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Guitar Center reviews & complaints

Guitar Center complaints 65

Guitar Center - Failed to deliver!

If you want a less than great experience, order something online from guitar center! We ordered a Christmas gift for our son back on 12/19/21 with a 12/22 expected deliver date, which never arrived...

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Guitar Center - Sold me used product as new

Here's the email Ive sent last monday to Guitar center Customer service. No reply til today. Tried to make the complain on the chat, been disconnected 3 times. They said they can't do nothing that...

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Oct 24, 2021

Guitar Center - 2 day shipping...


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Guitar Center - Online sales

I order a Epiphone SG Special Satin E1 Electric Guitar Ebony, advertised as NEW and in stock Online, on 7/10/2021.
On 7/12/2021 I get a notice the it will be delayed because it is on back order, guess it was not in stock?
On 7/23/2021 I get email that my order was cancelled. I call customer service and the gentleman said one of the store associates cancels an order if they find an item damaged and can't ship it. He looks in his system and finds that the item is back ordered and schedule to arrive 8/2/2021, so I said fine and placed a new order with him.
On 7/23/2021 I received a call from a store lead saying received my order and could ship it out the next day, he assured me it was new and ready to go.
On 7/24/2021 I receive an email stating that the item was actually DEMO and was damaged, but if I still wanted it to call them. A short time later I received cancellation notice on the item.
As of 7/25/2021 the item was still online and advertised as new and in stock.
I will never buy or refer anyone to Guitar Center in the future. This guitar was certainly an expensive one, but have purchase more expensive guitars, Basses and amplifiers in the past, although never online.

Desired outcome: None, just a very unsatisfied customer

Guitar Center - Guitar

I recently visited the Guitar Center near Oakview Mall at 144th & W Center Rd in Omaha NE. I brought in an old 12-string guitar that belonged to my little brother, who passed away. The guitar is in...

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Guitar Center - Numark ns6

I ordered a numark ns6 used from a store april 2nd 2021. It was in california store. I order it on that friday with a guarantee it would be here in 3-5 business days. The 5th business day would be that friday. The store held on to the item until that wednesday and didnt even ship it out. I called the store to verify it and they pretty much told me, thats just the way it is and I had to deal with it. I dj at a local place where I live so I couldnt work that friday. I waited till the following monday and it did arrive but when i unpacked the item and hooked everything up it didnt work. It powered on but that was it. They intentionally sold me a defective item. I tried everything, i even called numark. If you look on my account I bought my first numark from guitar center so this was the exact same board from before. When i went to complain to guitar center their attitude was the same. Oh it happens.. NO It dont just happen! what happened to ordering safe from a company or trust? now I will miss out on this weeks gig. I dont know but 600.00 in total is alot of money to me i could have made if guitar center was honest . There is no way that store didnt know that item was broke.. no way possible. Probably why it took them so long to ship it. Now I have to wait for a refund, wait even longer to get this resolved. I have to go out of my way to print the label, and take it to a ups store. I dont even have a car to do this. No one is honest anymore

Desired outcome: I want a dj controller 4 channel replaced and something for all my troubles.. i mean something! I just think its wrong how i was treated through out the whole thing. Like no one cared at all

Guitar Center - Warm audio / wa 87r2

On February 23 at 4:33 pm I bought a Microphone Warm Audio WA 87r2 at the Guitar Center in Kendall, Miami. When I got home and opened the box, I realized that something was wrong. The elements were...

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Guitar Center - Store manager is a piece of excrement

Taylor, the store manager, hates metal and he will let you know that the genre of music you play is not as good as his genre. He has a very condescending and pithy attitude towards people who don't...

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Guitar Center - False advertising online scam to get you to buy then make you pay more then competitor

Verified customer I have been debating about writing this or just letting it go but I can't.. What guitar center just did to me is probably one of the strangest shady things a company has ever done...

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Aug 24, 2020

Guitar Center - Electroharmonix 45000

I ordered an ElectroHarmonix 45000 looping 4 track recorder and it took a month to get here. The unit was packed like an eBay seller, very poorly. It also came with an 8GB memory card when a new unit...

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Guitar Center - misled by store management when purchasing a jose ramirez fl2 model guitar

I contacted Guitar Center in Oklahoma City and I was inquiring about a Jose Ramirez Guitar model number FL2 and I asked if they could send me info as well as more pictures of the guitar. I had been...

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Mar 24, 2019

Guitar Center - service

Unpredictable boss addison who bullies his fellow employers and highly disrespectful of amount of hours or days given to a worker. Alongside his side kick ryan for being rude also to his employees he works with! Defiantly not a team leader at all! Above all for the other employees they are wonderful and helpful and work together as a team! Would like to see these two gone. They both make me and a few others i've been with feel uncomfortable and something needs to be done. I wish to come into guitar center and shop while not being hovered over or anything above that! Thank you!

Oct 14, 2018

Guitar Center - used behringer kx1200 keyboard amp item #[protected]/never worked

I sent an email to Guitar Center previous to 10/4/18 requesting info on Behringer KX1200 Keyboard Amp. They never answered, so I called on 10/4/18 to find out more info. I talked to a salesman (don't...

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Guitar Center - guitar center rental / avoid them

I Did A Rental With Them Tuesday .. And The Wife Picked Up The Rental Equipment That Was Loaded Up By There Employee The Next Day When I Went Got To The Gig Used The Equpiment And One Of The XLR...

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Jan 23, 2018

Guitar Center - receiving an order

I ordered a Drum Set and the order was cancelled without my knowledge or consent. Once we found out the order was canceled we called Guitar Center Customer Service. FRI 12 JAN (TAYLOR): Spoke with...

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Nov 13, 2017

Guitar Center - unprofessional customer service & poor judgement on policy and rules

First of all: regardless of the issue or how wrong, a "client is always right" is a sacred must know rule to any and all employees entrusted with Customer Service issues. That a 20 something...

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Nov 08, 2017

Guitar Center - they canceled my order

Dear Guitar Center customer service, I am having a trouble dealing with your website. One week ago I ordered a Rogue Starter Acoustic Guitar Blue Burst in the color of my dreams - blue color. I wa...

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Oct 08, 2017

Guitar Center - I sold two guitars and a brand new evh 5150 50 watt head.

This is the second and last time that I or any of my friends will ever step foot in any Guitar Center. I went to the San Bernardino store on Hospitality Lane to unfortunately sell my gear. The date...

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May 11, 2017

Guitar Center - order processing and shipping

I work at a school and have been trying to place an order for 3 mics and 3 mic cables. I placed the order via PO on Feb. is now May 11th and I have yet to receive these items. The first...

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Guitar Center - repair not done, lack of communication

So on 4/17 i dropped my guitar off at Guitar Center (Gainesville, Fl) to get the 5 position blade switch replaced, full intonation and the bridge calibrated.Today almost 3 weeks later (5/5) I go pick it up because no work has been done to it and in the 3 weeks not once did Guitar Center call me to let me know the status of my guitar. The guitar is a '94 PRS EG-II Seafoam Green, my prized possession. When I dropped it off I specifically told the tech that I needed it done before May 6th because of an important gig on 5/6. Words can not express my disapointment and to an extent anger because of the let down and also because when I went to pick my guitar up they couldn't find it. When they finally got it the gig bag was dirty as if it was laying on the floor somewhere. Needless to say that I will never entrust Guitar Center with any instrument I owe ever again.
Eugene Torres
1105 Fort Clarke Blvd. Apt. 408 Gainesville, FL

Jul 21, 2017

Update on the repair of my PRS EG-2. Took it to Vinciguerra Custom Shop in Palatka Fl. and in 1 day it was done, No wonder Mark Vinciguerra shop is so busy. With customer service like that who can complain.

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