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Dollar General complaints 3326

Dollar General - I am not complaining about any of your products only the lack of.

The dollar General Store at 3407 Napier Ave, Macon Ga, 31201. This Store never has products 'I want to buy. The shells are always empty. You need to send your inspectors unknown to your employees and...

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Dollar General - The buggies rolled into the road and damaged my truck

The buggies from the Dollar General Store (09724) rolled into the road and hit my truck. I called the police the officer made the statement that myself and the store manager should settle this. I contact the empolyer on duty she referred me to the store manager Leslie Etienne. She did a customer incident report. She scan and sent the incident form via STOREnet to Risk Management immediately. This was September 9, 2021 aprox 11:00 am, no one has notified me. The manager stated that someone would be contacting me. I went back to the store on Oct. 5, 2021 to see what was taking the process so long. The manager stated I needed to go to my insurance company. I left went to my insurance company immediately, the advised me that they couldn't do anything because I wasn't at fault. I then called the number on the incident report and spoke with someone. He took my social security number and stated that I wasn't in the system. I went back to the store the store manager re did the incident report called District Manager Rhonda Schabert. She told her to go to another store to scan the incident report because theirs didn't work.

Dollar General - Receipt

I was walking through the dollar general store on 10/5/21 at 3:30 pm.and I found a store receipt from frito-lay laying on the floor.This receipt should not have been laying on the floor.It is a sales receipt that shows year to date sales, tax exemption number, The store number is 11852 here in Dayton oh.the employees name on the receipt is Raymond Williams.What should I do with this receipt?

Update by Eddavis
Oct 05, 2021

I believe the manager of this store can not operate the store in a safe way . the store shelf's are empty half way as well as not being well taken care of as a store should be. Open food itiams opened and opened packages where people are stilling the stuff and throwing the empty package on the shelf's real loud music playing in the store from employees. Please look in to this asap . to keep a great store we need better management.

Oct 06, 2021

Keep it if you want it. Nobody cares. I'd probably simply throw it away, but I probably wouldn't have bothered picking it up in the 1st place.

Oct 04, 2021

Dollar General - Store appearance

This is a pretty new store, and a shame that it looks like it has been there for 10 years. You can never shop in the store unobstructed, there is always carts full of product, in the aisles. I understand on truck day it may be a little crowded, but it is 7 days a week. But the shelves are empty. I have seen many customers shopping off the carts to get what they want. I also understand staffing issues, but, this store just consistently looks bad. There is a family dollar downtown, that is always clean, they get the product up on the shelves, quickly, and the store is clean and the staff is friendly. I have stopped shopping at dollar general, and drive the extra miles to dollar store.

Dollar General - Complaint about employee at your 16111 store in clarion pa.

The complaint is on Carrie in your 16111 store in clarion. Complaint on her my wife was at your store (9/30/2021) approx. 7:30 P.M. and there was a line of 12 people and the other cashier yell for her help and she just looked up and kept on stocking shelves. including my wife and another girl walked out and both said they won't be back as long as she is their. I heard alot of people saying they will not go back as long as she is their. I fixed the problem by boycotting your store and will suggest to others to do the same. People i already talked to said they already did. BOYCOTT. when you try to take something back they say we don't take returns. More but to much to write. Your losing business. shopped their every day for something. no more. they never run both registers at once even if there are 2 employees their. She also needs an attitude adjustment. Sorry more then i was planning on sending to you but disgussed.

Ted Theiss

Desired outcome: First time i ever suggested someone be fired but that is your only fix in my opinion. Sales will go doen and down.

Oct 01, 2021

This is what we call in the retail world as a supply and demand issue. Carrie is actually doing the right thing. The supply(man hours, employees) can not meet the demand(customers). By intentionally driving customers away she is also driving down the demand which will make the supply of man hours and employees better able to meet the demand. When it comes to these types of supply and demand issues the only solution is poor or bad customer service cause the corporation is not going to increase supplies to meet demand.

Dollar General - Cleanliness of the store

I just left the Dollar General at 4017 Yanceyville St. In Greensboro, NC. That is one of the nastiest stores I have ever been in. The floors have nasty spots all over them. They have never seen a mop. Trash pushed under the counters and the aisles sitting full of unopened merchandise while the shelves are empty. The stuff on the shelves is thrown up there "willy nilly". This store obviously needs new management. It is a disgrace to your company. Upper management needs to pay them a surprise visit. What a MESS. Just thought you'd like to know.

Desired outcome: Clean store/new management

Dollar General - No stock

When I became legally blind and couldn't work anymore I had to find ways to cut corners and save money so I started couponing and at dg I could use the $5 off $25 with the digital coupons it made for great savings but for months now the shelfs have been bare, And when I say bare I mean it looks like there going out of business bare, this week there was no sale items with or without digital coupons no detergant, mens deordrant, or body wash, no tide or gain no purex, or softners, suave lotion, no Colgate, no Shea moisture and I checked surrounding towns and no one had anything they all was out of basically the same thing
that's just a few items, now you would think that If you was gonna have a sale on something you would make sure it's stocked, I don't think it's a COVID thing because FAMILY DOLLAR is always stocked Walmart is always stalked and target, could someone please tell me why dollar general can't fulfill there sales ad and honor there digital coupons it's really just a waste of time unless they can stock there stores and honor there coupons, I guess it's gonna be a family dollar day. Thanks for letting me vent

Sep 19, 2021

Dollar General - Staff smoking just outside front door

One female looking at phone and smoking by front door at new store in Omaha Tx which caused DG a to lose a customer. That was Saturday, 09/11/2021 between 11-1200. I was there again today, 09/19 a...

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Dollar General - Customer service

Store # 16467
Register 2
Date: 09/18/2021
Time: 9:23 PM
Transaction 7814
I have shopped at this DG since it opened & shop here multiple times every week. I utilize digital coupons & the $5 off coupons that come on my multiple receipts that I receive each week.
For the most part, the associates at this store are patient w/ my couponing & try to accommodate me when there are errors w/ the system.
I have had issues w/ associates in the past but chalked it up to the fact that everyone can have a bad day.
However, I had an experience w/ Paige tonite in the above referenced store that requires mention. She was obviously not wanting to be there & made this plainly obvious. She would not honor my physical $5 off coupon so I requested the order voided. She was extremely rude & offensive- to the point that the customer behind me came to my defense & stormed out of the store. She also had a cart full of merchandise.
Like I said, I understand people having a bad day & having spent most of my professional life in customer service, I definitely give the benefit of the doubt 99% of the time. This, however, was that 1% & totally unacceptable in a person who deals with the public.

Dollar General - Opening up the store.

Whenever we go to the store #20565 in Hollywood Alabama at 8 am. Whoever is suppose to open the store never gets there on time to do so. The clerk never showed up until 8:05 and we still had to wait for her to set up the cash register. She finally opened the door at 8:08. She never turned any of the lights on either so we got to shop in a dark store. We got to pick our way around stock left in the isles. This happened on [protected].
This wasn't the first time that it has happened to us and we just left before without getting in to the store to buy the things that we wanted.

I'm not sure if 6917 is the clerk's number or not. But it was the only number that I thought it was.

Desired outcome: Get the store to open up on time would really be nice.

Dollar General - The cleanliness and store never being stocked.

In the last few years I have consistently complained about the Batavia New York store. The store is filthy carts everywhere so you can't get down half the isles and nothing is stocked. I understand getting help is hard but Family Dollar down the road seems to have no problem keeping things stocked and cleaned. It just baffles me your store can't do this.

Desired outcome: Clean and stock the store

Sep 20, 2021

Both stores in Coudersport have at least 6-8 aisles almost completely empty for about three to four weeks now. The main aisle is pet food, but there are many more.


Dollar General - Service

In Washington Illinois, store # 8252 assistance manager Amanda, on our 2nd year of COVID during a Mask Mandate. While in line Amanda was giving her Anti-Vaccine lecture to the women in front of me and she had a lot to say. All unfounded misinformation and of course she Amanda had NO MASK ON, showing all of us she did not care about any of us. Customers had Masks on signs everywhere to wear a mask Not 1 employee did Not 1. Amanda held up the line so long telling a women things, that as a RN of 44 yrs I know are FALSE. Is that the assistant managers' job ? We have a mask mandate due to the increased # of cases, we have 3 hospitals close by All have been on the news saying " Do Not Come here, Full of unvaccinated COVID patients and your asst manager does not allow other employees to wear them either, said 2 employees told me. Assist assit manager is a horrible person who let us all know she is a loudmouth spewing misinformation with NO MASK on so who knows Who will getr Sick. Unbelievable


Sep 13, 2021

Well the Democrats caused all this misinformation last year during the elections. I personally don't care one way or the other when it comes to vaccines. If I had chose not to vaccinate I would've survived covid, and likely did before the vaccine was available. I did chose to vaccinate and I survived the vaccine. When it comes to mask I'd prefer no mask mandates it hurts my sales. My suggestive sales numbers are much higher without a mask then with. My ratio is 5:2 without a mask compared to with the mask that 150% higher. That's the difference between being profitable to going out of business.

Sep 08, 2021

Dollar General - Rude associate

I went in Dollar General tonight in Kilbourne, Louisiana and was trying to purchase 2 Amazon cards, one for 25$'s and one for a 100's with a debit card which I've been doing since the store opened with no problems but tonight the associate rudely told me in front of other customers she could do the 25$ card with a debit but I'd have to use cash for the 100$ card...which makes absolutely NO SENSE AT's strange you see signs NO CASH BACK but they want cash, which debit is, for a card...say she'd get a flag and she wasn't losing her job for me to purchase a 100$'s funny the other associates that I've purchased cards with debit are still working there...if it's a rule at Dollar General which I know for a fact Wal-Mart allows to be purchased with a debit card, so be it but I DO NOT APPRECIATE how rude she was to me in front of other customers, raising her voice for all to hear...
Thanks for you time!

Desired outcome: I think I should get an apology and if that’s the rule it should be posted..

Dollar General - Heartland farms cat food

There is not much to say there was mold in the bag of cat food. Today is 09/08/2021 I purchased the bag today... came home opened the bag... poured the food into a bucket... and chunks of mold were inside. .. This was my first time buying heartland farm products and it will be my last time buying the product. I purchase this at Dollar General I'm unsure where they have it elsewhere. Consumer beware

Desired outcome: Refund


Dollar General - Pricing sunkist

I can't seem to get correct advertising prices. Sunkist ad said $.85. They charged me $1.25.
I went for Tresemme hairspray. Price in shelf - $5. They charged me $6.00. She had to check and corrected. Other store gave me refund.
The Sunkist just happened. I will make sure they refund the difference. I sent the ad to my email for proof.
I'm little tired of this. They need to get correct prices in machines.
Another thing - not enough folks working to stock shelves. One at register and one stocking. Not fair to customers.
Marilyn Camden
2842 Davis Lane
Rockledge, FL [protected]

Desired outcome: Refund


Dollar General - Clover valley prune juice

We had accidentally left out our prune juice over night and we decided to dump it. Thank God we did because when we dumped it, a piece of paper like material came out of it along with clumped up...

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Dollar General - Employees and covid 19

I don't appreciate going into shop while one of her employees are physically sick.You can tell they should have been quarantined Not spreading covid around the town because her District Manger Kathy Coughlin didn't believe the employee was sick she tried to self diagnose her And her test was positive for covid she worked 6 hours that day with fever

Sep 06, 2021

I doubt the district manager wouldn't allow the employee to call out, more likely the employee couldn't afford to call out and decided to just work through it. They likely lied to you about the district manager not allowing them to call out because they didn't want you to be upset with them for working with covid-19 and shifted blame on the company. If you think its company policy then you wouldn't harass them about it.

Sep 06, 2021

Yes closing early for any reason is cause for termination. So was it really that your daughter wasn't allowed to call out sick or that your daughter wasn't allowed to close early. Could have your daughter got with another manager to get the shift covered or would your daughter have been terminated regardless of whether or not the shift was covered. Personally I don't care if someone works in public with a contagious case of covid-19 if it doesn't incapacitate them. I wouldn't even worry about being tested for covid-19 myself except as an exclusionary test. But usually when I get sick I just work through it. I had something last year that gave me a fever of 102, but since it only lasted 3 days I never did anything about it and still went to work.

I know for sure she wouldn't let her leave its my daughter.The DM told her if she closed the store and went home she would be fired.

Dollar General - Coupons

It really sucks that you think everyone can afford a smart phone to load your $5.00 coupons on. I don't understand why you cant just print it on the receipt like you've done for years and years. Not everyone can afford a smart phone. Senior citizens, like myself don't even understand enough technology to barely navigate the internet. But I guess only the rich get phones, and only the rich are now privledged enough to get your deals

Desired outcome: Won't be shopping at your store again

Sep 06, 2021

A smart phone can cost as little as low as $20 so it's a lot loaded to say only the rich can get these deals. If you are ignorant of technology that's your problem.

Dollar General - Management

The manager "Heidi" at this store is completely incompetent. She speaks to the other employees as if they are ignorant and this happens regularly in front of customers. She does not ever seem to be...

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Dollar General - no help with getting Dollar General coupons on line.

I could not get logged onto the Dollar General app. It would not allow me to go past the login page I could not get to coupons to mark them for redemption at time of check out. I went to my local DG Duncan Bypass in Union, SC 29379. I approached the front door and one of the employees was sitting outside talking on cell phone. When asked for help, she directed me to the young lady at the check out desk. She stated, " I cannot help you, I cannot get mine to work either. She sent me to another person in the store who also denied knowledge of how to pull up coupons. The store was so trashy and disorganized I could not get a shopping cart down any of the isles. I asked for help from the last employee and she ignored me. She saw me moving the carts that was sitting everywhere. Boxes stacked up in every isle and no one was trying to fill empty shelves. An elderly gentleman almost fell and I moved a box so he could get by. I will never shop this store again. I left my items when told that they were accepting cash only. I had enough. This happened around 415 pm today on [protected]. Absolutely the biggest mess in a store I have ever experienced.
When I voiced my concern the comment I got was "Welcome to Dollar General". You have a DG warehouse here in the county, I would think you would make your stores more usable.

Desired outcome: Better customer service and coupon helps

Sep 01, 2021

Warehouse in town explains it. When a store is so close to a warehouse they get dumped with massive overstock. The problem is more to do with no logistical reasoning on the part of people who are in highly logistical jobs. It's only going to get worse with this new generation.

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