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Dollar General Complaints & Reviews

Dollar General / Store Manager LaKetra Reeves

Camesha Hughes on Oct 23, 2017
The store manager LaKetra Reeves is never there and items are never on the shelves..LaKetra mouth is very rude to customers and always getting smart the customers...LaKetra has her mother n law working there and her name is Daphne Brown...This store manager needs to be gone and the store...

Dollar General / Abuse of authority

Tameka Smith on Oct 23, 2017
I was employed there almost a year store manager keep cutting my hours for no reason. I could only work days so he cut my hours he aloud certain workers to miss to day almost every week. He had a assistant manager that only wants to work days. I have all my text with communication with...

Dollar General / Abingdon, Il store

Debla on Oct 23, 2017
This is a very small town and we are very lucky to have your store here, but our store is going down hill fast! There shelves are damn near empty most of the time! I shopped yesterday for sale items and was not able to get any of them! There's a new manager there, whom I've never seen...

Dollar General / dollar general retention pond

andrea young on Oct 23, 2017
My complaint with dollar general is that you all put an retention pond right next to houses. And it's not being keep up. Grass high, trash all in it and now snakes or coming in our yard. This month I have killed 3 snakes. Not just any snakes. Water moccasins. And I have little kids around...

Dollar General / expired product on the shelf

Christinah77 on Oct 22, 2017
Back in may 2017 I noticed expired parm cheese on the shelf I did not have a basket just ran in for 1 or 2 things. I told the cashier ( I don't think she works there anymore she was the nicest one there ) she told the manager who said well did she bring them up here. Well no. So today I...

Dollar General / service

MariaAnn on Oct 22, 2017
I have been shopping at the dollar general for at least the past 9 years. Lately every time I have shopped there there is always I guess one of ur employees outside right at the front door smoking. Then to go into the store to shop there is always these big metal cage like objects all over...

Dollar General / Lack of service and care for the store.

Mobbs on Oct 21, 2017
Everytime i go into DG(which is at leat once or twice a week) there is a line of at least 5 people and only 1 checker. The wait is usually 20 minutes or longer. The other staff is no where to be seen or is wandering around the store. Store is always a complete mess with Boxes everywhere. I...

Dollar General / Clearance item signage is not specific on what is clearance. Rude cashier. No manager on site.

Willow Sky Brees on Oct 21, 2017
Garden and lawn clearance had inappropriate or no signage on what's excluded. Was not being given discount on all items taken from one location under sale sign. Cashier then argued with me and was very rude. When i ask to speak to a manager i was told there was not one on site till the...

Dollar General / Service

......1 on Oct 20, 2017
Everytime I enter this Dollar General, I receive horrible service from Bryahna Scott. She is a new worker here. She's always loud, on her phone and unprofessional. Also, she talk about customers that come in. Today, I overheard her talking about time to another co-worker. Also, she told...

Dollar General / The cashier

Shayfowler21 on Oct 20, 2017
I went to the store around 12:00 on my lunch break. I was trying to buy two things but pay for them separate so i could get cash back. The cashier still rung both up at once and got mad when I said it was separate. After everything was done she threw my receipt down on the counter while I...

Dollar General / manager named Ray at the Summerfield fl 34491 location

kane2945 on Oct 20, 2017
I am writing this complaint for multiple reasons. First I'd like to say that the manager there has no business being a manager. As a manager you have the responsibility to set a great example for the employees that are under you and a even bigger responsibility to the customers that shop...

Dollar General / My name is Bryant Russell C.O.O. of Rich State Records

Bryant Russell on Oct 20, 2017
My wife works at Dollar General in China, Tx. Her name is Kimtress Scott she took over this store six months ago a horrible hand down, the store was atleast 2yrs behind a up hill battle which she took in stride. For the last six months she has put in countless hours to get the store right...

Dollar General / Coupons/ My email is cazehudson@gmail.com

Ca Trina Hudson Baker on Oct 20, 2017
I went to the Dollar General Store, a few minutes ago to use my paper coupons. I clipped them from my Sunday's newspaper. I tried to use them with my digital coupons. The lady had an attitude. She scanned the coupon and said very nasty that the coupon isn't working and that it hadn't been...

Dollar General / employee

Tracy Dandridge on Oct 19, 2017
My 42 year old husband went into the store off hwy 78. The employee was a older white hair and glasses. She asked for id which he provided. Due to my husband suffering a ruptured eye with eye problems he did not realize it expired yesterday. Another customer said you can see he is old...

Dollar General / food/workers

leopardprintedheart on Oct 19, 2017
The snacks they sell at the Dollar General in Mission, Tx located at 1700 E Griffin parkway are always expired. Even the baby snacks. I’m so tired of always getting or finding expired food here. On another note the workers are very rude, they are not attentive to customers. Two of the ladie...

Dollar General / wrongful termination

teresa gossett on Oct 19, 2017
In the almost 2 years that I worked for Dollar General, I submitted 4 UA's for the company. I was hired for management, but worked my way forward. The first time I was to be a keyholder, I was accused of being high at work. I was not fired, I was demoted. I worked very hard to restore my...

Dollar General / employee

mnewman on Oct 19, 2017
I was at the Dollar General Store on Seneca and 31st in Wichita Ks. There was a magazine there with Trumps picture on it. My husband made a comment to me about, That man could cure cancer people still wouldn't like him. Your cashier decided to let us know that if she had the chance she...

Dollar General / employment

Karla Francois on Oct 19, 2017
My husband applied for a job in the Manchester, ia store. He got an interview and never heard back from them. Since they have no male employees here, it makes it a discrimination case. It is only proper to respond to him. He even called the store and the manager didn't call him back. We...

Dollar General / employee is a con man

Disgruntled1608 on Oct 18, 2017
Employee at 1608 Canal Blvd, Thibodaux, LA is an elitist and a con man. Ask him to do the job that he is paid to do. Stop trying to act like he is an expert on every product the store sells. I don't need his opinion on my decision to buy or not to buy this or that product. In plain and...

Dollar General / customer complaint

ChambersElaine on Oct 18, 2017
the girl is so ugly when you go the store and use coupons .she rang up items the coupons comes off and wont let us use them.it is not just happen today it happens all the time to all people that go in there.i will change and go out of town to dg but not in jarrell. they need to train there...

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