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Dollar General reviews & complaints

Dollar General complaints 3327

Dollar General - Manager

I was in and bought 3 -$5.00 games and other stuff. Well, after I got home and discovered that I only had 2 games. I went back in and the girl that checked me out said she knows for sure that she...

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Dollar General - Inappropriate conversations in the work place

This is my second complaint to Dollar General company. I realized that nothing was done about so tells me the company do not care how their customers are treated So on 12/24/2021 my wife was shopping...

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Dollar General - Salesperson cheated me out of $10.00

I have shopped at Dollar Generals for many years and many states, today shopping at DG store #02508 In Guntersville, AL the sales girl shorted me $10, I know I gave her a $20 but she insisted it was a ten. She took her drawer to the back and came back saying it was a ten I gave her, how was I to know what transpired in the back room. She continued to say I gave her a ten. She even pulled up a video which I was able to watch but there was no proof that I gave her a ten. I know I gave her a twenty because when I took out my wallet to pay her, I had two one dollar bills and My bill was $5.64, I thought to myself, I hate to give her a twenty but besides the two ones that was all I had. Maybe she needed the ten more than I did but it is the principle of the transaction. First problem I have ever had with Dollar General, actually it was not with the store but with the Salesgirl and I believe her #is 9272.
Best Regards, Barbara Saulsbury

Jan 14, 2022

Are you the same one who tried to short change me in cross city with this same sob story. You at first tried to say you only had a one twenty on you cause it's the only thing you grabbed out of your glove box so you supposedly knew for a fact that you gave me a twenty, then asked to see the security footage to prove it was a twenty and even though I told you the image wouldn't be good enough to tell what the bill was due to your insistence I walked you back to the office and brought up the footage and you said that was obviously a twenty I still told you it was a ten then you grabbed a wad of about $2k out of your pocket all denominations and pulled out a twenty and said that's a twenty it looks just like this. I said didn't you just tell me a minute ago you could have only given me a twenty cause it's all you had on you at the time.


Dollar General - Service

Ok, So I visited Dollar General @4978 E. Busch Blvd Tampa, Fl, on January 8th 2022 @ about almost 4:30pm. Ok first off the customer service sucks, as always. The shelves are never stocked, looks like...

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Dollar General - Items put on sale — but they change full at register

The store at 6510 north Peoria in Turley Ok. marks things down then charges full price. dog food priced 995 then charge 14 at cashier blue bell ice cream marked down to 7 then charge 8 — this happen...

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Dollar General - Employee

On Jan 1 at 8:53pm I let my wife out at door she needed 2 items so had to hurry. I parked & entered at 8:56 I didn't see her at register yet so I looked down a couple aisles. An employee stated we...

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Dollar General - Heartland farms triple flavor kabobs

Made my dog VERY VERY sick. He threw up multiple times a day, and wouldnt eat or drink. I thought he was going to die. He lost a bunch of weight. Took him 4 to 5 days to pull through. After reading reviews and the back of the bag, i see it was made in china. I tarley biy treats lile this for my dog. I accepted them from someoen else and gave him only one from the bag. He is never out of supervision, so i know it was this treat.

Jan 02, 2022

Might be an underlying condition with your dog and not have anything to do with the treats.

Dollar General - Unethical behavior

I went into the dollar general this first day of January and gathered $56.00 worth of products. The woman there had told me that I needed to used the self checkout in previous visits. I checked out...

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Dollar General - Management extremely rude

Today December 30th 2021, I visited Dollar General Store at 14;40:42 Store number [protected] S Powerline Rd Pompano Beach Florida 33069. Phone number [protected]. After standing in this long line...

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Dollar General - Coalinga, Calif 93210

I have been going to our Dollar General here in Coalinga, Calif. And I can honestly say its filthy and dirty inside and a very unproductive store Manager that is so rude to the people that work for him. I was appalled that the courtesy of this manager has no concept of being professional in front of customers. If there is a issue with a worker he should pull them off the floor. And should worry about cleaning the inside of his store. Or bring in a new manager!

Desired outcome: Clean inside of the store

Dollar General - Poor management at district manager level all the way to store manager

Ok here it goes my wife is s key holder and the store she works at is horrific first the store manager is never there her name is Melanie the assistant manager tonya mills is dating and living with the produce meat manager which is against company policy and Melanie knows it the assistant manager tonya tells employees that my wife who in charge of shifts that the don't have to listen to her she and screams at my wife in front of customers for no reason we contacted Jason the district manager and he did absolutely nothing even though we asked just to watch videos to prove Melanie the manager is never there

Desired outcome: Please contact us you received this

Please help

Dollar General - Inappropriate aggressive associate

MySelf and 2 grandchildren were shopping yesterday evening. After paying for merchandise my grandson needed to use restroom. After he I proceeded to use the facilities with door slightly cracked and...

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Dollar General - Scanning of drivers license.

I visited my local Dollar General and was asked and then informed that they needed to scan my drivers license for age verification.
I refused and then explained why and the dangers of information collecting that can transpire by doing so.
They then refused to sell me my cigarettes which leads me to believe that what DG is doing is highly unethical and most likely introduced to actually collect any information they can from the bar code of the drivers license.
We are a small community and we communicate with each other on a daily basis. I personally will educate my community on why they should not allow this invasion of privacy to all that will listen and collect signatures to eventually come up with a cease and desist writ to present to Dollar General officially.

Desired outcome: Stop with the drivers license scanning immediately. It is unlawful and nefarious.

Dec 31, 2021

it’s not unlawful. don’t like it? don’t go there.

Dec 28, 2021

OP the rules and regulations for the sale of tobacco products differ state by state. it is though in majority of states and companies required you be 18 years old for tobacco and 21 for alcohol. i had some co workers back in 2015 when i worked for a summer camp that where only 15 years old that looked like they were in their 20s. there are also cases where a 21 year old looks young enough to be below 18 years old due to genetics. By asking for ID they are meeting the rules for being permitted to sell tobacco or alcohol in their store. they can only see your age when they scan it. not sure how useful that is unless they spent a long time coping down right in front of you all your ID info in plane sight.

Dec 28, 2021

The only information that is scannable is a birthday. No other information exist in the scannable barcode on the license. So the exact same information is collected.

Dec 28, 2021

Dollar General - 1st dr. decatur il.

I have called in and complained several times over the last few years about this store. This store is miss managed, it is dirty and shelves don't get stocked and everything is left in aisles on carts, this use to be a real nice store 8 years ago, but its not even worth walking into anymore. it never has any buissnes, Some one needs to get involved with fixing this Dollar general or shut it down . this is a good neighborhood and this is the worst store in are area. If action is not taken i am writing a letter to city of Decatur to look into this situation .

thank you
Troy Wilson

Dec 31, 2021

you want a job there? didn’t think so.

Dollar General - true value candle vanilla honey . Daytona Beach fl 32118

to whom it may concern,
I bought the candle listed above last week. I work from home so I have it sitting on my desk in the office and have had it lit while I work, when all of a sudden something popped out of the candle and was on fire . however when I look at it, it was the medal of the wick holder . this is incredibly dangerous i burnt my finger pretty bad trying to get it out. If i had not been right there it could have caught my house on fire. these candles need to be pulled from the shelfs there not safe.

Thank you, Yvonne S


Dec 26, 2021

Dollar General - Condition of Store

The Dollar General store in Macomb, il located at 212 E Calhoun St is dirty and dark and the shelves are always empty. They don't carry the inventory as before. Customers are always having to stand in line for a long time. This summer when you walked into the store the rap music was so loud it hurt your ears! It was a mistake to close the old store located on E Jackson St. It is very sad that smaller surrounding towns have much better Dollar General stores than Macomb. Many of us that live in Macomb travel to Bushnell or Colchester, il., which between 15 - 20 minute drive. Their stores are cleaner and more inviting than the one in Macomb, il. They have more inventory and the help is friendlier. The store that was closed on E Jackson was very similar to the one n Bushnell and Colchester. The store is as good as the store manager is.

Desired outcome: Want the old store back and to be like the one in Bushnell and Colchester, il.


Dollar General - Clutter

The store is in total disarry with stacks of unopened stock blocking almost all the isles..
Shelves are empty or just thrown with stuff with absolutley NO ORGANIZATION whatsoever..
Whoever is the GENERAL MANAGER of this DOLLAR GENERAL store needs to take a closer look at his/her store.
He needs to make sure his employees are doing what they are paid to do...Wait on customers and keep store stocked with merchandise and not blocking the aisles.

Desired outcome: Clear all the isles and stock all the shelves

Dec 26, 2021

Pick 1, do you want the associates to wait on customers or stock the shelves cause both cant be done at the same time when there is only 1 associate.

Dollar General - Unprofessional management

Hello my intention is to have something done about the dollar general management in stephenville tx .

My wife currently works for this store. Since she has started the lady that she works under has been absolutely offensive .

Once my wife had to work 27 hrs straight . She was only allowed two 15 min breaks during This time .

The reason being stated that some one was coming to do ( inventory) . The store was in complete disrepair and the manager was facing termination if they did not stay and make it exceptable.

My wife had no choice but to do it . As a result my wife's hrs where modified manually in the system to reflex only a 6 hr work day . My guess is to not alarm corporate and create a lot of questions as to why so many people worked so many hrs .

Upon further inspect to her hrs log .

Every week her hrs had been changed resulting in thousands in unpaid wages. I told her boss immediately upon realizing this, we where fully aware of what she did and wanted to be reimbursed for every hr she was swindle out of .

She handed her $80 in cash as $20 her and there. Then she stopped repaying her .

This person does not have the proper morals to be in a position of power .

Desired outcome: I want to see her removed and someone with a better understanding what it means to be a team leader or representative of the people that are employed there .

Dollar General - company

I see a lot of complaints my girl has worked for this greedy company for 2 years, no Christmas bonus, made to work by herself on Christmas Eve the busiest day of the year and store manager out with covid but came down on her for 60 hours over the store limit that week, seems like pretty simple math to me 60 hours is what the store manager is supposed to work the week she was out with covid. It's no wonder why this company can't find help and keep them.

Dollar General - I-Cedar mop on sale during thanksgiving

I have called and filed a complaint on employee, I was told I would receive a call, I did not. I called again yesterday Dec. 20 and requested a supervisor over the Winterville N.C. Store on Firetower rd. to call. As of this moment 4:20 pm Dec21, no call back. Very poor customer service just like store employee did me, discrimination just like store

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