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Yahoo! reviews & complaints

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Jan 11, 2022

Yahoo! - e-mail account

my email account is lock says my password wont work says my password has been comprimised dont know why but this is costing me problems and money called all the numbers I had for them you only get people in another country that cant speak plain english very poor customer service no response they leave me on hold for long periods of time never answer the phone just want ship you around till you get tired of sitting on phone

Desired outcome: need access to my email account

Yahoo! - Spam folder

Im. tired of nasty foreign sex crap concerning male privates all in my mailbox. This spam folder is collecting crap and its getting worse. I have deleted it for over 4 months same crap. Now they are sending crap like squirting school. How to enlarge a penis. Sex dating sites with asian women. The while spam folders nasty. Its stupid I have opted out. I have deleted them. Yet these african sex sites are the worst. I really dont want to see their naked bodies. Nor do I want them talking to me. How are they getting my name?

Desired outcome: Clean out spam folders. Gove us an option to permanent ly delete the junk

Dec 18, 2021

Yahoo! - Stories for you

Is there any particular reason you allowed the nude picture of Eve Babitz playing chess to appear under the Stories for You section of your news feed? Seriously! You know kids see these things. In all the years I've been using YH I have never seen nudity in any form or fashion. Are your people not monitoring what is allowed to appear on your home pages? WTF!

Desired outcome: Take it down. Monitor the posts a bit closer.


Yahoo! - Request to update the account info.


I am enjoying your services for a long period & I am thankful to you for the beautiful services. After a very long period I faced this issue that when I send Email then my account info get change in the Email received by the other person; My name in account is ‘SJ Singh' but when I sent Email to [protected] then shows ‘Sukhjit Guleria'. Both the screen shorts are attached. You are humbly requested to get check & solve the issue. I will be very thankful to you for this kindness.

Thanks & Regards

SJ Singh

Yahoo! - Country fans, people who like n-word buy ungodly amount of morgan wallen tickets

This article by Wren Graves is horrendous. How could yahoo even put an article like this on their site? This article promotes hate speech, false claims of racism and just overall bad.

Thien yahoo has the audacity to say at the bottom.

Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting.

I wonder why your suspending article comments...

Desired outcome: Not to be published on any news or site, until a formal apology is issued

Yahoo! - To much Trump crap.

I know you need to spread the news around the world but can you back off about [censored] Trump. Trump and his gangsters and his family have done enough damage to the American People. You keep have stories on Trump and I am sure there are a lot of Americans want him gone with his lieing bunch of gangsters beside his kids stealing from US. Because of Trumps lies about Covid over millions of Americans died, He did not care and today he does not care. Please back off having news about the worst person ever trying to back our Country down you know who I am talking about. No more Trump news or I will change and not use yahoo on any of our systems at home or at our officies at our corporation. It's time to heal not have Trump rubbed in our faces, I rather have dog crap on my face then anything of Trump and his want to be gangsters and family.
Corona, California USA

Yahoo! - unethical behavior

believing that yahoo would not advertise products/companies that were not
reliable and ethical, I have ordered some products you have ordered on
yahoo. Two times I ordered clothing items from different companies. When I
received the items from both companies, they were very cheaply made, some
even had imperfections as sent and they both provided no mailing address,
no customer service address/phone number and essentially I was left with
cheap products with no way to contact the company and consequently threw
them away and did not get a refund. The third item I ordered was a five tier
metal stand with each tier being able to swing out and was for fresh fruit or
vegetable storage. I paid for the item which was $69 and have never received it. And finally the last item I ordered was a small outdoor shed for $100. The money was charged to my account and I have never received the product. I never received an e-mail correspondence from these
companies. I do not at this time remember the names of the companies and the exact dates. I guess I should have learned the first time. I surely
do not expect reimbursement or to receive the products. I just think that
you should be aware that people believe these places are legitimate because you advertise them on your site and I have found that not to be
true. Thank you for listening.

Yahoo! - annoying advert from nordace

this advert has been coming up on my homepage now fow weeks and I can not click it off, it is annoying and making me hate ALL adverts! I have tried contacting nordace but they don't reply I send feedback but no one wants to know, maybe you could pay me for having this advert taking over my home page, the only over thing I can think of doing I finding the person that thought up this crap advert and locking them in a room with adverts running 24/7 for a few weeks and see how they like seeing the same advert over and over again, of course I could always report the advert and get it a fine and put the company out of bussiness

Desired outcome: take the advert down and never put it up again!

Yahoo! - Yahoo mail yahoo assist

My first email account ever was with Yahoo opened in the mid 2000s, which was marko.[protected]@***.com. In the following decade I opened other accounts as well, but all were hacked, and my information...

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Nov 20, 2021

Yahoo! - Midelyo shop advertisement on yahoo page is a fraud site

This site is misleading the public into thinking that you are getting a LED mask. When I placed the order, not only did it arrive weeks past the Halloween date, the company did a "bait and switch" on me. I ordered the product on October 22nd and I received the mask on November 5, 2021. They mailed me a very cheap mask that can be found for $11 at Walmart, not the LED mask that was being advertised. I paid $29.99 plus they increased the price due to "currency exchange" calculations for total of $36.88. I asked for a refund for the wrong mask, and they said I would have to ship it back to China! I am paying for their misleading advertisement? I would want this site banned from Yahoo as it is clearly stealing consumers' money. Who knows how many people have fallen victim to their Bait and Switch marketing. See advertised link:

Desired outcome: Shut this site down and refund my money!


Yahoo! - The inability to comment on an article

I have been a loyal Yahoo customer for many years, you are my email provider, my news provider, My favorite browser, But this inability to comment after an article that screams out to be commented on needs to be rectified ! Bring back our comment section please . it is our right for freedom of speech . It seems this is too short . PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR THIS, BUT IT IS THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE SURE YOU SEE AND DO NOT DISREGARD THIS COMPLAINT . THANK YOU


Yahoo! - you have an add of ferris wheel christmas tree

these people are a scam they stole my money and they do not want to refund my purchase, i spent 53 dollars buying a ferris wheel christmas tree and they send me a one dollar christmas tree super small . now they want to refund me 6 dollars out of my 53 dollars purchase, when i said that is not acceptable they offer to give me 11 dollars . this is clearly a scam. please i need help with this.

my email

Desired outcome: i need all my money refunded.

Yahoo! - Advertising too much!!

I used to enjoy going on Yahoo because it had a quick articles of different subjects relating anything of current events: Covid.But Now I HATE Yahoo it is disgusting every time I go on Yahoo full advertising constantly stops me from reading the Yahoo wasting my time click 5 to 6 times to read the article! GoodBy Yahoo! WORST website! Yahoo only cares about advertising making
Money Not about clients.

Desired outcome: Obviously Yahoo who cares more about advertising for cars and banks than it does about their customers being satisfied and happy that they are able to get the information immediately hthat Yahoo now deleting it from all my devices

Yahoo! - email

I need someone to tell me why in the last month, I am receiving nothing but Republican trash mail. Don't tell me it is random, because if that were the case, I would be receiving other political agendas and i do not. Yahoo needs to tell me why this is happening and what they are doing to block these emails. If this is only being sent to my email from one political party, then this cannot be free speech and is a violation of my privacy. Please respond.

Yahoo! - opinion pieces regarding the Rittenhouse trial.

You will not allow comments but allow bias opinion articles? This is trying to influence the trial outcomes. I believe Yahoo is in cahoots with all liberal media to glorify criminals. George Floyd was declared every good thing except a saint. In reality, he was a thug.

Rioters and Looters in Seattle get a free pass on Yahoo for criminal acts but protestors on Jan. 6th need jail time.

Yahoo, YOU are THE PROBLEM in society

Desired outcome: Remove opinion pieces if comments aren't allowed. I have an opinion that I would like to express.

Yahoo! - So called Yahoo "News" article about the richest politicians & celebrities

This rubbish article has estimated the wealth of many U.S.A, British & Canadian richest people. Specifically, A) the estimates of their wealth are often ludicrously inaccurate. For example, Trump is said to have $2.4 Billion and is called a former *Vice* President. But Forbes magazine says he's now worth less than $1 Billion. And B) many of the political profiles state or imply that their subjects made their money from their political positions. For example, Nancy Pelosi could EASILY sue Yahoo for *clearly stating* that her wealth comes from her political activity !
Also, the article's standard of written English is appalling -- it seems highly likely that the writer's first language is NOT English !

Desired outcome: Immediately delete this article and NEVER publish such rubbish again.

Yahoo! - Yahoo (Fake/Biased) News

re: Beth Ann Mayer's October 22, 2021 biased/Fake news piece. Yahoo DOES NOT provide a safe and engaging place, ...rather a fascist, Woke place that promotes the pluralist ideas of the Regressive Left. Breastmilk is not a static fluid, contains Stem Cells and more than 300 separate ingredients, including advanced immunity protection, progenitor cells, lactocytes, and myoepithelial cells. . Did you know that nursing moms produce much richer breast milk for their sons than for daughters?

Desired outcome: Remove Yahoo's biased, cancel culture suspended comments.

Oct 22, 2021

Yahoo! - search for best men's flannel shirts

This morning, I was taking the advice of many to start my holiday shopping.
Wanting to get my husband and possibly others a "good" flannel shirt, I did some searches for 'Best names or brands of flannel shirts", and came across this advertisement for "[censored]ing Awesome heavy flannel overskirt". This appears on the Yahoo page. Above it is a advertisement for their website.
I clicked on the website, and nowhere do I see "[censored]ing Awesome heavy flannel overskirt".
That led me to believe this is a Yahoo problem.

Desired outcome: Take off the word "Fucking", of Fucking Awesome heavy flannel overshirt. When I go to the website, the word "fucking" isn't there.

Yahoo! - Invasion of my contacts using my email

Someone violated my e-mails and sent all my contacts e-mails stating I needed help and to please contact me, it was a forge e-mail for them to respond it them requested gift cards so I could buy gifts for my children. I received several phone calls from friends that knew I would not do this. I am concerned about others. How do I stop this or what should I do.
1. should I change my e-mail
2. how do I send an e-mail to all my contacts notifying them of the scam.
I would appreciate your help.
Thank you
Pat Kosanovich
pat. [protected]


Yahoo! - News spy ad

In my research i have found out that the news spy ad is a csam." they say its a game changer", it is not "they say you can make money with bitcoin" this is also a csam.
There are non clickable links, you can not click on the links this is on the telegraph news pluse five other.
"They say you can make millions online on it" its a rip off, it sounds go but it is utter rubish.
The man called robert w but calls him self simon who actually prevents cross contamination in the kitchen, they are all fake and the seconperson as been on scams before.
And to put sean connerys name and photo on there ad is very disrespectful of a dead holywood actor, is ad must be removed now

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