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Dollar General Complaints & Reviews

Dollar General / continued service problems at the pelzer, sc store

Donna Reeves on Feb 19, 2018
This is a very nice store but has steadily gone downhill since they lost a really good manager. Saturday, they seemed to be having problems with their registers/card machines. I waited patiently until it was my turn then walked over to the register that has just completed what seemed to be...

Dollar General / the dollar general store located in peru, ny

Carol Solari on Feb 19, 2018
I am disgusted with the appearance of the Dollar General located in Peru, NY. First of all, the grounds themselves are not attended to and are littered with trash and cigarette butts. Secondly, the interior of the store is a mess. There are items just throw onto shelves particularly in the...

Dollar General / service

Tammp97654 on Feb 18, 2018
I shop your temperance Michigan location and everytime i do they have lines and your customer service is horrible. Example, your managers are rude not friendly.your employees same i went in there other night went to the register no hello then no thank you her name was Teri. This is all the...

Dollar General / assistant manager/ manager

Preston W on Feb 18, 2018
Hi my name is Preston I was recently in the Cuero Texas Dollar General part of the Remodel Team and I just want to start off by saying of all the stores we have been to I have Never had to deal with more rude members of management Saunee the assistant manager of that store is extremely...

Dollar General / unethical treatment by the manager

abbibear23 on Feb 16, 2018
hello my name is Abigail hunter (abbi preferred) i am filling out a complaint form specifically for the dollar general store on wasson rd in big spring tx, the manager, Hilary, is the main problem you'll notice in a dramatic staff change recently. I and three other employees have quit, or...

Dollar General / lack of products

Rainah on Feb 15, 2018
So I went to the Dollar General after work...store #17386 625 International Dr Myrtle Beach SC 29579...just wanted to pick up a relaxer and a few other things...after I picked my items..I went to the hair aisle...I looked and looked..then even walked down two more aisles..the clerk came...

Dollar General / unauthorized credit card charges, unethical employee behavior

Amberjo030610 on Feb 14, 2018
I was charged twice on my cc... Spoke to employee who did so promised a refund spoke mngr ron (n. Muskegon michigan holton rd.) went in to get my money, ron was no longer there and was told by asst. Mngr wes that no in fact I can have gift card since i'm "in there so often" I am a single...

Dollar General / cashier

Foreverwith2 on Feb 13, 2018
On 2-13-18 went to dollar general store # 15474 like I do every tuesday on payday. As I stood in a long line since there was only one reg open and had already let someone go ahead of me since I had a basket full when I finally get to put my items on the counter not once did she speak wa...

Dollar General / kameka washington

Donna3166 on Feb 12, 2018
Very rude employee! She is always on the phone. She is a very rude employee. Doesn't help with any questions you have. She slanders people name with lies and keeps up drama at the store. She seems like she doesn't know how to her job. She has an attitude every time I come in the store. She...

Dollar General / unethical behaviour

lets do it now on Feb 11, 2018
the onsite manager was rude and didnt wanted to speak before taking my money for the items I brought, so finally I spoke and say how are you today. I mention to her that I thought the cashier suppose to speak to the customer first, and I hope the rest of rest of the employees dont act like...

Dollar General / unethical behavior

dizzyme on Feb 10, 2018
On 8/8/2018 we entered the Dollar General store #07820 on Blue Valley Dr. in Bangor Pa., at the register was Diane never greeted the customers upon arrival, we continued to get the few items we needed and approached the register with one older gentleman before us we continued to wait .The...

Dollar General / refund

CRBaehr on Feb 10, 2018
The woman working at dollar general on Sam Houston Jones Parkway in Moss Bluff, La. Is not only rude but also incompetent. I use digital coupons and digital receipts. When I went to get a refund I had my digital receipt pulled up on my phone with the barcode ready to scan. She then tells me...

Dollar General / no concern over the safety of your customers

themom1 on Feb 7, 2018
I live in Athens Mi. you are the only store in our little town, why can't you plow the drive or clean the walk way? I have talked to the manager she say's she called, but was told it can take up to three (3) days to get your plow guy here. Why can't you hire someone local to plow? There are...

Dollar General / the store is closing earlier than supposed to.

SweetAsSuga on Feb 6, 2018
I am sending in a complaint for the dollar general store in ecru, ms #09242. I am a frequent customer so they get a lot of my business and money. I needed to go grab a few quick items while I was in the area tonight an since it was raining just a quick in an out an didn't have hardly any...

Dollar General / store closed at 9:45pm when on the door it says 10 pm

Jlkmo on Feb 6, 2018
Yes I'm making a complaint about the Ecru Mississippi dollar general store they have been closing at 9:45pm instead of the correct store hours at 10:00 pm there has been a lot of customers not happy about that especially me it's always when a rude assistant manager is there named Jessica...

Dollar General / rude managers/employees

Disapointed in TC on Feb 5, 2018
There have been numerous verbal complaints made to this store about their manager & employees unprofessional conduct to their customers. When customers ask about sales not being applied or a customer constructively criticizing their unorganized store, the management or employees will...

Dollar General / clover valley

rob wade on Feb 5, 2018
Today was the second time I have purchased the Clover Valley Root Beer Soda in the 2.5 liter plastic bottle and had it taste and smell SPOILED. It has a mildew smell and taste to it. I have never heard of soda spoiling, but it definitely does not taste like Root Beer soda. I usually love...

Dollar General / bad behavior

Eva Alden on Feb 4, 2018
I used to shop at the Sunsites AZ Dollar General. Seems like when I go in, the Assistant Manager is there and is quite unprofessional. She is rude and will not help you in any way. When she is at the register she is usually talking to someone on her cell phone and not paying attention to...

Dollar General / male employee/manager

None-1 on Feb 4, 2018
My daughter was employed at Dollar General for 2 months and was treated very poorly by one of the male employees there. He made her working there very uncomfortable in that he was very rude and unprofessional. Due to this treatment, she was uncomfortable working with him and came home very...

Dollar General / 4 night employees

Jessica Rangel on Feb 3, 2018
My cousin was assaulted by a cashier named nessa outside the store while my 2 daughter watched nd your other 3 employes watched nd then threaten my 12 yr old daughter. Since when does ur whole night shift employees assault your customers on the clock wearing uniform representing ur store i...

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