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Yahoo! / sign in for yahoo mail

Lisa bradfiel on May 23, 2017
I have a verification page that comes up. It aka for my phone number or email. Then it wants to send me a verification code. I neither want this out need this. It is annoying, frustration and unnecessary for me to have this. Three is no obvious way out direction on how to stop it. I've any...

Yahoo! / yahoo mail account charcherdrew2@yahoo.com

chuck cosby on May 23, 2017
For decades, I’ve used my Yahoo mail account (@Charcherdrew2@yahoo.com) for business and personal use without any issue, however, recently something or someone has fraudulently flagged and accused this account of being a spam account! I often use this account to challenge bias News reporting...

Yahoo - Shaan_jhrsignyahoo.com / email

shaan38 on May 22, 2017
Dear Sir/Mam I got email from yahoo team there was mention some one trying to access my email from United state and successful login but that was not me, please take necessary action against him because they trying to hack my email ID what they have intention i don't know they trying...

Yahoo / yahoo mail

HeritageRailUK on May 22, 2017
I was trying to check my emails on mbjmbj@sky.com it uses yahoo and it continually logged me into a cjalbion@sky.com and I tried to not log into that but it continually wouldn't let me log into my account I don't know why this is very disruptive to my daily life and am not pleased at yahoo...

Yahoo! / entire website and homepage

WVwoman on May 19, 2017
To whom it may concern, For years, I kept Yahoo as my homepage. However, when you decided to launch the "new and improved" site, I did not like it. I complained and, of course, nothing happened. You kept the "new and improved" look but it was not user friendly. So, I decided to just use...

Yahoo! / yahoo mail

Claire Ellis on May 18, 2017
Someone has changed my password on my email account i have had tbe same email for years, it keeps telling me invalid and when i press dont know password it has my old phone number on it so cant do it that way because i dont have access to this number anymore, and my security questions are...

Pc comet@yahoo.Com / yahoo mail freezing

Panda Walker on May 12, 2017
When using yahoo mail I get the message waiting for pc comet@yahoo.comanod my e mail promptly freezes and therefore I have to come of line and then on again and I have found as indeed it seem severely thousand others have as well that if you hit the x above the blank advert box that...

Yahoo! / unauthorised yahoo email info displayed

Liza Arifin on May 9, 2017
Date: 10 May 2017 Details: Unauthorised info display Email: liza@atsb.my Mobile: +6281808470140 Phone: (417)8855180 All the details above are incorrect. The email used to be my previous employment a year ago. I'm working with different company now. The phone numbers are foreign numbers that...

Yahoo! / yahoo portfolios uk

andrew barton on May 9, 2017
You have changed the page of the yahoo portfolios and now it is mixing up displays in pounds, pence and dollars. The system no longer makes any sense and is almost impossible to read. You need to take the complaints you are receiving seriously and take action immediatley to rectify the...

Yahoo! / prolonged reliance on google chrome to launch password

waaelzy on May 9, 2017
I have been using waaelz@yahoo.com for years and the prolonged reliance on google chrome to automatically launch the computer-saved password has led to me writing it manually on screen incorrectly. I have answered the 1st verification question correctly and the 2nd wrongly, and hence I now...

Yahoo! / Yahoo mail

Aqg on May 8, 2017
I recently change my cellphone because I lost my old one and lost acces to my email because of my password I'll try to change password but it ask me for my old phone number to receive acces code but I don't have acces to that number I call tech support and the first guy tell me to pay $100...

Yahoo! / yahoo mail

Kar2 on May 7, 2017
have not been able to access any of my 3 yahoo accounts for 4 days now... outage map shows that my area has been having problems for a while (Atascadero CA) any idea when this will be fixed? I've been to a lot of forums over the last few days trying to get help, to no avail... and I am not...

Yahoo! / poor performance with windows 10

oohayaz69 on May 7, 2017
Crappy choppy poor performance every time I try to access Yahoo. Considering closing my account and going elsewhere. It is very annoying to have to restore yahoo over and over again, stalling and phistering. Can't you do better than that? And no I don't want to switch to Chrome so stop...

Yahoo / Emails attaching and being viewed not by recipients

Nicki Mcleay on May 6, 2017
Hello- I have recently sent an email to clients offering discounted rate. I then composed an email to another client and sent it...on returning to yahoo I could see that the two emails have attached themselves...therefore the two separate recipients of my emails will be able to read what I...

Yahoo / Yahoo mail

Abigail Foley on May 5, 2017
I absolutely definitely do not like this "upgrade" you have provided to cover your ### after the crap security you have allegedly had for YEARS. The new system is RUBBISH. I despise nearly all forms of online sh★t but In this day & age, one might as well be nearly dead...

Yahoo / Scam emails from masked yahoo accounts

Larry Knox on May 4, 2017
I get tons of bogus /scam emails from various yahoo accounts like one With display name Rachel's Health Tips but sending address is really jaralenotossiept244@yahoo.com. I mark them all as spam and block them but they keep coming from new yahoo accounts. Some even advertising illegal...

Yahoo! / horrible constant captive animal videos on yahoo mail

karenw182 on May 3, 2017
I do not wntor choosthose videos that you insist on binging up on my mail page. I assume the reason it's nearly always cptive or performing animals is because your Chinese CEO likes that sort of thing. This is a world tying to end this not encourage it. I havebeen a loyal yahoo customer...

Yahoo / fixing my unsecure page complaint

thefordman67 on May 3, 2017
on the 12th of april 2017 i contancted yahoo by phone complaining about my unsecure page warning .it was mac brown whom tryed for 3 hours and charged me 220 dollars and used 20% of my 3gigs data. 220 was for instaling a norton anti viris pack which is only 64 dollars.well after letting...

Yahoo! / Fraudulent ads on yahoo email account

Malati Dasi on Apr 29, 2017
On April 16, 2017 while I'm on my yahoo email account I saw an ad for sample products . I bought 2 each for $4.95. I received a receipt telling me that I'll receive them on April 21, 2017. It's already 29 April now here in Australia and have not received them yet. The transaction detail...

Yahoo / yahoo mail

Louis Pugsley Birch on Apr 29, 2017
I have not been able to access my Yahoo Mail account for almost four days. I was locked out on the night of the 25/04/2017, the following day I followed all the trouble shooting recommendations, I have tried different computers, different browsers but I still could not log in. That morning I...

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