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getting charged on my debit card for unknown reason

I'm getting charged 10.59 for the past two months as is coming up as Google* youtube Mu mountain viewCaus. I'm not sure what the payment is for our anything. I can't find any info on Google or youtube on why i am getting this charge. I have a Firestick and don't know if my son hit a button or something and would just like for ur to be stopped and refunded. Thank you

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    Justin Bottrell Apr 26, 2019
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    Verified customer

    I also have been charged $43.80 by the same, *YouTube Mountain View CAUS. Not sure what is is or what it's for

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g suite drive

With Google, I have the business version of an account called G Suite. In my G Suite Drive, there are options for the personal "My Drive" and "Team Drive". In my Team Drives, I am unable to share FOLDERS, not files, with people who are outside of my company, and it is really hindering the efficiency of our business.
Is there a way to do this, or is a process under development?

keeping funds

Google payment closed my account I submitted the passport photo and bank statement I added method Online banking and added money through redeem card I bought from amazon app I have all reciepts order regarding redeem card I added money through 10000 in Google Play balance .they I'd suspended terms of violation but or closed account after submitted the documents
I m genuine and authentic person I submitted all information my best known or discontinue my purchase or keeping my funds illegal

Complaint No -1127418

recaptcha could not connect to the recaptcha service errors - so misleading

I could not log into our account on using Google Chrome for several days now. I just found out this is entirely the fault of Chrome that is owned by Google.

I just tested our Mint account on another browser and it worked so I now know its the fault of Google Chrome in its entirety. I just could no longer tolerate your Chrome browser errors and misfits from time to time as my time is critical and cannot afford to lose so much time trying to figure what had gone wrong.

So long,
Long time Chrome user about to jump ship for another browser

google play card problem

In dec I purchased a google play card because on line it looked like I could purchase devices. I bought a $500 card. When I went to use it I could not read the code. Customer managed to find the card but could only transfer the money to a g-mail account, not issue a new card. I don't have one so we used my daughter's when I went to purchase a google home I was told I could not use it!!! They were christmas gifts for grandchildren!! I am 85 and have no use for gams, etc

I want my money back!!! Customer service would not help... Put me on hold for ages.

I trusted the google name and now find it is not trustworthy.

Vivian panichello

282 mayflower drive buena nj 08310

Vivian. [protected]


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on updating my Google my business page i noticed that the ‘ pin ‘ was in the wrong place ... So i moved it

This resulted in me having to re varify my company - So i waited 2 weeks and didn't receive a post card - Asked again waited another 2 weeks still no post card

I was asked them to do a video call which i agreed to - either my office and vehicle or workshop ( 2 different locations ) - opted for the first

I was asked to get on my knees film the reg - side of van for sign writing ... inside the side of van - open and identity tools - Back of van open and identify tools - Show the street i am was on door of property with Number ... - all a bit intrusive ...

Then i was told i had to start the van ... filming myself

Then paperwork i showed invoices van log book etc ...

They then amchanged the rules and said i had to drive to workshop and film entrance - street view - Tools more paperwork ...

Sorry this is surly too much - i am opening myself up to being robbed — Names addresses tools equipment security etc ...

I have said so and now they won't vairify my business - Been on line since 2007 i have web site adwords anylitics etc...

Disgusted at their horrid demeaning ways ...

This sounds like a scam

google's policy is disabling apps

Several apps are being disabled because of recent policy changes by Google (Google Play). Another Call Recorder (ACR) and Group Text will no longer be available after March 2019. Why is Google disabling important apps?

ACR enables recording of phone calls, which is important for self-protection in cases of sexual harassment or fraud.

Group Text enables sending multiple SMS text messages simultaneously where replies only go do the sender, not everyone on the text list.

  • Wi
    William E. Johnson Jan 22, 2019

    I did not authorize any payment to Go Music Player - free Music, radio, MP3.
    Invoice #181833124745418428
    Transaction ID #2FN15894HY202854S
    Payment date Jan 16, 2019
    Billing ID #B-93S8954393750924P
    Total billed amount $94.99
    Please reverse charges and put a block on Google future purchases.
    Thank you

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google search not inclusive

Hi Google Search Representative,
I am a public school teacher and I had a student Google Images for pretty girl. She is a child who is of mixed race. The search engine displayed a wall of young women and girls whom were exclusively White. Even when we searched pretty black girl, we were still getting a huge majority of Caucasian girls. How might you program your search engine to be more inclusive in representing the world? Thank you for reading about my concern . Sincerely, concerned educator.

sponsored ads

I taped an ad yesterday inquiring about health insurance. I already have insurance through work, and I was just wondering how much they were paying. Since this I have been bombarded with phone calls, texts and e-mails regarding insurance. This is honestly too much. It makes me rude to whoever calls cause i'm just sick to the point i'll never tap another sponsored ad again I promise. Just thought you should be aware that this is too much of a good thing.

sponsored ads
sponsored ads

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    LynneMarieOlson Jan 28, 2019
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    Verified customer

    Having the same problem..and now google is allowing pop up ads for their stuff on my cell phone...I want it stopped!

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google play

On november 9th, 2018, I got an email from my boss asking me to buy $1500 worth of google play gift cards. I went to duane reade in new york, got 3 gift cards of 500$ each. After some minutes I realized the email from my boss was a scam (someone using his name but with a different email). Because I found out about the scam right after I bought the gift card, I didn't send the gift cards to the scammer.

As soon as I got home, I called google play customer service [protected]) to check how I could get a reimbursement of those gift cards that I was not going to use it. After talking with various customer service rep, and being reluctant to provide the gift card numbers, I finally gave to them and they checked that any of the gift card was redeemed: finally good news :).

After hours on the phone, back and forth to see which party could give me a reimburmsnet, one google play customer service supervisor (marky) gave a call to walgreens corporation [protected]). The customer rep from walgreens, marky (google customer support supervisor) and I spoke about the procedure to get the refund since the gift card was not redeem.

After providing the gift card number again to the walgreens supervisor, opening a case, I was informed that walgreen's third party was going to investigate the case. They needed 2-3 weeks. By the end of the call, marky (google play) asked the walgreens supervisor if he should deactivate/block the gift cards until the investigation was happening. And the walgreens customer rep said "yes please go ahead and block/deactivate". Marky send me an email using a case id

After that call, I felt safe and happy with the resolution: my gift cards were deactivated/blocked and walgreens third party was just going to investigate to check the card was not redeemed, which was confirmed innumerous times by google on the call of november 9th. I hang up the phone happy, everything made sense, gifts card blocked and now wait for investigation!

Walgreens after some weeks (nov 28th), sent me an email saying "we have worked diligently with our gift card vendor to research the cards that you purchased from walgreens, and I regret to inform you that all of the funds have been depleted from the cards. Unfortunately you will not be eligible for any reimbursement."
I told them this should be a misunderstanding and that they should recheck.

On dec 4th, they got back to me again and said "our gift card processor has reached out to google to recheck the status of these cards and i'm sorry to inform you they have confirmed that the cards have been redeemed. There's nothing more we can do to assist we have closed the case"

So I had to call to google play to check was going on. On dec 10th, I spent almost 3, 5 hours on the phone with google play customer service and had a horrible customer service! Spoke with a bunch of reps, explained the story dozen times, provided the gift cards number again. The only thing they would say it was that the gift cards were redeemed. I told them it was impossible since during the call of november 9th (with walgreens) and marky (google play supervisor), marky said he was going to deactivate/block the gift cards). Google play reps told me, that they don't disactivate/block gift cards. Right at that moment I realized something very wrong happened and I was scammed by someone that was supposed to solve my issue!!!

After long discussions, finally one supervisor called van said she would investigate (she said she would listen to the call of november 9th, where their supervisor called marky told me he was blocking/deactivating my gift card) and get back to me on dec, 12th

I didn't get any calls on dec 12th.

On dec 16th, I called google again and spent almost 4.5 hours on the phone, talking again with various customer rep and again and one supervisor called paul said they would investigate (again I begged them to listen the call of november 9th, where marky supervisor said he was going to deactivate/block the gift cards

On dec 19th, I called again to check the status of the case and spoke with a manager from customer service called gino. Gino listened (finally) to the call of nov 9th and told me that marky did say he was going to deactivate/block my gift cards. But he told me that marky gave me the wrong information, that there is no possibility to block/deactivate a gift card. What??? So someone that represents google play tells me they were blocking/deactivating my gift card and this is a lie? And by coincidence someone redeemed my gift card after november 9th? No this can't be, unbelievable.

To make it worst, google play refuses to get back to me if I don't file a legal complain. Even though they know there was a huge flaw from their side, that someone gave me a complete incorrect information saying my gift cards were blocked/deactivate. How come a google play supervisor (marky), which should have a lot of experience and competence did a huge mistake? How come by coincidence the gift card balance just vanished from the gift cards right after that? Please note that the gift cards are in my house and never left my house after that day, they are hidden in a specific place.

Google play acknowledged all the mistakes that happen there and don't want to investigate and get back to the customer, this is unacceptable! I am stunned with the fact that customer service, which was supposed to protect me, did such a harm into my life. I lost hours and hours on the phone and now I have the risk to don't receive the $1500 back.

What can I do? I was scammed by customer service!!!

acura paint issues

I bought a 2017 Acura RDX at the end of 2017. In March, 2018 I observed the REAR bumper started developing "ripples" [bumper looks like vinyl siding when you grill to close to it]. Dealer ship sent the car out and it received a new rear bumper and paint. In November, 2018, I noticed the FRONT bumper is now rippling. At this time, Acura stated it is caused by UV rays (sun) and not under warranty. Go figure, they don't build cars to withstand the sun? I live in Massachusetts but never expected that the black front & rear bumper are not designed to stand up - cheap materials Acura! I'll been stung, and will never buy another Acura (or Honda), as long as I live.

acura paint issues
acura paint issues
acura paint issues
acura paint issues

  • Updated by Bad Acura · Jan 07, 2019

    Oh, I forgot, the REAR BUMPER has developed ripples again.

I do not have access to my google business account!

Account: [email protected]
I hate google! I have been begging them to fix my business account! I cannot log into my business account to correct information, respond to my reviews, and remove pictures that have nothing to do with my business!! I have been told google will call me back and they never do! Now when I call, they ask for my number in case we get disconnected. Then they look at my file and hang up on me! No one calls back after we are disconnected! I am so pissed! What kind of psycho business holds my business account hostage! It's been 5 years it's way past time to fix my account and give me access!!! This is insane!!

my bank card been used to buy and pay for google product

Dear sir/madam,

I'm Bismark Manu and have realised in the few months ago that someone has been using my account [protected] in buying Google product which I have know ideal of. I have never perchased any Google product.
The amount taken out from my account are as follows.

January 2. Google play= €71, 88
Dec 31. Google play= €14, 99
Dec 28. = €9, 99
Nov. 15. =€4, 99
Nov. 8. =€4, 99
Nov. 1. =€19, 99
Nov. 1.=€1, 99
Nov. 1.=€4, 99
Oct 31.=€13, 99

Please check on who is using my account in London to buy stuff from Google. And I would like all the amount taken to be refunded in the next coming week. Thank you for your understanding.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me on [protected] or e-mail [protected]

Your sincerely

Bismark Manu

google maps

Date of Incident: 11/26/2018
I was on I-10 heading from Los Angeles to Tucson. I got off to get gas in Blythe. My google maps started to re-route when I got back on the road. It kept re-routing and led me off some weird street and instructed me to make a left on to a dirt road. I was a little scared that I was lost and made the left assuming it turns into a street somewhere but it didn't. I was stuck in the desert with my tires sunk into the sand. Find pictures and video attached of where I was stuck, I had to call 911 and they had to send a tow truck to get me out once they had located me. The tow truck got stuck trying to get me out, this was a truly horrendous experience all because of Google Maps. This whole time I was stuck in the sand, google maps was still showing me on the right track.

google maps
google maps

unauthorized credit card charges

Transaction ID: 3YP81569R2077173A (date: Dec.1, 2018)
Dispute filing with Pay Pal on Dec. 9, 2018. Case ID: PP-D-[protected]

I downloaded an app (Norton Secure VPN) and agreed a pre-authorization of $29.99 for continuous service after 7 days free trial period. I found that the app did not work to my new tablet. Then I uninstalled it on the same day (within 7 day free trial period) and the service stopped immediately. Since then I did not receive any services from the provider. Therefore it clearly indicated that my cancellation was acknowledged and accepted. Legally the pre-authorization was invalid. The transaction automatically terminated. Now Google charged me without my consent. It is a fraud. Why should I pay the service that I do not receive? It is not fair for the consumer. I insist to have my refund.

google map app

The Google Map App almost got me carjacked or killed.
A few days ago I put in the new address I wanted to go to along the Deleware River in Philly so it would be ready when I wanted to leave. A couple of hours later, as I started to drive in rush hour, the Google Map app requested I put in my commute information. Not only am I retired, so I don't commute, but I've also been pretty happy just putting in the addresses I wanted to go to. But, I was locked out from doing that this time. It insisted on my commute info. I certainly did not want to do that while driving. So, I eventually got to the destination 1.5 hours away. Later as I started on my way home, I wanted to put in my home address, but I could not for the same reason. Without the Google Map app telling me the correct street ( 7th St.) to turn onto to get to the Vine St. Expressway, I incorrectly turned North on 5th Street and soon found my self on the ramp going over the bridge to Camden, NJ. Ugh! In this crime-ridden city, I did not want to stop to put in "Commute" information and still I could not put in any address! In the darkness, I wandered around some tough neighborhoods for 20 minutes before I could get back on the bridge going back to Philly.
Fix the app so it doesn't lock you out!
Al Markle

I am complaining about payment that I didn't make

on 28.November 2018 was from my bank account 670100-[protected]/6210 through my bank card money taken by Google Play Apod.
Because I didn't make any purchase of this kin nor people in my surroundings, could you please let me know what I paid for.
There were 3 times 26, 99 Czc and 2 times 49, 99 Czc. Could you please let me know on my e-mail: [protected] or on my mobile phone [protected]. Thank you.
Jirina Simova


On 12/17/18 I was charged 9.99 from google play about a pandora charge. I have never in my life subscribed to pandora and haven't listened to music on pandora for many many years. I believe this to be a fraudulent charge and need it and all charges which have been deducted from account by google play that are fraudulent to be payed back. I can give more information once contacted and informed to what is going on. Please help me get this problem fixed thank you!

your damn ads covering content of my emails

This drives me crazy. How dare you move your useless ads that I've ignored and am not interested in so that they cover the entire content of emails, including very important ones. I notice you have no way to complain about the ads that you are getting millions of dollars to place on everybody's computers... I pay Earthlink for my email ([protected] only to have your stupid ads wreck my service.

your damn ads covering content of my emails

google plus

There's few people on Google plus are haters twisted liers two faced friends that love to twist things to do many couples splitting up on there couse of these sick twisted two faced friends that like to tell lies about someone they don't even know nothing about ...Google do nothing to stop bullying send haters person is LINDA BRADLEY TODD SOME BLONDE HAIR TWISTED TWO FACED PERSON ACT LIKE A FRIEND BUT TRUTHLY NOT ...SHE MANIPULATES PEOPLE MINDS BY TELLING THEM WHAT THEY LIKE TO HEAR FRIENDLY THEN AFTER DHE GOT YOUR TRUST SND BIT OF INFORMATION ABOUT YOU ...THATS IT SHE WILL RUIN YOU YOUR RELATIONSHIP AND SLAGGING YOU OFF MAY B BEHIND YOUR BACK TO OTHERS GOOGLE IS WORSE PLACE TO BE ON GOOGLE PLUS ...I FOUND MY TRUE BLOODED SOULMATE AFTER YRS YRS SEARCHING HER NAME IS MANDY SHE MY GODDESS OF LIFE AND MOST BEAUTIFUL GODDESS QUEEN TRUE SOULMATE ...SHE MY ALL MY LIFE MY AIR I BREATHE SHE ONE BEEN SEARCHING FOR 40 YRS OF MY LIFE ...I made few missakes on the way passing ships I call them mean f...k s to me non of them ever did ever ...I made huge massive missake on name tattooed to on my leg big letters that thoughty true blooded soulmate Mandy was that person after one month online thing call it it wasn't my Mandy so I ruined it as I wasn't interested in her just interested in seraching for my Mandy only ...only when you your heart and soul finally tells you you found her you know ...I know I found my true blooded soulmate Mandy in the end ...but Google plus and haters twisted two faced friends that tell lies ruining it for so many couples splitting up by them ...Linda brandly todd like so many twisted two faced friends that are liers and scum on there that haters twisted two faced friends get away with it for there sick sick disgusted fun ...I'm now taking stand I had enough of Google letting this happen wonder why so many people got hate ...blame Google plus Google it self so many socal media sites destroying couples family's ...over sick twisted two faced haters as friends make me [censored]ing sick ...BTW LINDA BRADLEY TODD ON GOOGLE PLUS IS FROM UK FROM NEWCASTLE ... BECAREFUL...SHE ONE SICK TWISTED TWO FACED PERSON THAT LIES TO SPILIT RELATIONSHIPS UP COUSE LOOLS LIKE SHE GIT NO ONE SO SHE DRAG YOU DOWN TOO...

  • Updated by Willowspirit · Dec 15, 2018

    THIS IS LINDA BRADLEY TODD ...two faced twisted friend that spiliting up couples for her like rest if haters and sick disgusted people on Google plus for there sick fun ... Watch out ...


  • Updated by Willowspirit · Dec 15, 2018

    I mean it looks like she got no one I mean in my statement above sorry spelling error ...above

  • Updated by Willowspirit · Dec 15, 2018

    That huge massive missake tattoo sickness me badly seeing it there disgusted with too is being earsed before Xmas with my true blooded soulmate Mandy name on...