have not recieved offal documents from... / news

Samuel Ng on Feb 4, 2019

I have been reading Yahoo news on line via almost daily. I find the news on US politics is extremely bias against the current US government in white house. I hope to see more neutral position news and analyze the government policies and the opposition party's point of view...

Yahoo! / iibanking. cfcu. ga

Tempst on Feb 1, 2019

Scammers are using this fake banking site for online dating. They are getting women to wire money through Western Union, Money Grams, iTunes and Steam Card plus money orders. They are saying they are going to another Country to do business. Then saying they need to get money for expense...

Yahoo! / yahoo search options

Jon Fisk on Jan 31, 2019

I do not understand why when i google my own name 'Jon Fisk', there is a result linking me to someone called 'Peter Graystone'. Please can yahoo remove this search option. This person is intruding on my life and freinds. Its also on youtube and that he and his freinds are intruding on...

Yahoo! / email hacking of account: [email protected]

Deborah Newson on Jan 30, 2019

My email account was hacked. I found out in December 2018 when Yahoo emailed me a notification that they had sent a code to a telephone number in Florida. It said if it was not me, I should secure the account, which I did. Then the same thing happened again and I secured the account again...

Yahoo! / ted bundy article on being white

Lisa Villarreal on Jan 29, 2019

Really Yahoo???!!! Who gets credit for approving the Ashley Edwards article getting published on Yahoo, in order to give her a platform for stirring up more racism in this country?? Shame on you Yahoo for allowing this hideous angle on an already hideous criminal. Why is it that a person...

Yahoo! / yahoo mail and stolen data

Ddawson108 Dawson on Jan 29, 2019

A week ago I had my email account just disappear, it would not log me in. After 3 days I was told by Rogers that Yahoo had locked account for abuse. Since I have done nothing to violate their policy and have used this email address for 15 years I asked it be fixed. After 3 more days Roger...

Yahoo! / changing my password

Albert Nemeth on Jan 25, 2019

I don't want to change my password, frequently. You make it so difficult with all your rules. That's OK for people who have things they don't care to share. I'm not one of them. For some reason, every time I try to login, you don't accept my last password. I try to stay logged in on my home...

Yahoo! / news

[email protected] on Jan 20, 2019

I noticed within the reactions section of the news post about the native American and catholic school kids incident at the Lincoln memorial only reactions that agreed with the catholic school kids were removed. Same thing with any that didn't take a side but said the news clip wasn't...

Yahoo! / website article "comments/response"

lenandjackie on Jan 20, 2019

Why is yahoo allowing extreme, nasty, purulent commentary to be posted about immigrants to the UK? The reporting system currently in operation is ineffective, as it allows the proliferation of horrendous xenophobia. "Around 170 migrants 'feared dead' in the Mediterranean after two...

Yahoo! / mail

JRiz on Jan 15, 2019

Someone hacked my email account and changed the password. When trying to reset the password, the system takes me to AT&T sign on. Unable to get resolution. In November 2018 I was no longer able to access my yahoo email account. Apparently someone had signed on and changed my password. When...

Yahoo! / continual "sad day for' adverts that are obvious bitcoin scams

AndyMarsh2019 on Jan 15, 2019

I am continually bombarded with adverts saying "sad day for" which show pictures of numerous celebrities bruised and beaten about the face that just take you straight to bitcoin scams. These adverts are illegal and immoral and are designed to entice unwary people into parting with their...

Yahoo! / laptop overheating

Jam One on Jan 14, 2019

Recently visiting Yahoo! to check email or read an article, causes my laptop CPU temperatures to reach 190 (F) before crashing my laptop. It does this in about 10 minutes of entering the site. It does this with any browser, and this is the only site where this occurs. I monitor the temperature and...

Yahoo / yahoo help dept.

Karen Zastudil on Jan 12, 2019

Yahoo keeps blocking my password. When I try to reenter it does not work and asked for my Mobile Phone #. I explained my mobile was not currently working and that it was a stupid policy since NOT EVERYONE HAS A MOBILE PHONE. When I spoke to the tech rep. he directed me to a site that would...