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An individual with a significant mental disorder has been cyberattacking our family members, including my 6 year old granddaughter. I have been able to have most of these posts removed through cooperation from the websites involved. However, there is one that appears on the 1st page of Google search, under my name, (in 3rd or 4th position), which still remains and is very problematic. The site administrators of have ignored my requests for removal of this post, even though it violates several of the site's policies, such as the non use of personal names, and the banning of defamation. I have made many requests to Google for removal, but they keep on responding that "even they removed it, it would still appear on the website". However, it would be fine if it still appears on the website in question, since has no relationship with what I do. It's just a forum for emotional complaints, most of which are nonsensical.

What is more important is that this post is removed as it impacts on my reputation as a therapist; it impacts on the reputation of my practice: Long Island Therapy Center; and it impacts on the reputation of my daughter, Stephanie, as this post refers to her as a slut (my daughter works works as a teacher and is the mother of a young child. Please help to get this post removed:

Warning: Chantal Beaudeau and Stephanie Beaudeau are Fake Therapists

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Be aware that there are two scammers posing as "therapists." They are Chantal Beaudeau and Stephanie Beaudeau. They managed to get fake medical IDs and started a practice called Long Island Therapy Center, Mind at Ease. Friends of mine went there with their kids and were shocked by the level of unprofessionalism. The place looked like a crackhouse. Chantal would ask people to repeat themselves and also she yelled at young kids. Her daughter Stephanie Beaudeau is known to be a very sleazy dressed woman. I'd rather not say what I think she does for a living, but I think people can figure it out when she wears miniskirts and stands on the street corner.

This website informs people in the Queens area to avoid Chantal and Stephanie Beaudeau:

Claimed loss: The reputation of Chantal Beaudeau, Stephanie Beaudeau and Long Island Therapy Center (Mind at Ease)

Desired outcome: Please request that Google remove this post from its search engine.

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Mar 13, 2024 11:07 pm EDT
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I have same issue, they are so bad, and push you to your limits.

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Dec 15, 2023 4:16 pm EST
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even if google removes it, when the algarythum rescans for the search results it will repopulate the erased data because that website still has the information. you could try talking to the host of the website and explain to them what is going on. they should be able to help you.

as for google they cant control what is posted on non google locations like that forum. all they can do is erase the data cached in their servers [only to be restored by the next search that sets off that site to show up].

at least that is how i understand about how a search engine works.