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Dollar General Customer Service

Dollar General Corporation

100 Mission Ridge
United States - 37072

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 678 9258(Customer Service)
531 204
+1 877 944 3477(Media Inquiries)
29 34
+1 615 855 5775(Paid Advertising Inquiries)
11 16
+1 888 877 9374(Human Resources Inquiries)
97 63
+1 855 275 3447(Human Resources Inquiries)
67 37
+1 615 855 4000(Sponsorship Requests)
36 20

Dollar General Complaints & Reviews

Dollar General / I am complaining about a worker violating my civil rights

Aaddis on Dec 11, 2018

On Saturday December 7th, 2018 myself, my fiance and our 2 year old disabled son entered the Dollar General off Dugan IN Wichita, KS. Having just left the Walmart across the street we stopped at dollar general realizing we had forgotten a few items. Half way through checking out I realized...

Dollar General / overall store

Jsim1985 on Dec 9, 2018

I live in Converese Indiana and the store here is gross. The employees are rude and the store is extremely cluttered. You guys are losing business very fast at this store due to the overall appearance of the inside. This has been complained about several times to you guys without anything...

Dollar General / velveeta macaroni cups

Kristen York on Dec 9, 2018

I went to the dollar general to buy a 4 pack of velveeta macaroni cups and I went straight home to make them. I opened one up and seen this. All the noodles were hard and stuck on one side and nasty black gooey stuff was stuck up the other side. It stunk so bad it made me puke. I'm not...

Dollar General / store condition

Bobby Ploss on Dec 9, 2018

Ok I am a regular customer at the Dollar General Store #07151 824 State St. Erie Pa 16501 It's unbelievable the lack of pride that is that is taken in that store. The floor is disgusting and needs replaced. The dairy refrigerator has been broke for over a week, and when I asked when it would...

Dollar General / the manager in wisconsin rapids wi (dar)

Becky Frischman on Dec 8, 2018

The 1st thing i would like to complain about is how she treets her employees. So rude. Yelling at them for making a mistack and then going to the employees place to live and demanding to speek to the former employee. When the mistack was made the employee was right infrount to the regester...

Dollar General / management

mary77777 on Dec 8, 2018

This is the next time that I have been there and the management Heather is so many times rude. Just trying a question, and she thinks she does not have to work and she is better than customers trying to buy. Why is she in the store? Just get the check and not working? She can not just sit...

Dollar General / store manager n employee

Furiuos on Dec 8, 2018

There was an incident that occurred at the job with another co worker, store manager was out but was on the phone with the girl Christina Carrington. Mrs. Rochelle said for me to go ahead and leave, I leave n Mrs.Rochelle (store manager) calls me and say "glad you left so wouldn't get in...

Dollar General / employee/ assistant manager


Lisa Bauer is the most rude, mean and very disrespectful to the employees. Myself and other customers have heard Lisa yelling at one of the employees all the way outside. I have even heard Lisa and seen her talk to a customer with an attitude and answer with a smartass answer. She is just...

Dollar General / heat in the store

Dawn m Wagner on Dec 7, 2018

I shop regularly at the store on the corner of union rd and gardenville in Cheektowaga NY. It happens to be 26 degrees outside and your store is not much warmer. Every time I shop there all winter it feels like they have no heat on. Is this a policy with your store to not provide heat for...

Dollar General / general manager

Camille Williamson on Dec 6, 2018

I was working on 12/04/2018, and a customer came Lisa, buy some candle, she told me that they was 50% off ii explain to her it will be taking off at the end of the transaction. Well it didn't take it off, so she told Robert general manger, he yell at me in front of the customer, i told him...

Dollar General / febreze plug in refills

Jesika Ramos on Dec 5, 2018

My mother phoned the Karnes City store to ask about exchanging the plug ins and the manager phoned Saul DM to make sure it was ok. She was fired for Gross Misconduct and Saul said that she wasn't allowed in the store and that the old packaging couldn't be exchanged. To my understanding...

Dollar General / unethical behaviour

Jana Zarate on Dec 5, 2018

I will not be shopping in your ADA OH store anymore and being a small collage town that is saying something . I will drive 15 miles to kenton OH, where they do want and treat people better . I came to the ADA OH store Monday dec 3rd maybe around noon an grab a cart outside and there was an...

Dollar General / dollar general

Boss lady55 on Dec 4, 2018

I was assault and my life was put on line by one of employee stacey. I felt like she was to much. By your dollar general in Kittrell . What hurts the most I come to this store everyday and can't go back now. I need someone call me as soon possible . I'm so unhappy right now I really hope...

Dollar General / manager is violent

Chris Zuniga on Dec 2, 2018

The manager at your store located in Coalinga CA is on social media being extremely violent and unprofessional. He's angry about his sister being caught breaking into cars and has resorted to threatening people including myself. I no longer feel comfortable entering the store as he is the...

Dollar General / customer service support

Dolly Locklear on Dec 2, 2018

Hello I live in NC. I have been calling and calling the support team for days. While I'm writing this message, I have been on the phone now for 20 minutes and 25 seconds. What is the problem. Please stay on the line, your call is important to us. No it isn't! Where is the customer service...

Dollar General / stock in all isles & nasty store

Katthagee on Dec 2, 2018

The store in McKenney, VA is one of the most filthy stores I've EVER seen. There is boxes on top of boxes in the isles & the people working there are the laziest people I've ever seen. It was shut down once but doesn't help when the same people are still there & ARE NOT doing there job. We...

Dollar General / employees

Florida18 on Dec 1, 2018

Store # 13613 at 7080 S Pine Ave in Ocala Fl as a customer this store used to be good but seems they hire some not so appropriate people. I was in there about a month ago and their full time person Nichole was her name was asking customers for money then I heard her ask another customer...

Dollar General / inside theft and poor customer service

TBW56 on Nov 30, 2018

I caught the store managers daughter swapping price labels in her store... I'm appalled!!. The manager treats the customers poorly. I have lived in this town a long time. I know that the old store manager had banned this girl from OUR store for the same thing. I shop here all the time. And...

Dollar General / store and manager

Michelle1988 on Nov 29, 2018

The manager is extremely rude. Raises her voice and rolls eyes at customers. She has no concern for the store or customers. We were told we could go shop elsewhere. We now drive to the next town to Fred's. The store is a complete mess. Stuff is blocking the aisles and you cannot get a cart...

Dollar General / the employee and manager

Rita Bailey on Nov 29, 2018

I live in sulphur louisiana I went yesterday to dollar general store on 2974 n beglis pkwy store# 10317. And was purchasing some items and tripped over a stuffed stool that was in the middle of the isle and twisted my left ankle and hit my left knee on the shelf the witness went and told...