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Yahoo! / email

Elaine Smith on Sep 22, 2017
I keep getting emails so say from Yahoo telling me to upgrade however they do not come from a yahoo address. I have tried calling you however the phone number is a SURVEY!!! Yahoo customer service should be easy to find! The email comes from: Yahoo ! [laura.alonso@cityofchicago.org] The one...

Yahoo Mail / can't receive mails to a specific sender

Prince Baroro on Sep 20, 2017
This issue is like 5-6 days happening for me.And To be honest i dont know what to do. Already search some ways on how to fix it but still not working.All information is correct the only problem is i cant receive any of there mails.Pokemon Planet is the sender its an online game. I forgot...

Yahoo! / articles

Daniel Irish on Sep 19, 2017
Your liberal agenda is pathetic as well as the people you employ to write them. How about some news without your political spin and opinion. You must be taking in a lot of money from someone to discredit your moral values. I am sure your moms are proud of your lying distortions to further...

Yahoo! / I cant access my email with my password.

don pad on Sep 19, 2017
My name is don pad, I cannot access my email at donapd49@yahoo.com my password is dolores21# and it doesn't work... If it will not let me in than I might as well cancel my email. It is a waste of my time to even bother...if you can fix it then please do so or else cancel my email all together...It...

Yahoo! / customer service telephone line

julia dimaio on Sep 19, 2017
HI my name is Julia and I am having difficulty changing and resetting the password for my Yahoo account to add it to a new device. Not being able to change it, I dialled customer service to speak to a representative to receive assistance but instead when I called, I was put on hold for a...

yahoo / please verify that this is garbage and investigate

goldsjkm on Sep 19, 2017
yahoo.com Email Service Providers To: gold_sjkm@yahoo.com Sep 19 at 11:33 AM Hi gold_sjkm, gold_sjkm@yahoo.com removal from yahoo.com server has been approved and initiated, Due to ignorance of last verification warning. Removal will occur in exactly 48 hours (20 Sep 2017) from now(18...

yahoo / account

oyemola kolaenter on Sep 19, 2017
My name is Kolawole Oyemola. I have a problem signing into my account(kolawoleoyemola@ymail.com). I've not been able to enter into the account because my recovery mail is not working anymore and yahoo still sends the key needed to the mail. The recovery email is(Molasuper@ymail.com). It...

Yahoo! / email account — leenamogre@yahoo.co.in

Leena Mogre on Sep 19, 2017
My above mentioned yahoo.co.in email account was Hacked last week, I have Registered an FIR with Mumbai Police (both Local Police Station as well as Cyber cell. All my Emails in both — "Inbox" as well as "Sent" have been Deleted and I have No Access to the same. Please help me Recover my Emails. They are Important Please Help me Leena Mogre

yahoo / yahoo mail

Gisele Ben-Dor on Sep 18, 2017
Yahoo is not sending my mails on the iphone. I have 2 iphones, one with an American number and one with an Israeli number. None of them send mail from Yahoo. Everything stays as a draft and is never sent. This started happening yesterday. I also have a Google account which is functioning...

Yahoo! / email

Kathy Haire on Sep 17, 2017
I have been getting in upwards of 5 w-mails per day that are OBVIOUS spam and highly offensive. They all have "?" or other special characters in the subject line. They also have offensive words in the subject line with a letter or two replaces. It appears that the majority of them are...

Yahoo! / news

Rich-_-_-_ on Sep 17, 2017
The link below is for a news article that showed up on the Yahoo page which I have had as my home page on my web browser for many years. The article title is--- US policy is "not to defend Canada" from an attack ny North Korea. The article then has the following sentence that I have copied...

Yahoo! / email

Rtty Wcvh on Sep 17, 2017
Dear Sir I hope you feel fine. I am Iraqi refugee in turkey and problem with one of the instructors and then I receive few emails threat from ahmetbayraktar@yahoo.com full with wrong information . to my email bozboz.trk@gmail.com which finish my education which not free to accomplish my...

Yahoo! / unethical behavior by yahoo mail

chumly baby on Sep 17, 2017
you have blocked me from getting into my acct and keeping prompting me to enter a code that seems to be getting sent to a phone number that I no longer have. This is so ridiculous!!! You are costing me a job now! My job uses that email. How can you get away with this? This is UWANTED and...

Yahoo! / email

Michelle Courville on Sep 13, 2017
Hi, I am having to have an account key sent to my each time I log into my email, even on my very own smart phone that is logged in all the time. This is very inconvenient for me. Is there anyway that this can be fixed? I understand the security purpose behind it, but as I stated it is an...

Yahoo! / yahoo account

tamialua on Sep 13, 2017
Ok, so i've had this yahoo account (huntress714@yahoo.com) for years. I didn't really use the account unless I really needed to, so one day I log into the account and it says we can't recover your account, I've had the same password for this account, I've never changed it and the email for...

Yahoo! / my yahoo email accounts..

Tazim Ali on Sep 12, 2017
hi my names tazim ali from auckland.. new zealand . i have jst deactivated 2 of my yahoo email accounts due to a hacker trying to steal my account .. I have deactivated this tazimali786@yahoo.co.nz and tazim12@ymail.com ..deleted them permanently.. pliz never again let anyone get access of...

Yahoo! / email login

FMi1 on Sep 12, 2017
Hello my name is Femi Adelusi..femi4rkelly4real is my email adress.I changed my location and my yahoomail was asking that they will send an activation security key to my number i used as my security, Because of that i can't access my yahoomail, i actually remembered my password but it...

Yahoo! / links not working in yahoo homepage

subho1234 on Sep 12, 2017
-9/12/2017 - The links to several news articles do not work properly.. One example is the below link : https://www.yahoo.com/news/m/54e8150a-3fde-3084-94ad-5d26a3832d4e/ss_why-aren%27t-there-any-indians.html I read yahoo news pretty regularly and find it extremely frustrating when I click on the...

Yahoo! / links not landing to the correct page

Tan Liam Huat on Sep 12, 2017
I'm finding it annoying to get articles which the landing page is not correct. This happens very often to the landing page which belongs to Viu. Always the video is not what I click on. This example is the article: Would you bring a stranger to her mother's grave Landed page: Man in Black (2017) Please check on this. Wasting my time and data to load.

Yahoo! / fida4u2003@yahoo.com

Munhatech on Sep 11, 2017
Dear Yahoo team, I have forgot my yahoo ID password, my ID is fida4u2003@yahoo.com. Unfortunately I have forgot all the data entered that time, this email was made before approximately 10 years. I have moved to UAE recently and I need to recover my yahoo email ID. Please send me reset password...

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