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+1 615 855 5775(Paid Advertising Inquiries) 1 4
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Dollar General Complaints & Reviews

Dollar General / Poor customer service, manager so rude, and store looks very messy, halls full of boxes, worst store ever

Rociio on Aug 21, 2017
This morning i went to buy 2 items and i had really bad experience, cashiet was new and he dindn't know the register, manager took so long to respond when he asked for help, they were over charging me for this 2 items and manager was rude all the time. At the end i showed her that it wa...

Dollar General / drug using scamming cashier

Samandshay on Aug 21, 2017
I like using the $5 off coupon, so I went right before closing saturday night. As soon as I walked in the cashier ask if I was paying in cash or using a card. I told her cash. When I got to the check out, another lady approached me asking if she could use her dollar general card to pay for...

Dollar General / manager and other associate

Tiffany Treadaway on Aug 20, 2017
I was in Dollar General this evening, and I was going to purchase three bottles of the $1 Gain laundry detergent. I have been known at this Dollar General to occasionally use coupons, however today I was not. I just needed laundry soap! The manager of Ingomar, MS 38652, Jane, copped an...

Dollar General / refunds not right

Pat Miller on Aug 20, 2017
i purchased item in Plain City Ohio., didnt fit right., took them to marysville ohio store for a return., well I paid $6.00 for a pair of sandels., but only got back $4.50 at the Marysville Ohio store.. manager said there wasnt anything she could do., I lost $1.50 plus taxs on that...

Dollar General / service

Sheilakeyes on Aug 20, 2017
Went to Dollar general market 2411 Jefferson ave, Athens Ga 30607. Took one tide liquid to the register for price check to see which tide was on sale. There was no sales price up on the shelves. Took one tide simply up to the register for price check after standing on line for at least...

Dollar General / customer servicer/manger kate/ over pricing

JessicaFaz on Aug 20, 2017
I've been to this Dollar General Store and had been treated with respect and help. I was very unset today was treated so disrespectful by a manger Kate at Store # 03193. I was not honoured most of my MFGs neither of my 5off25. I feel so cheated and will make my returns tomorrow. I wa...

Dollar General / 4x $3.00 off next visit

Paulette naples on Aug 19, 2017
i shop once a month at the dollar general on wyoming ave, kingston, p.a. i shop at this store because id rather give my business to a local store then the big box stores. once a month i could spend between 200 to 300 per month. i take advantage to try to save as much as i can being on a...

Dollar General / employee/manager

Bronl J Jeffrey on Aug 19, 2017
I am a regular customer of dollar general. The other day I stopped into a new store in my town, North Fort Myers, to give it a try. This was my 2nd visit to this store. The guy working there had horrible hygeine. I looked past it first time but 3 days later shopped there again. Thi...

Dollar General / very rude manager

Stone99 on Aug 19, 2017
While visiting gulf shores, I went into dollar general store #14179. The manger of this store, Tammy, was very rude and unprofessional. I asked her for help locating a few items to which she replied "we ain't got that" and walked away. I proceeded to shop and found every thing I wa...

Dollar General / employee named jessica

Madmenheer on Aug 19, 2017
We came into dollar general in Coleman and there was a new girl who had just started, day two. I asked if she knew how to blow up the balloons for my sons birthday party, she replied with she was knew but she would have the other employee help us. She had just walked out for a break... the...

Dollar General / disrespectful manager/ makes threats towards me/ treats me like dirt

Dissappointed shopper on Aug 19, 2017
The Dollar General store # 13858 located on 800 Danielsville Rd Athens, Ga 30601, is our neighborhood store, my husband and I shop here atleast once a day. Sometimes multiple times daily since we only live a half a mile away. Every employee in there knows us and they are very friendly and...

Dollar General / dm

Fd1 on Aug 18, 2017
The district manager of the anadarko Oklahoma store came in family dollar trying to get me to move to her new store here and was very unprofessional. She was bad mouthing my dm and a manager from our district and the company as a whole. I would never switch especially with her running the...

Dollar General / manager, kayla

careyplumbing on Aug 18, 2017
I was in the store located at 1545 US1 in Ormond Beach, Florida this morning and the manager was extremely rude, not only to the customers but also to her fellow employee's. This made me and everyone else in the store very uncomfortable. I do not think you should have someone with such a...

Dollar General / store closes way before they are supposed to at 11 pm

Laurcrosb on Aug 17, 2017
Every night they are closing between 10.45pm and 10.55 pm for people like me who work second shift can't get there except between those times and I live in the pure country so the nearest store would be 45 min drive it's so agitating could you please talk to them because sometimes I don't...

Dollar General / our corporate lack of common sense and decency

Robert Nash on Aug 17, 2017
In work at the dollar general in madisonville, Texas store 9517 I haven't been here long but we have the most hard working manager that I have ever come across he gives his heart and soul to this store and literally his blood, sweat and tears. In every since of the word and I come to work...

Dollar General / rude employee

Vicki0414 on Aug 16, 2017
No one was at the register when we went to pay out, we waited for at least 5 mins or more. When she finally showed Up, she was on the phone and didn't get off while scanning items. Told me my amount, I slid my card and went to walk out and she made the remark that the payment wasn't done...

Dollar General / rudeness and empty shelves

Judy Frye on Aug 16, 2017
The store in Brady, Tx. There is new management. He is nothing like the old manager. She was friendly and helpful. I attempted to talk to him about not having his shelves stocked. He walked away like he did not hear me. The checker was rude when I tried to tell her my problem. The store i...

Dollar General / sales person at store #14321

Marybyc on Aug 16, 2017
While in the White Lake for the fifth time this week, my young granddaughter knocked down a cardboard display of dial products. When I explained to the cashier what happened she made a face at me! Input my items down on the counter and fixed the display and put all the items back in place. I...

Dollar General / coupon favoritism

Jaky08 on Aug 16, 2017
Hello my name is jacquelinee and I would like to make a complain on dollar general. The store number is 14787 the address is 505 e expressway 83 Sullivan city tx. I have been going to this store almost everyday and trying to use my coupons but the employees only take out products to certain...

Dollar General / manager jessica

Stephanie8913 on Aug 15, 2017
This manager plays favorites with her employees. I told her when I was hired on 3 weeks ago that I was going out of town at the end of this month for my wedding anniversary. She said that was fine and she put me on the schedule for two of those days anyways. When I contacted her to inform...

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