Guitar Center Complaints & Reviews

Guitar Center in Oklahoma City: 405-810-9191 / misled by store management when purchasing a jose ramirez fl2 model guitar

May 08, 2019

I contacted Guitar Center in Oklahoma City and I was inquiring about a Jose Ramirez Guitar model number FL2 and I asked if they could send me info as well as more pictures of the guitar. I had been in communication with them and finally decided to buy the guitar yesterday on May 7th. I...

Guitar Center / service

Mar 24, 2019

Unpredictable boss addison who bullies his fellow employers and highly disrespectful of amount of hours or days given to a worker. Alongside his side kick ryan for being rude also to his employees he works with! Defiantly not a team leader at all!! Above all for the other employees they...

Guitar Center / used behringer kx1200 keyboard amp item #[protected]/never worked

Oct 14, 2018

I sent an email to Guitar Center previous to 10/4/18 requesting info on Behringer KX1200 Keyboard Amp. They never answered, so I called on 10/4/18 to find out more info. I talked to a salesman (don't remember his name) who specifically told me the amp had been tested and worked fine, all...

Guitar Center / guitar center rental / avoid them

Jul 12, 2018

Guitar CenterI Did A Rental With Them Tuesday .. And The Wife Picked Up The Rental Equipment That Was Loaded Up By There Employee The Next Day When I Went Got To The Gig Used The Equpiment And One Of The XLR Cable Was Missing A Sleeve I Made Note Of It So When I Went To Bring The The Equipment Back The...

Guitar Center / receiving an order

Jan 23, 2018

I ordered a Drum Set and the order was cancelled without my knowledge or consent. Once we found out the order was canceled we called Guitar Center Customer Service. FRI 12 JAN (TAYLOR): Spoke with Taylor on FRI 12 JAN and Taylor said that the first cancellation was a mistake and I...

Guitar Center / unprofessional customer service & poor judgement on policy and rules

Nov 13, 2017

First of all: regardless of the issue or how wrong, a "client is always right" is a sacred must know rule to any and all employees entrusted with Customer Service issues. That a 20 something, ignorant and rude Rep is not versed on that rule reflects poorly on the company that employ...

Guitar Center / they canceled my order

Nov 08, 2017

Dear Guitar Center customer service, I am having a trouble dealing with your website. One week ago I ordered a Rogue Starter Acoustic Guitar Blue Burst in the color of my dreams - blue color. I was extremely disappointed when I found out that my order was canceled. I was explained no reason why...

Guitar Center / I sold two guitars and a brand new evh 5150 50 watt head.

Oct 08, 2017

This is the second and last time that I or any of my friends will ever step foot in any Guitar Center. I went to the San Bernardino store on Hospitality Lane to unfortunately sell my gear. The date was 10/6/2017. I had till 5:00 pm to come up with $2, 200 to pay for repair work on my...

Guitar Center / order processing and shipping

May 11, 2017

I work at a school and have been trying to place an order for 3 mics and 3 mic cables. I placed the order via PO on Feb. is now May 11th and I have yet to receive these items. The first performance they were supposed to be used for was back in April. The next performance i...

Guitar Center / repair not done, lack of communication

May 05, 2017

So on 4/17 i dropped my guitar off at Guitar Center (Gainesville, Fl) to get the 5 position blade switch replaced, full intonation and the bridge calibrated.Today almost 3 weeks later (5/5) I go pick it up because no work has been done to it and in the 3 weeks not once did Guitar Center...

Guitar Center / online purchase

Apr 10, 2017

In the last week, I purchase a used guitar from online at a Guitar Centers San Jose store. The listing stated...Guitar in stock, ready to ship. I purchased with credit card. I get a confirmation, my credit card is charged, the email states I will get tracking # once item is shipped. 3 day...

Guitar Center / rude manager, unresolved answer from guitar center

Dec 30, 2016

Order cg11840385 I am really disappointed with the experience I had in this shop and with guitar center. I made the purchase of some items including an acoustic guitar. I asked to deliver in the shop. I called the customer service and they said that the order was available, once I came to...

Guitar Center / very unprofessional customer service!

Jun 16, 2016

I wanted to buy a guitar for my son as a birthday present. I went online and found Guitar Center store which seemed like a trustworthy company. My son was in a band and I wanted to buy something really great, but I did not understand anything in these things so I really needed some help and...

Guitar Center / service, company policy

May 21, 2016

I traded & got ripped off when I returned what I purchased after only having it over the weekend they said they sold my trade. Now I am out my trade & because I lost the discount of 10% for trading in you got my guitar for far less than I would have sold it for. I have complained but all I...

Guitar Center, Kohala / Online order


May 1st. Paid $74.00 UP FRONT CASH in the Toledo store for a baritone ukulele made by Kohala. None in stock there at the store. Web site said instrument would be available to ship by the 18th so I bought it. Sent E-mail to the department mngr. on the 23rd. He got right back to me. He said...

Guitar Center - St. Matthew / Bait and switch and not honoring coupon


Bait and switch tactics used and not honoring advertised coupon that was listed on website. I will never purchase anything from Guitar Center again! Unethical company and people to deal with!

Guitar Center / rude, rude, rude


I continue to have difficulty with the people in the Pro Audio department and Managers at this store . first let me tell you that both managers are RUDE . quick to answer before you even finish talking. they assume they know what you want to say . I hate being cut off. and this is an on...

Guitar Center / customer appreciation-wrong!


So much for your Guitar Center 's customer appreciation. It is time for me to buy from another music retailer. I have spent thousands of dollars at guitar center, and you will not give me an credit Limit increase. I have never been late, always paid my account off ahead of time. So...

Guitar Center / rip off


I went to the Guitar Center in West Covina, California and got ripped-off! I bought two pedals and instead of putting them in the same receipt they made two different tickets and charged me double the tax. And the pedal I bought for $52. they charged me $15. more for it.

GuitarCenter Ovation CC24SI Idea / Dishonor Offer


Order: Ovation iDea Celebrity Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Built-In MP3 Recorder Regular Black – #[protected] Cost: 619.00 Coupon Code 4THSAVE ($92.85 discount) Price after discount: 526.15 Order Date: July 4, 2011 They are selling this product online and have postponed the shipping...

Guitar Center / bad management


This is by far the WORST managed store run by the WORST possible human being. The store manager is a self indulgent ###. I know this because as an employee I witness this first hand and Human Resources refuses to do anything about it. He does nothing but talk down to and belittle hi...

Guitar Center / bad attendant


I bought a program and a Key board MIDI from the store in Kendall. Before I asked the attendant if the product that I bought was good for what I need. He looked at me like saying “Where you come from?” and replayed that he didn’t know how work every thing in the store...

Guitar Center / customer appreciation


So much for your customer appreciation. It is time for me to buy from another music retailer. I have spent thousands of dollars at guitar center, and you will not give me an increase. I have never been late, always paid my account off ahead of time. So much for Guitar Centers Customer...

Guitar Center / care no longer about the musician only their bottom line!!!


Guitar center was once a store that would adjust prices and haggle to a degree on the price of instruments, guitars in particular. Now the sticker price is the price charged. No more deals so no more reason to go there. Also they used to buy vintage instruments for resale. They paid a fair...

Guitar Center / I got an electric shock


I was recently in Guitar Center and as I touched a Holy Stain guitar pedal on the rack a got a significant electric shock and jumped back. A member of staff and my friend witnessed the event. It hurt, and was quite scary. How should I move forward to claim some form of compensation? I have never done anything like this before. Thanks for your help.

Guitar Center / san jose store


Guitar CenterI have been trying to make a complaint to the Guitar Center ombudsman or similar dept for more than 1 week without success about the following situation: Dear Mr. Lawrence, I live in Brazil and I have been a loyal GC customer for more than 3 years. I travel round 2 to 3 times per year to...

Guitar Center / congratulations guitar center, you just lost two more customers


Today, April 23rd, I called my local Guitar Center in Chattanooga to ask about a Digital Voice Recorder adapter cable. I’m a frequent shopper and former employee of the store. My boyfriend I called to ask about a 1/8 inch cable unto USB. Once we were transferred over to Pro-Audio a...

Guitar Center Indy / shady sales


After my last visit to guitar center and my complaint last night I thought I would see if I was just over reacting. Sorry to say nope right on the money. I waited around for noah for a wile but I guess he was on lunch. I told that new guy 4 times that noah had helped me already and I wa...

Guitar Center / rude sales men


i found this site after searching for almost an hour to send a e-mail to the guitar center manager . I make my rounds in Guitar Center about once or twice a month and, this new crew in audio department at the Castleton store make me want to drive to greenwood. There is a cut throat vibe...

Guitar Center Indy / aweful/no customer service


The lack of service is incredible. I'm a loyal Guitar Center customer and have spent thousands of dollars there over the years. I dropped a guitar off over a month ago. All I had wrong was a toggle switch getting stuck on my electric guitar (American Hamer, Archtop Custom - $2500...

The Guitar Center at Nashua, NH / bad service


I went to the guitar center to buy a Yamaha keyboard for my daughter. Then I was told that it doesn't come with a power supply and I need to buy it separately. So I said ok, I will buy one. Then the sales person told me that they don't have it in the store but he can order it...

Guitar Center / bait-and-switch


Guitar Center of SF practices Bait-and-Switch. I contacted Guitar Center SF on 9-19-10 asking if they had any yamaha 12 string guitars in stock and associate Ben informed me they had 2 of them. I asked if he could hold one and he stated he needed 10% down. I told him I had two amps I...

Guitar / poor service slow shipping damaged merchandise


Item: Fender standard stratocaster Left handed Candy apple red w/ maple neck A brief outline; On 7/6/10 I ordered a fender standard stratocaster Left handed candy apple red with a maple neck from guitar Due to circumstances beyond my control concerning ups, my street addre...

Guitar Center / rude salesperson


I had to deal with the worst Guitar Center SalesPerson at the Country Club Hills store in Illinois. He is a white male around 45 years old an about 5 foot 6 inches tall with gray hair on the sides of his head. He was very sarcastic and rude with me, even in front of the store manager who...

Guitar Center Kirkland / poor service


This has always been my favorite music shop- not guitar center necessarily, but this particular GC in Kirkland, WA. Since the new year the place has gone downhill, to say the least. The store is always a disarray, the old familiar faces that kept me coming back are disappearing and being...

Guitar Center / treated bad by store manager doug


I would like to tell my fellow musicians my esperiance in guitar center.I put a bass in layaway for only 2 days the store manager Doug was very rude and when I asked him to put in back so it didnt get dented he yellad at me and said I told you I would and when I went back to pick up my...



I HAVE SPENT A VERY LARGE AMOUNT OF MONEY AT THIS STORE AND WITH THIS COMPANY! could not even begin to tell you how many times I have had a problem in this store but since my options of music stores here are low, well you catch my drift!Bought a new Yamaha drum set(1299.99) witch i...

The Guitar Center / qaulity of guitar/ coverage on service contract


Purchased a Gretsch Guitar along with Service Contract at Guitar Center of Warwick, RI. Guitar began to fall apart at guitar lessons within months. After simple do it yourself repairs my Instructor said " get your money back" because of how quickly the instrument conntiued to fall apart...

Guitar Center / on line sales


DO NOT purchase anything from Guitar Center via on-line as They appear to have no intention of order fulfillment. Since the beginning of January 2010, I have been awaiting for a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO-80 headphones I purchased. After numerous and lengthy conversations with the...

Guitar Center / lowered credit without even telling me!


I was given a Guitar Center credit card about two years ago with a $1000 credit limit. I purchased about $300 worth of stuff, made several minimum payments and finally paid off the last $100 in one payment. I put the card away for about 9 months, and then just recently pulled it out to...